Coach Sauce – Tae Pt. 1

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Loss of best friend inspires artist Coach Sauce to create new album 

MANSFIELD, OH – Devall Williams, better known by his stage name Coach Sauce, is a professional rapper from Mansfield, Ohio, who has been a major player in the music industry for the past few years. He has been developing new artists under his music label HMG Muzik Group for the past two years, and recently has started his own endeavor as an artist with the release of his new album “I’m Not Sorry for the Weight.” The project is inspired by the loss of his best friend, Johnny Rob, who was the one who first encouraged him to get into music and explore his natural talent as an artist.  

“Some people say sorry for the wait, but I’m not sorry for what I’m doing,” Coach Sauce said. “I’m not sorry for the weight on my shoulders or anything I’m doing right now. I’m trying to reach out to other artists and music lovers and help people make it out and break out of the streets and the struggle and accomplish something in life. I lost Johnny Rob last year. He was my right-hand man. I’ve also lost a couple of loved ones over the past years, but he was a real deep one to me. That and the fact that a couple friends got incarcerated made me feel like it was time to make a change. Instead of having this revolving door of everyone getting locked up in the system or dying, I decided it’s time to make a change.” 

Coach Sauce said his main goal is to make music with which people can relate. He’s never going to write lyrics that don’t pull from his own personal experiences, or from some kind of experience he shared with someone else. And by sharing those experiences through song, he knows that anyone else who has gone through similar experiences will be able to relate to the everyday struggles.  

He also talks a lot about relationships and love and loyalty, the latter of which is the most important thing to him in life. Loyalty means everything to him, and he’s been known to say that he would choose loyalty over love any day of the week. That’s something that takes center stage on the standout single “Tae Pt. 1,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Coach Sauce said there will be four Tae songs, all of which are inspired by and serve as a dedication to his fiancé.  

“This music is mainly dedicated to my family,” he said. “HMG stands for unity and loyalty and family. That’s what this music is about. We’re all putting our pain in our music and using that to inspire other people. If we can do it, we know you can do it, too. I just want to be known for reality and authenticity and trying to reach people all around. I’m trying to get to the point where every time you hear my music, you get chills.” 


Fans ready to be given the chills can listen to Coach Sauce’s music, or follow him on social media, by visiting the following links: 

“Tae Pt. 1”:

D$Rich$ – Built For This

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OG Hip-Hop influencer D$Rich$ drops diamonds of knowledge on new EP ‘It Gets Greater Later’ 

DADE CITY, FL – D$Rich$ is an artist who has faced quite a few hardships throughout his life. Like many who grew up in poverty and the difficulties of street life, he often dreamed of what life could be someday. He kept telling himself that it would get greater later. Now an adult who embodies a rags-to-riches story, he has realized that prophecy and is one of hip-hop’s best kept secrets. He’s used his natural talents as a rapper and artist to pull himself out of a hard life in New Jersey and create a body of work that makes him one of the more successful musicians of the past few decades. He now lives a comfortable life in Florida with a nice house, multiple cars, plenty of land, and a good perspective on what it takes to achieve one’s dreams. And he’s sharing those lessons with younger generations of artists on his latest EP “It Gets Greater Later.” 

Currently available across all streaming platforms, the new EP chronicles the life of D$Rich$ from his time as a young boy in New Jersey, to his teenage years fending for himself at age 13, to the heartbreak and tragedy of losing his own son to the streets in 2016. It tells tales of peril from various experiences on the streets, but also offers hope in unexpected ways as he weaves through moments that propelled him beyond being another sad statistic and product of his environment.  

“It’s all true facts,” he said of the project. “It’s about how life can change around you when you get focused. It’s about the life you should be living and the finances you should have and the moves you should make if you want to get ahead. And it’s a project that shows a new sound because it comes from someone from the boom-bap generation of original hip-hop, but combined with a sound that’s relevant and new and fresh for today. If your music is timeless and you have that gift, it’s gonna show. It’s getting great for me. I used to have nothing, but it gets greater late

The debut single from the project is “Built For This,” which further explores the concept of rising from the ashes and building a life for oneself. It’s an upbeat and inspirational track that almost serves as an anthem as D$Rich$ uses the metaphor of a diamond formed from extreme pressure to illustrate how even the most difficult of situations can shape and mold us into something beautiful and brilliant. 

“All the pressures I went through made me built for this,” he said. “That single is a lesson for anyone. I’m teaching them how to survive on the streets. It’s like a little mini survival kit. I got to where I am because I applied what I’m telling you in this song. I’ve been a lot of places and worked with a lot of big names in the industry. I helped create some of the sound you take for granted in hip-hop today. And I hope when all is said and done I’m remembered as one of the greatest musicians you ever heard. I came from nothing and made something. And now it’s time for me to leave these lessons and knowledge for the younger generations.” 

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“7 reasons to get familiar with this Songstress “


Gabrielle Stewart is the best new talent to come out of Michigan. Growing up, music ran in the family and her uncle was a DJ. The first voice she ever fell in love with was Patty Labelle. Gabrielle Stewart has been singing since she was 3 years old. She is an independent artist who has been seen on American Idol and The Voice.

Right now, Gabrielle Stewart is pushing a blazing new EP entitled “7 Seasons” which has already surpassed one thousand views on YouTube. This project symbolizes Beyonce’s moods on ‘Lemonade’. Gabrielle Stewart has a sound that could be described as mellow, chill, never heard of with a lit vibe. Some of her other musical inspirations include, Solange, Motown classics, and Lauren Hill. She has a strong team behind her to take career to the next level including her partner Ian, and several others. So far Gabrielle Stewart has received over 20k streams across all platforms in many countries worldwide.

Gabrielle Stewart wants to show different sides that resonate with fans and have uncomfortable conversations, showing her authenticity. There is definitely no faking the funk when it comes to Gabrielle Stewart and her talent is a force to be reckoned with!

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Alex Costova – On My Way

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Atmospheric Synth-Pop fills fans with energy on new anthemic song of the summer ‘On My Way’ 

BOSTON, MA – The song of the summer is already here. “On My Way” is the latest hit single from internationally recognized artist Alex Costova, and its upbeat energy and powerful vibes are already creating a strong buzz among industry insiders with whispers that it will be the standout track for the summer. Featuring two up-and-coming female artists Jamara and J!NX! the single is a synth-pop track that melds elements of Soul and EDM in ways that are equal parts subtle and substantial. Alex Costova has truly created a marvel of entertainment with this ambient electronic groove of sound, and the soaring vocals of Jamara and J!NX! take the song to a whole new level. The masterful polishing strokes from engineer Shane Violette puts the perfect touch on this incredible collaboration of highly talented artists at the top of their game. 

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Alex Costova is a rising alternative pop recording artist who has steadily been making a name for himself over the past few years as one of the go-to hit-makers in the industry. His atmospheric sound creates a relaxing environment that is layered with catchy, soul-driven lyrics over progressive electronic melodies. Those in the industry who know about him are clamoring to work with him, and producers like Shane Violette are sending the cream of the crop of their young artists to collaborate with him. As Alex Costova’s music has progressed and matured, he has partnered with talented engineers and other artists, who he said have shaped his music and allowed him to reach his full potential as an artist. 

“People like Shane Violette have taught me so much,” Costova said. “My music career has really started to take off over the past year, and I’ve come a long way with collaborating with a lot of great artists. To work with other creative minds like this makes me ecstatic. It helps me to grow as an artist. Watching how Jamara and J!NX! introduce different ways to sing on a song or create something new that I never would have thought of just makes everything better. I look at my sound as being my own and not really comparing to anyone else out there, but it is influenced by other great artists – such as Adam Young of Owl City, or Tom Delonge of Angels & Airwaves, or EDM Recording Artist Gryffin, and especially those I collaborate with. Ultimately, I hope I’m making music that hits the hearts of anyone who listens to it in ways that grab them and take them in and make a difference in their lives. That’s the biggest reason I make music.” 

Costova said he knows “On My Way” can be one of those songs that really makes a difference in a person’s life. Not only is it upbeat and filled with the kind of energy one might associate with the summer, but it’s also anthemic and inspirational in its drive to motivate people to embrace their gifts, talents and abilities to achieve their dreams.  

“It’s so powerful because of what’s going on in the world right now,” he said. “A lot of people feel set back because of COVID and wars in the world and different issues that we’re all facing. With this song we’re sending the message to keep on fighting for what you want in your lives. We’re on our way. No matter what, don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep moving forward. It’s the beginning of a journey, and we’re all walking and singing toward the great things that come through that journey.” 

Costova said he’s hard at work on even more music that he plans to release later this year, including the next single “Mine,” which he said should drop toward the end of the summer.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:  

Kam’Geez Serves Up Piano-Driven, Hustler’s Anthem “Racks Coming In”

Boston’s Kam’Geez Serves Up Piano-Driven, 
Hustler’s Anthem “Racks Coming In”

Song Description:
Following his recent trip to Cali, Boston-based rapper Kam’Geez returns with a lush, HoldUpJay-produced single, “Racks Coming In.”
The luxurious production is the perfect backdrop for Kam’Geez motivational lyrics as he reflects on the daily hustle, shifty characters, and reveling with his team of high-end hustlers.

“No better feeling than getting money and knowing there’s plenty more coming in. Being motivated by my ambitious surroundings it’s only right to spread it through my music and hope the people get that same feeling. Had to put my everyday grind into my music,” Kam’Geez shares with us.

Listen to the banger below, and be sure to follow Kam’Geez on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his latest releases.
Song Link:
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[New Music] D-Mo The Don “Rap Money” @Strugglenomoent


Gary Indiana’s own D-Mo The Don returns with a new single but this time he brought along the legendary Jadakiss on the intro of RAP MONEY… You can feel the energy from the very beginning with Jadakiss introducing The Don…A very nice track produced by Joey Goodjoines and D-Mo The Don’s lyric’s and energy and delivery are undeniable… This is a must grab on all platform’s June 3rd and we look forward to much more from this artist D-Mo The Don… It looks like he’s definitely headed to the RAP MONEY.


Shu Religion is coming for everything he is owed with “Takeover” @shumoneyblue


2021 is the type of year where you don’t wait for someone to give it to you, its the year where you go and take it for yourself. Anything is possible when the bet is on yourself to win.

Shu Religion embodies that concept with ease and what better to describe this concept with a single called “Takeover”. Savannah Georgia’s own is on a mission to let every and anyone know he can rock with the best of them. Lyrically how he interchanges flows has you wondering what bar is coming next and how will he deliver it.

Takeover puts you in a certain mindset to go hard and never look back. Get in tune with Shu Religion because he is focused.

Stream “Takeover” by Shu Religion now on digital platforms

Twitter @shumoneyblue
Instagram @shumoneyblue

Brooke Fair – Bite My Tongue

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Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Brooke Fair motivates fans with two new singles 

MEMPHIS, TN – At age 16, it feels weird to Brooke Fair to think of her passion for creating music as a career. She does music because she loves it. It’s her coping mechanism. It’s in her bones. And when she creates new songs, she’s sharing a huge part of her soul with everyone who hears it. But with such natural talent and an undeniable signature sound, it has become evident that she’s the kind of artist who has what it takes to make music a lifelong endeavor. Her first EP that she released at age 14 made a major splash in the industry, and the three other singles she’s released since that time have continued to expand her fanbase on a global level. Now she’s ready to release two more hit singles in the month of May with “Bite My Tongue” and “I’m Not Sorry.” 

The first single drops May 14. “Bite My Tongue” explores a friend-based relationship that is on the rocks and creates moments of tension more often than not. It’s a song that will be immediately identifiable for other teenagers, but which also has a deep message that resonates with music lovers of all ages. Showcasing her amazing vocals set against an indie-pop vibe, the song evokes thoughts of Taylor Swift or English singer Dodie.  

“It’s a song about feeling like there’s a friendship that has a lot of issues that you’ve ng to work out – or any relationship, really – and feeling like you can’t say anything because it wouldn’t be productive or you’d lost too much if you spoke up,” Fair said. “But in the back of your mind you know it has to end because of how unhealthy it has gotten. I feel like sonically it’s presented in a way that makes it feel less sad than it sounds, and the fact that it’s upbeat I think helps people relate to it more and reflect on those things. I’ve been in situations when I’ve had to recognize things about myself, and if I’m listening to something upbeat and the lyrics are really hitting home, then I’m more likely to make that change and consider what it means to have a different perspective. When you phrase your experiences in the right way it can draw people in.” 

Fair will follow that single with “I’m Not Sorry” on May 28, two days before her 17th birthday. Like “Bite My Tongue,” the second single is a great showcase of her amazing vocals and Indie-Pop style. It’s also a song that perfectly displays her natural talent as a songwriter, with lyrics that further explore the depths of relationships while also serving as a motivational mantra for anyone who listens to it. 

“It’s almost like a sequel to ‘Bite My Tongue’ because it’s on the back end of a relationship that you’ve decided to end,” Fair said. “You’ve decided to cut that person off and leave the relationship, and you’re saying ‘I’m not sorry’ for setting boundaries or leaving and doing what’s best for you. It’s empowering in that you’re unapologetically standing up for yourself.” 

Fair worked closely with Grammy-nominated songwriter Jamie Floyd on “I’m Not Sorry,” and co-wrote “Bite My Tonge” with Rebekah White Williams, continuing her string of collaborations with influential veterans of the industry. She has previously worked with renowned producer Elliot Ives, and recorded a couple of songs with Sarah Simmons, an artist who was featured on NBC’s The Voice. 

Fair said in addition to these two singles she’s hard at work on an album, which she hopes to release later this year. It’s a project that will feature a cool mix of Memphis style and pop for a twist that she said is like nothing anyone has ever seen before.  

To listen to Brooke Fair’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 

Trickstaer – Delinquent Center

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Underground criminal and talented musician Trickstaer drops new project ‘Delinquent Center, a Whisper Album’  

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – Tony Truong, better known by his stage name Trickstaer, is a Vietnamese-American rapper, singer, composer and record producer who has been making a name for himself throughout the music industry over the past few years. He received initial recognition from the third collection of music, “Phantoms of Reiterations,” which he released in September 2020. Today he’s looking to expand his global fanbase with the release of his latest album “Delinquent Center, A Whisper Album.”  

Self-described as a “crazy journey and life experience rap project” that showcases his unique skillset and signature style as an artist, “Delinquent Center, A Whisper Album” takes listeners on a journey that shows a young music lover evolve into a bona fide rapper who has the raw, natural talent to one day become a household name. No longer is Trickstaer a new artist. With this new album he’s showing the world a maturity as an artist that only comes with someone who has put in the hard work to hone his skills and develop a quality of sound that is second-to-none. 

“The perspective of this album is from the emotions a kid from a delinquent center,” Trickstaer said. “It’s a metaphor. The world is a delinquent center, so you should watch your back.” 

The standout single from the album is a song of the same name, “Delinquent Center.” Further piggybacking off the idea of a kid in a delinquent center, the song is unexpectedly about love and heartbreak and the inability to share love with someone when you’re trapped by other obligations or restrictions.  

“It’s about being in an isolated life, loving somebody and the intimacy that holds nobody’s opinions but the two of yours,” he said. “And when it’s gone, there’s nobody to hold the pain but you. That’s the love of Delinquent Center. If you get your heart broken in a delinquent center, what do you do? Nobody takes care of you but you. It’s a song that shows vulnerability. My music began from a place of talking and a need for a voice. This is not about being scary, but I come from a bad life and I’m bringing music from a vulnerable place around it. I’m misunderstood, because this is more about not being accepted for who I am. I am an enigma. Out of that I think I’ve created one of the best, most classic albums for people to listen to.” 

“Delinquent Center, A Whisper Album” is currently available across all digital streaming platforms. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Delinquent Center, A Whisper Album by TrickStær (Courtesy Lev)

Akeem Magnetic – Woah!

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Fans around the world are attracted to the wisdom of young artist Akeem Magnetic and his pumped up new single ‘Whoa’ 

COLLEGE PARK, GA – Akeem Magnetic is an artist who is authentic, unapologetic and about to get you pumped up. His latest single will make you say “Whoa!” … literally. It’s an upbeat, summer-ready jam that is sure to have people on their feet and bouncing, while also serving as an anthem, of sorts, for the masses. 

“It’s a song to get people pumped up,” Akeem said. “It’s basically an expression that you would say when you’ve come through something hard and you’ve triumphed. It’s like, ‘Whoa Kemosabe! I did it!’ For me it starts with overcoming my trials and making major changes after I did two years in prison and now seeing everything I ever thought could come to me, and I’m just like ‘Whoa!’” 

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, but raised on the South Side of Atlanta in the neighborhood known as College Park, Akeem developed a passion for music at a very young age. He was inspired by his father, who was a producer, and his uncle, who was a rapper. He recalls many times as a young child when he’d be with the both of them in the studio, or watching his dad stay up late at night making beats. He embraced that musical influence and showcased a natural affinity for freestyling. But in his early teenage years he ran into trouble with the law. He spent the last year-and-a-half of his sentence in a halfway house, which is where music really became his main outlet of expression and his saving grace. 

“When I was in the halfway house I created a single called ‘Crime College,’” Akeem said. “It did really well and got a lot of attention, and that kind of served as a transition for me that made me want to music full-time. Once I got out and had the support of my family – which is just beautiful – I’ve been working hard to make this music successful.” 

In October 2020, Akeem released his first single, “Humble Beginnings.” With more than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 15,000 social media followers, Akeem’s progress in the music industry continues to skyrocket. And now, with the release of his latest single “Whoa,” he plans to become a dominant force in the industry. With such a rapid rise and relentless stream of critical and real-world problems, it’s clear that Akeem has clear knowledge and plans for success. 

“My music comes from my experiences alone and it’s distinguished from any other artist out there,” he said. “My name Akeem means wise, and I’ve paired that with something that’s attractive, like a magnet. What I speak and say attracts people. I’m a magnetic character, and my music is all about being attracted to that wisdom through good vibes. My truth and authenticity comes through in creative ways, and I’m excited for more people to hear it.” 

To listen to Akeem Magnetic’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

“Whoa” –
Instagram akeem_magnetic 

Twitter @akeem_magnetic