[New Music] Lashana La Trice – “I Choose You”


British R&B/Afro-Pop artist, Lashana La Trice, taps back into her jamaican roots with her latest single, “I Choose You”. This song serves as the first single off of her upcoming project, “Everything Is Changing”. This project depicts all the personal obstacles and life changes she has experienced over the last year.

“I Choose You” is the perfect example of where the artists’ intention of meaning and the listeners perspective diverge. At first listen you could come to the conclusion this song was written about a passionate love or very deep relationship with a significant other. However, Lashana wrote these lyrics while sitting in front of her own reflection. This song embodies a conversation with self, describing the most important love of all, self love. This Afro melodic beat, produced by Reginald “Regg” Smith, paired with Lashana’s beautiful tone makes for the perfect summertime vibe that we can all relate to.

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Original Article written by Mikala Zelalem.