Dissolver No. 7 – Move Along

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Country Rocker Dissolver No. 7 offers America a different perspective
on current affairs with new album ‘Star-Spangled Punch’

MACON, GA – Cosmic Country, Southern Rock and Gospel collide in a hot new album from
Dissolver No. 7, led by Georgia-based singer/songwriter Jerry Akin. The musician has made a
name for himself in the industry as a go-to songwriter, with credits for bands such as Innocent
Ivey, The Hog Mountain Brothers and Atomic Sun, just to name a few. But with the release of
his second album “Star-Spangled Punch,” Akin hopes to let the world see a different side of him
– one more transparent and honest and deeply personal than anything he’s previously put out.
The album features nine songs that all explore, in one way or another, the various allegiances
to which we pledge ourselves and the motivations that go into those commitments. Akin said
it’s a timely album for the state of affairs the U.S. finds itself in these days and in some ways,
the challenging messages in his songs will cause listeners to look at the world around more

“The overarching theme is being mindful of what you serve,” Akin said. “What Kingdom are you
crowning? It starts off with a critique of our tendency to cling on to politics over identity – to
dig our heels into something and pledge allegiance to ideals and convictions. All those human
things are going to spoil at some point, and it’s sort of a letdown whenever we invest ourselves wholeheartedly into anything. So I’m admonishing people to be careful of what we’re pledging
our hearts and minds and lives to, because there can be a brokenness to it if we’re not careful.
Part of the human condition is recognizing that the things that divide us aren’t going to be the
things that save us.”

Akin said that though he does touch on spiritual things in his music as a natural outflow of the
faith that plays such a powerful part in his life, he doesn’t consider himself to be a Gospel artist.
In fact, he doesn’t like to label his unique sound and style into any one genre at all. He’s just
someone who writes songs about real life – his faith is part of that, but so are heartbreak and
love and joy and all the other stuff that humans experience in life.

Akin has been writing songs for more than 25 years. In 2014, he launched his own label
DixiePhonic Records, and started recording all original material from his Southern Mystic
Studios. Sometimes a rebel, always a maverick, Akin has a sound that kicks back against
mainstream Country music trends. And though he frequently recalls outlaw Country and roots-
based Rock & Roll styles, he is never afraid to experiment – sometimes combining unusual
sounds, backward tape loops, or otherworldly noises in an otherwise traditional-sounding
production. The resulting sound is one that reflects his personal motto: “Rooted in the earth,
reaching for the heavens.”

“First and foremost, I want people to enjoy the music,” he said. “I feel like the songs I create are
catchy and the music is infectious, but there’s also something deeper to the lyrics that I think
people can listen to and find hope. I’d like my music to be something that presents a message
that even in our brokenness there’s always a way forward. There’s hope out there and a way to
come together and a way to heal. I think people need a lot of healing right now.”

“Star-Spangled Punch” is slated to drop across all streaming platforms on July 4. Two singles
from the projects – “Move Along” and “Navigator” – are already available for download.

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“Star-Spangled Punch”

Lendpha – Fire

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Haitian-born artist inspires others to overcome challenges
in pursuit of dreams with forthcoming album ‘Fever Dreams’ 

MIAMI, FL – Marc Sans Souci – better known by his stage name Lendpha – is a firm believer in the idea that anyone can follow their dreams and make it. His own personal journey of humble beginnings in Haiti to fast-rising artist in Miami is a perfect example of how hard work pays off in the end. And his debut album “Fever Dreams,” which is set to be released June 30, is a diverse musical examination of that journey. 

The 10-song project features a variety of different sounds and vibes, all underneath the idea of chasing success and the challenges that come along the way. The title is derived from the notion of having good dreams while sleeping, though sweating through the night – a metaphor that mirrors the hard work that so often accompanies ambition. Lendpha is no stranger to hard work and challenges along the path to success. 

“Growing up in Miami, I eventually met a guy named Martin Luciano who encouraged me to get into music,” Lendpha said. “I moved to New York and was starting to make a name for myself. But in 2016, I had a major breakdown in life. My daughter was being born and her mother had cheated on me while she was pregnant. It broke my heart and destroyed me, and it was hard for me to find myself again. I also found myself being a single father raising a daughter. Through all of that, I realized I needed to channel my inner self, and for me, the best way to do that was through music. I started writing and with Luciano’s help, I’ve been rocking ever since. I’ve put some singles out here and there, and a lot of people have been vibing then and liking them. This project is the culmination of the body of work I’ve been developing over the past year, and I think it will really show people not only my journey and what I’m capable of as an artist, but also inspire them to push through their own challenges as they chase their dreams.” 

Lendpha said his sound and style are definitely unique not only because of his original content but also because of his sound – which takes inspiration from his Caribbean roots while also nodding to some of the great Hip Hop artists of the past.  

“I want my music to be known for positive energy and good vibes,” he said. “My music represents anyone who can follow their dreams and make it. It’s about self-belief. A lot of people are going through stuff and don’t know how to channel that energy from the inside. My music is here to help them believe in themselves. If they can hear my songs and see me doing it, then it will help them believe that they can get it done as well.” 

The initial single from Lendpha’s forthcoming album is called “Fire” and is also coming out on June 30th. The upbeat, energy-filled song has a predominant Afro-beat, with a vibe that is reminiscent of French Montana’s “Unforgettable.” Lendpha said it’s a track that women will be especially attracted to.  

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“Fever Dreams” 


Naj8 – Be my Peace (Prod: Pharaoh Vice)

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Young East Coast artist, Naj8 combines genres with fresh beats for unique love song, “Be my Peace” 

BOSTON, MA – Najja Lee is confident that his choice for his artist name Naj8 will bring him good luck. Born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the 8th day of the 8th month, Najja’s lucky number has always been number eight. Rising from the hard times of losing his mother at an early age, he moved from Florida to Atlanta, where, as good fortune would have it, Naj8 was exposed to music that spoke to him. 

Growing up, music provided a world for him to escape to. Now as an artist, Naj8 is making music for others to escape to as well. Primarily a rapper and R&B singer whose potential is still being unlocked, Naj8 can kick it in many different styles. 

Recorded in Atlanta, his song “Be my Peace” is a love song about finding the right one. After he and a friend started working on the same beat, the song came together in the studio as a combination of each artist’s take on the track. “It was at a time when we were both a little heartbroken,” Naj8 said, and the song talks about all the feelings they wanted to have and to know personally. 

Naj8 uses his songwriting skills to make music that is real and truthful, creating an atmosphere that connects emotions. Naj8 says what people are thinking about love, depression, heartbreak and more, and the music is captivating because he writes about what people are really feeling inside. “Either you’ve come to terms with these feelings or you’re running away from these feelings, but you’ve felt these feelings before.” 

Although he didn’t initially think about making his own music, Naj8 has always loved listening to music from all genres. While living in Atlanta, his circle of friends was filled with artists who were rapping and free-styling. In 2016, during his sophomore year in high school, Naj8 decided to get serious about his own music career. At first, he wanted to have the same vibe as rappers he was listening to, such as Lil Uzi, Migos, The Weeknd and Future. He moved on to naturally craft a style that was different and more his own. “I started to put my own influences on the music like how I know music,” Naj8 said. “That’s when things started to change.” Becoming more confident in his ability, he was able to create music that gives a truly unique experience to his listeners. 

Naj8 is working hard to make sure that his message is heard. He returns to the recording studio next week to begin work on a new EP. Ready to push his limits as an artist, he is determined to help as many as he can through his music. “If people feel like they’re alone, I will show them that there is no alone – we’re together in this!” The power and emotion of Naj8’s music is worth delving into. 

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Ooday – Pussy Demon

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Multitalented Ooday offers mixtape for multiple audiences with ‘It Factor’ 

NEWBURGH, NY – Legacy … so it begins.  

Those are the first words on the new mixtape from New York artist Ooday, but they’re also the prophetic words for a young new artist whose unique sound and style are destined for greatness.  

Having survived the streets of Newburgh, New York – often the victim and the suspect of violence – Ooday not only found himself in prison for more than three years but also found a love for telling stories through music. Each song he creates takes you through a different journey, all of which is encapsulated on his mixtape “It Factor.” 

“What I was aiming for with this first tape is to show my versatility and that I can rap lyrically,” he said. “I can make songs kids want to listen to with rhythm and bounce to dance to. And I can make songs for the females to listen to and go to the clubs. This is a project that shows that I can do all these things musically. I put lyrics into catchy rhythms, and I can deliver both good rhythms and good content. That’s more than most other artists out there today.” 

 “Pussy Demon is one of the singles on the mixtape It’s a bouncy song perfectly suited for the clubs with lyrics that bounce back-and-forth between a man and a woman talking about a sexual encounter. A music video for this single is coming soon.  

Other singles also featured on the mixtape are “That’s Crazy” – a “real smooth gangster kind of song” and “Explosion” – an R&B track made especially for the ladies. 

Ooday said after he returned home from prison, music was something he focused on as a way to turn his life around. The more he put out singles and the more he built a fanbase, the more the buzz grew about his sound and style. Today, he’s developed a signature style that accommodates a wide range of audiences. 

“I want my music to be known for music lasts,” Ooday said. “It’s not temporary. I want to make music that people listen to repetitively. When they come back to it, they still get that feeling they got when they first heard it. I want to make music that is timeless and sticks around. That’s why my name is Ooday. When people hear my music, they’re gonna say, ‘Oooh! There he is!’” 

All of Ooday’s music is released under the independent label No Equal Management, which also features a handful of other artists and producers from the Newburgh area. He said there is a lot of music soon to be dropped from that crew.  

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“It Factor” 


TPTSpotlight – Stepped On

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Spotlight shines on Lake City, SC with new mixtape ‘Trailer Park Thug’ 

LAKE CITY, SC – There’s a spotlight about to be shined on the small East Coast city of Lake City, South Carolina – on a trailer park, in fact. The spotlight will shine bright on new Hip Hop artist Eric Robinson whose slick YouTube music videos have already been gaining attention worldwide and whose new music is set to become the talk of the industry in upcoming weeks. 

Adopting the stage name TPTSpotlight (for Trailer Park Thug), this young rapper is set to drop a new mixtape called “Trailer Park Thug.” The debut single from that project, “Stepped On” is already available across all streaming platforms and has started gathering plays on YouTube for its video. Featuring TPTSpotlight’s brother Sdaii Slimey, the song is one of those hype songs that’s perfect for the summer. 

“It gets you turnt up,” TPTSpotlight said. “Like some sneakers, you can get stepped on – that’s basically what it’s about. I think it shows off the authenticity of my flow. I don’t sound like anyone else. I’m still rapping on most of it, and this song is really gonna pop.” 

TPTSpotlight said he wants to honor his hometown and the neighborhood where he grew up for more reasons than just the loyalty that comes from that close-knit community. The story behind how he and his brother reunited after more than a decade apart plays a part in his music. When their father was incarcerated for 10 years, the two of them were separated with Sdaii heading to Virginia and Spotlight going to live with his mother in Florida for a time. Sdaii’s mother was shot in the head down the street from their house and he ended up in the foster care system. When their father was released from prison, Spotlight found out from him that his brother was in Virginia, and the two reconnected. 

“It’s one of those small-town secrets, you know.” Spotlight said. “We’re from a small town – you can literally walk to anywhere from where we live. If we make it, it’ll be major. That’s why I wanted to add TPT to my name so that we can show the world what it’s like to be a trailer park thug. We’re looked at like underdogs, like we’re not gonna go anyplace. But we’re gonna show the world that’s not true.” 

The entire mixtape will showcase Spotlight’s hood – with stories and experiences from a life growing up in a trailer park. It will also continue the high-energy vibes of “Stepped On” with music that Spotlight promises will “make you snappin.”  

“When people hear my music, they’re gonna say, ‘That boy goes crazy on the beat!’” he said. “I want people to get up out of their seats when they hear my music. You can’t sit down when you listen to my music. You have to stand up, put a light on and do something when my music is on.” 

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Snapchat @tptspotlight 

Joshua Michael – Devour You in Flames

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Joshua Michael inspires people struggling with pain by highlighting the joys of life in new single ‘House of Pain’ 

SAGINAW, MI – Joy and pain are two things that Joshua Michael has experienced in spades and as such, he’s uniquely equipped to explore the nuances of those dueling feelings through his unique brand of music. 

Overcoming Crohn’s disease has been a major part of Joshua’s journey, and he’s turned to things like boxing and physical fitness to help overcome that overwhelming pain. Through those things, he’s found job that he now wants to pass along to others with his latest single “House of Pain.”  

“It’s a song that introduces everything about me,” Joshua said. “My sound and the way I rap and my style – just everything. It’s about finding beauty within the beast as I invite everyone into my world (inner house). That was me, and I’m inviting people in who can relate to my music – come in to the house of pain where we can talk about life and ups and downs and the deeper roots that help grow the highest branches.” 

Joshua said he knows his music stands out from a crowded music industry because of the things he talks about with his songs. There aren’t many people in the industry exploring themes from his point of view especially in the way he does – from an inner exploration of the self.  

“I just represent self love,” he said. “When people hear my music I want them to know it always has a message and substance. It’s not something I’m just saying just for the sake of saying it. I’m really sending out messages that can really help people or soothe their pain. I want to stand for the people.” 

In addition to “House of Pain,” Joshua has also released “Devour You in Flames” which is another single about pain. He describes it as a song that encourages others to let go and let themselves heal from past wrongs. Like most of his music it’s a laid-back vibe that creates the perfect kind of atmosphere for introspection. 

“I’m not really an upbeat type of guy, so all my music is pretty chill and laid back,” he said. “This song has a suburban bassline to it and I sing a bit at the beginning before I rap and then come back to singing at the end.” 

Joshua said he plans to release new songs every two or three days for as long as he can. He’s created three mixtapes already – “House of Pain,” “Forbidden One” and most recently, “Joshua Michael.” All of his music is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

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Devour You in Flames 



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Musician, singer and songwriter, Abideen “Abblaze” Omisola adds an extraordinary international flavor to the music coming out of the East Coast. His unique Afrobeats music, an uptempo, playful blend with percussion-heavy rhythm and American lifestyle influences, appeals to music listeners around the world. Abblaze is poised to light up everyone’s weekend with the launch of his new weekly program, “Blazing Fridays.” 

To build excitement and serve his fanbaseAbblaze will be dropping a new song on Friday of every week as the perfect way to jumpstart the weekend. He kicked off the new project last Friday with a video along with new music. His fans, known as The Blazers, were treated to a new music video for “High Life” (a single from his latest EP, “Rhythms & Heartbreaks”) along with a brand new track, “At Last.” 

The artist has committed to releasing new music weekly and will use SoundCloud for the first two installments. After another single follows “At Last” on SoundCloud, the remaining singles will be dropped on all the major digital platforms. 

“At Last” was written as motivation to move from where you are. No matter what the situation is now, things can always change. “The money and the situation right now…? Things change. Back then, I was nobody,” Abblaze said. “Because I put in the work, I started realizing and discovering myself. With time and hard work, things started to change. Things started to look great again!” The song was written specifically to inspire new young artists. 

“Blazing Fridays” follows the release of Abblaze’s 9-track heartbreak and love songs EP, “Rhythms & Heartbreaks” from earlier this year. While working on the EP, Abblaze focused on one main idea for all the tracks. “On the EP, no matter what song I wanted to make, I had to make sure it came around the circle of the topic I was trying to get across to people,” he said. “Blazing Fridays” showcases a new dimension of his work. Releasing a series of singles gives the artist greater freedom to explore his songwriting and each new track promises to be different and dope in its own way. 

Abblaze has been creating Afrobeat rhythms with a unique American flavor and worldwide appeal. He has been dropping EPs and he knows that he can complete a major project. Right now, he is switching to weekly single releases to create an intense buzz for the coming months.

Follow Abblaze on SoundCloud and your favorite music platform to catch his weekly “BlazinFridays” single releases. 

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5tink – Fall

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Psychedelic sound serves to set up new artist 5tink with major success  

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – One of the hottest singles of the summer has come from Minneapolis-based artist 5tink, and as more fans are checking it out, it’s beginning to make waves around the globe. 

The song is called “Fall” and it’s the perfect showcase for this up-and-coming young artist. Its mixture of electronic beats that drip like drops of sound undeath a rapid high-hat rhythm pair perfectly with 5tink’s distressed vocals that have an electronic R&B vibe, all to come together to form a mash-up of psychedelic R&B and Rock undergirded with electronic overtones. 

“It’s definitely a psychedelic kind of experience,” 5stink said. “It’s the kind of sound that gets your attention when something is going on in your life and your mind is kind of busy. It invites you to stop what you’re doing and vibe with me for a little bit.” 

The song explores the ups and downs of a relationship, with inspiration pulled from his own current relationship with his girlfriend. The lyrics are ones that he said almost anyone can relate to and he knows that through sharing what he’s experiencing in his own life, he’ll be able to connect with many others around the world. 

“I just want to be known for making expressinyourself OK especially for guys,” 5tink said. “I grew up in the world of athletics which was dominated by stifling emotions and being ‘a man’ about stuff. Coming out of that for me with music has helped me to be less stressful and just express everything. That’s what I hope my music does for others as well – and of course that it sounds really good.” 

5tink’s career as a budding athlete was cut short when he had a major ankle injury while playing hockey. With his dreams dashed, he entered a depressed state and turned to drugs and alcohol. But during that dark time, he turned to music and poetry as a means of coping. He eventually made the decision to pursue that artistry and knew that music could be the thing that gave him the opportunity to be part of something bigger than himself. In late 2019, his girlfriend gave him the nickname “stink” and everything seemed to kind of click into place from that point forward. He launched his music career at the beginning of 2020 and all of his music that has been released to date can be found across all streaming platforms.  

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Anoopina – Cole

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Sisters combine singing and rapping talents 
to create truly original sound 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Hip Hop girl group made up of LA-based sisters Anoo and Pina are turning heads left and right with their new music that pairs the ethereal vocals of Anoo with the stunning wordplay of Pina’s rapping. Their new single, “Cole” is the perfect example of the kind of originality they’re bringing to the music industry, displaying a low-key vibe with a sound unlike anything else out there today.  

“It’s a song about toxic relationships,” Pina said. “It’s hard to escape a fake world that was created for you because you can’t always see straight when you’re in the middle of it. You’re in such toxic energy. You’re in a love fantasy that isn’t real, it’s just what you’re dreaming.” 

Pina said their unique ability to tap into multiple genres is one of the main things that has helped them to stand out so far – especially internationally. The sisters, performing under the name Anoopina, have seen some major success overseas, most especially in Japan where they spent much of the previous year on tour. Originally fans of K-Pop, the sisters began to learn dances to some of their favorite Japanese artists and would post those videos online. That soon developed into performing covers, and those caught the attention of enough people in the industry that they were invited to perform in Japan. They immediately became known for bringing high energy on the stage while deftly demonstrating melodic harmonies and dope rap lyrics.  

“There’s not anyone like us right now,” Pina said. “We’re a combination of R&B and Trap in a lot of ways but really, we do a lot of genres. Anoo’s voice is very soulful and when I rap, it falls into Trap and new era. That’s how we bring a different aspect. Plus, we’re girls and we’re sisters, which is original.” 

The sisters grew up in a musical family with a father who was a rapper and an older brother who also became well-known along the West Coast for his rapping skills. Anoo showcased ability as a strong vocalist at a young age.  She was more self- taught until she joined the choir in middle school and high school.  Pina started rapping because of her dad and brother. Over time, the two began experimenting with singing and rapping, incorporating harmonies and feeding off each other’s energy and talents. Today, they use their music to bring positivity to the world. 

“We want to inspire people to do anything they want to do,” Anoo said. “We started from the bottom and we’ve worked our way up. It takes time, but people need to believe in themselves. Anything is possible. Just keep working really hard and keep going no matter what people say.” 

In addition to their single “Cole” which is currently available across all streaming platforms, Anoopina is preparing to drop two new singles later this summer which will feature American artist DaKiddFlowOne of the songs is called “Back Seat. 

To listen to Anoopina’s music or to follow them on social media, please visit:  


PWJazy – Heroes

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PWJazy makes music meant to unite the world 
with new EP ‘HeroesAZY 

CASTAIC, CA – Experimental Alternative Rock makes a powerful push into the mainstream this summer with the new release of the EP “HeroesAZY” from West Coast artist PWJazy 

The Alternative/Pop musician/producer has gradually been making a name for himself over the past few years by blending genres and incorporating sounds that most wouldn’t normally consider – such as opera and orchestra with Hard Rock and Pop. Those mashups of sounds and styles take center stage on the new EP in ways that PWJazy said will make listeners intrigued for more. 

“My musical world is endless,” he said. “My songs are very different and unique and all mixed up with my own style of music. My name says it all. PW stands for Peace World, the J stands for my name Jon, and its mixed up with all the crazy of the world, which in some ways describes my sound. But I create music to help, encourage and give hope to everyone in the world. I play for you, the world. You are why I am here – peace, God bless and unity.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, “HeroesAZY” is a project that PWJazy said touches on a lot of what humanity endures throughout the world – from social justice issues to natural disasters to enduring relationships and more. Some of the songs examine spirituality, while others use stories from PWJazy’s life in ways that can relate to a wide audience. 

“I’m trying to let people know I’m singing to the world, to people just like you and me,” he said. “We’re heroes and people are starting to rise up against a lot of what we go through in this world. So with my single ‘Heroes,’ I’m encouraging that kind of flexing against the world we live in. That comes full circle with the last song on the project, ‘Magician,’ which kind of uses magic as a metaphor to examine the soul and how we each influence the world around us.” 

PWJazy said he tries to be intentional about writing lyrics that will help people. That’s his main goal – that when people hear his music, they would know there’s someone out there who cares while also making good music. And though some of his subject matter deals with some of the negative things of the world, his lyrics are ultimately overwhelmingly positive.  

“I just feel, and whatever comes out comes out,” he said. “For instance, I have one song called ‘Trash Singing,’ and I’m basically taking the persona of a piece of trash singing for you. A lot of people today feel abused, and I just felt like that’s what needed to come out with that sound. Everything about my music is free-thinking and comes out organically like that.” 


To listen to PWJazy’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: http://www.twitter.com/pwjazy