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Lil Kev leaves mark on hip-hop industry at only age 15

ALTOONA, IOWA – For as long as he can remember, Kevin Kennedy has wanted to make music and be a professional artist. As he’s grown up in the Midwest town of Altoona, Iowa, he’s often found himself visiting his uncle’s studio – watching closely as other artists record their music and gaining insider knowledge in how the industry works. With every new artist and song recorded in his uncle’s studio, Kevin would dream a little more.

At only age 15, Lil Kev is done waiting for his “some day” to get there. He’s ready to launch his career and show the world that he has lyrics and beats that are ready for the mainstream now. The release of his two new singles is just the beginning, he said. The first is a song called “In My Bag,” which he describes as a challenge to others to ignore the haters and keep pushing through to attain the dreams you want. It’s a more mellow song with a vibe that will be motivational to anyone who listens to it, he said.

The second song is “Lavish Life,” and he feels confident it’s the song that will put him on the map. It’s an upbeat song that shows off his work ethic and the dedication he brings to the craft.

“This is the kind of song that shows how hard I work and hopefully someday a label will recognize me,” he said. “Until that happens, I need to keep going hard. I have a unique sound. My shit is different. Everyone else tries to copy others, but I’m writing my lyrics different than what you hear anywhere else. It’s about my life and showing the world how I live. And I want to be known for being inspirational. If someone has put you down, don’t listen to them. Keep going up.”

Lil Kev’s big goal is to be the first hip-hop artist to come out of Iowa and make it big. His favorite artist today is NBA Young Boy, and he said he’s studied other big artists – especially Chief Keef, Lil Baby and Quando Rondo – to learn what they’ve done to be successful. He’s working with other producers, as well as his uncle, to refine his sound and find beats that will catch fans off-guard while giving them something catchy to listen to. And he writes all of his own lyrics – something he’s proud of for only being 15 years old.

“I’m just looking to make my dreams come true because I know I’m talented,” he said.

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