“S.G.N HUB Exclusive Interview With Sonny Ganzo”


New Documentary “Hypocrisy Culture” by Sonny Ganzo Coming Fall 2021

By Jared Hipsher

On one of the latest SGN Live Podcasts, host Quozzy had on special guest Sonny Ganzo. Sonny Is the founder of Global Sounds Records Label. They discuss the beginning of his illustrious career working with Killarmy, a hugely influential hip hop group from the 90’s. In a behind the scenes look, the podcast goes over Sonny’s humble start-up, with Sonny being a street team promoter with Supreme Mayo to co- executive producing “The Algorythm” by Wu-Tang Clan producer 4th Disciple feat. Sean Price, Peedi Crakk, Rah Digga, Vinnie Paz, Solomon Child’s and more.The Podcast is littered with excited details from Sonny’s time in the music industry and his 1st release under eone Distribution. Sonny also talks about the executive production and re-release of Bizz the Prince’s album “Prince of Jersey” feat. Q Parker of the Grammy Award winning group 112, Kinetic 9 of Killarmy, Philly Freeway and DJ Kayslay.

YouTube “SGN HUB Interview With Sonny Ganzo”

The highlight of the interview is our announcement that SGN HUB will be working with Sonny and Global Sounds Records Label. They’ll be helping with the sound for all our entertainment videos and promotions; featuring music from the previously mentioned artists as well as others like Peedi Crakk , Shabazz The Disciple and Sadat X (Brand Nubians). Sonny shares the ethical life ideas and habits that we strive to incorporate at SGN Hub. With this collaboration it’ll allow us to reach new heights and offer amazing new things featured in our products.

If you’re a fan of hearing stories about the creation of records from Global Sounds Records or getting an in depth look at the behind-the-scenes process of some of their biggest creations; this interview covers it all. The creation of the Label is a can’t miss story that you can hear right now on SGN Live. We also cover Sonny’s new documentary Hypocrisy Culture as well as his new book by the same name, Hypocrisy Culture.
Quozzy gets real in the interview, going past the surface level questions to extrapolate some exciting details that make this a can’t miss show. The path that his documentary took to finally being released, like being pushed back because of last year’s crisis, to the struggles of making his vision a reality, are explored in depth.

The interview is also packed with nuggets of what’s happening now, looking beyond the black and white views that people see and offering deep thoughts on the state of the world as it is. Sonny shares nuggets from his book on what he sees that’s off in the world and how he always tries to be the best version of himself, along with what he does to be great. He talks about trimming the fat every morning and losing the things that you don’t want in your life. His thoughts about being the best person you can be and how not to live as a hypocrite and be real are profound. The views and ideas expressed from a man with his resume offer credentials to his ideas because of the things he’s been through. His journey is one of hard work, perseverance, struggle and ultimately success. This success will inspire others with similar beginnings, hopefully touching people and making the world a better place. The book is definitely worth the read and the documentary is sure to be a hit whenever it’s released.

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