YB Linkz – Feanin

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YB Linkz continues to ride wave of success with hit summer club banger ‘Feanin’ 

BROOKLYN, NY – A hot new club banger from East Coast artist YB Linkz has been creating quite a buzz throughout New York and expanding regions thanks to its upbeat vibes and sexy sound. “Feanin” is a song that YB describes as “dirty Pop with a Hip-Hop feel.” It’s a song he said feels like a strip club kind of song, but with a twist that includes R&B vibes that make it more smooth than raw. Featuring fellow East Coast artist A. Vinchi, the song serves as a platform for the two artists to display their impressive flow as they bounce back-and-forth with raps that explore their mutual desire for a gorgeous woman in the club.  

“Basically we’ve created a concept where we’re both lusting over her,” YB Linkz said. “He’s the player and I’m the smooth guy. He wants to marry her, but I’m just trying to get with her. It’s kind of raunchy in some ways, if you think about it, but the vibe is just a fun club banger. It’s a hit, for sure.” 

Originally known by the name Linxy Boi, and then eventually Linkz, today YB Linkz has developed a reputation in the industry as one of the hottest independent artists active around the world. It doesn’t matter who’s track he’s on, he absorbs the vibe and becomes more than merely another collaboration. Working alongside of the some of the biggest names in the industry, YB Linkz has developed a reputation as the go-to guy for hits.  

To understand his genius as an artist, YB Linkz is quit to point new fans to his Caribbean roots and a unique sound and style that’s been inspired by artists such as Chris Brown, Rihanna and Busta Rhymez. He also uses inspiration from EDM and other various genres to make a fusion of sound that can only be described as original – or, in his words, “Jumbalaya Flow.” 

“I want my music to be big,” he said. “At its purest form its Pop, but less Backstreet Boys and more dirty Pop. I am singing melodies and giving you a story, but It’s not a cookie-cutter kind of sound. I’m putting thought into what I’m creating and I’m speaking with people and giving them great stories. I have that Drake kind of sound, but I had it before Drake was even a thought – I’ve been doing that since the mid-2000s when I first started recording. I had to switch my style up and have done some things differently over the years – recently going to more of a rap style. I like to battle rap, and you can tell that with my flow. But more than anything I’m just going to be me. I cross lyrical content with keep the same flow I’m known for, and I’m Caribbean and I apply that to my music, as well. I’m taking all that with me into the studio and making crazy-ass hits.” 

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Phenom Elan Suave Collabs with Former American Idol Finalist Olivia Ximines for “Teen Romance Remix”


Phenom Elan Suave Collabs with Former American Idol Finalist Olivia Ximines for “Teen Romance Remix

17-year old rap phenom Elan Suave has teamed up with former American Idol Top 20 finalist, Olivia Ximines, on the “Teen Romance Remix”, a follow up duet to the smash single released in August which has already garnered significant support across major streaming platforms and media outlets.

On the “Teen Romance Remix”, Elan and Olivia channel the relatable emotions and harmonic vibes of the original version impeccably as they exchange authentic and engaging verses throughout the course of the song.

The sincerity of their respective vocal performances projects an appealing authenticity that makes it sound like they’re just having a back and forth romantic conversation.

Olivia brings a fresh perspective to the track from the female point of view as she sings gracefully over the soulful chords produced by Jose “Clutch” Martinez.

She displays her wide-ranging vocal ability on the duet which is a perfect complement to Elan’s signature blend of hip-hop style flows and melodic R&B vocals.

The young, dynamic recording artists, who are also freshmen at Howard University, have collaborated to create a superb hip-hop/R&B ballad in the vein of Method Man/Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule/Ashanti etc. that is sure to resonate with music listeners as much as the original version.

“Teen Romance Remix” is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify link below). Make sure to stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library.
Listen to “Teen Romance Remix”


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Schyler O’Neal – IOU

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Well known producer steps out from behind the scenes to drop impressive debut single ‘IOU’ 

Schyler O’Neal is a name you’re going to want to know about. 

Having served behind the scenes as a producer for many years – most significantly as the developer of the primitive sound for fast-rising young artist Giveon (who was featured on Drake’s new album “Certified Lover Boy”) – O’Neal is now ready to bring his impressive talents to the forefront with his latest single “IOU” 

Showcasing an impressive fusion of R&B and Pop vibes, “IOU” brings the kind of high-quality production value that will immediately make audiences sit up and pay attention. From the opening notes there’s no questions that O’Neal is an artist who means business and who has the kind of talent and experience to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. He’s destined to rise above the crowded industry and stand out in ways that will have global audiences clamoring for more.  

“What makes people unique is when they discover how to express who they are as a person,” O’Neal said. “Everyone has their own unique personality, and I started to discover how to reflect my personality through my music. The style of it and the musicality  shows it. I’m into the craft of songwriting and music production. I think my sound can be appreciated across multiple generations. There are things I draw from older music that inspires me, but there’s also a lot that inspires me from newer trends. Ultimately I think I’ve found something that’s true to me and doesn’t feel forced, and this song is a good combination of who I am and what I can do.” 

O’Neal said “IOU” is about a relationship that ends when one person decides to leave without any warning. You don’t want them to leave, but after they do you later realize they did you a favor. The story of the song will be reinforced by a video that also showcases O’Neal’s dedication to high quality production. As the video follows O’Neal from the end of the relationship to the year afterward when his life gets better, fans will be immediately drawn into the imagery and impressed by the amazing visuals. And as the song comes to a climax, the video invites viewers into a mansion with a big party.  

“It’s a fun track, but it’s also a song that shows my vulnerability as an artist,” O’Neal said. “The concept of what I’m talking about is current, and I’m still feeling the effects of that last relationship. I want people to sense that vulnerability. If I tell my story in its truest form, people who have similar stories can relate to it. But even with this heartbreak type of vibe, the song is upbeat, and I think people will be really grooving to this song. There’s a juxtaposition of joy and vulnerability. And more than anything it’s a way to let people see who I am as a person and find a way to genuinely connect with me.” 

O’Neal said “I.O.U.” should drop in early October, and that he’s already in development with other singles that could land before the end of the year.

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King K – Now or Never

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King K expertly blends R&B and EDM on emotional new track ‘Now or Never’ 

TORONTO, CANADA – A slow-jam, EDM-inspired R&B vibe is making its way to the world with the hot new single from Canadian artist King K. “Now or Never” is a groovy new single that feels like a new take on the sound made famous by The Weeknd, albeit with a unique sound and style that is all King K. Featuring auto-tuned vocals set against a catchy beat and electronic melodies, “Now or Never” is this young artist’s take on a new approach to R&B.  

“R&B is something I was so attracted to and it’s a sound that I wanted to recreate,” King K said. “I’m inspired by the new wave of sound I’ve been hearing lately, and I decided to use that to create a relationship-type song that has an element of heartbreak. This is a song that says you need to commit or it’ll never happen. It’s a song about love and heartbreak and regret and a bunch of different emotions that we all go through.” 

Telling the story of a couple moving back-and-forth through a relationship, the song cleverly incorporates a phone call woven throughout to emphasize the modern-day tale of a love destined to lose. The story features a man and woman who never can quite seem to get on the same page, and eventually the man walks away from the relationship. When the woman realizes what she’s lost and tries to restore the relationship, it’s too late and she’s left realizing just how much she’s lost.  

King K said it’s a song that he knows will connect with a lot of people around the world, and he’s excited for people to hear his new sound. Having developed a career as an artist in the hip-hop and rap world, King K is eager to bring about a new sound and style with his exploration of R&B and EDM. A true fan of storytelling in all its forms, he weaves intricate tales with clever wordplay and emotional lyrics in ways that has both industry insiders and fans buzzing.  

“Essentially what I want to bring is music that makes people feel something and appeals to different groups,” he said. “I’ve been fascinated by so many different types of artists. My big three are Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown – all of whom didn’t stick to one thing but branched out and were able to execute many different styles in amazing ways. Like them, I don’t want to be categorized as a one-dimensional artist. This is my stuff and this is what I can do, and it’s something that’s available to multiple audiences.” 

King K said he’s planning to follow up “Now or Never” with a full album called “Universal” sometime in early 2022.

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“Now or Never” https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Zw1JMr7suaRjTjEs5



Cain MacWhittish – Ouch

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PORTLAND, OR – When you mix an alternative rock and gothic electronica background, you get Cain MacWhittish’s industrial electronic sound that the artist says encompasses all of his influences and experimentation together through his single “Ouch.”  

“I usually tell people to listen to see what they come up with. Some kind of electronic music, that’s what I like to say. I generally try more to come from not a regular electronica background. I try to come more from indie and punk influences.” 

Cain MacWhittish – who also goes by Cain WTF – grew up playing in the community orchestra as well as in school bands. After enlisting in the military for a few years, he moved to NYC in the early ‘90s and played drums in punk bands. He would attend shows of bands such as Jesus Lizard and Girls Against Boys, followed by dancing at venues amidst the ‘90s gothic club scene. MacWhittish made his way to the west coast – living in San Francisco for a majority of his life, until moving to Los Angeles and assisting former Thriller co-engineer Steve Bates, working with artists such as Courtney Love and Eric Clapton, while continually making his own music. He now resides in Portland, OR. where he continues to create his eclectic sound.  

Cain’s music, which includes 148 releases on Bandcamp, comes from using various synth plug-ins through Ableton live, in a songwriting process that has a play by improvising. “Ouch” implements the artist’s industrial and goth electronic sound background. It’s the darkwave sound of his musical history, ebbing in and out of industrial and ambient sounding almost similar to Aphex Twin. MacWhittish describes “Ouch” as a big representation of his music. 

“I feel like ‘Ouch’ really represents the sound I’m trying to create. With all this experimentation, I kind of have an idea of where I wanna go in my head. So ‘Ouch’ is the best installation of that so far.” 

And while MacWhittish is a fan of house DJs, he prefers to make eclectic mixes that have gained listeners off of Mixcloud, reaching up to almost 13k plays. Since Covid, he has spent his time in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square with a synthesizer set-up performing live sets and sets his interests on playing music festivals in the future, honing his DJ skills after attending Movement Music Festival in Detroit. 

“The year I went, I was like ‘I should just up my DJ game’ so if I ever by some miracle got invited to play festivals like this, I’d be comfortable saying yes.” 

You can listen too Cain MacWhittish single “Ouch” and more, below: 





HassanMelanated – Biidi Yangu

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HassanMelanated releases debut single of a solo career 

ATLANTA, GA – HassanMelanated grew up surrounded by the energy and magic of the music industry and now he is taking the reins on his own career. Influenced by the work of his father, Hitman Sammy Sam, his uncle who produced music, it was no surprise that HassanMelanated took to music as well. Now, fully on his own, HassanMelanated is releasing his newest single “Black Sheep”. 

HassanMelanated has been involved in the music industry for several years now, but has only just taken on the intensity of working fully alone. Without others, however, we are able to see a track that fully encapsulates who this artist is. “I wanted to be true to who I am,” he said. “When people are listening to the track I want them to be able to say ‘Okay, this is who Hassan is, before all of the extra things get added in.’” 

Before taking on his solo career, HassanMelanated began his career in 2016 with a duo group. From there, his love for music led him to pursue a solo career as well as a solo move to Africa. Now, back in the states, he is ready to share his music with the world. “Black Sheep” is now his first release since coming home.  

“Black Sheep” does a brilliant job of letting listeners get to know who they’re listening to. It tells a story of who inspired HassanMelanated and how he got to where he is today. “I talk about my family and a little bit about how I came up. I’ve named a couple of people who inspired me, that I grew up with, it’s really just my story.” he explained.  

HassanMelanated created “Black Sheep” with the intention of sharing who he truly is as an artist, but there is more to the song than just that. “This song is about staying true to yourself and taking care of your mental and physical health,” he said. “It reminds you not to be influenced by the negative things that can pull you in.” To HassanMelanated, this means putting God first, and focusing on his music. 

While the song does have a deeper focus, it is meant to do more than simply introduce you to HassanMelanated. “Black Sheep” also has a dance feel to it, allowing people to enjoy the vibe of the song as much as they can enjoy the lyricism. This song is a full package.  

“Black Sheep” releases on October 1, and from there HassanMelanated has even more to come. Following the new song will be the music video to go along with it. From there, HassanMelanated’s fans can look forward to future music and the upcoming album that he has in the works.  

It is obvious that HassanMelanated’s experiences have already given him a great deal of skill and knowledge to do great things in the music industry. With a drive to succeed and the confidence to take risks that many would shy away from, he is already doing great things with his music. HassanMelanated is sure to continue to climb his way up to become one of the greats of Hip Hop. 

“My goal is to be the best artist I can be, to reach my full potential and take the risks that other people won’t. I want to be known as someone who isn’t afraid to do things.” 

Be sure to keep an eye out for HassanMelanated and check out his music on all major streaming platforms. Also remember to check him out on social media and follow him to keep up with new releases and other exciting news about this incredible artist.

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Instagram: @HassanMelanated

RichRel – SonShine

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RichRel shares light and hope with energetic EP ‘SonShine’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – An exploration of light and hope takes center stage on the new album from West Coast artist RichRel. With a sound reminiscent of Kanye West’s new vibes, RichRel’s “SonShine” offers fans of hip-hop a new style as he aims to inspire the world to look to the hope that comes with a new day. 

“When I created this project I was in a very dark place, just like a lot of other people have been recently,” RichRel said. “The foundational thought that hit me is that the sun is gonna come up tomorrow, and there’s hope in that. We need to fight for that. So what you see throughout the project is an idea of light and hope.” 

Released across all streaming platforms on Sept. 24, the project features six songs that RichRel said “are meant to be played as loud as possible.” This is not elevator music. In fact, RichRel said he’ll be surprised if this album isn’t cranked up by fans all over the U.S. and eventually in the international market. That buzz has already started thanks to the debut single that shares its name with the EP, “SonShine.” The song has a bit of a crossover vibe to it with a nice tight flow and lyrics that tell RichRel’s story and his determination not to fold in the face of adversity. 

“When you’re in that place you could fold, but you become bold enough to say you’re gonna shine,” he said. “That’s what the song is about – the pain and the dark, but then the light provides a spark. This album is for the eclectic. It’s for the warriors of light. It’s not for passive people. Anyone who resonates with it will have that warrior spirit in them. We’re warring for good, for progress, and for positive energy. It’s motivational and anthemic. It’s calling out and calling to a charge to come out of this time we’re in. We need something like that right now.” 

RichRel said he’s excited for a new fanbase to recognize his cross-generational and multi-cultural appeal as an artist. Originally from Chicago, this former D1 football star eventually decided to hang up his cleats in favor of a professional career as a recording artist. Along the way he also founded a nonprofit called Mission1Race that creates content, community experiences and unity-based curriculum that seeks to establish diverse collaborations to advocate for and bring together people of multiple background and demographics. The ultimate goal of the organization is to advocate for justice, radical forgiveness, human reconciliation and oneness.  

“Whatever you got, we all can shine in our space and time,” he said,. “We don’t all have to be entertainers or doctors or whatever. Whatever your influence is, stay the course and shine and start seeing each other and respecting each other. Faith, gender, sexuality, race … none of that changes the value and respect that each human deserves. The ultimate undertone for me as an artist is to bring people together. I would be disappointed if my music didn’t represent that.” 

To listen to RichRel’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/richardreliford/ 

TW: https://twitter.com/RichardReliford 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/richardjohnreliford 

FB Fan: https://www.facebook.com/RichRel 

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@therichrel?source=h5_m&_r=1&lang=en 

SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.comadd/therichrel 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardjohnreliford/ 

Youtube: rjreliford - https://www.youtube.com/c/RichardJohnReliford 

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/richrel 

Troy Remedy – Lost The Flame

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Lost The Flame Finds a Home with Fans 

HOUSTON – Troy Remedy has done it again. His latest single, “Lost the Flame,” blends one part hip-hop and one part Texas blues for a single that is destined to blaze the charts. 

Joining the Texas native is Big Pokey, a Houston hip hop veteran and original member of the infamous Screwed Up Click.  Founded by the late and iconic DJ Screw whose sounds helped shape the Houston Hip hop scene.  With this single they’ve masterfully created “Lost the Flame,” which focuses on keeping the desire to keep going alive and those who’ve lost the flame and their own passion due to circumstances both in and out of their control.  

“We’ve all given up at one point or another,” said Troy Remedy. “But to endure and keep pushing is key. And for those who’ve lost that passion or will we do this for them as well.” 

Admitting that he has “fallen off track” a few times, Remedy says coming back stronger is important in one’s life and fulfilling what your passions and purposes are just as crucial.  

“Don’t ever lose that fighting spirit,” he said.   

The “Lost the Flame” video is now available on YouTube, while the single will drop later 

this week. Remedy penned “Lost the Flame,” knowing that he wanted to provide something that struck a chord and was hard hitting, which has ignited with fans as the video has already been well received early on. The video was shot in Houston, with Big Pokey adding an impactful verse that blends so well with the beat.  

“Big Pokey is a Houston legend,” said Remedy. “I was fortunate to have him jump on board. He adds that extra key ingredient to drive the message home.” 

The video features scenes that offer an in depth look into the meaning behind the verses and chorus and includes fiery camera angles representing the need to keep the fire inside burning and your drive alive. Fans of good music with a powerful message can look forward to adding this to the vault in their collection.  

“Flames burn out the system then it’s pitch dark” 

“You only feeling existence when you had the spark.” 

To listen to his music or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 






Layla Telle – All I Want Is You, PT. 2

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Layla Telle showcases beautiful vocals on hot new single ‘All I Want Is you, PT 2’ 

EASTON, MD – A hot new single from East Coast artist Layla Telle is creating quite a buzz. “All I Want Is You, PT 2” is a pure R&B hit with minor hints of hip-hop swag thanks to the feature of S. Romio. But more than anything the song is a showcase of Layla Telle’s amazing vocals. With a catchy hook and lyrics that are immediately relatable, this song is destined to become one of the most talked-about tracks of the year. 

“The video is about being a clingy girlfriend and wanting your man’s attention,” Layla said. “You’re not getting it, though, because the guy is focusing on other stuff. When I made the song I was talking to a guy and we had been together for a minute but he was more about himself. He would go out and do stuff without telling me anything. He’d go to a party and I’d be at home and call him and be like, ‘Where you at?’ He didn’t communicate with me very well, and there were a lot of little things that he would do that would cause arguments. This song came out of those moments as I was learning about him and trying to decide what I could live with and what I couldn’t.” 

Layla said she first started singing when she was 4 years old and hasn’t ever looked back. Born Kapree Batson, it was at age 4 that she had a very vivid dream where she was a successful global star who went by the name Layla Telle. The dream left such an imprint on her mind that even as she grew older and wiser, she never forgot that name or the hopes of one day making it big as an international superstar. So when she finally started to pursue a professional recording career, it only made sense to take on Layla Telle as her stage name.  

It was after college that she got her first big break. After recording her first single “Queen,” she started dating a guy who was a group called Uneek Ones. One of the guys in that group was a professional engineer, and he encouraged her to continue making music. Together they went into the studio and he helped develop her sound into something truly special. The song they created together was called “I Feel Loved,” and the response from audiences online was favorable and led to her making more music. 

“I have a unique voice,” she said. “There’s not really anyone you can compare me to because my style is so diverse. And at the end of the day I hope people recognize me for being passionate about my music and being a music hustler. I hope they see that I’m chill and I sing with feeling. You can feel my words when I sing.” 

Layla isn’t stopping with music, either. She’s also set to join the cast of the new movie “Platinum Live TV The Movie 2,” for which her single will also serve as one of the main songs on the soundtrack. She’s also working on an EP called “No More Setbacks,” which she said should release in the next few months. 

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Carson Key – Break ups

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Carson Key parleys early success into push for international stardom 

RICHMOND, VA – Carson Key is a name you need to have on your radar. 

Prior to the COVID pandemic, this young artist from the East Coast was creating quite a buzz among the music industry. His song “Neverland” – a kind of remix of Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” – has seen nearly 15 million views on YouTube. He’s caught the attention of mega-artists Soulja Boy and Ramsey The Great – even collaborating with them on a song. He’s had meetings with major A&Rs and labels, and is primed to become one of the music industry’s hottest new international artists.  

Fans who don’t know him can check out his latest hit single, “Break Ups,” across all streaming platforms. Inspired by a tragic experience between he and an ex-girlfriend, the song showcases his melodic style and raw talent as a rapper and all-around artist. As soon as listeners hear his unique sound and style, they’ll know why so many A&Rs have said that he’s difficult describe in the best of ways. He’s diverse, and his ability to weave words around any beat or instrumental is second-to-none. 

“I’ll do a song like ‘Break Ups’ – which is more melodic than anything else – and then do a song like ‘Barkin’ – which is about to come out and is more Trap and upbeat – and people will see how my style is so unlike anything else out there,” Key said. “When I’m in the studio, I’m just writing how I feel in the moment. I don’t have a set genre. I just want listeners to be able to take the lyrics and apply to them any situation in their own lives.” 

Key said he first got started with music when he was 14 years old. At the time, his older sister passed away and he dealt with a lot of PTSD from the traumatic experience. He started writing as a method to cope with those overwhelming feelings. Eventually he started putting his lyrics online, and people gave him some great feedback. By age 16 he was recording, and he hasn’t looked back since. Now at age 24 he’s trying to parley his early success into more of an international presence. He’s taking his songs like “Food For Thought” – which features Soulja Boy – and “Neverland” and using them to build momentum for a push into even larger audiences.  

Following “Break Ups,” Key said he plans to drop an album called “Colder Than December.” Exploring the come-up and the challenges he and his team have had to overcome to get to where they are, the project will serve as the perfect winter mix. He said the first single from that project, also called “December,” should release in mid-to-late November ahead of the full album.  

To listen to Carson Key’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: