Paul Hoover – Totally Tubed

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“Totally Tubed” Rides the High on Streaming Platforms, Showcasing Dale Bushka’s Songwriting Techniques 

SAUGUS, CALIFORNIA – Dale Bushka is a versatile songwriter stepping out into the limelight with his original song, “Totally Tubed,” and getting noticed for his melodic lyrics and ability to appeal to listeners in numerous genres.  

“I am very creative,” said Dale Bushka, who’s been writing songs for 50 years. “When you listen to today’s songs, and, believe me, I’ve been listening to the newer songs. A lot of these songs are formulated. They’re the same song over and over again. But my songs are all different.” 

Bushka’s writing style is multifaceted, allowing his songs to extend into multiple genres. Pop, Christian, Rock, and Country songs are found in his songwriting discography. 

However, he is not looking to fill a particular musical style but related to fans with original music and heartfelt lyrics. Unlike other artists who write, sing, and produce their work, Bushka is a songwriter seeking a singer, band, and producer. Previously he worked with a friend who produced, sang, and performed on his songs. However, as life would have it, his friend pursued other career opportunities leaving Bushka, a songwriter, without a band. Not letting that stop him, Bushka is promoting the songs that have been produced in hopes of connecting to musicians looking for a songwriter.  

“Totally Tubed” is a fun pop song featured on YouTube that showcases Bushka’s songwriting abilities. Keeping summer alive throughout the year, the piece focuses on a surfer facing a giant wave who bails out ‘fore he wipes out. Not letting the wave get the best of him, he jumps back on his board and prepares for the next big wave.  

With a strong chorus and catchy beach-like vibe, the song is packed with fun. “It is just like surfing. It’s about enjoying and loving life. ‘Totally Tubed’ brings back that kind of fun and enjoyment everybody can relate to,” he said. 

In addition to “Totally Tubed,” Bushka is getting noticed with “Badass Jesus.” While the song title may indicate a negative take on Christianity, the opposite is true. “Badass Jesus” is an edgy punk rock song that strikes a chord with listeners. “Instead of being a passive song, it shows Jesus as a strong person and teaches us to be strong,” said Bushka.  

While Bushka is not seeking fame and fortune from his songwriting, he is passionate about his craft. “I create music, and I want to put it out there for everyone to enjoy. It is what I do and love.”

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Joju – I’ll Miss You Too (Ft. Olivia Randle)

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Joju Merges Folk and Pop Melodies Mixed with Heartfelt Lyrics in “I’ll Miss You Too” 

FAYETTEVILLE – There are not many army drill sergeants who are musicians. Furthermore, most musicians are not U.S. Army drill sergeants. But for Joju, the combination works, and the result is musical magic on full display in his first studio album, “I’ll Miss You Too.”  

Intertwining traditional folk with today’s pop is at the foundation of Joju’s sound. Inspired by the early sounds of Mumford & Sons sans a drum set while adding an electric guitar, the signature Joju music is created. This, coupled with unforgettable hooks and relatable topics, compile the seven track album.  

Referring to a conversation with a friend, Joju said, “We were talking about how life is a powerful thing and sometimes, you make something into a song or put an experience into a song, and it gives words to people that don’t have any. Every voice is different – and this is mine.” 

The album’s self-titled track, “I’ll Miss You Too,” is a soulful folk reflection on life after a relationship ends. “A lot of times when someone moves on, whether you want them to or not, they have a big impact on your life,” he said. “There’s some people you’re going to think about long after they’re out of the picture.” 

Whether referring to a former lover or deceased family member, “I’ll Miss You Too” lets listeners know memories never die. 

Picking up the tempo, the party song “Callin’” has a classic old-school Mumford & Sons vibe. With the verse: “the rhythms knocking on my door telling me to get down on the floor,” “Callin’” focuses on living life on the edge. “This song is about a completely new experience and doing things that you’re not used to doing,” he said. “There are just some things that call out to you, whether it be something extreme like skydiving or something very simple. I want to connect with people who are trying something new and tell them sometimes just to go for it.” 

Perhaps “Callin’” is representative of Joju, a California native who attended business school, enlisted in the U.S. Army, was stationed in Alaska as a paratrooper, and now is an Army Reserves drill sergeant. Taking chances and following your dreams is the story of his life. 

While currently wrapping up work on music videos for numerous “I’ll Miss You Too” singles, Joju said, “Every time you hear a song, there’s something special in it. I’m not making music to be famous; I just love to make music.” 

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Deetrxll – Mr Trxll

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Deetrxll Combines Trap and R&B in “Certified Gutta Boy”  

PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS – Known for his signature narratives that grab your soul and a hard-hitting cadence, Deetrxll’s album, “Certified Gutta Boy,” is an inside look at the artist who is quickly gaining attention on streaming platforms.  

At only 24 years of age, Deetrxll bypassed mainstream music to write and perform his style that combines the smooth rhythms associated with R&B and the melodic beats of trap. Setting this Louisiana native apart from other musicians, Deetrxll’s voice and versatility cannot be copied.  

“My voice is a high pitch but not too high. It’s in the middle – a deep high-pitched voice,” said Deetrxll.  

Admitting that his writing topic varies on his moods, Deetrxll’s album “Certified Gutta Boy” was written a year ago. Busy dropping singles, the album was put on the backburner. But the songs depicting Deetrxll’s life are now released for fans to get an inside look at what makes this up-and-coming storyteller tick.  

“Everybody wanted me to drop an album. I don’t really know why I waited so long,” he stated. “I think maybe I was scared of what people would be like. This is my first professional, studio recording album.” 

Any fears that Deetrxll had about the Nov. 2 album release quickly faded. Listeners continue to give the nine-track LP high marks.  

“Certified Gutta Boy” kicks off with “Mr. Trxll (Intro),” which is an inside look at Deetrxll. “It’s really about me and where I came from – the bad area of Louisiana and coming to Texas,” he said.  

Keeping the up-tempo vibe going, “We Outside” is destined to be a club, hard-hitting favorite song. Featuring P.A. Yung’n, the single dives further into Deetrxll’s current life. The party song focuses on both sides of a town, sometimes rivals, coming together to party without violence.  

Influenced by music greats like Lil Wayne, 2Pac, and Lil Baby, Deetrxll is developing a lengthy discography demonstrating his unique storytelling abilities and melodies. While other artists inspire him, his music is original, and each track gives listeners a different vibe. He performs a rap song and follows it up with a smooth R&B track switching back and forth throughout “Certified Gutta Boy.”  

Listening to this hip hop artist, you may think he always wanted to be a musician. However, the former tattoo artist says he “got tired hearing the same song over and over when working. So, I went and made my own music. One of my friends heard it and said I should keep going, so I just kept going.” 

While Deetrxll is becoming addicted to hitting the studio and dropping singles, he is currently compiling an EP and completing music videos. Fans can expect to see more Deetrxll originals before the end of 2021.  

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Nikell Ariel – Only God

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‘Only God’ Hits Home with Nikell Ariel, Showcasing Raw Honesty

ATLANTA – Never losing sight of who she is, Nikell Ariel gets honest with fans in her latest single, “Only God,” which focuses on being truthful with yourself and your circumstances.

The charismatic, soft-spoken singer and songwriter embraces her past by sharing her struggles and melodic undertones throughout the song. “I’m into just keeping it honest. I’ve been through a lot, so my music is displaying things that I’ve been through, things that I’ve learned throughout my life,” explained Nikell Ariel.

When Nikell Ariel was a young child, her parents died from HIV AIDS. Instead of letting that define her life, she persevered by turning to music. “I prefer my music to be positive because I have just been through so much, and it is good to shed light on different experiences. God has been a big influence in my life because of the things that I have been through,” she added.

Many times, hearing the word “God” and music indicates a “preachy” gospel song, but that is not the case with “Only God.” In fact, “Only God” is a confident rap anthem that garners attention on streaming platforms. The music video is the perfect accompaniment to the song as it shows how life’s ups and downs affect people, such as drug use, domestic violence, and poverty. Meanwhile, Nikell Ariel looks on, rapping that life is what it is, and you must take responsibility for your actions, and “Only God” can and should make judgments.

“I wrote ‘Only God’ in the summer during the pandemic,” she said. “It was a chance to look at myself and what I’ve been through, what I struggle with, faith in His learning, and that I just need to depend on God. I want to express my struggles and let you know that we all just struggle with different things. When we recognize that, we see that we are all human – nothing is really that different.”

While “Only God” is a rap song, it is a testament to Ariel’s confidence, in-your-face charismatic hooks, and melodic undertones that showcase her ability to harmonize and change her voice.

Describing her latest hit, Ariel said, “It’s original, and it’s authentic. It’s just me. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve been through. It has made me who I am today. If I can get it out there, it’ll help somebody, even if it’s just one person – I’m OK with that.”

While Ariel is not planning on slowing down, she is releasing her latest single and music video. “I love doing music. It doesn’t matter about the money. I have just to keep it going ‘cuz it’s something that I love,” she said.

When asked about the song’s title, she replied, “I’m the coolest person that loves God that you ever (will) meet. And you know what? At the same time, I’m not here to judge anybody ‘cuz I’m dealing with the same things you’re dealing with right now. I just rap about it.”

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Bros Inc – Hide

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Bros Inc tap into pain of the streets on inspiring new EP ‘Bully Way Living’

BALTIMORE, MD – Ma’el and Yasha Muhammad – AKA Bully Boy and 410 YDB – are biological brothers who make up the dynamic duo known as Bros Inc. This powerhouse hip-hop duo is lighting up the East Coast with their unique swag and standout style, which is featured on their new album “Bully Way Living,” for which they already have a deal with RMG Music/Sony. Featuring 10 songs that showcase their hometown of Baltimore City, the album is one part an introduction to the natural talents of these two brothers, and another part a display of such originality that many industry insiders are starting to sit up and pay attention.

The songs on the album are inspired by real life situations from the lives of these two brothers. The way they weave stories and rap about how they feel about what’s going on today is inspiring and thought-provoking. Their style is also entertaining and ready-made for chilling with friends or having a fun night out on the town. In fact, it’s that kind of carefree lifestyle mixed with hard work and perseverance that these brothers say equates to “Bully Way Living.”

“It’s about doing your thing and living life how you want,” Bully Boy said. “Just do what you want to get where you want to go without taking anything from anyone. We living the Bully way, and this album is us letting them know what’s going on.”

The debut single from the project is a song called “Hide,” the video for which just hit YouTube on Oct. 14. It’s a song about people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. According to the brothers, there have been too many occasions in their lives in which someone has promised to do something for them, but then never made good on that promise. They don’t walk the walk. This song, therefore, is a challenge to anyone listening that “You gotta stand on what you got going on,” they said.

“All this Internet talk won’t get you nowhere,” said 410 YBD. “You gotta stand on it, because if you don’t we’ll find where you hide.”

Born and raised in the violent drug-infested streets of Baltimore City, these two brothers have experienced their fair share of pain and hardship. They’ve lost three older brothers – one of them killed by Baltimore police, one murdered by gang violence and one passing from a drug overdose. That pain and struggle comes through in every single lyric and vibe they create through their music. In fact, it’s rap and music at large that helped them cope with the hardships of their lives, and by using that artform as a natural outlet they discovered a unique ability to connect with others.

“We feed off that everyday life we’re living,” Bully Boy said. “When we go in that booth it’s like two people with one mind, and we’re rapping about things we’re really living out. Ain’t no fake. Ain’t no script to this. That’s why it’s so authentic. It’s so real and raw. It’s like we uncut. The game ain’t uncut anymore, but we’re giving the real out.”

“Hide” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

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Pretty Tony – My Pocket Got Money

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Pretty Tony, the King of Memphis Hip Hop Returns to His Throne With “My Pocket Got Money”

LOS ANGELES, CA. – Pretty Tony is a legend in the Memphis rap scene. His beats, hooks, and style laid the groundwork for rap music that exploded into mainstream music in the 1990s. The classic rap song “GetBuck” was the theme song for “gettin’ buck” as fans were introduced to Memphis rap – and it was Pretty Tony who wrote, recorded, and produced the megahit.  

Currently, Pretty Tony is introducing another generation to his iconic sound with his latest single, “My Pocket Got Money,” which is on fire on streaming platforms.  

Inspiration for “My Pocket Got Money” came while Pretty Tony was surfing the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I saw Lil Boosie talking about how much money he was making a month,” explained Pretty Tony. “He is one of my favorite rappers, and he’s talking about all this money. The guy next to me said, ‘he’s got a lot of money.’ And that got me thinking.” 

Hearing the comments and thinking about it, Pretty Tony knew he was on to something as he came up with a beat and booked some studio time in LA. “My Pockets Got Money” has re-ignited the reign of the King of Memphis Hip Hop.  

“With ‘My Pockets Got Money,’ I just want people to be inspired and let them know, don’t give up on your dream and not be motivated,” Pretty Tony said. “Stay motivated, and you can make it. You just got to believe in yourself and stay focused – and your pocket is going to have a lot of money.” 

Even though Pretty Tony is living in California, Memphis hip hop runs through his hooks and beats. Memphis rap has returned to the mainstream with its occasional lo-fi sound and minimal synth melodies, and fans cannot get enough.  

Growing up in a house filled with music, Pretty Tony knew he wanted to make his mark in the industry but wanted to do it on his terms, thus creating Memphis rap.  

“I knew I wanted to create my own style, and I’m going to go down and history,” he explained. “I knew I was going to make me and my friends famous.” 

In fact, it was Pretty Tony and his killer song, GetBuck,” that jumpstarted the careers of many rappers. Every platinum rapper out of Tennessee remixed my song GetBuck,’ and that’s what got their career going. Without Pretty Tony’s “GetBuck, you wouldn’t have Yo Gotti, Project Pat, Young Buck, 3 6 Mafia, or MC Hammer, who sold the first diamond selling CD – 10 million copies, after remixing my song’ GetBuck. These are all facts that you can Google. My song GetBuck was event remixed on the movie Hustle & Flow by Memphis rapper Al Kapone. I am the real first king of Memphis. 

In addition to the signature Memphis rap groove, Pretty Tony is well-known for his dance moves with swinging elbows and deep steps on stage while performing. “I’m a little bit wild and a little bit different, and it caught fire,” he recalled.  

While many mainstream rap artists have used his beats and licks, Pretty Tony has not received credit for it, but that has not stopped him. “I’m the rapper that they go to when they want to go platinum,” Pretty Tony quipped. “I write my own music, and I don’t use samples. Everything that you hear from me is authentic Pretty Tony.” 

In addition to writing, rapping, and producing, Pretty Tony is an entrepreneur with his own record label, Verse Drop LLC, and a clothing apparel line. But his music continues to define this southern rapper. With nearly 500,000 Spotify streams for his latest single, Pretty Tony is taking off again, proving that being over 50 does not matter when you are the first King of Memphis Hip Hop.  

“I’m back, and I’m in the rap game,” promised Pretty Tony.  

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Dolo Fibonacci – Cujo (Buss Out Da Trap)

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Southern Rapper Dolo Fibonacci Perfects Soul Trap Music with “Cujo”

BIRMINGHAM – Diversity is the critical ingredient for Southern rap, and Alabama’s own Dolo Fibonacci is expanding that signature trap rap sound with “Cujo,” his latest album.

“My music is strictly out for feeling and emotion,” said Dolo Fibonacci. “My songs provide that. Rapping in the South, I have an opportunity to create a voice.”

The voice that Fibonacci creates with each single on “Cujo” demonstrates his authority for hard rapping hooks and lines followed by a soul-pounding beat that always has a consciousness under each rhyme.

“‘Cujo’ is really an alternative perspective of trap music,” explained Fibonacci. “This is the equivalent to what urban legend is about, and it is my music. If you look at any other previous things that I have, at least one has been about me showing my artistry regarding my delivery. It involves more perspective bass traps where I’m trying to spin and be lyrical.”

Those “barriers” are how Fibonacci relates with his global fanbase. “I am not being a braggadocious rapper who’s just trying to sell you. I’ve been living through some shit, and I want you to listen and hopefully be with me in a way that I can get you through some of the shit. You can take my transitions, my struggles, and tribulations and being broken down on your ass, not knowing how to get out of those situations, and know that I’ve been there in your same situation,” explained Fibonacci.

Taking inspiration from a childhood surrounded by music greats such as Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Fibonacci expanded his musical scope to include rap legends like UGK and Outkast to set the foundation for his unique style takes listeners on a journey. “I was always around music, and it was always nearby,” he said.

The connection between music and this Southern rapper led to his name. “I got the name Dolo from being comfortable making moves by myself. I added Fibonacci as a reference to say, ‘Dolo Forever’ because the Fibonacci sequence is never-ending and a part of all things,” he revealed.

And “forever” in the industry is what Fibonacci plans to be. “I’m just a normal person, and I go through shit like everybody. I deal with the same emotions and feelings that every normal person in the world does, but I’m resilient, and I don’t stop until I get what I want. I’m going to keep on fighting no matter how many times I get punched and land on my ass. I get up every time,” he said.

The Southern-bred native continues to take steps to improve his life, and each song sends a clear message to fans that hope is ahead. Additionally, Fibonacci is a mentor for up-and-coming rappers through his record label Innovative Visions. “We’re just trying to build each other up at the same time. With ‘Cujo,’ I’m just making some really dope music that the people can vibrate.”

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Mic Nickels – Rappers Don’t Smile

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Music industry vet pokes fun at the ‘scowling rapper’ with upbeat new track ‘Rappers Don’t Smile’ 

NEW YORK, NY – With more than two decades in the music industry, Mic Nickels has become an inspiration for underground indie artists. His latest hit single is a nod to that pedigree and an homage to the rap lifestyle. “Rappers Don’t Smile” is an upbeat, fun track that examines the phenomenon of the scowling rapper. Debuting as the first single from his forthcoming “Bars For Days” album, the song features a bright piano melody laid against an energetic and playful beat. It’s a fun track that pokes fun at the “scowl” for which many rappers around the world have become known. And the video – directed by Luis “Fuego” Moya – utilizes cameos from many underground rappers showing off their meanest “ice grills,” including Blacastan, Masai Bey, BMS, L.I.F.E.LONG, Mr. Cord, J SWISS, Whichcraft, Discrete, Brimstone, Emaculit, Quest the Unborn Child, Saint Joseph, Dik Dastardly, Keith Elite, Rude 100, Odyssey Fluxx, and Ekym 1536. Produced by the notorious Colombeyond, the song is easily one of the most fun and upbeat hip-hop tracks fans will ever hear. 

“For me, hip-hop was meant to be fun,” Nickels said. “It’s a break from the struggle. Somehow over the years it became the struggle, but I wanted to bring back that feeling of fun. I’ve gone to a lot of open mics, and everyone is always so hard and angry. I wanted to examine the phenomenon of the scowling rapper and break that down. The irony is that when I was writing the song I was taking a creative writing class and the teacher wanted me to talk about smiling. In my head I was like, ‘Man, rappers don’t smile!’ And I realized it was pretty hilarious and perfect. And then the beat Colombeyond sent me was called “Smile” – which he paired with this old, obscure sample from South America from the 70s that was light and fun – and it just came together for me all in one sitting. That happens sometimes for me. Those are the magic moments – when you’re inspired and you can just do the whole track at once. I’m really proud of the song. It fits in the boom-bap vein, which kind of encapsulates who I am. And if you just randomly met me one day you might catch me smiling because I’m generally a positive dude.” 

Nickels said he plans to drop a couple of singles from “Bars For Days” before releasing the full album on Dec. 10. “Rappers Don’t Smile” will be released across all streaming platforms on Nov. 5, followed by “Sky City” on Dec. 3. 

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Dez Mac – Know About It

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Dez Mac uses trials of the past to spur others on toward achieving their dreams 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hard circumstances make for tough lessons learned, but sometimes it’s those hard times that end up defining the legacy we leave. That’s the case for West Coast artist Dez Mac, whose time living in a homeless shelter for a few months after first moving to San Francisco became the spark of inspiration he needed to pursue his dreams.  

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Dez Mac moved to San Francisco about four years ago with an idea to pursue his passion of making music professionally. He’d graduated from college with a degree in electrical engineering, but never found a job in that sector – instead settling for a job as a plumber. He hated it, and one day decided to make the leap and move to San Francisco. But he had no money and no support, and so the first three-and-a-half months in that new city were spent in a homeless shelter. But it was there that he found his muse, so to speak, writing about his experiences and sharing his songs with the other residents of the shelter. 

“I initially wasn’t sure people would like my music, but the people there loved it so much and one girl took me to a place called The Sunset where I did a recording, and everything just took off,” Dez Mac said. “Since then I’ve done more than 50 shows and I did my own tour in Atlanta and Las Vegas. I’ve been offered distribution deals. I’ve worked with producers like Zaytoven and DJ Fresh. I’ve been featured on Bow Wow’s mixtape. I went from living in a shelter to being a successful artist and touring all over the world. It’s been a crazy journey and experience, but it has all lead me to being able to invest in my music and live this dream.” 

Dez Mac is set to release his newest hit single on Oct. 22 when he drops “Know About It.” Inspired by the gun violence and police brutality of recent years, the song explores a number of social ills and challenges listeners to do something about the wrongs they see around them.  

“My goal is to spread peace and love through my music,” Dez said. “In all of my songs I’m trying to get across a message. This one has more of an up-tempo beat and it gives you a real feel and a good look inside my life. It’s powerful because it’s relevant in what’s going on in the world and what’s going on in people’s lives. It’s lyrical and enjoyable, but it also has that wow factor that people are going to recognize as something different than anything else they’re hearing out there right now. Mostly, though, I’m just trying to bring a positive vibe that inspires people to go for their dreams and to realize that no one is perfect, but we can all strive to be better.” 

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Di’Atti – Demons

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Di’Atti Debuts with High Energy “Demons” 

LOS ANGELES – Sometimes, you just know you want to be a musician. That was the case for Di’Atti, a self-proclaimed nomad born in Houston, raised in Nebraska, and calls home Mar Vista, a suburb of Los Angeles. 

“One day, I just sat down and thought that I’ve always liked music. I heard a lot of music, and sometimes the lyrics just didn’t match for me. I wanted the lyrics to say what was in my head. So, I started to write a verse here and there.” 

And that was the beginning of Di’Atti’s career as an artist.  

His first EP, “Off to New Hampshire,” is currently available on streaming platforms and getting noticed by listeners attracted to his energy-packed rap and rhythm style of singing.  

For Di’Atti, writing lyrics is not just taking pen to paper – it is life-changing. “I get a feeling that goes through my whole body, the energy and everything with it. I hear a beat, and it sparks something in my head. I just go off, and the words come,” he explained.  

Unlike other artists who simply rap to the beat, Di’Atti changes the music landscape with innovative flows and hooks that dig deep in listeners’ souls, making them want more.  

When asked about his specific tone and sound, he said, “It’s a unique pitch. I’ve always been told that it stands out well from others and is very distinct. Maybe it is because my voice isn’t exactly like anyone else’s.” 

That individuality is one key ingredient to “Off to New Hampshire.” The EP contains seven tracks which Di’Atti refers to as a “mixed tape” because each song is different in style and tone but maintains his pitch and perfection for writing lyrics. “You can hype up to it and just relax to it. It has a little bit of everything,” he said. 

Getting noticed by listeners worldwide, “Demons” is gaining traction and airplay as new listeners discover Di’Atti.  

“Everybody in life has that point, where they finally get to, where they want to be. But there’s just something that could be in the closet – a demon. Demons are a good word to describe what people will be going through. It’s just something inside that always aches at them,” he explained. 

Taking a page from his nomadic lifestyle, Di’Atti added, “I want people to listen to it and be in tune with themselves. So, they can relate to whatever that problem may be.” 

Another track on his debut EP is “HollyWood,” the perfect song to play while driving or at a party to get things started with its deep vibes and decent raps.  

Looking ahead to the future, Di’Atti said, “I just want y’all to feel good when listening to my music. I feel good making it, and I hope the energy I put into it reflects. Hopefully, you get the same good energy that I felt. If we can all tune in and come into sync, the energy is going to be wild. I’m all for good vibrations.” 

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