Mystics Ent interviews w/ Rico Flacko @ScottieBinPiffn

What’s good Rico? Explain how music became your passion?

Music was always a thing in my household. Me and my two brothers was always kickin it free styling around the crib. Shit ain’t get serious until we started G.O.O.D Boyz

Talk to us about where you grew up and what was life like in your city?

I grew up in Brooklyn,New York. Brooklyn was chaos at the time we left. I grew up in Breukelen Houses aka Brookline Projects. You had ya fair share of drug dealers, murderers, ball players. But ain’t nobody make it out. Growing up everybody thought me and my brothers was going to be ball players, guess shit don’t always turn out how you want.

Originally born in Brooklyn, How did you end up in Savannah, GA?

Crazy, cause I don’t really know. My parents just picked up one day and just decided they wanted to get their kids out of the hood. They had some friends from Brooklyn who moved to Savannah, so they packed us all up and never looked back. I was mad at first but now I love da pote!

Describe your sound. What do you want potential fans to hear when they listen to your music?

It’s like this, my sound varies from song to song. Some songs I’m hype as fuck, like Pressure, then I have songs like Jealous, where I’m gone off henny in my feelings but the word play still valid! I just want potential fans to listen to my music and just catch a vibe, whether they’re driving home, working out, or even just chilling. I just want to continue to surprise myself by making dope music.

What single or project are you pushing right now?

Well right now, FLACKO SZN just dropped last night on SPINRILLA. It’s a mixtape I collaborated with my brother TheYear95 on. Everything on there is a jewel in my opinion. Definitely slept on but only time will tell.

Who are some of your music influences in the business?

Some of my biggest influences asides from Jay-Z of course would be Future,Meek Mill, & my brother TheYear95. Future because of his work ethic the boy is a beast. Meek because of how people count him out and he delivers every time, I can relate to shit like that. TheYear95 because the boy is GOLDEN and is the main reason why I rap!

What do you think about the state of the music business today?

The state of the music business right now is litt! They’re letting a lot of dope artist express themselves and make music others can relate to. HipHop shifted the music business with this new wave of artists.

What is your definition of Grynd?

My definition of Grynd is Hardwork & Dedication. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Every time! Be dedicated to what you put you time and effort into, you can only live today once.

What is next for Rico Flacko?

I got ISSABODYBAG pt1 coming out September 14th. The video to “Pressure” drops August 15th.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Twitter @ScottieBinPiffn & IG @issabodybag

Any Shout outs?

Shoutout to my brother TY95, Spazz, Jig,Nas, the whole YGB, and everybody who supports what I do and keep me safe and out trouble. FlackoSzn Out on Spinrilla Now Thank Y’all.


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