Cartel The Great – Big Shit

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Cartel The Great displays excellence with style on new album ‘I Suppose to Been Here’ 

CHICAGO, IL – Greatness is something that Cartel has always strived for. Whether in life or business or music or any other endeavor, greatness is the ultimate goal. That excellence comes to the forefront on his latest album, “Cartel The Great: I Suppose To Been Here” which is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

“Coming from the streets, I’m a talented rapper, but I went to prison (for nine years) and this album is to show people I was supposed to be there,” Cartel said. “It has a variety of sounds and styles coming at you in different ways. The whole thing was to show you have regular people you don’t even know about who can make industry-level music.” 

Cartel is an artist who has experienced a lot of hardships over his life. At age 21 he was incarcerated for six armed robberies and was sentenced to 18 years but was eventually released after only nine years in prison. Going through the pain of the streets and losing his mom while he was in jail, Cartel decided to come home and take music seriously. He’s always been a talented artist who honed his skills as a young man battle rapping with his father.  

“I’m a diverse artist with lyrical skills who can go any direction,” he said. “I use my experience in the streets to illustrate my bars. I’m a perceptive rapper. I know how to make it practical. I made a grand perspective practical. I talk of the relevancy of the streets but also give some conscious-minded stuff and talk about the consequences for your actions. And with all that, I have a strong delivery when I rap. I’m also versatile with my flow, so in a lot of ways, it’s hard to put me in a box.” 

That is perhaps best demonstrated with his debut single “Big Shit.” Much as the title would suggest, the song flaunts Cartel’s greatness as he talks about his experiences on the streets paired against a Pop-Infused beat. It’s a song that Cartel said pushes listeners to “not just talk on little-people terms but talk on big-people terms.” The song features King Louie who is a well-known artist from Chicago. The feel-good, party record is universal in its relatability to a wide audience, while also serving as an anthem for all the overlooked artists of the streets. 

“More than anything, I want to show my artistic freedom,” Cartel said. “I also want to challenge people’s perceptions. I think outside the box and find creative ways of expressing my message, and I want to show others that they’re capable of that, too. You can come up out of the streets and the struggle and the trenches, and creatively use your talent to come up.” 

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Nealy – Hot Pot of Chilly

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Justin Nealy cooks up a hot pot of chili with new single, just in time for winter 

RALEIGH, NC – If you’re like most other music lovers in the world, when you see a song titled “Hot Pot of Chilly,” there’s something inside you that must hear what it sounds like. Next thing you know you’re listening to it and the fun new single from East Coast artist Nealy has you hooked. It’s catchy with a great Rap vibe, with lyrics that pull you in and invite you to just have a good time. Like the hook says, Nealy is coming through hot like chili in the pot, chillin on a hot new stove. 

“It has some real stuff in it, but it’s just a good-time song,” Nealy said of his new single. “It’s different than anything out there but mostly, it’s just a fun song.” 

A video for the single is also available on Nealy’s YouTube channel. It was shot at a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina in which Nealy used to work as a bartender. The video features multiple shots of Nealy in the kitchen, cooking up a hot pot of chili while also showcasing a part of his hometown. 

Nealy began his journey as an artist at age 18. He said he was inspired by his friends, who were also talented rappers. They encouraged him to write his own songs and after a while, he realized he had enough natural talent to pursue music as a career. As he developed his sound, he studied multiple genres of music and never really settled on one specific artist as a muse of major influence. It’s the music itself that motivates him, and that electric taste has helped him create a signature style that is equal parts original and familiar.  

“A lot of times, I don’t even know who sings a song when I hear it. I just know I like it,” Nealy said. “I always look to the actual music and not who’s popular. Music influences me more than the actual artist, and that’s what I try to create with my own sound, as well. I have some funny stuff, but not corny – more subtle humor. I also have things that are deep and people can relate to. Since I started, I’ve matured as an artist and everything I’m doing now is more of intentionality. My music is consistent. Some of the beats I’m working with today are different, but I’m still the same person writing. But a lot of people don’t realize I went through a lot to get here. I’ve been pushing myself and I’ve sacrificed a lot of things to get to where I am. I took a leap over a river instead of building a bridge because I wanted to go for it all. It’s starting to come back and pay off, and I’m excited for people to hear the new music I have now.” 

Nealy’s music is available across all streaming platforms. His next release will be a single called “317965” which is slated to drop in January.  

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G Thugg – Drip Official ft Peewee Longway

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Haitian rapper delivers fun new club banger ‘Drip Official’ 

DELRAY BEACH, FL – An artist who made his way out of Haitian poverty and into a successful career as an international musician is making waves with his latest single “Drip Official.” 

Widgi Marcelin – better known by his stage name G Thugg – is a Florida-based rapper who has been gaining an ever widening stream of fans over the past few years since he first introduced his raw emotional style in 2017. G Thugg tells his story through music and his heavy, often dark lyrics entail his struggle of adversity as a Haitian man trying to survive in America. With intricate stories weaved into his signature sound, G Thugg continues to find ways to make songs that are relatable to people from all walks of life in places all over the world. 

“Drip Official” is his latest single which dropped on all streaming platforms on Dec. 25. It’s a braggadocios song that G Thugg uses to showcase his one-of-a-kind style. The upbeat club banger is sure to put a smile on people’s faces as they enjoy a night out and have fun on the dance floor. 

“It’s just a song about me being fly,” he said. “It’s me speaking about how I’m known for dressing and staying fly, which is why I use the term drip. I’m always fly. People know I’m always dressing up and wearing designers and stuff like that.” 

The song features Atlanta artist Peewee Longway, and G Thugg said a music video for the single will drop on Jan. 1. He plans on following that with another single on Jan. 15 called “Miss Da Trap” featuring Bobby Fishscale 

Thugg said he’s excited about the new music he’s releasing and is proud of the strides he’s taken over the past three years as he’s developed his sound and created something truly original. He doesn’t apologize for speaking his mind through his music and hopes that his self-confidence will inspire others to feel comfortable about themselves and be bold. 

“I want my music to be known for being authentic,” he said. “I just want to put it out there in everybody’s face. It’s not no make believe or none of that. I speak of things I’ve experienced in the past and it’s just me being myself. I’m trying to do something positive and make a better living by doing something I love.” 


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AJ From The 9 – Live From The 9

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Catch The West Coast Vibes On “Live From The 9” Now Available On All Digital Streaming Outlets

Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 has just released his new single Live From The 9, now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major music platforms. This single has a chill resonance to it that accurately captures the Southern California vibe.

Coming from the Inland Empire, AJ is branding his roots within his music and is looking to be a breakthrough artist from San Bernardino County. Check out his music and be on the lookout for his upcoming album “More Sounds From The 9” dropping April 9th, 2021.

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Get in Tune With AJ From The 9!

AJ From The 9 (formerly known as AJG909) is a recording artist from Rialto, California. If you’re looking for some dope music to smoke n ride to put these tracks on repeat and catch the vibe!

AJ From The 9 links with Young Ceno to drop the west coast party banger “Dead Presidents”! This track was produced by AC3Beats. AJ From The 9 is currently cooking up a new project and has new singles to drop throughout the year. Stay up-to-date with him on all social media @ajfromthe909

AJ From The 9 – Dead Presidents ft Young Ceno

AJ From The 9 changes the vibe with R&B sensation Raheem Amir on “Tonight”. This track features production from The.A.M. (Formerly known as InTheAM/Bando Beatz), and was featured on “Sounds From The 9”.

AJ From The 9 – Tonight

AJ From The 9 delivers “Reckless” the latest release from “Sounds From The 9” AJ’s debut album. AJ has Rialto, California on his back, and is building momentum with his latest projects “Double Cups & Swisher Blunts” Vol 1 & 2, and upcoming album “Sounds From The 9”.

AJ From The 9 – Reckless

AJ From The 9 drops off “Another One” to keep the momentum going. This laid-back track provides the ambient-melodic feel produced by southern California producer The.A.M. (Formerly known as InTheAM/Bando Beatz).

AJ From The 9 – Another One

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Instagram: @AJfromthe909
Twitter: @AJfromthe909

Young General Yg7 – Eye’s Of Pain

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Young General YG7 has recently released The Breakthrough 

New Orleans, LA – An up and coming Hip Hop artist under the name of Young General YG7 has recently released his latest album. The 17 track album is titled “The Breakthrough” and showcases Young General’s versatility and skill as a musician. Overall, the track has a smooth feel and is a truly easy listen. 

Young General first took interest in music when he was only 14 years old. It was not until 2018 that he really began to seriously get into the music industry. “I didn’t start really taking my music seriously until after I got out of prison in 2018. After that, I really started to take my craft seriously and actually start pursuing it.” 

Once his career began to take off, Young General developed a strong and unique sound of his own. He draws much of his inspiration from real life, something that really shows through in his music. “I have a unique style. Basically, I make my music based off of real stories and struggles that I have faced in my life. I have my own way of using my creativity in my work and making something that people haven’t heard before.” 

Young General’s new album, The Breakthrough”, shows exactly this with a collection of tracks that depict moments in his life and things that he has encountered. “I was inspired by a bunch of my own stories, living in the ghetto, going through struggles with prison and poverty. I talk about run-ins with the law and getting money and all of these things that I’ve had experiences with.” The album allows for a look into what it is like to be in Young General’s shoes. “It’s not the kind of album that you would hear on a daily basis. It is different and it’s real.” 

While working on this project, Young General was hooked from the beginning. “My favorite part was from the moment I came up with the title and the whole idea for the album. Being able to work on these songs and reflect on my past and my life was a great experience in itself.” Once Young General got into the recording studio, he knew that he was on the right track. “Hearing myself on the track was the most fun. It really all started to come together.” 

The Breakthrough is an interesting and relatable collection of tracks. It is Young General’s goal to connect with his audience and inspire them. “I want to let people know that they are not the only ones going through it. I hope it inspires them to keep going and keep pushing for the next thing because nothing happens overnight. You have to put work in and earn it.” 

With The Breakthrough already out on all major platforms, Young General is already gearing up for the next part of the project. The Breakthrough Part 2 is already in the works, as well as several videos to go with the tracks on the original album. Young General is planning to keep moving forward and building himself as an artist. He is surely someone to look out for.  

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4LGang G5ive – Tighten Up Ft. Young Nudy

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4LGang G5ive explores ‘Sometimez Krazy’ life on new mixtape 

ATLANTA, GA – Born and raised in Atlanta, Taurus Maddox – better known by his stage name 4LGang G5ive – is an artist who has always related to the streets. After serving six years in prison for mistakes he made as an adolescent, G5ive has poured himself into music. He has a star quality about him which fans all over the South are starting to notice with the release of his most recent mixtape “Sometimez Krazy.”  

Sharing his journey through music, G5ive offers 11 tracks on his new mixtape that explore the different experiences he’s had both before and after prison. Living each day in Atlanta brings its share of highs and lows, he said, and the music on his new project explores the “sometimes crazy” situations that arise throughout the course of his life. 

“I started making a lot of music when I was in jail,” he said. “I just grabbed a pen and a pad and started beating on the desk. When I got out, I hooked up with my brother and cousin who have always been rapping. I watched them pursue music and I realized that’s the way to get ahead. When nobody else thinks you’re gonna do anything, that’s a way to change that outlook.” 

The first single from the mixtape explores that idea in more depth. “Tighten Up” is a bouncy, fun song featuring Young Nudy that talks about living and running around in East Atlanta. Serving as a kind of warning to others who live a crazy lifestyle, the song encourages people to be self-disciplined in the midst of their good times. 

“Don’t be forgetting that the police will be watching,” G5ive said. “They on you. Also, you’ve got enemies out there. That’s what this song is about – how we’re living and having fun, but making sure we’re not having too much fun. We gotta tighten up.” 

Another single from the mixtape that’s been getting a lot of attention from fans is “No Lackin.” The upbeat vibe offers a sort of anthem to the world about always being safe and never being a victim of circumstance or of someone else’s desires. Like all the rest of his music, “No Lackin” feeds off G5ive’s natural energy.  

“I really want to be known for quality sound and music that people can relate to,” he said. “I want my music to be able to hit any type of mood. If you’re feeling good, I’ve got songs for that. If you’re mad, I’ve got songs for that. Any type of mood I have, that’s how I go in the booth. Every kind of energy you can think of, people can relate to and it’s good quality and something that will last and people can listen to forever. And at the end of the day, it’s just good music.” 

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Fatelive – Around Me

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“Not another dead rapper” 

 NEW YORK CITY, NY – This story isn’t really much different than a lot of other stories in the world. Like them, it has challenging times and prosperous times. And as such, this East Coast artist who goes by the stage name Fatelive can identify with a large audience around the world with his. 

His latest single “Around Me” is a perfect example of how he uses lyrics to connect with people and motivate them through many different life experiences. In the case of this specific single, Fatelive is exploring the after-effects of betrayal and the consequences that come from putting one’s trust in the wrong person. 

“I went through some life experiences where I had some not too trustworthy people around me,” Fatelive said. “People who were snakes. That’s what this song is about, and the theatrical video really brings it to life. I feel like it’s something many people can identify with – dealing with people who aren’t true friends. People have been victimized like I was but they survived and learned from it. We’re smarter for it and better for it, and we don’t need those kinds of people around us anymore.” 

Fatelive said he first got into music when he was around age 14, rapping and singing on his own when he was inspired by some of the legends he heard on the radio. He said he knew it was his fate to make music when some of the first things he created were embraced and celebrated by a large audience around his community. Music has been a part of him ever since, and he’s worked hard to hone his craft into something that’s truly original and signature.  

“I don’t start with a sound, I start with an experience,” he said. “I literally create a sound based off life experiences – literally things I’ve lived through or ideas I’ve had because of things I’ve seen. I’ll put that into a melody and the message comes through with my songs. Ultimately, I just want to get my story out and see where it goes from there.” 

Fatelive said in addition to the singles he’s dropping over the next few months, fans can expect to see big budget theatrical videos to go with them. The next video he plans to drop is for his upcoming single “Ruling It” which will give fans a taste of what’s to come. It’s an anthem for all those who have overcome hardships and are controlling their environment with their progress.” 

All of Fatelive’s music is available across all digital streaming platforms.

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Everything else: @Fatelive 

Higher Purpose Music Group – Get Ready

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Higher Purpose music group blends Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop with Gospel on debut self-titled album 

CLEVELAND, OH – Higher Purpose is a four-member group composed of family and friends whose new self-titled album is bringing the Gospel in a unique style. By blending elements of praise with Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, “Higher Purpose” is a modern day take on timeless Gospel music with songs that are guaranteed to bless and uplift your spirits.  

Made up of rapper Malorie-Charee and singers Cheritta, Kasey and Monte, Higher Purpose Music is a group that came together one year ago with the intention of serving God by inspiring the world through uplifting messages. They went to work immediately, co-writing songs and coming together every Friday in the recording studio to put together the 17 songs that make up their debut album. This urban inspirational group has created something that has more of a Hip Hop and Pop feel to it than what most would associate with traditional Gospel. By seamlessly intertwining Malorie’s raps with the harmonies of the other members of the group, the sound becomes something equal parts intriguing and groundbreaking.  

“The album is about a person’s journey through life and meeting faith, and how God guides that individual through that process,” Malorie said. “There are many things that happen in life that take us down the wrong path, and this album is about how we often look back when we’re on the other side of those things and realize that we’ve come out better people, walking out and feeling more blessed.” 

The debut single from the album is “Get Ready.” A music video for the song was released in September and has already garnered tens of thousands of views on the group’s YouTube channel. The group calls it a fun and happy song about how the Lord will send his blessings, even in the midst of a storm.  

“It’s a motivational song about anticipating the good that’s going to come your way,” Malorie said. “It’s a great song to show what we’re trying to bring to the world with our music. The message of our music speaks to the personal walk with God. Our music encourages people to look within and reflect on their relationship with God and the struggles that come with wanting to be Christ-like but still being wretched and overcoming thru faith. I hope people are uplifted when they hear it and that it inspires them. We want people to know that God is real and He loves them no matter what. It doesn’t matter how messy or clean your life is, God loves you. Period. That’s the overarching message behind everything we do: You were created by God and He loves you and no one or anything is more powerful than that.” 

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“Get Ready”

Hosford – PPTP

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East Coast artist Hosford takes music career 
to the next level with new single ‘PPTP’ 

CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ – An inspiration for a hit song may sometimes come from the most unusual places That’s the case for the new track from East Coast artist HosfordWhile working out with his stepfather one day, he was hit with a flash of insight. The two were drinking protein shakes. His stepfather was a tattoo and piercing artist. The idea for the hook to a song about Protein, Piercings, Tattoos and Pussy came to him, and almost immediately was accompanied by a beat in his head. He contacted his friend and fellow musician Shirea and the two put together “PPTP” in next to no time. 

Today, that single is making the rounds along the East Coast and has primed this veteran musician for bigger things in front of a global audience. Having performed live thousands of times all up and down the East Coast for the better part of the past decade, Hosford has finally decided to record some of the originals he’s written along the way. “PPTP” is just one of many that he’s hoping to share with the world in the coming months, each of which will feature his unique sound and style. 

“It’s hard to tie my sound to any one genre,” Hosford said. “I’m inspired by all the greats in Hip Hop like Wiz Kahlifa or Tupac or Big L or Eminem or Jay-Z. But I also love artists like Ed Sheeran or Rock bands like Creed. I’ve been working with guitarist, Shane Prusinski, on some of my songs, and he’s really into Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. So my sound really has a mixture of genres on the instrumental, and it’s just something different.” 

Hosford said he was first introduced to music as a child when he watched his father as a drummer for many years. When he was 16, his mother purchased him some recording equipment, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s developed his sound into something more mature and high quality along the way, and today, his goal is to leave records that are timeless and last forever.  

“I want to leave behind a legacy that people will remember,” he said. “I want to come in and inspire people. I want to help them to have persistence and never give up. That’s my attitude as an artist – I never give up. I want to leave behind records that move people and help people and make them feel good when they listen to them – whether it’s a party track or emotional or about a family or even a sad track. We’re human beings. We’re emotional. And I want to make music that caters to that.” 



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“PPTP Featuring Shirea 

Yungg Fattz – I Do Me

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Yungg Fattz releases four hot new singles to cap off 2020 

LONG BEACH, CA – Yungg Fattz is an international artist from Long Beach, California whose original new sound is lighting up the world thanks to four new singles currently available across all streaming platforms.  

The consummate performer, Yungg Fattz has made a name for himself both on the West Coast and throughout the Mountain Region as one of the premier entertainers of our day. He’s been doing shows from Denver to Vegas to Los Angeles, and he takes pride in making the crowd rock. But with 2020 putting a damper on all live performances, Yungg Fattz turned his attention to the recording studio. His four new singles are the result of a lot of hard work.  

“If I’m not gonna perform, I’m gonna put out as much new music as I can,” he said. “When I can hit the stage again, I’ll have all new music for people to listen to. And my sound is different than most other rappers out there today. I like to do songs with someone singing the chorus. I don’t want to be just another gangsta rapper from Long Beach. I want to change how California artists are seen.”  

The first of Yungg Fattz’s four singles is “I Do Me” featuring KC producer and artist Boi Blakc. It’s a song that lets the world know they’re listening to a true professional in the music business. Not only is he an entertainer but he’s a tour promoter, as well. He is deeply involved in his own management and marketing and is one of the members of Smoked Out Entertainment. He also hosts a traveling event called Barzfest which has seen him perform in multiple cities all over the U.S. “I Do Me” is a song that highlights all of those endeavors in a friendly and fun way for the listener.  

By My Side” is a love song that Yungg Fattz recently released. He said it’s something he created specifically for the ladies, though he knows that a lot of guys out there will also love it. First recorded a few years back, the single is one that he revised and re-released this year to much acclaim. The streams he’s seen on that single alone have taken his notoriety to the next level and showcase his adept ability to fuse styles together, such as Hip Hop and Neo-Soul.  

Another single currently available across all streaming platforms is “Stay Dangerous” which Yungg Fattz calls his “Long Beach anthem.” Inspired by Nipsy Hussle’s saying “they don’t say stay safe anymore, they say stay dangerous,” Yungg Fattz takes the idea and creates a fun homage to his hometown in a way that motivates anyone listening to be adventurous and take a leap of faith in whatever opportunities might be before them. 

Finally, Yungg Fattz has released “I’m Yours” which also features Boi Blakc and is another love song, though with a little bit of a different vibe than “By My Side.” Of the four singles that he’s released this year, Yungg Fattz said “I’m Yours” is the one that has the most potential to leap onto the global stage, thanks to its catchy hook and groovy vibe.  

Following the success of these singles, Yungg Fattz said he’s planning to launch yet another single called “Designer”. He also has more music planned to release in 2021 with hopes to eventually be touring and performing live again in the summer. 

To listen to Yungg Fattz’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: 

All social media is @yunggfattz