[New Music] Divine C.U.T.S. “I Like My Bourbon” Available Now! @JTheNegotiator


As an “Unbridled Genius” (given to him by the Late Seth Firkins), it’s hard to harness this type of genius that harbors itself within J. Alexander often known as Divine, who is now know as a hip hop artist name Divine C.U.T.S.

Divine has been a fixture in Louisville urban music scene since inception (mid 80’s to present).

Divine started rapping for fun at the age of 12 years old. After meeting fellow group members Fred Thomas aka GSharp & Arian Jewell they formed a trio hip hop group name Y.G.B (Young Gifted & Black) in 1991.

Once the group was assembled under the production, management,& guidance of the Late Great Hezzy “DJ Izzy” Jewell we began to take our rapping seriously. In 1993 the group put out a single titled “We Got The Bounce” featuring Herlon Robinson, that exceed over 500 sales in its first release on cassette tape (1st rap group to do such). Impressive.

With a buzz around town we began doing shows locally with A Touch of Class that would later become national recording group Playa, Sir Friendly C, KP, Ragtop, Shank and a host of others. After that we would get booked to open up for national recording artist like Underground Mafia, Leaders of the New School, Too $hort, Ron C, Bushwick Bill, Nice & Smooth ,Fu-Schnickens, Sam da Beast, Spice-1 to name a few.

As the group began to gain notoriety around the city and region while in a signing deal negotiation with Sam da Beast, tragedy unexpectedly struck when DJ Izzy suddenly passed away due to health complications January 14,1994, and as a group we never really recovered.

Although, I keep my ear to the street in 2003 I began to manage a 5 man rap group named Kommittee, and under my management they began to grow with touring opening up and was the 1st local group to have 2 songs aired back to back on B96.5 FM and gained the interest of Jive records & Bad Boy Records.

So recently, with having a history as a rapper and an itch to record again I began to do so as a solo artist. So here we are.

INSTAGRAM- @jbluecollarbarberalexander502


[Single] Marc iLLy – Kept You Waiting | @Iamjuscelino


Recording artist and entrepreneur Marc Illy returns with his new single “Kept You Waiting”.


Marc illy is an American entrepreneur, songwriter, singer, rapper, producer, blogger, social influencer and pianist. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Boca Raton, FL, and now resides in LA.

Prior to settling in Los Angeles, Marc spent 1 year traveling all of Asia, and residing in Thailand for 1 year, and Tapei, Taiwan for 2.5 years where he opened up a representative office for his businesses.

With Marc’s varied interest and talent in a plethora fields, it was only a matter of time that he started to experiment and become successful in everything from his artistry, production and songwriting to his e-commerce and social media marketing success. Marc is more than an artist; he’s a successful serial entrepreneur.

In his early 20’s, Marc slowly started to land jobs as a freelance recording engineer around Orange County and Hollywood, CA. He then began to collaborate as a recording engineer for Ghost Kasen. He went on to do some co-production and piano playing for Ghost and other artists along the years.

Marc was also afforded the opportunity to work with many legendary artists and producers and witness the music industry firsthand. Landing gigs as a pianist, solo artist, producer, and engineer for many of the big names in the industry, Marc’s success lead him to touring with Method Man and Redman as well as collaborating with several other big named artists.

Illy went on to open up a successful online business in 2012 and later became a social media influencer. He also opened up a Hype Beast dog clothing company, as well as his own clothing line called Illy Drip. He learned a lot about e-commerce after opening his first online business and used that know-how to create many new online stores.

Marc also has a travel blog illytravels.com and travels around the world documenting his travels and experiences he saw as well as continuing to produce music.

“Kept You Waiting” is a special song that Marc wrote and performed in Taiwan with his band. The song speaks to the 6 year hiatus away from music that Marc took while he managed his successful online business. It’s his latest melodic musical offering to his fans, as he lets his fans know that he is apologetic for keeping his fans waiting.

Take a listen to “Kept You Waiting” below:

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[Single] Doerilla – Cashapp [prod. by Doerilla]


Doerilla Ent releases new single from artist Doerilla “Cash App.” Artist is adding this hot new single to his Cold Summer Promo Run. The single can be download, purchased, or streamed via all music streaming sites. DJs thanks in advance for your support. Please use hashtag #doerillacashapp – For More Information call Cocoameka at 404.662.9542 or email bookdoerilla@gmail.com.

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Mike Colin – Electro Americana

Industry Spotlight, Music, Promo

Colin blends hip hop and electronic rock
in new homage to electronic music

DENVER, CO – Freedom is a word that Mike Colin finds himself using quite a bit. The artist from Denver, Colorado has been making music for more than 30 years, and a common theme over the years has been the free-flowing, organic nature of creativity. He also feels extremely blessed to live in a country that allows him to pursue his passion for music so freely and to create whatever he wants to. 

All of those ideas and more are captured on his new hit single, “Electro Americana,” which is a mash-up of rock, hip hop and electronic influences. It’s a song that fully embraces all that’s good and awesome about electronic music, while also pushing forward a message that encourages others to be free in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue.

“I think about how free I am to do this and how wonderful that is, and I’m not sure everyone knows how free they are to do what they want to,” Colin said. “Maybe I want my music to represent that. There’s such an attitude sometimes that something shouldn’t exist unless it’s popular, and I just don’t believe that. It doesn’t hold up. If my music represents anything, I guess it’s freedom and my imagination which are one and the same – and the attempt to inspire other people to embrace that freedom and take advantage of the opportunities they have before them.”

Colin has been taking advantage of that freedom and pursuing music as a career for more than 30 years when he first started performing in middle school. He’s been in rock bands, hip hop groups and even spent time in the 1990s as an acoustic performer during a time when music took a hard swing away from electronic sounds. He nods to the influences of classic rock legends like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix, all of whom were regular staples in his household growing up. But it wasn’t until high school, when he picked up the guitar and started really learning about music, that his passion for that artistic expression really took off. Since that time, he has created an archive of music that spans decades and offers the world an eclectic menu of organic sounds and styles. 

With “Electro Americana,” Colin said he’s attempting to create something that’s “just fun” without having too much of an agenda. When he sat down and started creating the song, he had no intentions of making a statement to the world. However, out of the free-flowing creative process, he discovered that the song came to represent the genre of electronic music in ways that he hopes champions the sound to a wider audience.

“I’ve framed it for people to look at electronic music a bit differently,” he said. “I make music in every which way you can imagine. This is a good time for electronic music and it’s a genre that shouldn’t be looked down upon. I was in an acoustic band in the 1990s when people were abandoning the whole idea of electronics, and I got it at the time. But there’s nothing wrong with electronics and there’s nothing wrong with acoustic. I’ve made both and they’re both great and it’s all good. And with this song, I just want to celebrate something that’s fun and organic and free.”

Colin’s “Electro Americana” is currently available across all digital distribution sites. A free anthology of his music – consisting of more than 150 MP3s for people to download – is also available. 

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[New Music]- Mika Means, Akbar V, D Woods (aka Project Girls Club)’s New Release: “Heavy”!! @shanellyoungmoney @yagirldwoods @projectsgirlsclub @therealmikame @akbar__v


In a society where women are the top emerging business owners, entrepreneurs, and entertainers Project Girls Club couldn’t have picked a better time to reveal their movement. This diverse group of women includes some the industry’s most respected female artists, songwriters, radio personalities, business owners, actress and more. In an effort to provide a network for women, created by women, Project Girls Club is reminiscent of an entertainment sorority with beautiful and talented women who are all driven, passionate and supportive
of each other.

Their latest achievement is the release of their very bossy summertime song “Heavy” featuring Mika Means, Shanell,
Akbar V and D Woods. Mika Means is a successful singer and songwriter. Shanell is Young Money’s singer, songwriter and best kept secret. Akbar V is an up and coming rapper making her way into the mainstream on the latest season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. D Woods is a singer, actress and former member of Danity Kane. Their single “Heavy” is the perfect song that combines their four styles and shows that Project Girls Club is a new group of powerful, talented women that know how to have fun and make waves!




[Single] D. Fresh – Murder Show | @freshisbacktv


Chicago artist, D.Fresh dropped off the self-directed visual for his single ”Murder Show” produced by M – 80.
The single was released in anticipation of the upcoming album, God’s Gift.
The video, energetic yet dark, shows D.Fresh in a series of flashy solo scenes where he’s plotting with himself to take out anything in his way! It also gives off the ”revolution will not be televised” feel and leaves to question, will it be?

Check it out below and lookout for more from D.Fresh (@freshisbacktv)


TheDropout Spectrum – Take Off

Industry Spotlight, ME Blog, Music, Promo

 TheDropout Spectrum taps into
depths of the cosmos with diverse new sound

DALLAS, TX – To truly get a feel for how deeply moving the music from new Dallas-based artist TheDropout Spectrum is, you have to look deep into the cosmos. His sound and style is otherworldly. As his name indicates, it’s a sound that explores a spectrum of genres and influences in ways that make the word “diverse” seem inconsequential. His crazy flows and deep poetry are catching the attention of new fans all over the world, and his new album “ZenStellar” is set to launch him into the stratosphere of success.

Born in Benin West Africa, Brice Danvide, now best known for his stage name TheDropout Spectrum, moved with his family to Texas when he was a child. He started his music journey in 2008 with the release of the single called “I’m On.” The success he found with that single was enough to propel him into making music a full time career, and he’s been pursuing that dream ever since. 

“ZenStellar” is an album that celebrates the diversity that he embraces through his music. His songs talk about current problems in the world or day-to-day issues that people go through. In particular, he said the art of this album is associated with “the universe and the cosmos, particularly the Libra constellation.”

“If you can locate Zubeneschamali, it’s the brightest star in that constellation,” he said. “That’s what I want this album to represent – shining bright. Most of the album has a pretty upbeat vibe – you will move without realizing that you’re moving. It will also show people how I think and the way I choose my ideas and how I’m able to shift gears from slow pace to faster pace. I have a wide diversity of flows.”

Though the album isn’t set to be released until the end of the year, the debut single from the project will be available on all digital streaming platforms on July 13. It’s called “Take Off” and it’s an upbeat song that TheDropout  Spectrum said he’s sure will end up being motivational for a lot of people.

“It’s about anything you do in life that can propel you into a good mindset or success,” he said. “Anything you envision and take steps forward to realize and make it happen. When you wake up in the morning, you can take off. When you go to work, you take off. It’s a term that you can use for anything that can allow someone to propel themselves from the initial mindset that they had into something higher. Really, I want to show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to in life.”

Ultimately, TheDropout Spectrum said he hopes his music will explore and reflect “all the spectrum colors of light” in a way that is “so deep that you can’t track what’s going on. You’ll just know that it’s amazing.” 

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TheDropout Spectrum