[New Single] 5tash- “NO HOE$” @5tash_

Following the release of Mr. Banks’ latest single “ONR”, the Prince George’s County Artist, is back again with one of his biggest certified Bangers to date, titled “NO HOE$”. On this record, Atlanta-based hip-hop upriser, Ryan Lamar Alexander – aka 5TASH Banks goes absolutely nuts teaming back up with none other than rising super producer “PRINCEAMGN”. The two originally collaborated on 5tash’s “Benjiii Frenzy” record also rumored to be featured on his Debut EP “I, 5tash Banks” releasing later this month.

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The intro to the “NO HOE$” is very reminiscent to that of Roscoe Dash’s “No Hands” and rightfully so given the upbeat southern swang, baseline, and overall vibe. With the song titles looking quite similar in spelling to boot. 5TASH, as always, goes crazy on this one, boasting that deep voice of the DMV over a very clublike-twerk type of beat. Much like the rest of the upcoming EP, this record was Executive produced by Joshua Branden Welch, aka “Brutus the Melodist” and 5tash.

The “Deep Voice of the DMV” talks about how he seems to very unbelievably, have “NO HOE$” and how everyone thinks he’s lying. Gotta admit it’s hard to believe him but the Anthem is truly a work of genius, as it works both ways; in the sense that listeners who actually do have “HOE$” as well as the ones who indeed don’t, can both equally enjoy the lyrics and song from their own unique perspectives. This is a very hard craft to execute or master and 5tash seems to hit the nail right on the head with this one. “NO HOE$” as a record, cleverly embodies just what it’s like to be a person that everyone always assumes has “other options” and dealing with those kinds of consequences. It also serves an Ode to staying focused, “Keeping it P” as he calls it and loving lots of money, more than lots of women. “Me I Be F’ing a Check” says it all right there. This record is for those who are more satisfied by the company of “commas” over that of those who scream the words “Periodt!”.

“NO HOE$” looks to be the last Single off of 5tash’s self-titled Debut EP “I, 5tash Banks” releasing in later this month. But who knows for sure, we can only wait and see what more is in store but in the mean and between time, definitely be sure to check out this certified Hit, now available on all digital platforms/outlets!


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