Juvahn – Vibes @itsjuvahn


LOS ANGELES, CA [August 28th, 2020] — Continuing to burst onto the scene in a major way, Australian singer/songwriter Juvahn returns to the airwaves this week with the release of her new single Vibes” (produced by Wasay) officially out now on all platforms. From the moment the beat drops on this slow-tempo ballad, Juvahn’s voice and overall aura will capture your attention and keep it until the final note. Giving off “feel-good” energy from start to finish, this beautiful songbird uses her catchy and relatable lyrics to give listeners the perfect new track to close out the summer. 

To help bring the song to life, Juvahn also unloads a mesmerizing visual for “Vibes” courtesy of Bright Minds Entertainment. Ducked off in a beautiful body of water surrounded by a forest-like setting, Juvahn and her girls embrace the song’s message and enjoy the ultimate relaxation and “good vibes.” The scenery for this video perfectly captures the essence of the track and truly allows listeners to fully digest Juvahn’s latest release. Despite the current state of affairs with Covid-19 and the laundry list of issues the U.S. and beyond are experiencing, it’s artists like Juvahn and songs like these that help take our mind off of things and allow you to simply enjoy the beauties of life. 

Staying busy at work, Juvahn has had a solid year thus far getting her feet wet in the industry and collaborating with different artists including Famous Dex, Eddy Mack and more. She also officially launched her independent label JV Inc. as well as a new studio for her and her team to work out of. With the quality of the music being as high as it is, in addition to having a strong following that supports her every move, it’s safe to say Juvahn is just getting started. Enjoy her new single “Vibes” below and stay tuned for much more!