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Kendall Day – Fallback

 R&B artist Kendall Day drops bouncy new groove ‘Fallback’ to kick off the summer  ATLANTA, GA – A lot of professional musicians can recall the moment in their lives when they found music, but for Kendall Day it was the other way around.  “Music found me,” said the singer and Atlanta resident …

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Don Private – Lessons

Don Private uses second chance on life to inspire others to learn from his hard ‘Lessons’  FAYETTEVILLE, NC – Don Private is a prolific storyteller who paints vivid pictures with his pithy bars and distinctive voice. In 2020 he offered the world his debut EP “1229,” introducing audiences to his signature …

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OG Daddy Kory Kane – Butterfly

OG Daddy Kory Kane offers inspirational track with fresh new groove ‘Butterfly’  CLEVELAND, OH – Kory Kane is the voice of a generation. This fearless wordsmith and multi-talented rapper isn’t afraid to break the norms and push the boundaries of possibilities. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, his drive, focus and tenacity have led him to …

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Akasha Rah – RIP Stalker

Healer and spiritualist offers emotional release through new single ‘RIP Stalker’  LOS ANGELES, CA – Akasha Rah is not just a musician or even just an artist – she’s a healer and spiritualist who uses multiple forms of artistic expression to offer soothing salves for the soul. She’s been described as a multi-dimensional …

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TAIN – Escobars

Versatile rapper TAIN showcases raw skill with dope new video for hit single ‘Escobars’ HOUSTON, TX – Many people around the world would recognize the name Pablo Escobar. He’s often thought of as the most successful drug trafficker in the world. He made billions of dollars with the drugs he distributed, and to …

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Esly Juarez – Dazed Awake

Heavy hitter of hip-hop Esly Juarez drops hot new single ‘Dazed Awake’  SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Esly Juarez is a fresh-faced 21-year-old Bay Area rapper whose new single “Dazed Awake” is the perfect introduction to a unique sound and style that is turning heads in and out of the music industry all up and …

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