[New Music] Brutus The Melodist ft. 5tash @5tash_ @brutusthemelodist


Now the newest member of Greenfolkz! an ATL based Label & Collective Group of Independent Artists Led by “5tash”, – Ryan Lamar Alexander, of Prince George’s County, Maryland & “Odashow”- Oluseyi Olaore, outta Cincinnati, Ohio, consisting of Yoxay”- Joseph Allen, also from P.G. County, Maryland, “, “Glorious Queen“- Carolyn Simpson, and Producer “KNYKEYS”, Kenneth Reyes; he surely is amongst great company and some “Folkz” who we already “5now”, know exactly what it takes to make classic records .

On this record, the newly Atlanta-based artist & upriser, Joshua Branden Welch – aka BRUTUS THE MELODIST teams up with Ryan Lamar Alexander – aka 5TASH BANKS, for a timeless debut, sure to stand the test of time! The overall vibe of the song is uptempo & yet very smooth at the same time. The hi-hats lead the beat have a bounce, with slightly heavy 808’s The hook is catchy af with the P.G. County upriser, 5tash paying homage to the hit by LL Cool J “ Doin It”., with a whole new twist, and it works perfectly.

On this record, 5tash talks about how he doesn’t even know how he does the things that he does in a very unique way, the likes unheard thus far. He cleverly discusses making “dubs” or W’s out of L’s or losses, all to the tune of a very catchy melody. Not surprising from the Original “Melodist”.

The PG county native, brought a very vicarious vibe on the hook as many of us can relate by not honestly knowing how we get through doing all the different things we do in our own lives. 5tash, as always, goes crazy n reaches even deeper in his cadence & flow bags to deliver a solid record this time around & never fails to impress us. He not only called for his little brother for back up on this banger but it seems that 5tash formerly known as LaMar The Melodist, has now bestowed his name to Brutus, rightfully so.

Brutus shows up and shows out on this debut hit describing his life, family and experiences thus far as well as expectation for his career all to the tune of a very catchy cadence reminiscent to the hook. You can definitely hear his vocal range on display in full effect on the background of the whole song as well. A very stout performance to be his first time behind the microphone for sure. We’re definitely excited to hear more from the Atlanta Upriser. Big shouts out to Bradford Visuals, LLC who dis a superb job capturing the two of artist on the single artwork in a compilation style movie-like poster.

Brutus is currently in his last year with the Georgia Boy Choir and has traveled to 10 countries with them. Not only has he traveled with them, but he has also performed an entire solo in Carnegie Hall, and even received a standing ovation. He will be the first Black chorister to make it all the way through from the age of 5 to the age of 18. After the death of his close but nonbiological cousin Chazz in 2016, Brutus started making beats which helped him deal with grieving Chazz’s death.

“IEK” is sure to be a classic when it’s all said and done with possibly more heat to come from Brutus the Melodist before we get to hear an entire project. But who knows, we can only wait and see what more is in store but in the meantime be sure you you check out this certified Hit, now available on all digital platforms/outlets!

Stream Now- https://open.spotify.com/album/08K5yCoM8vEbzMmUY3rlpn?si=GRsIRzxBQc-7lhi0ybI1rw


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