[New Video] Dying To Live feat Strizzy Strokes [shot by @GlassedByChop]

Available on YouTube https://youtu.be/fOde86W0XNs

From a small town called Cayce, SC on the Westside of Columbia, a recording artist named Bigg Cee is on the rise. Also a Writer and Performer of Hip-Hop/Rap music, he is well known in the city for his hood anthem “Cayce” and hard work.

Been writing music forever. Obstacles like almost losing parents and run-ins with the law put a hold on music for a while. Jumped right back in dropping several mixtapes. The Chefboyarcee project is what lead to the latest 2 albums, Tha Entreè and Tha Dessert with the newest single “Dying To Live” feat Carolina artist Strizzy Strokes

Director: Glassed By Chop


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