Introducing Punchline Q


PUNCH LINE Q AKA SWEET SIXTEEN was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Long Island Hempstead uniondale area. He grew up listening to real hip hop. Real mcs. He started rapping and was more of a freestyle type rapper never writing rhymes just freestyle. PLQ attended Morgan state college where he discovered that people liked his flow and he started to write songs and teamed up with Robert studdart a producer from the Baltimore area.

PLQ dropped out of college but lived in the area for a few years he got to see the ugly side of Baltimore and learned a few street lessons on the way PLQ has a unique flow and his main attribute is the way he flows over tracks with poetic style raps. He has great punch lines and references social events in his raps . He has an off and on style that always seems to fit the beat

He describes his flow like” (Comfort food Like, “Mac and cheese Peanut butter and jelly) Something you can relate to. A old school feel. With modern day issues in mind. He considers himself a hybrid, a mixture of old and young. Poetry meets the streets He pays great attention to his words and lives off his unique flow. Punch line Q aka Sweet sixteen has started his company known as sprout inc with the right promotion he believes he and his team can corner the market for a style of hip hop that has gone missing. His company. Sprout entertainment LLC is on course to take the hip hop world by storm and restore law and order to what rap and hip hop was meant to be.

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