1942 Leel – Rerock

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New artist 1942 Leel drops fun party vibe EP ‘Anejo Talk’ 

ATLANTA, GA – There’s a new artist out of Atlanta whose fanbase is rapidly growing thanks to his smooth, unique flow. He goes by the stage name 1942 Leel and his latest EP “Anejo Talk” is the kind of project that launches careers into the stratosphere.  

Featuring eight songs that include the hit party track “Rerock,” “Anejo Talk” is a blend of upbeat songs and down-to-earth chill vibes that not only show off Leel’s versatility but also offer listeners something new and intriguing in the music industry. 

“A lot of people in Hip Hop today might talk in their music about doing different drugs or money or girls or whatever,” Leel said. “But that’s not what I’m about. Me and my crew, we drink 1942 (a type of tequila created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Don Julio’s first distillery), and this album is all about drinking and partying and turning up. My sound and my style revolve around my mood, so some songs lean more one way than the other – sometimes upbeat and sometimes slow. I don’t have one set of sound or style. What I do have is music that when you listen to it, you’ll be surprised. You’ll never know what type of sound you’ll get until you hear it.” 

The standout single, “Rerock” is a club song with an Atlanta vibe that also has notes oLeel’s Detroit roots. It’s up-tempo and definitely will get listeners moving to the groove, and the lyrics are simple in their exploration of all things that are flamboyant – from partying to drinking to having a good time and just living the good life. 

Leel moved to Atlanta a little over two years ago but grew up in a city outside of Detroit called Mt. Clemens. Though he was always into music as a child, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he truly started exploring his own signature style. Over the years, he’s become known for a smooth, unique flow – a sound that can be heard on hits such as “Cr33d” and “Move,” which have garnered him quite a bit of attention throughout the Midwest. He’s had the opportunity to work with some of the hottest producers in the industry, including Jose The Plug, Damjonboi, and Marc Boomin 

“I really study everyone when it comes to music and how they operate,” Leel said. “On the Atlanta side, I like to listen to Future and Young Thug. I mostly listen to a lot of Detroit underground music like Payroll Giovanni, Babyface Ray and Peezy. And from those influences, I’ve created a sound that I think when people hear it they’re gonna vibe too it. It’s music you can play in the club or when you’re turning up with the gang. That’s the type of music I make and what I want to be known for – music that you can party too.” 

Leel said he’s in the process of shooting a music video for “Rerock” which should release before the end of the year and at the same time also plans to release another single from the EP, with more releases in early 2021.  

To listen to 1942 Leel’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: https://twitter.com/1942Leel



Sleazy Edd – Move Ya Body

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Sleazy Edd shows passion for fashion to mirror his mind for rhyme 

DALLAS, TX – Sleazy Edd is a name many would associate with a man of God who credits his success at such an early age to his Creator’s faithfulness in his life. It is also known to be a name that would immediately bring to mind an entertainer with a progressive sense of fashion and an eye for aesthetics that are big and bold. His faith in God and his adventurous sense of fashion are key pillars of this rising young talent out of Dallas, Texas. And in many ways, his music is much like his sense of personal style – luxurious and “big.”  

That’s the word most people use when they’re talking about Sleazy Edd … BIG. Not only is he physically imposing but his joy of life and his sense of fashion make him one of those guys who literally owns whatever room he walks into. He’s loud and proud and bright and dressed to his fly-ist. He has a passion for fashion and a mind for the rhyme.  

My signature is gonna stand out,” he said. “It’s gonna pop. That’s because I’m usually wearing a wild outfit with a lot of colors and I draw a lot of attention. And then when you start to listen to my bars and lyrics and hear that I’m using a lot of metaphors, you’ll see that I have some real talent. A lot of rappers today are just rhyming and don’t make sense, but I change things up and mix different vibes and use a lot of metaphors and similes in my lyrics. I guarantee if you’re in the car and hear my music, or you’re hanging out and one of my songs comes on, I’ll take the odds that you know I am good.” 

His skill is put on full display on his debut album “Overseas Luxury which is available across all streaming platforms. It features 15 tracks that he says are perfect for getting “turnt up.”  

“I want to get em rowdy with this album,” he said. “I’m talking mosh pit type of concerts. It’s definitely the kind of music you can play the clubs or at parties and everybody’s gonna turn up and go crazy.”  

Overseas Luxury Edd said represents his brand as a whole. It’s a name that he hopes encapsulates the luxurious lifestyle of overseas clothing and an international appeal of his music. He said his love for that lifestyle was instilled in him at a young age by his mother who was also super fashionable. Family is extremely important to Edd and often, that sense of family extends to his closest friends – such as photographer and videographer Khed who has worked closely with him recently to help cultivate his unique image. Edd’s brother was also a part of the photographer/videographer work.  

Edd said he was relatively young when he first discovered Hip Hop. As he began to pay attention to some of the major players in the game, he said he was drawn to those who embraced fashion and used it as an extension of their artistic expression. Wiz Khalifa in particular has always been his favorite artist, and one of his all-time favorite songs is Khalifa’s “The Sleaze. It was that song, in fact, that inspired him to adopt the moniker Sleazy Edd 

But his music isn’t must like Khalifa’s. In fact, most people would probably liken him to Young Thug – with the different clothes and flows and sense of style. But even then it would be a pale comparison as Sleazy Edd is, if nothing else, his own unique personality. There is no comparison that encapsulates this truly original persona that is put on full display through his brash demeanor and one-of-a-kind sound. And as such, his music cannot be denied. 

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“Overseas Luxury” 


Johnny Wvlker – The Wave

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A label, an EP and so much more; Johnny Wvlker is living in a ‘Wonderland’ of his own design 

LOS ANGELES, CA – From humble beginnings to being named one of the LA Wire’s Top 40 Under 40, Johnny Wvlker is a man of high ambition and unimaginable talent. Wvlker, who in the last year has made his way into the music scene, created a collective that he turned into a label, marketing agency and global publishing house, and has released a selection of tracks including his newest EP, Wonderland. 

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Wvlker did not come from easy beginnings. His mother passed away when he was only 16 years old, leaving him to fend for himself. Wvlker was ready for the challenge however, finding his way, finishing school and later moving to California where he eventually partnered up with Jared “Praajex Lynch. They created the Dead Poet Soxietya creative collective, label, marketing agency and most recently global publishing house, where he was able to release several tracks including his single “Visions” which led the way to the first ever Pop Art Style Rap video, and his latest EP Wonderland. “DPS mostly started as an idea being around my engineer and our group of friends but it started to grow really quickly and this year it changed into a record label. 

Wvlker draws inspiration from a collection of different artists with main focus on musicians such as Pink Floyd and Kanye. “I listen to everything but a lot of my music has Heavy Rock influences, a lot of like Pink Floyd, Kanye. The album Graduation changed my whole perspective on music when I was younger, in 2008-09.” Some of Wvlker’s other major influences include creatives such as Salvador DalíBasquiat and Warhol, who have impacted his interpretations and views as a creative and artist both in and outside of his musical works.  

WonderlandWvlker’s latest release and debut collection, is an EP featuring an otherworldly concept. “It’s like another world or a transition between our world and whatever’s in your imagination. It’s a six track EP and it has a couple of cool singles on it. There’s one called ‘Demon Babes’ and another one called ‘The Wave.’ My producer or the person that’s most heavily featured on the EP is named Sky Beats. I think he was just nominated for a Grammy. The person who mastered all the songs is Million Dollar Snare. We have some really high quality people that are around forming the sound with me but I wrote everything on Wonderland. I curated it, I designed it. But yeah, it’s just my debut.” 

Wvlker’s goals exceed that of the average artist, something that is far from surprising for a man of his skill set and accomplishment. “I want Dead Poet Soxiety to become a power player in the industry. I want us to be a recognized independent label, so I’m trying to get us the funding and the relationships we need to take the label to the next level. As for my music, I want to hit the charts. I am hoping to get a top 10 song in the next year. I am working on hitting Billboard with this EP. I am planning to put out a deluxe version of the EP in the next couple of months, and I am really hoping that will help with the push.” 

Keep up with Wvlker as he continues to climb the charts, release new music and videos, and grow his company and his platform as an artist, entrepreneur and big name in the music industry. Links to his music, social media and further information about Johnny Wvlker and his accomplishments can be found below.  



Johnny Wvlker YouTube 






Johnny Wvlker California Herald   

Johnny Wvlker America Daily Post 

Johnny Wvlker LAWIRE 40 Under 40

Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’

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Palm & Co Dash Pouch Commercial


Entrepreneur Spotlight: No Reach No Problem ‘Dash Pouch’ Made By Bowie State’s Amber Palm I love when I have the opportunity to speak to creators and inventors, especially amongst young innovators like Baltimore native 17 year old Amber Palm! The intention is pure and purposeful, to protect drivers behind the wheel. With a gifted mind and passionate heart she created the ‘Dash Pouch’ in thought of her brother Travis Custis, a young black man who at any moment could become the next Philando Castile or Freddy Gray. Her fears fueled the creation of the ‘Dash Pouch’ with wanting to prevent ways of experiencing an escalated traffic stop. With today’s political tension around the election, repeated killings of blacks after encountering the police and protests, Amber feels it’s needed now more than ever. Her target demographics are college students, African Americans and just expanding across the country. When I asked about her challenges as a young entrepreneur she said, “Getting the product manufactured and dealing with the demand was at first overwhelming but easier.” The product is easily assembled by attaching the adhesive to your designated area on your dash. The ‘Dash Pouch’ is intended for multiple experiences whether the officer asks the driver or reaches themselves, the focus is to support hands remaining visible. She aims to complete her Business Administration degree at Bowie State University and expand into marketing as well. Some other interests she holds are in the arts like drawing and rapper Megan Thee Stallion. She wanted to share that it’s difficult being an African-American woman today because we don’t get enough support. With her family being a big support system especially her mother, sister and brother along the way, Amber has completed pop-up shops, media press and as she describes, “a sense of peace.” You can find Amber Palm & the ‘Dash Pouch’ on IG via @theerealamber and @dashpouch! Support a black owned business today!

• Palm & Co •
Phone: (443) 916-4759
Email: palmandcoservices@gmail.com

Max Mellow – There’s Something You Should Know

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Haunting femme fatale vocals and cinematic storytelling take center stage on debut EP from East Coast artist Max Mellow 

New York City, NY – Leading a double life as a Wall Street executive and musician, classically trained pianist and singer/songwriter, Max Mellow is set to deliver her debut EP “To All The Boys I Almost Loved” across all streaming platforms on Oct. 30. Showcasing cinematic production with wide-ranging lyrical influences and haunting femme fatale vocals, Mellow’s new EP is a modern sound that is both enchanting and relevant.  

Written and recorded during the Covid-19 quarantine, this four-song EP started as a passion project for her own sanity, Mellow said. As many artists have done throughout history, Mellow began to create as a form of catharsis from her own angstThe EP was motivated by a breakup she had at the beginning of 2020, and throughout the writing process the songs began to explore her entire history of relationships. 

The last time I had a breakup, I went to Africa for a month and climbed Kilimanjaro,” she said. This time I decided to make an album. I think this was harder! Making this EP was like giving myself open heart surgery with no anesthesia. But it ultimately gave me life.  

Mellow classifies her style as “Danger Pop, blending genres from Alternative Pop to Folk to EDM to Classical, but always with an emphasis on storytelling. Born in Asia and raised in the Midwest, Mellow has worked, lived in or traveled to more than 40 countries. That global influence comes through in her music, and is further enhanced through collaborations with creatives from Israel, Italy and Ukraine. She counts among her many musical influences artists such as Liszt, Prokofiev, Alicia Keys, John Prine, Eminem, Avicii, Jewel, Dido, Mariah Carey, Ludovico Einaudi and Lana Del Rey.  

Those influences and fusion of styles are apparent on the four singles found on her new EP. “There’s Something You Should Know” is a sequence of recurring events that often defines a relationship, symbolized by the looping music box in the intro and outro. Mellow said she hopes everyone will appreciate that every relationship prepares you in some way for the next relationship.  

Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean it’s a failure,” she said. I feel it’s more of a rebirth. That’s why the refrain in the chorus is ‘I would do it again.’” 

With “Better With You,” Mellow lays breezy Billie-Eilish-like vocals over a synth-driven, whimsically dark but upbeat track. The song is a dialogue between two romantics who are hopeful their relationship sticks despite their bad habits and neuroses. “Never Let Me Go” is a “love-in-the-time-of-Corona” track, Mellow said. It’s about two people who come together when everything around them is unknown and falling apart, and they hold each other constant. Its chill, soulful vibe speaks to a collective desire not to die alone. Mellow said she hopes it’s a song that people will listen to at the end of a date that they don’t want to end, “lying on the hood of your car, looking up at the stars or down at the city lights.” 

The eponymous “To All The Boys I Almost Loved” is an open letter to all those who have graced her life. It’s a way for Mellow to say thank you for taking the time to know her and for letting her get to know them. It’s not a typical Pop verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure, Mellow said. Instead, it’s more of a stream of consciousness that builds to a crescendo in a very satisfying way. 

“It took me a long time to think about how to encapsulate almost every relationship I’ve had, whether requited or not,” Mellow said. “I’m proud of the way the music turned out. I have no delusions of grandeur. Simply that if this resonates with one person out there and makes one stranger feel less alone, it would mean everything to meWe’ve all struggled during this time in different ways, and this is my way of reaching my hand out from under the rubble and saying, ‘Hey! Someone’s here!’ This is ultimately an album of selfreflection and hope. 

To listen to Max Mellow’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit: 






“There’s Something You Should Know” 


Astro – Better Days

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Melodic rapper Astro releases seven-song EP that’s perfect for the times 

INDIANAPLIS, IN – A wide variety of styles and flows come to the forefront on the new EP from up-and-coming Midwest rapper Astro. The seven songs on his latest project “What I’m Missing” take a different approach to the liminal space in which most of the world finds itself during the global pandemic. As people wait and see what’s gonna come next, the mounting sense of anxiety and apprehension can sometimes be overwhelming. Astro taps into that tension and offers a different perspective. 

“The basic concept of the EP is me explaining a story to a woman and telling her all the problems going on around the world right now,” Astro said. “I’m asking her what I’m missing and she’s telling me to pay attention to her. The overall vibe is all over the place – there are a couple of love songs, a couple of hype songs, and a lot of other vibes in between. But I think that’s what sets me apart from anyone else, that I have so many different types of styles and flows. I can go to multiple varieties of flow. There all kinds of different styles I can go through.” 

Astro has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He first got involved with music at age 4 though as he grew older, he focused more of his attention on athletics. It wasn’t until an injury derailed his athletic aspirations a few years ago that he turned his full focus on music. His brother, who is also a musician, invited him to New York to work on a song together, and that process solidified his determination to make music his career. That experience also served as the inspiration for his stage name which he said originated as a lyric in the song he worked on with his brother but has grown to mean something so much more today. 

“To me, it means to shoot for the stars and reach as high as I can,” he said. “I hope my music is known to help people. I know that there are a lot of people who go through things and don’t talk about it because they don’t know how to express themselves. I’ve been through a lot myself that I haven’t talked about, but music has always been a way for me to express myself. So my main goal is to help people and inspire people to be great through my music.” 

Astro said following the release of this EP, he plans on dropping more singles later this year, as well as another EP.  

To listen to Astro’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 


“What I’m Missing” 


“Better Days” 


Lordzamel – Get Them Bandz

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Lordzamel helps world overcome pains while embracing joys of life on new album ‘Fixed Tape’ 

NEW YORK, NY – Lordzamel Brooks has a unique capacity to identify with pain and the problems of people all over the world. His story is one filled with pain and disappointments, but also achievements and triumphs. And those highs and lows find their way into his music in ways that connect with fans all over the world.  

This is especially true of his latest album “Fixed Tape.” The album is a reinvention of his first album “Hatter Minute,” released in 2005 during a year when he was dealing with extreme kidney failure. It was a project born from the pain – both literal and figurative – he was going through at the time. “Fixed Tape,” by comparison, is a reimagining of those songs 15 years later during a time when he’s enjoying the best health he’s ever had. As such, the album encapsulates the simultaneous highs and lows he felt when he was finally given a kidney transplant after 14 years on a waiting list. He said the songs on the project were written in response to his joy at receiving a kidney, but also from his frustration at having been passed over for so many years and forced to stay on dialysis. He said that exploration of pleasure and pain is something that’s still relevant today and as such, he’s created a reprise to the album and re-released it in 2020 – a year in which many people around the world are experiencing similar emotions. 

“It’s lyrical and hot,” Lordzamel said of the album. “I’ve been through a great deal in my life, and so have a lot of other people out there. I’ve come through it by exploring a lot of different sides of my life. I’m an entrepreneur and a fashionista and most of all, I want to be known for being one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the mic. When people hear my music I want them to say, ‘That’s Lord’s shit! Turn that up!’” 

Lordzamel was born in Brooklyn and grew up both there and in Harlem. His parents were musicians and left an early mark on his life when it came to expressing oneself through art. He was also heavily influenced by the thriving music scene in Harlem, and to this day credits his unique sound and style to some of the artists he listened to while growing up. It was at Camp Mariah Carey during his teenage years that he discovered his love and knack for rapping, and in the years since he’s perfected the art of witty wordplay alongside catchy vibes. At 18, he was signed by a major record label, but at age 22, his kidney gave way and over the next 14 years he struggled with health issues. Just when he was turning 36 and giving up on his life, he got a new kidney – three days before his birthday. He made a song called “Hatter Minute” almost immediately after that, which landed on the radio show Jessy Jess 91.9 Hip Hop Hour and everything began to take off from there.  

“Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs,” he said. “I think my first two singles – which are separate from ‘Fixed Tape’ – will show people exactly what that means. With ‘Everything Glossy’, I’m motivating people to shine bright. It’s about everything noticeable and seen and flamboyant. It’s a hot song and the lyrical content is crazy. Then with ‘Get Them Bandz, I’m telling people to go get their money. Stop complaining. Too many people are making more excuses than they are making money. This is America. Stop saying that the white man is keeping you down. This is the land of opportunity for everybody. It’s my favorite song on the album and I love how much it pushes you and gets people hyped.” 

Both of Lordzamel’s singles “Everything Glossy” and “Get Them Bandz” are currently available across all streaming platforms.  

To listen to Lordzamel’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 



Jackpot Future Kiid – Used To

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Jackpot Future Kiid says hello to the world of music with groovy new single ‘Used To’ 

MEMPHIS, TN – Jackpot Future Kiid is a fresh new wave of sound and style on the music scene whose unique blend of mellow piano chords and traditional 808s make for an intriguing new energy in the Hip Hop world. His new single “Used To” is a hello to the industry, of sorts, with relatable lyrics and a groove that people all over the world will soon be vibing to.  

The song starts with a mellow intro that features light piano chords, immediately creating a special mood. When the 808s drop in, that bouncy flow makes the listeners want to bop their heads, and by the time Jackpot comes in with his distorted vocals, the end result is a truly mesmerizing new single. With a wide vocal range that goes both high and low, Jackpot is able to provide a quirky and intriguing counterpoint of sound to the traditional Hip Hop Rap. It’s a song that takes you on a ride that you won’t want to get off – you’ll have to keep riding to the end.  

“Whenever I create a song, I make sure it’s something everyone can vibe to,” Jackpot said. “That’s no different with this one. The lyrics are basically me giving everyone a hello and telling my story of how my life has changed. A lot of people who get into this industry change over time, but I’m still who I used to be. The money didn’t change me and never will, even though people around me have changed because of that. I’m smart. I’m a hustler. I’m driven. And most of all, I’m an inspiring artist.” 

Though Jackpot has always been into music, it wasn’t until he did an EP with his stepbrother in his teenager years that he really caught the bug for writing and recording music. The EP was called “Split Personalities” and went on to have some modest success throughout his region. He said the experience helped to realize how important it was to stay true to his unique brand of music, and he’s been spending his time ever since perfecting his own unique sound and style.  

“I make what I like and people vibe with it,” he said. “I am a vibe. If somebody says ‘That’s a vibe,’ they’re talking about me. When you hear something, your ears know immediately if you like it or not. That’s how my sound is. I make music I love, but also sounds that I know people are listening to right now. There are Jazz inspirations and real subtle hints of Memphis, but even with that, I’m putting it my own way. I really just want people to know I’m serious about this passion. I’m trying to make something that’s everlasting and iconic. That’s the passion that drives me. I want to make iconic music.” 



To listen to Jackpot Future Kiid’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:





“Used To” 


Rich Chambers – It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)

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Rich Chambers drops new album ‘Santa’s Rockin’ Band’ just in time for the Christmas Season 


VANCOUVER, CANADA – The garage Rock sound of the 60s meets a modern-day Rock style on a new Christmas album from Canadian artist Rich Chambers. Released on October 30, “Santa’s Rockin’ Band” is a true Rock n’ Roll ride through some of the Christmas season’s most beloved and timeless classics. Featuring guitar-driven Blues riffs packaged together with some refreshingly rougher edges, these songs are sure to make it onto Christmas playlists all over the world. In fact, hundreds of thousands have already played the first single from the album, which was released last year. It’s called “It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)” and contains a catchy hook that paints a colorful picture of some of the stereotypical images of the Christmas season. 


“Ultimately, it’s a song about the innocence of children,” Chambers said. “That’s what we should all grab a hold of when we think about Christmas. So, I wanted to use imageries that we are all familiar with from when we were kids – like advent calendars, scenes from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ Christmas trees and lights, and other things like that – to paint a picture of Christmas. I also put this same kind of sensibility in the song’s animated video, which features Santa Claus and a little girl who strongly believes in him and the spirit of Christmas. Essentially, no matter who you are or where you come from, Christmas is about the innocence of a child and the fun of the season, and that’s the sentiment that drives the song.” 


One of the things that Chambers has discovered about his unique sound and style over the years is that he doesn’t fit into any one box. He’s been making music professionally for the better part of two decades with success all over the world from many of his singles. But unlike many of his contemporaries, he tends to go against the norm and push boundaries with his style of Rock. Though he stays true to the roots of Blues and Classic Rock, he often incorporates more modern elements so as to offer a more progressive and intriguing sound.  


“I really do sit in the middle of so many different genres,” Chambers said. “Other artists that are often described this way are Creedence Clearwater Revival or Tom Petty. Their sounds are similar to mine in that they are primarily guitar-driven with Retro and Country hints sprinkled throughout. I also definitely bring that garage band and Indie vibe feel to my music. I guess you could say I am a ‘jack of all trades,’ although I really prefer to look at myself as just a guy that people can relate to who writes and sings songs that are familiar sounding to them about things that resonate with them. I’m unique but not unique. I’m familiar but I’m also intriguing and new.” 


Another single from the album that’s one of the early frontrunners for major global attention is a song called “Snow Miser vs. Heat Miser.” It’s a cover from the popular 1974 stop animation Christmas special, “The Year Without a Santa Claus,” that features the show’s two Miser brothers who are constantly fighting with each other to make Christmas snowy or sunny. The song itself has a kind of dueling feel, with both characters coming forward in the song to sing and verbally fight each other. In the end, Chambers said it’s a fun song that audiences of all ages can love. 


“My main goal is to make this album as accessible to an 80-year-old as it is to an 8-year-old,” he said. “It’s a true Rock n’ Roll album, but with a very innocent feel.” 

To listen to Chambers’ music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 




Santa’s Rockin’ Band 





Santa’s Rockin’ Band and Other Musings 


Yung Faucet – Me (Outro)

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Yung Faucet shows off high octane drippy style on new mixtape ‘Jugg & Drip’ 

HARRISBURG, PA – Everything about Pennsylvania artist Yung Faucet is drippy – from the way he puts his outfits together to the way he flows on beats with fly melodies and clever wordplay. That signature style is put on full display with his new mixtape “Jugg & Drip” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s the second mixtape from this fast-rising young talent and already the buzz around this project is gaining him a lot of attention along the East Coast.  

“It’s a mixtape about hustling and getting fly,” Yung Faucet said. ‘It’s about my lifestyle and what I live for. It’s about making ends meet with fly talk. It’s real drippy with melodic flows and nice bars, and the quality is crazy. The versatility on this project is ridiculous and I think it explains me to a T and really shows the world who Faucet is.” 

More than anything else, Yung Faucet is best known for his energy. When it comes to his music, his delivery is so hype that people can’t help but jump up on their feet and respond to his passion. But that’s a characteristic that’s true of every walk of his life. Yung Faucet doesn’t know how to live a quiet life, and his infectious energy is such that almost anyone who meets him is inspired and motivated. He puts a smile on people’s faces and leaves them wanting to chase their own dreams with the same kind of passion that he displays.  

“I’ve got genuine energy,” he said. “It’s no gimmick. When you talk to me and I’m hype, that’s me the whole way through. And you can catch that on every track. You’re gonna listen to me and say, ‘I love this guy! He’s so cool!’”  

Yung Faucet first got his start in music while in high school. His personality was such that he was voted Mr. Popularity by his senior class and was given the “Most Likely To Succeed” award. The summer after graduation, he began to really dive into music, developing his sound and style to create something truly original. That hard work paid off as the first mixtape he released gained major attention and helped him put his name on the map. Now following that up with a second mixtape, Yung Faucet said he hopes to become a household name over the course of the next year.  

“I want my music to be known for being me,” he said. “This is really me. I’m telling you about all the good times and the bad times in energetic ways that will plug into people’s heads. I want people to remember me for my versatility. I’ve got nine different voices I can use, but it still sound like me. And mostly, I want to be known for my energy. That’s the best word to describe me. I am Mr. Energy. I’ve been fly my whole life and I’d like to be known for that before anything else.” 

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