Inferno (Descent) by Floowood


In the age of the digital renaissance, art takes on new forms, elevating the conventional modes of consuming music. Few artists perform like Floowood, perfectly painting our minds with an auditory roller-coaster through our complex emotions that lead to blissful release!

His fans, the “Floo Crew ”, popularized him as the love-child of Post Malone, 311, & Gandhi who traveled back to our time as a Shaman to dose the world with a solid DMT trip. Floowood has evolved his artistry yet again, but into a guitar wrapped 808 evangelist, channeling ancient narratives into a modern day funky jam!

His latest 11/11 dual-project Inferno “Descent” & “Ascent” displays his diverse genius, providing us a futuristic montage of music: an air of dewy moss, mysterious fog coupled with lush clearings and Palo Santo mist burning off the top of hills in the name of justice! Formed with audio-visual intent, Floowood’s records celebrate the sounds of life, its chaos, and nature, mixed with serious ancient drums. Even some of his synthetic elements suggest natural phenomena: Ethereal whale calls echo deep into our soul like reeds; bass tones cleave the air as forcefully and unexpectedly as thunderclaps. However surprising, some of these atmospheric qualities are Floowood’s ability to sound off nature nymphs, trees and plant spirits, echoing the world much like a Studio Ghilbi film.

The complexity of his emotions and the spectacular production make this his most ambitious work to date. Paired with alternative EDM, Rock, and Hip-Hop, he displays human nature in a way that interacts with ancient storied tradition. As though he’s taking cues from the future, his remarkably rich stories sink deep into our soul.

Floowood, also known as Corbin Billings, is also a published author giving his fans “The Book on Inferno”. The book expounds on the deeper intent of his latest album. He is an accomplished film producer winning Jury Award for Best Documentary for “Bite Size”, and recording artist who has gained notoriety through his writing, visuals, and musical performances. The result of his album Inferno and Ascent is oddly refreshing: an artsy display of human condition. An accomplished fusion and dual-album, together each of these tracks portray the vices & victories of our reality so vividly.

Inferno: Descent & Ascent by Floowood is available on all platforms. The video for “Ghost” ft. Sincerely Collins is currently climbing the YouTube ranks. Find all things Floowood at , including “The Book of Inferno ” and the hottest Inferno merchandise.!

Instagram: @FLOOWOOD