Spice 1’s artist Real Smokesta prepares to make his Thug World South debut


Hailing from a small town called Temple, Texas comes an artist who is focused on taking advantage of his time to shine. Through obstacles and unknown setbacks, nothing, not even Texas Ice Storms will stop his consistency and passion.

Real Smokesta assembles a well put together single titled “It’s Your Time” featuring Spice 1, Q Bosilini and El Debarge Jr, son of the great El Debarge. With production from Tae Da Menace, Real Smokesta explains “I want where I’m from to be proud of something more than just athletes. It’s okay to have other dreams. It’s okay to be different “.

“It’s Your Time” talks about achieving goals while being the underdog that is underestimated. “It’s about celebrating success in all forms of life. It’s about clapping for yourself even if nobody claps for you”.

Spice 1 and Q Bosilini do more than just add more flavor to the song, they both ride the production with ease and lyrically inspire you to do more. Real Smokesta’s goal was to make something that inspired people even in situations where you think you cannot do something, in reality you actually can.

Pre-order “It’s Your Time” now and while you wait on the official release get in tune with Real Smokesta on social media and all digital platforms.

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