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Recording artist and entrepreneur Marc Illy returns with his new single “Kept You Waiting”.


Marc illy is an American entrepreneur, songwriter, singer, rapper, producer, blogger, social influencer and pianist. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, he grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Boca Raton, FL, and now resides in LA.

Prior to settling in Los Angeles, Marc spent 1 year traveling all of Asia, and residing in Thailand for 1 year, and Tapei, Taiwan for 2.5 years where he opened up a representative office for his businesses.

With Marc’s varied interest and talent in a plethora fields, it was only a matter of time that he started to experiment and become successful in everything from his artistry, production and songwriting to his e-commerce and social media marketing success. Marc is more than an artist; he’s a successful serial entrepreneur.

In his early 20’s, Marc slowly started to land jobs as a freelance recording engineer around Orange County and Hollywood, CA. He then began to collaborate as a recording engineer for Ghost Kasen. He went on to do some co-production and piano playing for Ghost and other artists along the years.

Marc was also afforded the opportunity to work with many legendary artists and producers and witness the music industry firsthand. Landing gigs as a pianist, solo artist, producer, and engineer for many of the big names in the industry, Marc’s success lead him to touring with Method Man and Redman as well as collaborating with several other big named artists.

Illy went on to open up a successful online business in 2012 and later became a social media influencer. He also opened up a Hype Beast dog clothing company, as well as his own clothing line called Illy Drip. He learned a lot about e-commerce after opening his first online business and used that know-how to create many new online stores.

Marc also has a travel blog illytravels.com and travels around the world documenting his travels and experiences he saw as well as continuing to produce music.

“Kept You Waiting” is a special song that Marc wrote and performed in Taiwan with his band. The song speaks to the 6 year hiatus away from music that Marc took while he managed his successful online business. It’s his latest melodic musical offering to his fans, as he lets his fans know that he is apologetic for keeping his fans waiting.

Take a listen to “Kept You Waiting” below:

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