[Single] Splice Sama – Turn It UP


Exile of the 6th Dimension, Splice Sama has the tunes to put you out of this world. His new release “Turn It Up” will truly have you ready to turn up, and is one to keep the party jumping as the new summer bop . With a mix of modern Trap drums and a melody captivating the vibes of a Final Fantasy game, “Turn It Up” leaves the listener in a permanent state of euphoria. Splice’s music has been said to be a brilliantly self-aware and cohesive art piece. With hints of his origins being strategically placed within his lyrics, it’s easy to see why the ladder would be true. In his new single “Turn It Up” it is no different. The song cover screams edgy kawaii with it’s pink and black contrasts, Splice’s name in japanese with a collage featuring upcoming Alternative/Kawaii Model @Cwunchie. It also goes so far to suggest a cute personal story between her and Splice Sama. The lyric video for “Turn it Up” keeps this playful theme going while featuring various Alt. Models, E-girls, and Kawaii honeys from all across instagram. The video, like it’s song, is great and Its an understatement to say the song more than fits the aesthetic. We have no doubt that you will want to add “Turn It Up” by Splice Sama to your Summer Playlist.

Available now https://linktr.ee/splice.sama

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