C.K. Marion – Get Up

Bold and brash lyricist C.K. Marion inspires others to stand up for positive change with new single ‘Get Up’ 

DENVER, CO – If ever there was a time to be bold and stand up for something, now is it. That’s the sentiment behind the new single from Denver-based rapper and songwriter C.K. Marion. Featuring Austin-based artist Saint Mercury, “Get Up” is a song that piggybacks off many things that happened in 2020 and uses those topics to encourage audiences to speak up and stand up for their beliefs.  

“As an artist, I’ve always addressed political issues and social injustices,” C.K. said. “In 2020, there were so many things happening, and I cover a lot of that in this song. Protests going on. Kids at the border locked in cages. Feminism. Black Lives Matter. Disabilities. People who are oppressed or placed into groups … I take all of those things and encourage people to come together and stand up for each other. I wanted to create something that’s uplifting and spark some encouragement.” 

Originally from Orlando, C.K. is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and actress. She made her debut acting and performing at an early age. Today, she’s one of the music industry’s most powerful rappers, showcasing a forceful flow and clever, piercingly focused lyrics. Her albums showcase her lyrical rhyming and production skills. And with a signature sound that is quintessentially her own, her voice rings with a gritty pride that’s as distinctive as it is affecting. She raps about topics ranging from social justice, feminism, LGBTQ rights, the BLM movement, and more.  

“I’m versatile,” she said. “I kind of go with how I’m feeling in the moment. I think a lot of times my creativity can come from a place of pain, or an emotional place. But at the same time, I can be in the best mood and want to create something. It’s mostly about when the inspiration sparks. I produce my own beats, and go with the vibe that I feel from the beat. I’ll write the lyrics after the music and go with the vibe that I get from that feeling.” 

C.K. has put in a lot of work toward honing her craft. She started as a political science major in college but had since changed to studying psychology and incorporates a lot of the knowledge she’s learning into her lyrics. But even if she’s talking about tough issues, she tries to make it accessible to a wide audience.  

“I’m always trying to put into my music ideas for how we can try to make a difference and a change,” she said. “I have struggled with some trauma in my life and I talk about that in my music – how I’ve dealt with things. Mostly, I try to use my voice however I can. I know what it’s like to be in a society where you don’t feel welcomed. I like to express that pain and speak about the experiences I’ve had and how I’ve dealt with those things – how I don’t allow anyone to silence me, even if my opinion doesn’t feel popular at the time. I’m strong in my views and I’m standing up for what I believe in, and for other people. That’s kind of what this song is about, too. It’s time to start using our voices to stand up for one another.” 

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