Callaway Jones and Kobe Bryant Have Unfinished Business @michaelsimpsonj


Kobe Bryant’s jersey number’s were 8 and 24; Appropriate to remember as we approach August 24th, 2020

Callaway Jones is pacing back and forth across the studio. He’s listening to the most recent version of his new single, “8:24 in LA”, an homage to the late and great Kobe Bryant, a man whom he looked up to from his youth. He stops to take a quick selfie for his fans on the ‘gram, flashing his million dollar smile, and just as quickly, the smile disappears as he falls back into thoughts of the now deceased Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was a barometer of sorts for a young Callaway Jones to compare himself with, back in East Lansing, Michigan, where he was born. His parents divorced when he was seven years old, and his life was split between the inner city streets of Detroit and the suburban utopia of East Lansing. His unique situation is perhaps the underlying secret to his often whip smart lyrical tyranny in his songs.

What sticks out the most about his music is that it’s never from a perspective already heard elsewhere. The closest artists you could compare him to would be a Drake, effortlessly drifting between singing and rapping, or a Kendrick, or a Jay-Z, often rifting on the political climate of the nation and providing unfiltered perspective with a cultural lens entirely his own.

“8:24 in LA” is no different. The craftsmanship on display while describing who Kobe Bryant was to the world is second to only his description of what Kobe Bryant appeared to be to other players trying to guard him; that is to say a demi-god, with metaphorical wrapped bars like “All the tickets was sold, they were watching purple and gold, and Kobe Bryant was cold, and all of the players know, that guarding him was a joke, and stopping him was a lie, the vertical on this man was infinite ‘cuz he could fly”. Callaway Jones vividly paints images of what it’s like to play against Kobe and aggressively grabs the attention of the listener while simultaneously motivating them. This is a record you listen to and immediately want to go to the gym.

Callaway Jones’ birth name is Michael Simpson Jr, and upon inspection, it is revealed that he is not new to the entertainment industry, despite the “humble braggish” air around him, having had a very strong mid-tier and on going career as a filmmaker and an actor. If “8:24 in LA” is any indication, we are witnessing the solidification of a new entry for his resume; Hip Hop star.

“8:24 in LA” will release on August 24th, 2020 worldwide as an homage to Kobe Bryant’s first and second jersey numbers, respectively, and has been released early in iTunes and on Apple Music now, as part of an ongoing 1st look relationship with Apple. It can be listened to on Apple Music below.

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Kidd Suavay proves no matter the circumstances he will deliver “Krazy Way of Thinking” @kiddsuavay


Growing up you don’t know what the future will hold and sometimes you don’t understand the challenges life brings you. You don’t ask for the cards you’re dealt, but you do what it takes to work with the cards you have. Coming from struggling areas the one thing that is consistent is the need to survive and survive by any means necessary. The question is what happens when the need to survive puts you in prison and you have to find a way to push forward.

Kidd Suavay is one who can answer that question for you. Growing up in Savannah Georgia he ran into situations that had him wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Feelings of not being fairly tried due to false testimony left him a victim to unexpected circumstances. That by itself can put you down but Kidd Suavay didn’t allow that to happen.

Knowing that music is his passion, he found a way to record music and release it all while being incarcerated. Dropping projects like Still Krazy 1 and 2, Kalm of my Khaos and his most recent project “Krazy Way of Thinking”, Kidd Suavay defines grynd in more ways than one.

His daily motivation is his son, a couple of Tony Robbins books like “Unlimited Power” and of course his family that keeps him focused on his goal. When you want something bad enough, nothing not even Incarceration will stop you from achieving it. Life will present you obstacles, it’s up to you how you use those to your advantage. I guess for Kidd Suavay that’s the “Krazy Way of Thinking”.

The Latest release “Krazy Way of Thinking” gives you 10 songs straight from the inside. 4 years may not sound long to someone living a life of freedom, but 4 years is long enough for anyone Incarcerated. Tune into the life of Kidd Suavay now.

“Krazy Way of Thinking” Now available on all digital platforms and featured on the Front Page of My Mixtapez.

@kiddsuavay on social media

The Stewarts – His Door Is Open

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Old-school and new-school collide on timely new single from The Stewarts 

CINCINNATI, OH – Del and Garry K have been making music for nearly five decades and their latest single, “His Door is Open” is yet another in a long line of many successful tracks. And it’s a song that offers the perfect kind of message for a day and age when the world is filled with so much doubt and hopelessness. 

One part R&B and one part Gospel, “His Door is Open” is like Motown meets modern-day Soul, with some Pop vibes thrown in for good measure. It’s the perfect song to continue the legacy of these two brothers and the uplifting messages they’ve been passing along through music for the past 45 years.  

“Everybody is welcome in God’s house,” Garry K said. “No matter what color or race, you are welcome in God’s House. That’s what this song is about. We want to honor Christ and bring everyone to his home and let everyone know that everyone is welcome.” 

The contemporary Pop and Christian song is one that the duo originally wrote about four years ago, but with the state of affairs in the world being what it is, they decided it was time for a re-release.  

“The message is positive and something that everybody needs to hear,” Del said. “The video just enhances the lyrics – showing everybody of different races and colors coming together. People need to hear that no matter what you’re going through, don’t ever give up hope because He’s right there for you. It doesn’t matter your situation, you just have to reach out to Him and He’ll come right in. His door is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.” 

Over the course of their career, The Stewarts have developed a signature sound that they call Christian Pop. They’re incorporating old-school sounds with new-school vibes paired with positive lyrics for something that’s truly original. They started their career in 1975 when they released their first single “How Far Can Our Love Go” which led to a chance meeting with Motown songwriter and producer Hal Davis. The Stewarts auditioned for him at the Downtown Cincinnati Playboy Club, and in 1976 were invited to play on television for the Gwen Conley Show.  

They’ve continued to release music ever since, winning multiple awards and racking up millions of plays on various streaming platforms in recent years. In 2019, their song “Family Affair” won the Blue Chip Community Media Award for Best Musical Performance, and their song “The Truth” also won a Blue Chip award for Best Inspirational Song and Video. “The Truth” and another song called “Faith” won the International Berlin Flash Film Festival Monthly Category awardWhile their song “Walk With Me Jesus” was a semi-finalist in the Near Nazareth Festival in Afula, Israel.  

“We believe with God all things are possible,” Del said. “We want our music to be known for being positive, encouraging and giving out hope. We’re putting God first in our lives, and we want people to see that and hear that and feel that through our music. The message that we’re trying to convey is a strong message about Christ our hope and not giving up on our dreams. We’ve been around since 1975, and that alone should attest to other people that whatever dreams you have are not over until God says it’s over. Sometimes, you’ve got to fight for your dreams.” 

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“His Door Is Open” 

Cameron Nino – I Can’t Breathe

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Progressive artist Nino fuses multiple genres and sounds to create musical experiences on new EP ‘Out’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Avant garde is not a term one should throw about lightly when describing a new artist, but it’s a term that fits perfectly for West Coast musician Cameron Nino. His signature sound is new and unusual and experimental in the best of ways, fusing sounds like electric guitar and cello with harmonic vocals and elements of Hip Hop. It’s a style that is equal parts original and intriguing, and it begs to be given more attention on a global scale. 

That takeoff to global stardom is set to begin with his latest EP “Out.” Featuring six different songs that explore a variety of different feelings and moods, this project is one that is already turning heads within the music industry and gaining this young artist an ever-widening fanbase. The concept, he said, is to put all of his different musical experiences into a single project in an artistic and attractive way. 

“I felt a lot of the times when I was making music I was put in a certain box – I’m a guitarist or a rapper or a singer,” Nino said. I felt sometimes I wanted to fit into that box, but overall with this project, I wanted to just say that I can’t be put in a certain box. I create musical experiences that are driven by feelings, thoughts and concepts. I listen to all genres of music – Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, World, Classical, Jazz, Blues … I find that most of my music is driven by my experiences, not genres. I use elements of different genres to realize that experience. When I create a song, I might create a feeling that I want to share about a certain thing – like social justice. My music is a vehicle for sharing and encouraging principles that expand the human experience. In that regard, I hope people see me as a music visionary.” 

One great example of this approach is his recent single, “I Can’t Breathe” which features fellow West Coast artist Trinity Rose. Nino’s skill with the electric guitar takes center stage right out of the gate. The vibe of the song is brought to the listener’s attention almost immediately with Nino’s screaming of the lyrics “I Can’t Breathe!” shortly after some traditional Hip Hop 808s make way for Cameron’s rhythmic flow. That soon makes way for some harmonies with Trinity Rose on the hook, before she too, lets out some impressive flow. And all throughout the song is the walking line of a cello in the background which creates an ominous vibe that elicits the perfect feeling for the song.  

“The message is about social justice and the abuse of power by law enforcement,” Nino said. “They need to know they’re not above the law. Police and institutions are outdated and don’t serve all the citizens in America … at all. When an institution no longer serves the citizens, it needs to be abolished and replaced. The song is thought provoking and I felt it needed a second voice to deliver the message. And we definitely fused a lot of genres together to give it a lot of different elements.” 

That single has been gaining Nino some attention since its release earlier this year, and now with the launch of his EP, that notoriety is set to jump to even greater lengths. He said he’s especially excited for fans to hear different sides of his sound and to have fun with the music. He points to the debut single from the EP, “Tropical,” as a great example of how he not only creates thought-provoking songs but also music that’s fun just for the sake of being fun. 

“Tropical” features a Reggae and Pop fusion that definitely elicits an Island vibe. It has a bouncy, wavy sway that makes the listener bop his or her head, or lean back and smile while relaxing with the sway. The slowmoving rhythm is the perfect chill vibe to go along with lyrics like “Wishing that this day would never end. These are the days we pray for.” 

“I was looking outside my window while I was making this song and just thinking about how lonely everything seemed right now,” Nino said. “I was listening to some Reggae songs and it was making me think about good times. That was the feeling I wanted to convey in the song. I tried to make a feel-good, vibey type of song that literally just makes you feel good – like you’re at the beach vibing and relaxing and chilling.” 

“Tropical” and the other songs from the EP “Out” are currently available across all streaming platforms. Nino said he’s also working on a new song that he plans to release later this fall or early winter – one that he promises will be “intergalactic.” 

To listen to Nino’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

I Can’t Breathe 


J-ReeL – Knowledge

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J-Reel pens open and honest letter to fans with new album ‘Reel Musick Vol 2’ 

KINSTON, NC – J-Reel is the true embodiment of what Hip Hop is all about, and his latest album “Reel Musick Vol 2” is a perfect example of that excellence. Cultivating his passion from an early age, J-Reel found inspiration from artists such as Tupac Shakur and OutKast, and his music today is a reflection of what they stood for. His sound embraces multiple styles – from R&B to up-tempo conscious “hood flow” – which he said displays his deep understanding of the Hip Hop culture as well as his dedication to the raw message coming from the hood.  

“With this latest album, the vibe I’m going for is giving people more of my personal life and feelings,” J-Reel said of ‘Reel Musick Vol 2.’ “It’s more of a call to be socially aware than any other project I’ve done before. I’m talking about the climate of what’s going on in America right now with Black Lives Matter and crooked police officers and the everyday mentality of someone coming from the hood. I’m not just showing the drug dealer’s side of that, but rather a side of a person who grows up in it and has a certain mentality because of it. And through that, you can see what sets me apart, which is a sound and a style that is authentic. I’m telling true stories in my music and when I say how I feel, it’s the honest truth. That’s what sets me apart from a lot of other people in the game today.” 

Under the Brotherhood Infinity Music label in Kinston, J-Reel has released two mixtapes to date. His previous album, “Reel Musick” was a strong success and has helped launch him to another level of influence within the industry. He said he’s eager for even more fans around the world to see how he uses multiple inspirations – from Nas and Jay-Z to James Brown and the Eisley Brothers – to create truly original sounds with a nod to the greatness that has come before. 

“I want my music to be known for being truthful,” he said. “I think a lot of people are afraid to be themselves and to give their real inner feelings. I don’t want people to be afraid to be themselves, regardless of what they’ve been through. I want my music to help them embrace that about themselves. And I want to do it so vividly that when I speak about things, you can picture what I’m saying like it’s a movie reel.” 

That ability to paint a picture with words is put on full display with the debut single from the project, “Knowledge.” Featuring fellow Kinston artist J Mar, the song talks about “uplifting the black man, woman and child.” With a more chill and laid-back vibe, the song is crafted intentionally to challenge people to think more deeply and consider how to be proud of one’s heritage without doing anything that might hurt other people. 

Another single from the album is also getting a lot of attention. “The Understanding,” featuring Juvon van Gogh, describes J Reel’s fight with his inner demons. With lyrics that explore things like his fear of failure as a father, his struggle with mental issues, or his relationship ups-and-downs with his wife, “The Understanding” becomes a song that many people who hear it will immediately relate to.  

“It’s about wanting to be happy but being stressed out,” he said. “It’s about feeling like I’m not good enough but knowing that I can’t give up. It’s giving people an understanding of things I’ve mentally gone through, and I think it’s going to shock a lot of people when they hear it.” 

To listen to J Reel’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

“The Understanding” feat. Juvon Van Gogh

“Reel Musik Vol 2″

AmgTask – Not Friendly

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AMGTask explores world’s most exotic places with new EP ‘Wicked Times’ 

ATLANTA, GA – AMGTask has been to some pretty exotic places in his life, and many of those places carry memories of crazy experiences – all of which take center stage with his new EP “Wicked Times.” Due to drop across all streaming platforms in mid-September, this new project from one of Atlanta’s hottest up-and-coming artists is the perfect kind of international vibe to reach a huge global audience. 

Each song on the album relates to Task in one way or another, while also painting pictures for listeners to help them feel as if they’re in the midst of his experiences. From Puerto Rico to Las Vegas and Miami, the “Wicked Times” that he describes are a fun-filled ride of adventure across the world. 

“It’s basically about the crazy things I’ve been through to get to where I’m at today, while also featuring a lot of exotic places,” Task said. “That will come through even more with the videos we’re doing. In one of the songs, we’re shooting in Puerto Rico and giving it more of an ancient look. I was just in Las Vegas shooting for another video and in Miami for yet another one. I want to give people an experience that they haven’t had before, and when you pair that with the sound I’ve created – with some Rap and melody type of flow – you’ll get a completely different style from anything else out there.” 

The debut single, “Not Friendly” is a perfect example of how Task’s original style takes center stage. It pays homage to the Alliance Music Group that he calls family, and especially to Baby D who he said was like a big brother to him. The song introduces the AMG brand and explores the various ways in which the team has evolved and grown closer over the years.  

“When I was young, they brought me in under their wings and guided me off the streets into the entertainment industry,” Task said. “They helped me step up my music to another level and get in clubs and do concerts and stuff like that. Since then, we’ve opened up a clothing line called Not Friendly clothing which features five different faces with five different emotions. People can be not friendly in their own way, even the nicest person, and that’s kind of the idea behind the clothing line. It branched out from there to Not Friendly Records. I also have a hair salon I opened up called Not Friendly Salon, and now we’ve moved all the businesses under that Not Friendly umbrella. A lot of people know about Not Friendly in Atlanta, and this song is really about everything that comes with that brand.” 

At the end of the day, Task said he hopes he becomes known as an artist who always puts out good music about his life. He said he hopes his music is relatable to a wide range of people all over the world, and by relating to what he has gone through it will inspire them to find ways through their own situations. 

“If people see me as a role model who did positive things with his life even when he had to go through similar things to what they’ve gone through, that would be awesome,” Task said. “I want them to hear the feeling behind it and feel it, and if you can relate to me then maybe you can understand how my things can help you.” 

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JB Lamond – Real As It Gets

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Transparency and pain take center stage on new single ‘Real as it Gets’ from rapper JB Lamond 

PETERSBURG, VA – A neighborhood kid who dreamed big is the perfect description for Petersburg, Virginia-based musician JB Lamond. He loves to write about how he expects more out of his life despite his humble beginnings, and those relatable stories are inspiring an ever-widening group of fans all over the world. His latest release, “Real As It Gets” is the perfect example of the kind of original sound that he brings to the table. Telling stories of his journey out of the struggle, this hot new Hip Hop single is the kind of message that motivates listeners to overcome the worst experiences of their lives through hard work and dedication to a higher calling. 

“It don’t get no real-er than being at your worst and still going through the worst,” JB said. “This song is about how I overcome it. It’s about having pain in my heart and things on my mind and feeling like I can’t talk to nobody, so I just write it down and rap it. I’m talking about those times when I get the deepest, and I talk about the hurt and pain in my lifetime as opposed to the good stuff going on. I feel like I get more quality material and I’m more fluent when I talk about the worst times in my life. I’m just letting you know that life doesn’t have to always be about being as real as it can get. It can be about having the courage to talk about it and overcome it.” 

A video for the song is in the works and is slated to drop by early September. It will feature JB walking through the streets of his hometown in Petersburg, with shots of the downtown area and historical parks as well as some key locations that served as memory-markers for his youth. Growing in this area, JB said music served as an early inspiration to aspire for more. He discovered artists such as Fabolous and 50 Cent and used their stories of success as the template for guidance out of the ghetto.  

“At the end of the day, I want my music to be known as some of the real-est music in the industry,” he said. “I want to be known as one of the top five artists out there today. That’s what I want to be – the best. For me, the top five would be Jay-Z, Biggie, FabolousJadakiss and myself. One thing they all have in common is that they’re all from my favorite place in the world — New York City. Jadakiss is from Younkers but the others are from Brooklyn. With Jadakiss, you’ve got a slick talker which is what I used to be like. But I had to grow up. Listening to Fabolous who can get all the girls, you see someone who can really rap. He’s got some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Biggie made it cool to own what you are – fat, ugly, whatever … he stayed confident. He is a big reason I have the confidence, because I saw him do it. And Jay-Z is the ultimate businessman. He’s my favorite businessman in the world. He told Biggie he was gonna get rich, and he became a billionaire. I like how he shows people what happens if you know what you want to do and have the courage to do something about it. I’m building like they are because I’m not gonna be in Petersburg forever. Everything happens for a reason and I’m not just a regular boy living in the hood. I’m talking about a plan and how I’m gonna start a business, and I can really rap. One thing that stands out about me is my dedication to working hard, and my passion is undeniable.” 

To listen to JB’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

“Real As It Gets” 

[New Music] Dyamond Doll- Money Make Me Wet


Dark Boys Records presents Miami, FL born and raised rapper and recording artist Dyamond Doll. 

Dyamond Doll’s latest single “Money Make Me Wet” from her debut EP project “Dyamond in the Rough” finds the curvy vixen giving us the raw truth as she tells us all about her biggest turn on: money. And by the way she’s stacking it, it look’s like Dyamond Doll is in for a really good time!

“Dyamond In The Rough” was released on August 14. The EP contains 7 tracks, including features with Jackboy, R&B sensation DaniLeigh, veteran Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez & of course the rap banger “Money Make Me Wet”.

Make sure to tap in and check back often as Dyamond Doll continues to heat up the streets. You don’t want to miss a moment of this!


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“Money Make Me Wet”:

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K!D Cable – Faith Over Fear

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Florida Hip Hop Artist/ Producer K!D Cable makes major splash with debut album ‘Faith Over Fear’ 

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS, FL – A decade’s worth of concepts and energy come to a head on the hot new album from Florida Hip Hop Artist/ Producer K!D Cable. “Faith Over Fear” is a heartfelt powerhouse of Hip Hop that chronicles the up-and-down years of this former drug addict whose road to recovery is equal parts inspiring and motivational. With songs like “Moves” and “Glass,” K!D Cable shows a diversity of sounds and styles while displaying an adept ability to spit flows in ways that are reminiscent of legends like Jay-Z and Kanye West. 

The journey toward “Faith Over Fear” started at age 16 while K!D Cable was in high school. He’d always loved music, but it wasn’t until an after-school program called TeenFest that he truly found a passion for the craft. He took second place in the music competition from that organization and that sparked his interest in making beats and songwriting. But drugs and other vices soon found their way into his life and music took a back seat. There were some dark times for this young man during his early 20s but over the past couple of years, he’s been making major strides toward turning his life around.   

“This album is the culmination of a decade’s worth of concepts and energy and having the faith that everything is going to be OK after all this time,” K!D Cable said. “Music is always in the works. It’s my passion. It’s what I wake up for. At all times there’s new music coming, and fans can expect new music pretty much any time. This is my first real project that I worked hard on and worked over a year on.” 

K!D Cable said he was always inspired by some of the legends of the industry – artists like James BlakeKanye WestFrank Ocean, MF Doom, Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar. That influence shows perhaps the most on his debut single, “Moves.” With a bouncy, upbeat rhythm and falsetto background vocals, this song is a powerhouse of emotion from this raw and real rapper. The upbeat vibe is a counterpoint to the aggressive lyrics that are immediately reminiscent of Kanye West. Recorded during a time when music was just starting to become his main passion again, this single is the kind of song that fans worldwide will be using as motivation for many years to come. 

“I had just gotten off drugs and was feeling a lot better when I wrote this song,” K!D Cable said. “I was starting to feel music again, and this was basically the first song I recorded after almost 10 months away. You can feel that energy in the song. My signature sound is based off who I’m influenced by, and you’ll hear some of that in the project. I want to give people the same feeling that those artists gave me – a feeling that their music is bigger than life. It’s almost like Christmas when they release something new like they’re giving you a part of themselves, and you appreciate it. That’s what I want to give people with this album.” 

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Cortez Jamar and Tuezday – Party Girl

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Twin brothers blend R&B and Rap 
for super sexy summer EP ‘Mami Wata 

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – East Coast twins Cortez Jamar and Tuezday have put their musical talents to work with full effects this summer, dropping what is set to become one of the season’s hottest EPs. The project is called “Mami Wata” and it is tailor-made as a vibe perfect for all those summer activities – neighborhood barbecues, beach side hangouts or backyard pool parties.  

Set to drop across all streaming platforms on Aug. 7, “Mami Wata” has already started getting major attention across the East Coast thanks to its hot debut track “Party Girl.” The number of plays on the song is climbing into the tens of thousands after having only been recently released, and as more buzz surrounds the song, the twin’s popularity is sure to grow. Featuring a Pop/Rap sound that blends R&B influences, “Party Girl” is the kind of popular sound that could easily be heard on the radio. And with lyrics that cater to the ladies, it’s a song that is sure to cross multiple demographics. 

“We’re just trying to show our versatility,” Tuezday said. “We want to show people our expertise and lyricism. We want to do more Hip Hop stuff but also more slow soulful funky type Ballads. With this song, it’s mainly R&B with a Pop crossover and with hints of Rap in it which fits in line with the kind of music we want to bring to the world. That said, we are looking to expand our musical styles and create music influenced by Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, EDM, House and Alternative.” 

Following “Party Girl” is an R&B feel-good song called “Only You.” It explores the feelings that come when you’ve found the perfect person – that special person in your life. Both Tuezday and Cortez say the song was inspired by their own relationships. That’s also true of the Dance/Trap single “She Bad” which Tuezday said he wrote as homage to women. 

“It’s a Rap/Trap instrumental that I performed about uplifting women,” he said. “It’s about a woman who has all of her things together. She’s independent and she’s got her own money and is very self-sufficient. She’s a woman with natural hair pursuing her natural beauty. It’s about elevated women – women of color – showing that they’re representatives of our culture and doing their thing and we’re recognizing them for being independent and doing their thing.”  

Also on the EP is a song called “Ocean” which Cortez said is more explicit than any of the others on the project. He said it uses the “bodily fluids” of a young woman as a metaphor for making waves when two people who complement each other come together.  

“It’s referring to the ocean in that you’re having a good time with somebody and getting wavy and turning up,” Cortez said. “It’s a really good summer song because it’s referring to the ocean and having a good time and the sexy vibe that will get you dancing with a bit of Reggaeton Dancehall type vibe.” 

Cortez said that island vibe is really at the core of the EP, which is reflected in the title of the project and its main single of the same name. “Mami Wata” is an African name for a bad girl who is also fine, Cortez said.  

“She’s a deity in African culture that is related to a powerful or abundant force,” he said. “With this entire EP, we’re trying to encourage and uplift a female audience. So this EP is directed more toward the females, though we’re looking toward pushing it toward a mainstream audience. It’s mainly R&B with a Pop crossover, with hints of Rap in it.” 

The brothers have always shown an interest in music and performed alongside their older brother, Will Trust, doing positive spiritual music in churches all up-and-down the East Coast during their teenage years. After high school, they got more serious about their music and at age 21 decided to step into a studio and record music for the first time. It was the next step in their journey, one that had been honed in the middle school band – Tuezday playing trumpet and Cortez playing percussion. They learned the basics of music and have taken those fundamentals with them in the years since, expanding on them and experimenting with different sounds and styles until they found their own unique signature.  

Their disparate influences display how they use inspirations from different genres and use those things to fuse together such an original sound. Tuezday’s influences include artists such as Ma$e, Notorious B.I.G., Ja Rule, Wiz Khalifa, Lloyd Banks, Nipsey HussleCurren$ySoulja boy, The Underachievers, and Sir Michael Rocks. Cortez, on the other hand, has influences more in line with R&B with artists such as Brandy, Mariah Carey, Craig David, Usher, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Aaliyah, Static Major, Brent Faiyaz, and K. Forest. Those influences come together perfectly on “Mami Wata.”  

To listen to Cortez Jamar and Tuezday’s music or to follow them on social media, please visit: 





Mami Wata