MH Mace – Thoughts in My Head

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MH Mace offers fly stream of consciousness with new single ‘Thoughts in my Head’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – It’s not every day that a stream of consciousness turns into a hit song, but that’s exactly what has happened for New York rapper MH Mace. His new single “Thoughts in my Head” is the perfect example of how quality rapping and a good beat can sometimes create magic. What was born from a freestyle in the studio has turned into one of the hottest tracks ever created by this up-and-coming East Coast artist, and fans all over the world are adding it to their playlists to hear on repeat. 

Like all of his music, each song in his repertoire is titled after an aspect of his life. With “Thoughts in my Head,” Mace is spilling the story of his life in its raw form. He’s authentic – nothing fabricated or extra – and he sets the tone for all the other songs that will come on the EP of the same name.  

“When the beat comes on, I just let it flow out,” he said. “When you’re from New York, music is everywhere. When I was young, at first I was just rapping but eventually I learned how to do melodies and different instrumentals. I started playing with it and exploring, and the feedback I was getting was really good. I put a couple of songs out on Soundcloud and it just took off from there.” 

While Mace is a nickname derived from his birth name, Maceo, the MH in his stage name refers to “Most Hated.” That’s a moniker that he and his friends created as they grew up in Long Island.  

“We were always the crew that everybody hated because we were the flyist and all that extra stuff,” Mace said. “Now I’m running with it because it is a great way to think about my music. I make great quality music and I feel like my songs shouldn’t be skipped. If it comes on in a shuffle, it shouldn’t be skipped. Like my favorite artists – Meek Mill and Lil Durk and A Boogie – you can tell my music is authentic. They always tell a story with their music, and so do I. They’re not just saying whatever they think is cool. They’re actually telling a story in most of their songs. That’s what you get with my music.” 

Mace said he considers himself to be a “lit introvert” – a guy who is laid-back but who can be lit whenever the occasion calls for it. And when that happens, his music sets the perfect tone for any occasion.  

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Katie Veltri – Catch Me

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New single ‘Catch Me’ from vocalist Katie Veltri serves as perfect introduction to forthcoming EP  

UNITED STATES – Though Katie Veltri is an artist whose voice has been heard in a variety of places, there’s perhaps no better showcase for her unique talent than that of her most recent single “Catch Me.” The bouncy island vibe fused with blues guitar and Katie’s ethereal vocals is the perfect song to invite listeners into a chill, laid-back space. It’s a song that has a sway and groove that make you want to move from side-to-side as you close your eyes and dream with Katie as she sings. It’s low key and down-to-earth – something that perfectly describes this budding young artist who has recorded on both the East and West Coasts. 

Katie sees herself as an R&B singer who implements different styles and thinks outside the box. She’s been integrating different genres into her music from day one. She was recently spotlighted on a radio critic’s choice playlist for two of her recent singles, and she’s worked with producers on both coasts. “Catch Me” is the debut single from her new EP of the same name which features four songs that further explore her jazzy and sultry vocals. 

“I draw influences from artists ranging from Whitney Houston to Annie Clark to Pink Floyd, and I’ve traveled across the country working with many different producers,” Katie said. “I like to implement stylistic approaches to my style, and I think my experiences help set me apart from anyone else out there today. My experimental style is what distinguishes me. I’m implementing jazz vocal styles and blending the old with the new.” 

Katie first got into music through writing. She’s been a writer for magazines, blogs and poetry outlets among other things, and has been an artist across multiple mediums for many years. In college, she dove head first into songwriting and hasn’t looked back since. With the new EP, Katie said she hopes to show the world an intelligent young woman who has natural gifts as a singer and songwriter, but who also has some important things to say about the world and culture and relationships. 

“I have a unique perspective to offer and I hope that’s what my music becomes known for,” she said. “I want to create music that helps people become more aware of what’s going on around us. I’m a serious artist with something to say, and I believe that resonates with people at large, not just one demographic. With everything that’s going on these days, people want something real and not formulaic, and I really believe that’s what I’m doing with my music.” 

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“Dancing Circles” 

UpRite Lions – Rosetta Stone

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Bouncy smooth new single from Uprite Lions offers new perspective on hard times 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Everyone in the world is looking for a Rosetta Stone for something in their lives. The historic artifact was integral in helping decipher multiple old languages and as such, it cleared the confusion away for centuries of unknown knowledge. That symbology for understanding is the metaphor upon which Las Vegas duo Uprite Lions presents their new song “Rosetta Stone.”  

With an R&B and Soul vibe that fuse Hip Hop beats in ways that are simultaneously bouncy and smooth, this duo of brothers brings a nice groovy slow jam to the summer of 2020 in collaboration with fellow artist Pace Brown. They often refer to their Dragon Ball Z-like fusion as “PURL.” Artists B-Star and Shef Seeyna bring yet another quality track after years of excellence in the industry. The harmonized vocals from Brown and Shef create a smooth intro to the song before making way to the grave rapping of Shef’s voice that immediately makes the listener sit up and pay attention. By the time B-Star comes in with his bars, the song has taken on a deep overtone that slowly unpacks years of knowledge that the three artists offer to the world. 

“During these chaotic times, we have always wondered how people dealt with love and each other after dealing with the craziness of the world,” Shef said. “This song is about how you deal with your love life while this stuff is going on around you. In essence, the Rosetta Stone is understanding, and this song is about understanding the depth of relationships – whether they’re romantic or platonic.” 

“We’re all looking for our own Rosetta Stone which is basically an understanding of what’s going on in your life,” B-Star said. 

The Uprite Lions were originally formed in 2007 in Greensboro, North Carolina. B-Star and Shef were solo artists and brothers on the same Indie label. After combining forces, they built a brand, sound and lifestyle that could only be described as Live Action Soul Reaction. They quickly made a name for themselves along the East Coast and South with their high energy performances and captivating music. That momentum eventually encouraged them to move to Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the world – where they began to experiment with their sound and fuse Hip Hop with Dancehall, Reggae, Soul, EDM, and even at times Opera. Their sound had become something truly original.  

“We create live-action, feel-good music,” Shef said. “Even if it’s not your type of music, you can’t say it’s not good. It’s music that encourages you to do you. It doesn’t take someone else to do you. We should all shine together to make a bright light, and that’s what our music is about. If the truth is cliché, we’re running with it. If you can feel a thing, you can begin to vibrate on the same frequency and our music is an extension of who we are.” 

That signature sound and style is put on full display with the video for “Rosetta Stone.” The sci-fi, parallel-universe-shifting, quantum leap-ish inspired video is a visual showcase that will make music lovers and fans of film hitting repeat time and time again. Created in part by ValenteFilms and Mike LaPutt, the video is slated to drop on YouTube on Aug. 21 – the same day the single is scheduled to release across all streaming platforms. 

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“Rosetta Stone” 

Thee Professor – At Night

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Thee Professor showcases lifetime of music knowledge on new album ‘No Vouchers Needed’ 

MILWAUKEE, WI – Corey Tucker has seen a lot when it comes to music and its influence on culture. As CEO of the record label GMW Records 414, he’s seen a lot of artists come and go – some leaving a lasting contribution to the ever-evolving music landscape and some passing by with barely a splash. His new album “No Vouchers Needed,” released Aug 7 across all streaming platforms, is his attempt to capture some of that musical history while also bringing a new sound and style that will be a contribution to the legacy of music in the world. With an old Hip Hop vibe that features hard bars combined with “jewels and jams” of his own creation, “No Vouchers Needed” is the kind of album that 10 years from now people will be looking back to with astonishment. 

“Youngsters and people of all ages out there are looking to be excited by another wave of music,” said Tucker, who performs under the stage name Thee Professor. “I’m a part of history in the streets, and history period. I don’t need no vouchers. I don’t need anybody trying to lift me up. In my city, people know me. I’ve been involved in music for a long time and people know who I am. With this album, I’m trying to bring a contribution to the industry – to bring back that old Hip Hop flow and style. And then I’m bringing some choruses that come in for a balanced vibe – not just up or down but balanced. At the end of the day, this album is me saying I’m here and I don’t need no vouchers.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “At Night.” It’s a track that describes Thee Professor up at night working hard on his beats and researching different aspects of the industry. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the 18-month plan of being a CEO of his own label, of being a producer for other artists, and of being a record maker for himself.  

“It’s about staying up late working and trying to manifest your dreams,” he said. “It taps into dreams I had when I was about 17 or 18 years old and things I was going through back then – like hustling in the streets – and then shows another side of me from now and what I’m going through today. I think it’s a song that shows off my sound which is authentic and original. As long as I’ve been doing music, no one has been able to compare me to anyone. It’s not too many people you will come across who is just someone who can get on the mic and sound like themselves but also have that switch that flips for anyone.” 

In addition to the release of the album, Thee Professor said he’s planning on putting together some visuals for a handful of the singles, which he plans to release later this fall.  

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“Lost Files”

T Star Verse – Levitate

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T Star Verse finds life ‘Balance’ with debut LP 

CHICAGO, IL – If there’s something most people of the world want to find today, it’s balance in life. Chicago-based Hip Hop artist T Star Verse has the perfect LP to suit that mood. The 10-song project is a versatile album that reflects self identity, positive moments and overall finding that balance in life. With singles like “Levitate,” “Keep it Trill” and “Shadow,” T Star has captured a vibe that’s perfect for today’s cultural climate. And with vocals that will not quit combined with a unique sound and style, this fast-rising young artist has something that is sure to go global. 

T Star Verse fell in love with Hip Hop at age 12. Her uncle was an independent music maker and having a natural gift at writing, she was encouraged by him to begin writing songs. She soon began winning talent showcases and awards and performing at some of the biggest venues in Chicago. When she became a student at Columbia College in Chicago, she became the first freshman to headline the school’s historic Manifest Festival. Shortly thereafter, she created the T Star Collection – a high end fashion line for men and women. All the while she was experimenting with different styles of music, trying to find her signature sound. With her debut album “Balance,” she’s ready to show the world who she is and what she has to offer the music industry. 

“This album is pretty versatile, just like me,” she said. “It’s still Hip Hop but with different beats and styles – and how I rap is pretty versatile itself. At the end of the day, I hope people see my music as authentic. Hip Hop was originally founded on authenticity and through time, I feel like we’ve been losing that. Too many artists today are going with the trends even if they don’t live a specific lifestyle. They’ll adopt that persona because they know that’s how they’ll get that money. But I want to be known for being authentic and not speaking about things I don’t know. It’s real-ness. Anything I go through I’ll put in my music, and I’m not gonna sugar-coat anything. Along the way you’ll hear my values and standards and my story and stories of people around me. I’m making positive, feel-good music that sheds a light on deeper things. That’s what this album is all about – bringing balance to all those things in our lives.” 

The debut single from the project is “Levitate.” It’s a pure Hip Hop song with a beat that will make listeners bop their heads and could even be something played in the clubs. With lyrics that encourage listeners to rise above any doubt or hate, this song is T Star “flexin’ on ‘em a little bit.” The hook, in particular, is catchy and will have people repeating it long after first hearing it. A music video for the single is already out on T Star’s YouTube channel. 

“Keep It Trill” is another song gaining a lot of attention. More of a Dance Club record, the song is simply about going out and having fun. T Star said she raps instructions on certain dance moves throughout the song and hopes that it’ll become a track that eventually people will learn the dance moves to and create a positive trend around the world. It’s the perfect song for the summer, she said. 

“Balance” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and music videos for many of the songs are slated to drop later this year.  


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Trey The Visionary – Hyenas

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Trey the Visionary rides wave of success from ‘High Point’ EP on the way to launch of new album ‘Landslide’ 

MILWAUKEE, WI – An original blend of Hip Hop, Trap and R&B comes to light in powerful ways on the new EP from fast-rising rapper Treveon Howard, professionally known as Trey the Visionary. “The High Point” is a four-song project that perfectly captures the unique sound and style of this American rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. On this standout summer project, Trey thoughtfully organizes his thoughts to create four of his most popular songs to date. 

“This project is kind of the timeline of the pain of my life and the journey of my career,” Trey said. “I’ve been making music for a minute, and this is one of those projects that solidifies by spot as the people’s champion. It’s celebrating my GOAT-ness and recognizing the greatest music of my career.” 

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Trey has been around music his entire life. He said he’s been rhyming since he was 8 years old and recording since age 12. When he was younger, he idolized Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube and Travis Scott, and as he grew older, he began to realize what separated them and made them unique and original. 

In high school at Messmer High, he collided with young epic Milwaukee native JV Harris. They both shared a love for music and noticed a room in the high school filled with old instruments and other storage space. They cleaned out the room, remodeled it and turned it into the foundation for a studio. Trey credits music team Greg Flattery for helping him and Harris to learn the recording side of the music industry and to develop their hustle and humbleness as young music trailblazersTrey also got in touch with Milwaukee-Lexington producer Slap Jackk who assisted them with valuable knowledge about the industry and the skills it takes to stand out as producers. In the years since, this 23-year-old artist has developed a sound and style that can only be described as truly original. 

“I’ve grown up in one of the top ten most dangerous cities in the world and my music is a direct reflection of my surroundings,” Trey said. “I’m explaining the culture and ethnicity I grew up in. I’m literally a living, breathing Milwaukee pillar, and I’m blessed to get to talk about everything in my city – the good, the bad … everything. I know the trials that people are going through and I make music to help them have peace with their emotions. I love using my voice, and I love being melodic, but my style is very organic and I embrace the opportunities to experiment and figure out what I can do with my voice. I think that originality and diversity makes me different than other artists.” 

Trey said he will further explore that sound on an upcoming album called “Landslide” which is due to drop this fall. Developed in collaboration with Milwaukee-Madison artist, producer and engineer icon Brendan LP and his media manager and videographer Jack Wilkins, the project is one that Trey said will stand head-and-shoulders above anything else on the market today. 

“I feel like it’s going to be an even bigger high point,” he said. “It’s a ‘Landslide’ of consistent wins and feeling myself in this legendary state. I’m rubbing elbows with legendary people who are just like me. I can make a song out of anything and then make it even bigger – each one with a different vibe and sound. That’s exactly what this album will bring.” 

The first single from the album is called “Hyenas” and is already available for fans to enjoy across all streaming platforms. It joins “High Point” as an impressive display of artistry from a young musician who is poised to become a global phenomenon. 


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“High Point” 

Scatta R.Pee – Weather Checker


Intriguing new single ‘Weather Checker’ from Scatta R.Pee serves as perfect introduction for new EP ‘4 Seasonz 

TRENTON, NJ – East Coast rapper Scatta R.Pee has long been a musician whose sound and style has created heightened intrigue from Hip Hop fans all over the world. His latest single “Weather Checker” is no different. Right off the bat, its syncopated rhythm makes the listener sit up and say, “What’s up with this song?” Then suddenly Scatta drops in with his signature sound and killer flow and it’s impossible to turn away. As he extemporizes the ill effects of a Weather Checker – someone who can’t keep their nose out of your business – the listener is taken on a ride that not only invites them to nod their heads at the beat, but also in agreement with everything that’s being said. 

The single is the first off a four-song EP called “4 Seasonz.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, the project is one in which Scatta said he tries to embrace the emotions and vibes of the four seasons, as well as the four quarters that seem to repeat over-and-over again throughout many different industries – from sports to business to music and everything in between. 

In addition to “Weather Checker,” the EP includes the songs “Cold Fresh (Winter),” “Juicy” and “Catch ah Vibe” featuring Voice who appeared c/o Helicopter Boyz who is also from Trenton NJ. All of the songs continue to show fans a guy who is authentic and always stays true to his principles and convictions. As usual, he delivers head-bobbing music that has a story and strong lyrical content. From comedy to culturally relevant and sometimes relational, Scatta’s “4 Seasonz” is the perfect embodiment of who he is as an artist and what he hopes to put out into the world. 

“I personally feel every artist should have their own sound and not do what’s trending, which is why I stick to my sound and don’t try to do anything different,” Scatta said. “This project grew because of the whole situation we find ourselves in today. The beat selection is a little darker and the overall vibe is a little darker, but I like it and I love what we’ve put into it.” 

Scatta R.Pee is a founding member of Truth Or Square out of Trenton and together, they released a wide range of songs over the years. In 2009, after releasing five mixtapesScatta released his first solo album. It was called “Jawanda ECM-Authenticness” and was named after his older sister who heavily influenced his music career. Since that time, he has released three other full albums and two mixtapes. Every song on his new EP is produced by Divine Drummah – a frequent collaborator and the producer of many of his previous works.  

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Alexia – Lemonade

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New York singer/songwriter Alexia drops quarantine summer anthem ‘Lemonade’ 

If there’s one positive side effect of the global quarantine, it’s that people have learned how to be creative in entertaining themselves. For New York Pop artist Alexia, that time alone has been enlightening, and her latest single “Lemonade” is a fun summer song that perfectly captures the joy she discovered while being alone over the past few months. 

The chill bedroom-Pop vibe of the song offers a commercial sound to the world underneath fun lyrics that encourages people to let go of their anxiety and embrace this unique time of life.  

“I had taken a huge break from music writing because of the external and internal pressures of following a certain career path that distracted me from creating music,” Alexia said. “This is the first song I wrote during that time, and it’s just about letting go and having fun. In the time we’re in, I think of lot of people are trying to figure out how to go on, and I found that focusing on myself and learning how to enjoy my own company was transformative. I found that I really want to dive into music again, and this song is special to me because it is the song that represents all of that. ‘Lemonade’ is a song that everyone can dance to – even if it’s no longer at bars, but in your own bedroom. It has lightness but also really focuses on the time we have gone through this summer, finding ourselves and not focusing on the external world to define us.” 

Alexia’s sound and style is something that can only be described as diverse. She’s either singing super lo-fi Pop, cool-girl Pop, or writing ballads or dance hits. She takes all of those different genres and turns them into her own kind of genre and signature sound. She said the next songs she plans to release will be much different in tone and vibe from “Lemonade” with hints of R&B mixed with classic Rock or Drake-like smooth vibes mixed with the brooding energy of someone like Billie Eilish 

“I’m all about authenticity in the moment,” she said. “That helps me to be really genre-less. I don’t want to conform to a genre. I want to really evolve with the times and be completely transparent about my experience. I think I will always keep in mind a really strong melody, and I want my audience to know I’m putting my all into this. I really want to be a songwriter and get my name out. I love to collaborate, and if this opens doors for me to be able to work with other artists and be immersed in the art then that’s all I care about. I really believe in my natural ability as a songwriter and I just want to be myself and evolve as an artist.” 

Following “Lemonade,” Alexia said she plans on releasing another single she wrote during quarantine called “Growing Up.”  

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p33di – I’m Da Man

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Southern rapper p33di drops hot club track ‘I’m Da Man’ 

JACKSONVILLE, FL – An artist from the Deep South is making a name for himself by creating up-tempo club music with a twist for a new version of Krunk. His name is Pierre Janvier but he goes by the stage name p33di, and his latest single “I’m Da Man” is the perfect kind of banging beat that the summer of 2020 has been looking for. 

Highlighting p33di’s Southern roots by way of his self-described “Floridiana” twang, “I’m Da Man” takes an aggressive beat and gives it a modern twist for a bouncy vibe that is sure to have fans all over the world bopping their heads. It’s a song that makes you want to move and puts a smile on your face as you list and nod your head – both because the music demands it and because you agree with everything p33di is saying. The hook is particularly catchy. People will be singing along to this dripping hot track for years to come. 

“It’s an anthem for that moment when you’re at the top of your game,” p33di said. “It’s that kind of confidence-builder type of song that makes you believe that nothing can stop you. You’re that dude and you feel great, and this song is your song.” 

Originally born in New Orleans but raised in Jacksonville, Florida, p33di comes from a family originally from Haiti. While most of his unique sound and style is influenced by the South, he does tap into some of the island vibe from his heritage. But more than anything, he embraces what he calls a “turn up vibe” in ways that are familiar to Hip Hop fans while also introducing new sounds to the genre. By mixing club beats with Krunk and fusing that with more lyricism, p33di is able to bring a unique style to the music industry. Recently, he’s partnered with TJ Lee Entertainment and super producer Evil G to help develop his sound, and he’s excited about more people around the world checking out what he’s created. 

“I want to be known for creating music that people can move and jig to and be themselves,” p33di said. “I want people to feel it in their soul. When people are listening, I want them to feel like they are the best at what they’re doing.” 

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Alejandro Jomar – Tailored Garments

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Alejandro Jomar showcases original sound on new album ‘Trap-Fi’ 

LONG ISLAND, NY – New York renowned fashion designer, R&B vocalist, music producer and professional influencer Alejandro Jomar has claimed his space in the music industry, displaying his in-depth production skills and vocal talent with a new sound he calls Trap-Fi. He began his journey through sound with heavy bass “boom-bap,” but as he grew older, he began to create more commercial, modern sounds that feature heavy 808s and punchy production. Those two styles combined give Alejandro a unique perspective on today’s modern music landscape and help him carve a niche with his signature Trap-Fi sound. 

Appropriately, that sound is put on full display on a new album from Alejandro entitled “Trap-Fi.” It’s a project that offers music fans a brand new take on today’s music landscape. After a six-month process with Propaganda Entertainment LLC, Alejandro is ready to deliver an emotional yet uplifting album that ensures he is here to stay.  

“I struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression for a while, and this album is reminiscent of those emotions and the journey I’ve taken through that,” he said. “I want to spread a positive message that if you feel like you can’t get through whatever you’re dealing with, I promise you can. I am still here even after I attempted to commit suicide in 2015, and I feel like I am an example that people can use to get through. And today, I have a side of me that encourages people to live their lives and be happy and push through the dark feelings to the light on the other side of the tunnel.” 

“Trap-Fi” opens with a melancholy saxophone symphony with filtered drums that create a reverb effect. Alejandro begins to harmonize over the saxophone as the beat begins to build. His blend of Trap 808s alongside an orchestrated boom-bap pattern come in and right away, listeners are introduced to his signature sound. With raw vocals that showcase his vulnerability and lyrics that explore everything from relationship issues to suicidal thoughts to eccentric lifestyles and even the death of loved ones, “Trap-Fi” is a tour-du-force of emotion and sound.  

One of the standout singles from the project that has been getting a lot of attention since the albums release on June 25 is a song called “Thursday.” The bouncy Dance/Pop tune blends perfectly with commercial Trap and sets the stage for Alejandro’s raw vocals. He speaks of finding beauty in women of all colors, races, shapes and sizes – ultimately elevating women all around the world. 

Another hot single from the album is “Tailored Garments” which displays Alejandro’s ability to create a catchy hook. This radio-ready hit features punchy 808s and a fast-paced, upbeat tempo. Inspired by A$AP Rocky’s “Out of this World,” “Tailored Garments” is a song that name-drops a plethora of high-end fashion designers and speaks of Alejandro’s eccentric lifestyle as a fashion designer and influencer. 

Yet another hot single from the album that’s been getting a lot of attention is “Roll Up” which features a beachy guitar riff accompanied by heavy 808s. The song also features bars from Alejandro’s brother Deja, who is also the CEO of Propaganda Entertainment. This track speaks of Alejandro and Deja’s experiences with Cannabis – selling it at an early age – as well as luxury fashion and women. 

Alejandro’s label, Propaganda ENT LLC will be releasing a stream of singles over the coming months, beginning with the release of “Young Kings Forever” featuring Deja. The label will also release Deja’s “Black Flag” album later this year for which Alejandro produced the majority of the beats. Alejandro often collaborates with the members of Wasting My 20s Collective – a team of talented New York-based artists in photography and videography formed by the members themselves – that was integral in helping him create “Trap-Fi.”  

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