Soufsideslim steps up to the plate with new record ‘Counterfeit” @soufsideslim904


Coming up from unfavorable conditions. never stops someone from dreaming of how they can be better and do better. Sometimes the way you feel the come up should be executed, may not be something everyone agrees with. The goal is to get it how you live by any means necessary, with your eye strictly on progress and Success.

Jacksonville artist SoufsideSlim is focused on progress and success, and how he has to get it is the only cards he can play where he is from. Living life big, with hustle, Grind, Finesse and focus is the way and he talks about it in his self-produced single “Counterfeit”.

Lyrically SoufsideSlim is talking that talk everyone wants to hear and to top it off he connects with the original HotBoy himself HotboyTurk to bring that additional flavor to the record. To say it’s a must hear wouldn’t give this record enough credit. You need to be all the way tuned in. There is also a Choppednotslopped version by Slim K that’s available, so you know SoufsideSlim is not playing any games with this record.

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