[Single] King Turp – Got Smoke? @iamkingturp


Rapper King Turp is on his way to moving to No.1 on the charts and becoming one of your favorite artist in such a short period of time. Signed to Risk Takerz the label, King Turp is one of the chosen few. The rapper born Keevin Turpin is known in his native Jacksonville Florida as an emergent artist. With a diverse sound, King Turp makes both hard tracks for the streets and comparatively lighter jams for parties. Turp speaks his pain through music, while expressing his purpose and drive. Witnessing his father and brother in prison, Turp is working towards change. As his mom being his biggest motivator, he plans to stick to his craft and never quit. King Turp will release his freshman project “Reality Check” March 2019.

Single Download Link: https://www.virdiko.com/album/got-smoke

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[Single] Peter James – Playas Almanac ft Clay James | @DaPeterJames912 @whoisclayjames @trowent


[Single] Peter James – Playas Almanac ft Clay James

Savannah, GA hip-hop artist Peter James just released a dope new track entitled “Playas Almanac” over a beat contructed by super producer Ontreal Bowers, who is most known for his engineering work that’s being done out of the legendary Euphoria Sound Studios in Savannah. Peter reached out to Savannah’s rising star Clay James for a feature on the track. This was a fitting collab for Clay because it’s a southern, laid back, & lyrical song. You can find “Playas Almanac” on all digital streaming platforms.

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7BNYW0bfrQiZp5kDYEraED?si=n_cO7CUJTXqMvXUqIEEZhw

Stay connected on Social Media: @DaPeterJames912 @whoisclayjames @trowent

[New Music] Venomiss “Inception” @Itsvenomiss


Venomiss is one new independent artist on the rise, that is taking matters into her own hands. With constant press and featured on many major outlets such as Power 105.1 and more, she is going no where but up. Recently releasing her new album “No Favors, No Regrets, No Apologies”, Venomiss had critically acclaimed feedback and also garnered while counting thousands of plays on Spotify.

With hot records such as “Inception”, “7 Deadly Sins” “& Far Away” many are picking up rotation on radio, while she also has videos to compliment many records from the album. Here is the album and a fan favorite with “Inception” to check out.

“No Favors, No Regrets, No Apologies”


Ethos – I’m Alright

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Ethos pairs decades of musical expertise with passion for rap to introduce incredible new sound to the world

CLEVELAND, OH – If you look up the word “Ethos” in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition that emphasizes the “character” or “personality” that describes the guiding beliefs or ideals of a community, nation or ideology. For Alex Hlavna, who uses the stage name Ethos, the term is one that encapsulates everything he’s trying to represent as an independent musician. And when you see his name, you know it’s going to be associated with good things.

Ethos is a veteran session musician of the Cleveland, Ohio music scene who after 19 years of playing guitar, bass and drums in various original and cover projects has turned to hip-hop and producing of other artists under his brand Flipside. Ethos’ music combines elements of everything from rap to hip-hop to chill-step and even alternative rock – bringing listeners on an ambient journey of musical storytelling that revolves around the message of what Ethos really is.

“I want the Ethos brand to be more of a go-to destination for good things than anything else,” he said. “I’ve already built a small following on social media based on the content of my opinions and the memes I create and the things I’m saying. If you like who I am and what I post, then you’ll definitely like the music. I’m trying to convey that I’m different and my music is different and you can come here and be part of the Ethos brand and the movement that comes along with it.”

Ethos is an artist who creates what he calls “conscious rap” paired with a unique sound that rarely loses the listener’s attention. This is perhaps best displayed on his new album, “Ten Commandments,” which he plans to drop later this year. The album will be an “agnostic take on the infamous list that applies more to how we live life in 2019,” he said.

Earlier this year, he released two singles – “I’m Alright” and “Learning” – which have created some major momentum for him, gathering more than 6 million plays on his Soundcloud accounts. The songs demonstrate his ability to interweave unusual sounds – some might call them “eerie” – with catchy beats and stellar lyrics. “Learning” is the kind of song that hooks the listener from the beginning and has them bobbing their heads all throughout.

Ethos said he’s been pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming response he’s received from his new music. Rap has always been something he’s loved. As a session musician who specialized in instrumentals he didn’t get to explore that love for rap as much as he would have liked, and now that he’s dedicated his career to those new sounds and styles he’s finding the experience of stretching his muscles as a rapper to be the thrill of his life.

“That background as a session musician and the fact I can play instruments has been integral to making my music today, but more than that I want people to recognize that I’m a great rapper,” he said. “When you hear rap you know immediately if it’s good or bad – there is no middle ground. I have always loved English, and when you have a good understanding of the English language and broaden your vocabulary you can get away from those easy rhymes and it opens Pandora ’s Box for you. When people hear my music, they’ll know that it’s good and relatable and that I’m a one-of-a-kind musician who knows how to pair good beats with good lyrics and deliver high-quality music.”

In advance of his release of “Ten Commandments,” Ethos has dropped the two demo singles, “Adultery” and “Idolatry”.  Ethos release demo tracks from the entire CD as they’re written so that when the album is released, people will get to have almost a brand new experience with the songs they’ve become attached to. 

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[New] LDG is Like – New Single “All I Want To Know @LDGIsLike

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Born in North Akron, Ohio. Raised in Elizabeth Park, the same projects LeBron James grew up in, LDG recorded his first record on a cassette tape back in 2003. He was just 12 years old and has been recording ever since. His ability to blend various experiences and make them not only relatable but enjoyable is one of LDG’s many talents. He created “Dedicated To My Enemies” during a time time when some of his so-called friends showed their true intentions resulting in distrust and ultimately a falling out. The album is aggressive, emotional, and meant to make you ponder on society’s “what ifs”.LDG describes it as being, “especially dedicated to our inner demons, that pose threats to our decision making abilities.” Over the years LDG has created everlasting bonds with influencers Big Heff, Maino, Big Trill, & Uncle Murda.

He’s battle rapped on King Of The Dot, Don’t Flop, and won a Proving Ground Tournament on Smack. He can attest his lyricism and nack for creating to his musical influences; Nas, DMX, Bill Withers, Sade, Erykah Badu, Outkast, and 2Pac. LDG is now back less than 6 months later with, CRYING OUT LOUD, a shorter album but heavier in content. Crying Out Loud can be described as a look inside the mind of voiceless society. LDG tackles issues from Politics, Suicide, loss, and love in a 10 track series guaranteed to make you a fan. Aside from other musicians, Earth itself and those closest to him represent where he draws inspiration.

His rough upbringing has driven him to have a more meaningful passion for music. He strives to secure and leave behind a memorable legacy, along with ingraining everlasting philosophies in the mind frames of others. Stream “Dedicated To My Enemies” and his hit single “BLOW” which recently reached 100,000 plays on all major music platforms now!

Overview of Single: “All I Want To Know” is a collection of inner thoughts built around the love interest of a woman who is in a committed relationship. The connection he and she share has brought them closer to one another but the circumstances serve as a barrier to keep them separated. entertaining, warm, and smooth, “All I want to know” is relatable and will bring you back for more.

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