[Single] T.Y – Love in This Cup (Prod by Hoodzone) @ty205music


The whole concept behind “Love in This Cup” comes with the sexiness within the song which describes the meeting of a female who has the appearance and actions of a seductress just like purchasing your favorite alcoholic beverage. When I’m in a store, the item I’m looking for has to grab my attention so I focus on the look first. Then, I ask the salesperson or pay attention to the number of people that come in and buy the item as well as the number of bottles left (if it is only one, I buy it). While I’m pouring the drink, I begin to think about how much I would love to get more of it. This is the same way I express my feelings about the woman in this song. My purpose was for the audience to understand and feel the words that they may see their significant other the same. So Listen for yourself and I guarantee you will be able to vibe & connect with T.Y when you hear this song.
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