[Single] Yung Prob – Lucky Charm (Prod by Talksins) @matt_mitch


Check out “Yung Prob” new single (Lucky Charm) off his upcoming collab album with Producer (Canadian native)”talksins”. This record is upbeat, litty and sure to get you hype. With a transitional flow “Yung Prob” continues to reinvent his own sound, over and over again. If you have a neck full of jewelry, be prepared to floss it once you hear this record in the clubs!

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[Single] Lambo Cheryl – Slide @LamboCheryl


Lambo Cheryl announces first ever release!
“Slide” subtitled “Take Me Away Freestyle”
For immediate release:

If you’re not already familiar with the name, Lambo Cheryl has been a major player behind the scenes of the DMV entertainment industry for years. Now it seems like this Lamborghini Chaser is stepping into a new lane.

Unexpectedly, a new LAMBOCHASERS vlog popped up on youtube and other social media outlets promoting a song from the marketing guru herself, and is scheduled to be released on Spinrilla, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and Deezer. According to Spinrilla, “Slide”, a freestyle over a revamped version of the Shy Glizzy “Take Me Away” instrumental, will be available for streaming and download January 26, 2018.

Lambo Cheryl has not released any music before and has always ignored the constant pressure from her peers to do so. The teams focus has always been on LAMBOCHASERS artist Oso Corleone and former Label mate Black Fortune. For a long time rumors of Lambo’s lyrical abilities have floated around the industry. There are also rumors that Lambo has been ghost writing for years but like a true G, we haven’t been able to get a comment from her on the matter. What we do know is that we can expect her debut this Friday, and with the way we’ve seen LAMBOCHASERS operate in the past we can only assume we should be expecting more releases from Lambo quickly following this one.

Who’s anxious to finally hear music from Lambo Cheryl?

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VLOG EPISODE ONE: https://youtu.be/ok4fqXiA-mI

Lambo Cheryl is a Hip Hop/Rap Artist and song writer from PG County, Maryland. If you’ve ever had a chance to meet her then you know why they call her Lambo. She’s Tiny, Supercharged, and real Low Key. Hence the phrase “Stay Low like a Lambo”. Lambo began writing at the young age of 7. Influenced by all types music, she comes from a very musical background. Her late uncle Jonah Ellis was a musician and songwriter. He wrote the classic hit single “Don’t Stop The Music” and other great hits that went on to be sampled by influential artist like Tupac Shakur and more. Her families entertainment resume is lengthy to include former members of Chuck Browns Band to working on newer projects like “Empire”. When asked why she finally decided to seriously pursue a career in music she answered, “To be honest, I’ve always had a career in music I just finally decided to drop something. One day in the studio someone told me its crazy how much I over think my music and that at the end of the day I’ll never know unless I drop something, so that’s why your gonna get to hear “Slide”…that’s when I finally made my mind up I guess”.


E.Y.E. “Legacy” is out now! @BumRushAntic


E.Y.E. a rising new artist from the city of Charlotte, N.C. E.Y.E. the acronym stands for Educated Young Emancipated. As a rising new songwriter, singer and rapper, E.Y.E. has a lot in store for this generation of music. After receiving much critical acclaim from his recent project “SYNERGY”, he now releases his new project “Legacy”.



[Single] Manny Major Feat. NOLO – “Again” @mannymajormusic @Nolo2142


“Crossroads” Album has gained national attention with singles like “Cinderella Story” (Prod. By Tugga) & “808” (prod. By 808 Mafia) & “These Days” (Prod. By E. Smitty). With over 665,000 streams last few months Manny Major is back at it with his new single “Again” featuring Southside Atlanta Rapper NOLO.

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[New Music] Clay Perry – I Can’t Help Ya @ClayPerryMusic


Clay Perry is a 28-year-old emcee out of Arlington, Texas with a story to tell. It is clear that Perry has been through a lot and that is on full display with “I Can’t Help Ya” where the rappers narrative comes across as numb to the challenges of life. This numbness results in a jaded approach to handing out passes for others as the hook recites the famous Nelly line “Now same mother fuckers asking me for dough, and I’m yelling I can’t help ya” Perry deals with betrayal issues but rather than sulk about it he uses it as motivation to stunt on the ones that weren’t loyal to him. This record is good for anyone who shares a similar sentiment to Clay Perry, but it’s also a good record for the average rap fan that appreciates well-written raps, quality song structure, and a catchy hook. Check out Clay Perry “I Can’t Help Ya” below and look out for more coming soon.



[New Single] Creeze- How it Go @Creeze502


The West End of Louisville, KY is a place where there’s not many opportunities and crime is high and the crime rate has steadily increased, year over year. CREEZE grew up in this part of the city developing a love for performing, the art of songwriting and producing and the music business.

Creeze’s career as a MC started with a group called the Merc Squad. The group quickly found themselves working with established industry artists and music business professionals and having success with national radio and television airplay, tv/film placements catapulted by song collaborations featuring TQ, Stat Quo, The Outlawz, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Kool Daddy Fresh, and The Jacka (RIP).

After series of group disagreements, CREEZE decided to branch out from the group to start his solo career. CREEZE’s first two singles “All Good” featuring Nappy Roots and “She Can Get It” featuring JIG, and LuZiana, and a remix to “She Can Get it”, which now included Dallas’ own Dorrough and Houston’s Chalie Boy, for weeks these songs received tracked airplay that steadily appeared on Nielsen’s BDS, and Mediabase, which solidified Creeze’s solo career with the aid of mixtape and club DJ support and television airplay.

Now he is back with the new single “How It Go” with production from L.A. Grill.

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[New Music] Big 40- Motivation (Produced By P The Artist) @Big406300k


Big 40, born February 14th 2001 is what you would consider a new millennium baby born to his mother and father both who has recently gone on to be in heaven. The tragedy of they’re deaths have motivated Big 40 to making music that is timeless and will be the wave for his peers and even connect to the more mature generations as well. Big 40 is still attending high school even while his single MOTIVATION is becoming very familiar in the city of Cleveland and is making him not only an artist to watch but also the next artist to blow. Be on the look out for his up coming project Chavon World 2 That Will Feature his Single Motivation Produced By P The Artist.


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Zanti Official – Their Song | @ZantiOfficial

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Iraq war refugee brings dreams of his youth to

fruition with new EP ‘Dream’

SAN DIEGO, CA – It’s appropriate that Zuhair Abed’s debut EP is titled “Dream.” The artist more
formally known as Zanti Official is a refugee from Iraq, moving to the U.S. with his family after
war ravaged his country and forced them to flee. When he left his country, he had nothing
more than a dream for something bigger, something better … something that only America
could provide.

The dream was first planted as a very young boy. His father was friends with a radio disc jockey
in Iraq, and the friend would frequently come to their home just to hang out. During those
occasions, it wasn’t uncommon for them all to listen to music together and sing. And the more
that happened, the more this DJ noticed Zanti’s raw, natural talent. He encouraged Zanti’s
father to bring his song to the radio station and let him sing on air. Things looked promising …
and then the war hit, and Zanti never had the opportunity to make good on his father’s friend’s

“But when I came to the U.S., I started listening to rap – Drake in particular – and immediately I
wanted to become a rapper,” he said. “Drake was a rapper who came from nothing to become
something. I love his style, and every time he posts new music I am a fan. I love what he does
and I love his work. And I want to have a career in music just like him.”

After finishing high school, Zanti was forced to get a job to make some money. But every day
after work he would come home and create new music – exploring his sound and trying to
create something that was unique and different. He began to explore themes that circled
around his dreams – what it takes to become successful, what success looks like and painting
pictures of what life could be some day if he dreamed big enough.

“That’s what this EP is about,” he said. “It’s about dreaming about the life that I want to make.
It’s about me having a house in LA with dope cars and working on my schedule and being my
own boss. Everything is possible, and I know that if Drake can go from nothing to become
something, so can I.”

The EP features six songs that are heavily influenced by trap beats. But Zanti said there are no
other rappers in San Diego doing the kind of music that he’s doing. He has his own unique style
that combines rap with melody on top of more rap, and weaves in slow verses with quick
tempos in a juxtaposition of sound and style that is uniquely his own.

The debut single from the project is called “Their Song.” It’s a song about creating positivity for
other people and trying to inspire them to chase their own dreams. Zanti said he’s currently
working on a music video for the single and hopes to drop it next month.

To listen to Zanti Official’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYR6S3PT-WsKShpRZxR- VrA?view_as=subscriber

Diaz – The Will | @_D1AZ_

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Diaz travels globe seeking out inspiration for new music


NEW YORK, NY – Diaz is on a journey to discover the best music in the world. His path started in
upstate Rochester, New York and has taken him all over the world, including his current stay in
China where he’s seeking out the next new voice in hip-hop. He’s willing to look anywhere and
everywhere for inspiration and his new six-song EP “More Game” shows exactly what happens
when that inspiration strikes.

The project is one that he said has a 90s-type vibe to it with a new generation flow. The songs
on the EP deal with subject matter that is both conscious and lyrical. He calls it “music with a
message,” though nothing is so overly serious that it can’t be enjoyed merely for the pleasure
of the music. And at the end of the day, that’s what Diaz wants to be known for: good music.

“I just want to have good music with good lyrics,” he said. “I have a different way of rapping
that you don’t hear on a daily basis. I’m a good song writer, and I hope other artists will
recognize that and want to come to me for a hook or a verse. I have a different sound from
anybody else. The way I put my lyrics together – hopefully I do it so well that it’ll make you
want to rewind it and hear it again. I like listening to music that makes you want to rewind it
over and over to understand it. And that’s what separates me from others. My music is

Diaz said he became interested in music at a very young age. He remembers fondly jumping on
the kitchen counters with his brother to perform for their mother. In middle school he visited
his cousin’s house and was introduced to the recording process of music. At age 13 he moved
from the inner city to the suburbs, and that was when he began to experiment with his skill as a
writer and lyricist. And though he continued to write for the next decade, it wasn’t until 2010
that he began to record – putting out one or two tracks here and there as he tried to perfect his
sound and style.

Last year he reconnected with a high school friend who had grown to become one of the
country’s best music producers. He and Count Blanc worked together on “More Game,”
creating a project that he said he’s very proud of.

Notable singles by Diaz is “Blessing”, “The Will” and “Never Suffer”. To listen to Diaz’s music or
to follow him on social media, please visit:

Snapchat: d1azz
Blessing: https://soundcloud.com/aarondiaz3/blessing
Never Suffer: https://soundcloud.com/aarondiaz3/never-suffer

KC Jockey Karl – Marx Love In The Air | @kcjockey

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Multi-Genre Singer and Songwriter KC Jockey Releases
Reggae-Centric EP “Love in the Air”


LOS ANGELES, CA – The music industry has seen a trend within the influence
of reggae and dancehall. Mainstream hip-hop artists are routinely incorporating
the island, carefree vibe within their music, especially in the last few years.
Breakout reggae star KC Jockey is here to grace the fans with the Jamaican-
style music they’ve been craving. With the artist’s native roots tracing back to
Kingston, it’s no surprise that his music truly captures the essence so naturally.

Coming from a strong background in music within his family, KC Jockey knew it
was his destiny to develop a musical career. Ever since he knew how to make
sounds as an infant, he was always humming and singing. Once he moved to the
states, he pushed further in making his musical dreams a true reality, no matter
how much work was involved. “Due to my parents being protective, I grew up
somewhat sheltered. Once given the opportunity to go out of my element, I really
wanted to get into my roots through music. So, I would perform around the
neighborhood, and at block parties. It all spiraled from there,” said the artist.
When it comes down to what makes him stand it out, it’s simply how organically
he goes outside out the box. KC Jockey is the type of artist that avoids the easier
route just to get to his final destination. “I try to take the harder route because I’m
always searching for results in the end. I’m very versatile, so I like to blend my
music with a little bit of everything, from pop to jazz to reggae. Not many people
can do that,” said KC Jockey.

Recently, KC announced the release of his new hit single, “Love in the Air”,
which belongs to his upcoming EP of the same name. It has been a busy month
for the artist, as he is gearing up to film the visuals for the single in the next few
weeks. The single is a true reflection of KC’s artistry, as it showcases happiness,
joy and love. “I like when people hear my music, and it brings them back to a
dated moment. It’s something to remember; it’s something that brings you back
to that certain memory. The EP has songs that reflect long-term memories with
substance,” said KC. The EP will encompass his timeless, infectious sound he is
known for.

Not only is he an all-star vocalist and songwriter, KC also uses his platform to
promote positivity throughout the world. Four years ago, he created his “Say No
to Domestic Violence” project, which he poured his heart into. He will also bring
awareness to the aggressive sickness that is cancer through his single, Cancer”.
He will also address the issue of bullying through his song “Don’t Bully”. With
such a variety of talent, such as acting in major motion pictures like I Am Legend
alongside Will Smith, he plans to utilize his skills when putting the visuals
together for his EP. Is there anything KC Jockey can’t do? One thing is for
certain: he sets an example for artists from all genres to follow, both off and on
stage. It’s no surprise that music labels are knocking at his front door, trying to
work with him.

Make sure to follow KC Jockey on his social media sites below, and stay tuned
for the release of his new EP!

https://www.facebook.com/public/Karl-Marx- F-Waite