Wheel – Settle It

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Artist turns tragedy into triumph and uses natural gift to give music lovers a good time 

ATLANTA, GA – Clarence Davenport, known professionally as Wheel, is an American rapper, singer, producer, engineer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Shot at the age of 20 and imprisoned in a wheelchair, Wheel never stopped pursuing his passion for music. This naturally talented artist has been making music since 2014, and his latest single “Settle It” is the kind of club vibe that’s perfect for the summer.  

Available across all streaming platforms on June 13, this radio-ready hit is all about flirting and the back-and-forth game that comes on the dance floor when two people are attracted to one another. It’s a song that Wheel said cuts to the chase and basically gets to the real passion that each person is seeking. 

“It’s like I’m saying the small talk is irrelevant and let’s just do what we’re gonna do,” Wheel said. “It’s upbeat and definitely a good song to dance to this summer. As soon as I heard the beat it automatically resonated with me, and I know it will do the same for everyone else. I like upbeat beats and instrumentals – it really brings out my creativity, and with this beat it took my mind to a different place about going through different moments with women.” 

“Settle It” is yet another hit from this fast-rising artist who hasn’t looked back since releaseing his debut single in 2014. His first EP “No Excuses Vol. 1” dropped in 2019 and gained him some strong notoriety among fans and industry insiders alike. He’s become known as an artist with a distinct voice (his Southern twang is immediately recognizable) who relies on channeling his feelings and emotions through songwriting. He’s also a talented singer, and many of his songs feature that natural vocal talent. When he pairs that with his skill as a songwriter, the hits are undeniable. He often writes lyrics that encourage others to make wise decisions for their futures. 

“I’m trying to give them something to keep themselves clean and off the streets,” he said. “More than that, though, I’m just making good music. It doesn’t matter what the vibe – club, hard rap, something R&B or Soul – it’s just good music. I’m talented. I can tap into whatever genre. I can sing and rap and write and make beats – even engineer and produce. All of it showcases a real, raw talent.” 

Following “Settle It,” Wheel said he plans to drop three more singles later this summer, starting with “No Soap or Suds.” To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: