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Tora Woloshin offers stripped-down vulnerable single while making plea for change in new song ‘America’ 

ALAMEDA, CA – After nearly a decade of high production, the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and multiple world tours, International artist Tora Woloshin is bringing a stripped down version of her music that showcases a more vulnerable side of her artistry.  

Her new EP “America” is just her and the piano. That’s quite an intimate offering from an artist who has enjoyed the biggest limelight available to a musician. She first came to notoriety as a finalist on The X Factor USA where she was mentored by Simon Cowell. That happened in 2011 and in the years since she signed with a label and did multiple tours worldwide. She worked with major artists such as Jim Jones and Timbaland, and performed on stage with artists such as B.o.B., Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Method Man, Pink, and more.  

The high production value of her past work is nothing like what she’s bringing with “America,” and that’s intentional. She said at this point in her career, she’s matured both as an artist and a woman. She wants her music to reflect that in intimate and authentic ways. So as she lays down melodies on the piano, she’s also letting loose some raw emotion with the incredible vocals she’s become known for over the years. 

“It’s very intimate,” she said. “it’s very raw. There are no special effects on my voice. It’s very personal, and I think it will be personal for a lot of other people, too.”  

The first single from the project is “America” and the music video is slated to drop on Feb.14. Tora said it’s her “love song to America” and serves as both an expression of her frustrations of what’s been happening to America in cycles since the country first was formed, and a deeply passionate plea to her fellow Americans to love and respect the freedoms we have and great opportunities we enjoy.  

She’ll follow that with the Anarobic animated music video on July 4 to go along with the release that Tora said is in the same vein as the art of the adult animated classic “Family Guy.” The song will delve deeper into the story that she starts with the first single. It doesn’t hold back on its challenge to the world to take a new perspective when it comes to the oppression of government on American citizens. 

“It’s very political,” she said. “The government is suffocating the American people and we can’t breathe. They keep doing things to people and it’s just a shame. We’re exploiting a lot of the corruption in the video. I’m trying to make a change through my music. I know a lot of messages get sent through music, but too many artists today are sending out the wrong messages. I think people need to start being shown better music that teaches and helps and guides and inspires.” 

The final single from the EP is “Eclipse” which deviates in subject matter from the first two singles. It’s more of a love song and serves as a vehicle for Tora’s vulnerability in romantic relationships. She said it’s a song that metaphorically says we need to watch each other and love each other and unite through the hardships of life.  The “Eclipse” music video together with the EP is already available across streaming platforms.  

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