Silence – Summertime

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Derek Baily most known as “Silence” was born in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Silence was given his name at an early age for being quiet and shy, but the name stuck has he got older and into trouble as he was known as someone who would react without being noticed. After turning his life around the name stayed but became more of a positive nickname in his life, now showing positive actions in “silence”.

His love of music started when he was younger but never turned into anything until the Summer of 2018 when he met Executive A&R Andre Williams. He started working under him as his Jr. A&R and learn the music business helping with different projects and artists.

It was in 2020 when he decided to take the business and use it for himself turning his love of writing into artistry.

When you ask him where his music comes from, he will sheepishly tell you it’s from the life and struggles of the pain he’s dealt with watching his sister die to his mother not being able to take care of him since the age of 12 due to a prescription drug habit. Being homeless since the age of 12 he’s relied on street smarts, his personality, and ability to adapt to turn him into the person he is today, and the artist we see now. His fun-loving humor, to his bold statements of survival as “the white kid” on the streets bouncing back and forth from St. Louis to Iowa, Silence is not so silent now after all.

He just released his newest single over the summer “Summertime” featuring Iowa/Atlanta artist EMDUBAI and it was also Executive Produced/A&R by DJ K Yung. He is sent to do a joint project with Cedar Rapids IA artist Tone da Boss set to release in October of 2021.


Silence profile:

Silence is a writer and artist hailing from Cedar Rapids Iowa. He started in the music business as a Jr. A&R under the advisement of an Executive A&R moving his way up until deciding to turn his knowledge of the business into crafting his career with his own artistry.

Triple Beam Jesus – Bless The Peasant

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Triple Beam Jesus offers empowering music with new single ‘Bless The Peasants’

OAKLAND, CA – Anyone who knows anything about the street life will know the significance of a triple beam scale. Suffice to say it is the epitome of precision, and that’s an apt representation of the West Coast artist who goes by the stage name Triple Beam Jesus. With his unique sound and style, you won’t find a more accurate or authentic representation of a self-made rags-to-riches entrepreneur.  

Pairing “old school shit” with a modern day twist, Triple Beam Jesus offers a distinct West Coast hip-hop sound that not only feels nostalgic but also offers a modern-day take on a brand of music that’s long been respected all around the world. With his latest hit “Bless The Peasants,” Triple Beam Jesus shows the world how he’s become a master of witty wordplay and introspective lyrics, while serving as one hip-hop’s premier storytellers.  

Set against a smooth, laid-back vibe, “Bless The Peasants” tells the story of living a cool lifestyle. The West Coast slow jam has a bouncy beat that will have you bopping your head, and serves as a perfect groove for just hanging out with friends or for getting high. 

“It’s just some smokin’ music, basically,” Triple Beam Jesus said. “It’s about being laid-back and not being too pressed about going to things when people invite me to things. I don’t always show up to shit, but when I do show up I feel like I’m doing them a favor.” 

Hailing from Oakland, California, Triple Beam Jesus has traveled the world doing music and building his cannabis business. When he opened his cannabis dispensary at only age 22, he was the youngest African American owner of a Cannabis dispensary in California. Gaining the success that he has in the industry at such a young age, he serves as an inspiration to any person who dreams of owning their own business. And that inspiration spills over into his music. In fact, that’s the main thing he hopes people take from his music. 

“At the end of the day I hope people can take something from what I’m saying and empower themselves,” he said. “I hope my music inspires them to take a risk on something they never thought was possible.” 

Triple Beam Jesus said he plans on following up “Bless The Peasants” with another single next month called “Hello Kitty.”

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

IG/Twitter: @TripleBeamJesus 

Producer IG/Twitter: @ProdTrunx 

“Bless The Peasants”: OFFICIAL Triple Beam Jesus – “Bless The Peasants” 

Ricky B – Konpa

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Haitian-born rapper Ricky B builds up Strong Nation with new single ‘Konpa’ 

BROOKLYN, NY – Ricardo Bauzile – better known by his stage name Ricky B – is an intelligent, ambitious, confident young artist who originally hails from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He learned at an early age that “to live, you got to survive,” and for years he’s lived by the mantra presented to him by Tupac – “Only the strong survive.” He’s using that mantra as the foundation for his unique brand of music and art. And he’s showcasing that originality on his latest hit single “Konpa.” 

The song is a mixture of Island vibes with that Brooklyn Drill sound that Ricky B said is all about putting himself out there for the world to see. And as he presents himself, he also shines a light on Haiti and the culture of his home country. Paired with a laid-back video that shows a lot of character, the song is a perfect introduction to this colorful individual and his flashy artistic style and fashion-sense.  

“It’s very beautiful,” he said. “I think it will be a step up for the Haitian culture and a good representation of that culture to an American audience. It’s not a song that over-does anything – in a sense it’s very calm and natural. But it’s also very colorful; especially the video. Fashion for me is a way of expressing myself – the way I dress matches my character. I’m very aware, self-focused and self-conscious. I do what I want, and I like to do things my own way. That’s what makes me happy, and this song is a way of celebrating that.” 

In May 2011, before his 18th birthday, Ricky B migrated to New York, where he would attend and graduate both high school and college. He started to write songs in early 2017 after graduating college, and by 2018 he had launched his own clothing brand, Strong Sense. Eventually he launched his own record label and started releasing mixtapes in 2019. He hasn’t looked back since, and said rap is just one of many forms of expression that he hopes to become known for. 

“Hip Hop has always been the best outlet for Black folks to both express themselves and capitalize on their intellectual properties,” Ricky B said. “The question is: Why wouldn’t I do this? Coming to this country, I really felt like an outsider. I didn’t speak the language and didn’t understand the culture. Haiti is my heritage. I knew what it was like there, but not in the U.S. But I kept remembering the Tupac quote, ‘Only the strong survive,’ and I embraced that mentality. As long as I’m strong, I will survive and get to where I want to go. That meant so much to me when I came to the U.S. and I have clung to that idea ever since. That’s why I created Strong Nation, and it’s what I’ll focus on with my new EP later this year.” 

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Chris Birkett – Precious Love

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Music industry legend Chris Birkett releases timely smooth rock love ballad 

TORONTO, CANADA – One of the music industry’s premier artists and entertainers has dropped yet another hit single. Chris Birkett – whose music collaborations with A-list international artists include Sinead O’Connor, Dexys Midnight Runners, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, and more – has recently released a smooth rock love ballad called “Precious Love” that is burning like a wildfire around the globe.  

Featuring Birkett’s signature raspy voice set against a saxophone melody and smooth guitar riffs, the song feels like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams with a little bit of Tom Petty. It’s a sound that fans of Birkett have been familiar with for years, and one that he’s perfected while working in the inner circles of the industry for the last 40-plus years. His work – both original and through collaborations with other big-name artists – have sold more than 100 million records and helped earn four Canadian Junos, a Grammy, a Polaris Music Prize, and three international AMPEX Golden Reel Awards for excellence in the music business. And with “Precious Love” he puts that pedigree and excellence on full display. 

“This is a song about how positive feelings can grow and how love can transform people,” Birkett said. “People are precious, and relationships are the foundation of humanity. Pure and simple, this is a love song. It’s a song that can give people hope. I’m usually writing songs about social issues or spiritual things, but this is a love song that was inspired by my wife and I think it’s an important song for right now. What most people think of love is passion and attraction, but that only lights the way to a relationship. Precious love is true love. It’s unconditional regard and concern for the welfare of another person. That’s how I define love, and that’s what I’m trying to say in this song.” 

Written and performed by Birkett, the song features some of Toronto’s finest musicians, including Bill King on keyboards, Gene Hardy on sax, Paul DeLong on drums, and background vocals from Taylor Abrahamse. The video was created by renowned director Joan Prowse.  

“Precious Love” is merely the latest of a string of hits for Birkett, who said he has even more music planned for release later this year and going into 2022. On November 11, 2019 he released his fourth album aptly titled “11:11.” But shortly after that COVID hit and the pandemic and social distancing curtailed his touring plans. He took advantage of the time available to him in the studio and put together a string of singles that he’s now ready to release. Following “Precious Love” Birkett said he’s going to drop “Wake Up,” which is more of a political song based on the ever-increasing climate crisis that will serve as a call to action for anyone who hears it.  

“My mission in life – my soul contract – is to use my skills of music composition and performing to make people feel better about themselves,” he said. “There’s so much negativity out there today – so much heartbreak and fear. I want to get people to come back to themselves with these songs and feel how wonderful they are. We’re all divine, but we don’t feel it because we’re covered by doubt and fear. I’m using the universal language of music to convey truth, and by crafting great records I’m helping people understand that truth.” 

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Video on YouTube 

Precious Love by Chris Birkett 

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Other Releases: 

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Facebook Live concert ‘A Story in Every Song’ June 10th 2021: to Photo: 

Highway Tone – Yeah Yeah

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Highway Tone is electric with his new releases

SEATTLE, WA – Growing up around music, Highway Tone has been heavily influenced by the Rap scene for much of his life. He creates music that is authentic to his own experience and the world around him. Some of his newest projects include the recent release of his album, Product of My Environment and his new single “Yeah Yeah”. While these two showcase different sides of this artist, they are equally as incredible of a show of his skill.

Highway Tone’s music emphasizes the importance of what is real. “I rap about real life situations, things I’ve been through or seen, or things that the people around me have experienced. You can ask anyone around me, they’ll tell you that I’m real.” This intense honesty allows for him to create music that is relatable and lets his audience connect to him on a deeper and more personal level.

Product of My Environment is a perfect example of the way that Highway Tone’s music gives a deeper look into who he is as a person. This album focuses not only on the specific experiences he has had, but also the overall theme of being loyal to yourself and the things that you need to survive. Some of the most prominent songs on this album include the song “Miss You” where Highway Tone pays tribute to those that have been lost to violence, “Nervous” where he explores friendships and the role of trust while in the streets, and “Loyalty” which focuses on the role of a woman in a relationship. All of these things are personal to him, but easily relatable to so many of his listeners.

While many of the songs on Product of My Environment have a heavier concept, Highway Tone’s new single “Yeah Yeah” has a much more upbeat and club-ready feel to it. “When I started writing this song, I was thinking about all of my friends and brothers who had become statistics of the streets, but my partner told me that I needed to switch it up. I had someone else work on the chorus and it came with this super catchy hook and I just ran from there.” This song centers on all of the ways that Highway Tone is enjoying his life, being able to focus on the good things, something we all need to do sometimes.

Though he has just released so many amazing tracks, Highway tone is already on the move again with another upcoming album called Highway Signs & Yellow Lines. This album will be focusing on who he is as a person and where he’s come from. It is an incredibly important project to him and sure to be just as impressive as these recent releases. He is able to do all of this with the help and support of his family, especially his mother, cousins and brother.

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B.Macy – Bucketlist

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Former boxer-turned-rapper checks another box on the Bucketlist of life with release of new EP 

BANGKOK, THAILAND – While many hip-hop artists claim their music was shaped by a difficult upbringing, few rappers bring as much experience and authenticity to their craft than Brian Macy. A professional boxer and Iraq veteran, hip-hop has been a constant companion. Now living as a single father with his son in Bangkok, Thailand, he is using his experiences to create his own brand of hip-hop from the heart. And that heart is put on full display with his latest EP “Bucketlist.” 

Across six songs, this boxer-turned-rapper shares his dreams with the world and explores the ways in which we all strive to accomplish the things we aspire to before we die. His easy-going manner and East Coast accent evokes thoughts of Rocky, and his shy demeanor comes through both in person and through his music. You can’t help but like the guy, and you’re sure to love his music, as well. 

Macy was introduced to rap music during a childhood spent in boxing gyms in some of the roughest neighborhoods on the East Coast. A non-violent person by nature, hip-hop gave him the courage he needed to succeed in the ring, and gave him an outlet to freely express his emotions. He began spending all of his time outside the gym working on producing beats and writing lyrics. His life was put on pause when he enlisted in the Army, but music was never far from his mind. When he came home from Iraq, he rededicated himself to using his music to put his feelings into words and provide for his newborn son. Since readapting to civilian life and taking a job as a teacher, hip-hop has been an outlet for Macy to make a positive impact on the world. His style is hard-hitting but uplifting, sure to appeal to fans of classic 90s sounds. Macy is committed to using rap as a force for good, and there’s no telling how far his music will take him. 

“With this EP I’m talking about my experience as a soldier, a father, and a fighter,” he said. “I self-produce my own beats. I have a unique style that’s more of an East Coast Boom-Bap type thing, but it definitely has a Brooklyn influence. I’m a humble guy. I’m a single father. And I’m just a guy whose putting out music and doing his thing. Just a guy giving it a shot. Like the name of the EP says, I want to do stuff before I die. I’m ready to knock it out.” 

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Distrokid Contact: 860-264-6703

Ike Rhein – Just Like You

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Ike Rhein is relating to people all over the world with new single “Just Like You” 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Ike Rhein is a nineteen year old Pop artist with a unique sound and bold lyricism. Though he is still so young, he already has a collection of strong skills and inspiring thoughts that seem to easily show through his music. A brilliant example of this is his latest single, a track called “Just Like You”. This new song seems to break down to the very core of what’s important in a relationship and shows Rhein’s audience that they are not alone in the things that they are going through.  

Rhein’s music focuses on something truly amazing, connecting people through their experiences and their love of something that seems to transcend language and other barriers. “Music is a common language that people can relate to, even between countries and languages. Everyone can relate to music and being able to share that with people is part of what drives me to create it myself.” Rhein has a simply beautiful message and his hopes of connecting people through his music just adds the already amazing style and lyricism that he brings to the table, especially with songs as impressive as “Just Like You”. 

The meaning of this song also truly  stands out in a gorgeous way. “No one is alone in their relationships. Everyone goes through hard times, or toxic relationships. Sometimes it’s hard to know if anyone else is feeling the same way, and this song just goes to show that a lot of people are going through things in their relationships.” His commitment to connecting to his fans’ experiences only adds to the amazing feeling of listening to this song.  

Some of the other things that make “Just Like You” stand out as a Pop song are also some of the key things that make Rhein such a unique artist. This song embodies everything that he excels at as a musician. “Just Like You” shows off his versatility and range as an artist, with an intricate, yet easy to follow sound and an overall impressive depiction of his vocal abilities. Rhein simply does an amazing job with this gorgeous song.  

With “Just Like You” already taking off, Rhein is hard at work, putting together more and more amazing music for his listeners to enjoy. Each of these new songs brings something exciting to his discography, further proving the versatility of this artist. “One of the songs has a more Pop driven, Club-like vibe, and another is a softer, more ballad-like piano kind of song with another artist on it as a feature.” His new tracks are sure to be just as beautiful and exciting to listen to as “Just Like You”, so be sure to keep an eye out for this brilliant young artist. 

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Chlo – Get It

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Chlo offers upbeat, feel-good vibes on new EP ‘Make it Make Sense’ 

HOUSTON, TX – If there’s one word that describes Chloe Hargrove, it’s “entertainer.”  

The fast-rising young artist originally from Kansas City, Missouri has been lighting up the Deep South for the past couple of years – creating a buzz with her unique sound and style – and now she’s ready to  drop her second EP “Make it Make Sense.” And if there’s one thing fans of her music can agree on, it’s that she is the ultimate entertainer.  

“My gift is being able to entertain people,” said the artist who goes by the stage name Chlo. “I love making people laugh or bringing good music or anything entertainment-wise. I’m just entertaining … period. I’m fun to be around and just make people feel good, and that shows in my music.” 

Her six-song project showcases that entertaining talent to full effect. Following two years after her first successful EP, “Make it Make Sense” showcases a variety of vibes against lyrics that explore self-motivation and the drive and ambition necessary to realize one’s dreams. In Chlo’s case, this pursuit of a successful music career is something she had to convince herself to invest in. Having worked in the corporate world for a few years, she longed to pursue music full-time, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she decided to put her all into that endeavor and commit to the time and financial investment it would take to realize that dream. 

“That’s what the title of this EP means – to do stuff with a purpose,” she said. “You have to know your purpose. I know I’m talented, and music is my passion and what I’m gifted with. I’m making it make sense and putting my best foot forward. I’m putting my all into every song and showing how versatile I can be. Every song is different, but every song is me.” 

Chlo said who she is will shine bright through every song she creates, and at the end of the day she wants to be known for being 100 percent real with everything she does. She prides herself in making fun and catchy music, but she’s also quick to point out that she has bars and uses different flows across her various songs. Her biggest inspirations are Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake, and she credits them for motivating her to really focus on making good music that is also going to make people say, “Dang! This girl can write!” While some artists today adopt a persona or caricature, Chlo said every lyric and performance will be true to who she is – “goofy and crazy and funny.” 

“I can be a bad bitch when I need to, but at the end of the day I’m goofy and I like to put a smile on people’s faces,” she said. “People will see that real personality and love me for that.” 

The debut single from her new project is a song called “Gang With Me.” The upbeat vibe is a perfect pairing for lyrics that hype up the group of friends and family with whom she surrounds herself. The video even includes many of her friends and family – both from Houston and from her original hometown of Kansas City. She said it’s a song that’s all about “repping your people,” and as such should be relatable to a wide global audience.  

Chlo said she’s excited for new audiences to discover her music, and that she plans on releasing even more music over the course of the next few months.

To listen to her music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links: 

Chlo (@chloofficial) • Instagram photos and videos
twitter – @thechloofficial

504Yung – Direction

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504Yung brings the energy with hype new single ‘Directions’ 

TORRENCE, CA – 504Yung is a reputable hip-hop artist whose music features a series of heartfelt stories about his life, narrated in a wonderful contrast of thought-provoking lyrics and infectious beats that keep listeners all over the world hooked and primed for more.  

His latest single – “Directions,” featuring Icewear Vezzo – has the kind of vibe that would make listeners think it belongs in the soundtrack of the last Hollywood masterpiece. The video for the song reflects that cinematic quality, and serves as a perfect introduction of this fast-rising artist to new audiences worldwide. With Icewear Vezzo’s Detroit-infused bars peppering the upbeat track, the song becomes something that listeners will be putting on repeat for years to come. And it’s the perfect song to showcase 504Yung’s authenticity, vulnerability, and raw energy – something that defines each and every song he creates. 

“No matter what type of beat it is, I feel like I can really bring the energy,” he said. “And it’s a different type of energy. I’m gonna make it come alive. If you’re feeling down, I’m gonna make you happy about it. I want to be one of them artists that lets people know it’s OK to go out and party. Have a couple drinks and start dancing and have a good time. I want to be that artist people can go to a show and enjoy it and not be worried about any type of conflict showing up. I’m the life of the party.” 

Originally from New Orleans, 504Yung said he has always been around music. His cousin was rock legend Antonio Domino, and other members of his family also were involved in music. Growing up in New Orleans, he remembers discovering artists like The Hot Boyz and Lil Wayne early as a youth. The idea of being in music seemed natural to him, and eventually the stories that he would write as a young boy became lyrics for his songs. Today he continues to pen stories of his experiences as an individual and an artist. His determination drives him to create the finest rhythmic vibes that are both street-smart and life-wise.  

In addition to “Directions,” 504Yung has an EP coming out in the next few weeks called “Rich Off Profit.” A consummate artist, he is also hard at work on a short-film of the same name … and he has a full clothing line that has been taking off in recent months.  

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Instagram – @504Yung 

Max Barskih – Just Fly

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International Pop icon Max Barskih flies to America with soaring new single 

UKRAINE – The man Forbes Magazine has dubbed “Ukraine’s Music Ambassador To The World” is making his way to the U.S. and bringing his massive fanbase with him. His latest hit single “Just Fly” is the kind of upbeat, nostalgic Pop vibe that is infectious in the best of ways. Max Barskih’s “Just Fly” is destined to become the hit single of 2021 and make him a household name in America.  

Accompanied by a Woody Allen-esque video filmed at Boryspil International Airport, the single is one that perfectly showcases the impressive vocals and artistic talent of this global phenom. The critically acclaimed artist has won a number of awards for his music, including a number of MTV EMAs, Golden Gramophones and Top Hit Music Awards. His career has blossomed through becoming the most touring and most-played artist on radio stations across the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the CIS countries.  

Max embarks on a new era with “Just Fly,” while provoking an impeccable charm toward his new music. According to Max, his new character’s attitude is as close as possible to how he feels about life himself. 

“In my opinion, there are a lot of negative emotions in music trends nowadays,” he said. “I decided to create my own world where every story has a happy ending. These days I am fascinated by the music of the 50s and 60s. ‘Just Fly’ is my positive mantra, and every sound in it was created to stimulate endorphins and set the mood for a flight of fantasy.” 

As soon as listeners hear the opening bars of “Just Fly,” they’ll recognize the influences of 50s and 60s music on the song. It’s almost as if Max spent a day in the studio with Elvis Presley and the two of them brought to life a more modern-day take on that throwback sound. The fun Pop vibe is upbeat and full of joy, and the hook is definitely catchy. People all over the world will be playing this on repeat for years to come. And the colorful video is filled with energy and lends even more to that nostalgic, feel-good vibe.  

It’s songs and videos like this that have led Max to achieve more than 1.5 billion listeners and gain 15.5 million radio plays over the years. He’s been championed by the likes of Forbes, l’offiel Hommes, GQ, Vogue, Playboy, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Instyle, and Glamour. He has also provided the official soundtrack for a Pepsi commercial. And now, after listening to his international fans clamoring for an all-English single, he is ready to deliver “Just Fly” to his global audience and showcase the true star that he is. 

“Just Fly” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and the video is available on his YouTube channel.

To listen to Max Marskih’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: