Ryan Cash – Blessings on Blessings

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Jamaican native Ryan Cash sheds light on troubles of Caribbean Islands while celebrating the carefree lifestyle

LOS ANGELES, CA – People familiar with the Caribbean Islands today know that there are a lot of negative things happening there. Violence, murder, drugs, crime … the Caribbean has gained a bad reputation over the years. But Ryan Cash – who originally hails from Kingston, Jamaica – is on a mission to shed light on the more positive things of that region. With his new EP, he’s using music to help “Save The Caribbean.”

The first single from his upcoming project is “Blessings on Blessings” which went into wide release across all streaming platforms on March 19. Self-described as a “jolly vibe,” the song is one of the most upbeat from the forthcoming EP. Most of the songs on the project deal with topics that are more on the controversial side, but Cash wanted to introduce fans to something fun and carefree with his first introduction into the lifestyle of the Caribbean.

“This song is happy and calling blessings down on yourself,” he said. “It’s basically saying I’m blessed and I’m just happy right now. I’m awake and I’m blessed. I drink some tea and I’m blessed. I take a shower and I’m blessed. It’s about appreciating the simple things. Some people don’t have a cup of tea to drink or a nice bed to sleep in, and this song is meant to help people appreciate those things more.”

Cash moved to America in his teenage years to pursue more opportunities in the music industry. Growing up in Kingston, he played in the marching band and drum corps and lived with a family that was very musical. He also grew up in the same neighborhood that Beenie Man grew up in, and as such, he said the culture of music was ingrained within him at a young age.

Over the years, Cash has developed his own unique sound and style into something that he classifies as Universal Reggae. He has a crossover vibe that comes from living in different cultures, but he focuses mostly on Reggae and Island vibes that fuse in sounds and styles from other genres. With “Save The Caribbean,” Cash takes seven songs to share those signature sounds with the world in ways that will shed light on the troubles of the various Island nations while also celebrating the joyful lifestyle that comes from living in that area. With songs like “Put Down the Gun,” “Don’t Touch The Child” and “Good Good Police,” Cash explores tough topics that he hopes will enlighten listeners and inspire them to pursue positive change in the Caribbean.

“I want my music to be known for truth and love,” he said. “I don’t want to sell a fairytale story. I sing about real-life stuff, not make believe. I write about what I believe and what I feel, and that comes out raw and real and true. And laced through all of that is love.”

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