OG Casey – How We Move

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King of the Midwest OG Casey relaunches career with new single ‘How We Move’ 

CHICAGO, IL – When OG Casey started his journey as a musician 10 years ago, he didn’t think he’d end up where he is today.  

Like many other artists in the world, 2020 has been a life-changing year for this young and fast-rising artist from the Midwest. Though he’s been making music for the better part of a decade –with multiple projects and singles to his name – it wasn’t until this year that he took a big step forward with his career. He’s marked that monumental leap with a rebranding that changed his previous stage name, Ex$ange, to OG Casey. It’s a move that signifies a more mature sound and style from this young artist which is showcased fully on his new single “How We Move.” 

“I want to show people what I can come with and how versatile I am,” he said. “Everybody wants to comment on things they don’t know, and this song is about how only the people who are in it with you know how you move and how to act in certain situations. This is how we do our thing.” 

Featuring female artist Onna Deshae, the song is a display of OG Casey’s ability to blend and mix different types of styles and ideas into one seamless song. In many ways, his thinking is on a whole other level from other artists in the game today – to the point that some might call him a musical genius. 

“That started when I was young,” he said. “I’ve always considered myself destined to be an entertainer. I think my music is timeless. It’s so different from anything else that I really believe that 20 or 30 years from now it will still be played and be as relevant as if it dropped yesterday. And at the end of the day, I hope people hear my music and know that they can be themselves and not conform to what everybody else is doing and still be successful. I’m a backpack rapper, but I rap for people who are in the streets and for those who have never seen the streets. I’m a good combination of both sides.” 

OG Casey will further put this signature style on display with his forthcoming album “Life of a Gemini.” As is true of those with the Gemini astrological sign, his new album will be a mixture of light and dark – hard core and gritty sounds mixed with lyrical and great vibes. He said it’s a project that will take listeners on an emotional journey in a way that will make them want to play it over and over again.  

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Mulatto Dinero – Aunt Deanna

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High class and style take center stage across multiple entertainment offers for fast-rising artist MulattoDinero 

BALTIMORE CITY, MD – Everything in Justin J. Jefferson is a mixture of multiple things. From his many business endeavors to his heritage, and even down to the fusion of multiple sounds in his music, the combination of multiple inspirations is the thing that drives him every day. It’s the reason he has adopted the stage name MulattoDinero – a nod to the way he generates money through a variety of means. It’s also the reason why he’s always at work, releasing new products and music to the world to showcase the art that can inspire others.  

In 2021, he said he has a goal to release a new song every day on his social media accounts – all of them produced and edited by him before being launched. He wants his music to serve as a platform for his other entertainment options so that he can become one of the world’s biggest influencers. And when people hear his music, they’ll know immediately that he has a one-of-a-kind sound that cannot be denied. 

“My sound and how I flow and how I spit are what set me apart from anyone else,” he said. “That and my delivery and my character. And the number one thing that’s different is that my videos come with raw footage to match up with what I face sometimes. I have footage from when I was homeless, and from the time around when my mom got murdered, and good times with her before she got murdered. I make professional videos but in a raw way that people can look at and see the things I’ve been through and hopefully relate to them in some way.” 

MulattoDinero has been into music since he was 9 years old but prior to that, he was arrested at age 8. Since then he said his life has been a recycle habit, and he falls victim to the system. In October of this year, he was in his car in the middle of a shootout. The car got hit nine times with him in it and he didn’t get hit once. That’s just one of many examples throughout his life of times when his pursuit of music could have been derailed, but every time he walks away from those experiences, he knows he’s on this earth for a reason and he wants the world to hear his story. 

At age 12, he built his own home studio that he used all throughout his teenage years. Now in his early 20s, this fast-rising entertainment influencer has upped his game with new equipment and honed skills that he said will take him onto the international stage in no time. 

“I want to do all kinds of entertainment and create myself in a variety of ways,” he said. “I want young people to look up to me because I’m trying to show people that I’m up and I’m about to make it. Ultimately, I just want to be known for being one of the best entertainers the world has seen in a long time. I’m just different and ready for people to see it for themselves.” 

Be on the lookout for MulattoDinero’s new project “Glory2God”. 

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Nostalgia – January Jewel

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Global music scene gets fresh blast of sound from Melbourne native Nostalgia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – It’s been a while since the music industry has heard a truly original sound. But in 2021 that trend will change thanks to a new vibe coming out of Melbourne. With a fusion of synth Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Indie Folk, this new sound that has yet to be named is both intriguing and captivating. It’s a sound that perfectly captures the vibe of the city from which it has been born, and it’s a sound that is starting to put some of Australia’s young artists on the map. 

Tarun Zachariah – AKA Nostalgia – is one of those fast-rising young artists who bring this new sound to the world. With a plan to release a new single every month of this year, Nostalgia is poised to become one of the world’s new artists that demands attention. And he’s kicking the year off with his debut single, “January Jewel,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

The song begins with ethereal synth keys that offer an airy kind of opening that leads perfectly into Nostalgia’s falsetto vocals set against a Pop beat. It feels a bit like Maggie Rogers meets The Weeknd, with some electronic elements thrown in for good measure. The overall vibe is chill and laid back with a groove that makes the listener want to sway to the music.  

“It’s for that summertime chill vibe because it’s summer over here but I still wanted people to be able to enjoy it wherever they were in the world, even in the snow,” Nostalgia said. “I was inspired by the song ‘Woman in Love’ by Barbara Streisand, a song about a woman under the unforgiving spell of love which is forcing her to succumb to it. Love is beyond her control and she’s getting lost in it. I sampled it at the early stages of this song and I wrote this chorus to it about what love can end up costing you. Often you hear people talk about love in terms of it being a great part of life, but I took a different perspective of love being so overbearing that it becomes detrimental to you and at times you wonder if it’s even a good thing. It might seem magical at times and something for which you’d fully give yourself and sacrifice for, but at the end of the day, what if it isn’t worth that? If you sacrifice so much that it ends in pain or heartbreak, it makes you question if love was meant for everyone.” 

Nostalgia burst onto the Melbourne music scene with darkness and seduction a couple of years ago. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he is able to sustain a traditional element that’s laced with hints of EDM and ambience. His somber vocals pair perfectly with his self-produced tracks in a way that makes this Melbourne crooner a voice that delves into unknown territory. He showcases versatility and innovation, and the world is starting to pay attention.  

“When you say you’re feeling nostalgic, it’s a hard word to describe because you’re just longing for a feeling you once had,” he said. “That’s what I want my music to evoke – that reminiscing of what life was like in the moment you first heard my song, or the 20th time, or the hundredth time, or whatever. The times I feel most nostalgic is when I’m listening to music because it’s so good at embedding itself as part of your memory. I hope my music gives others that same feeling – that bookmark in their life.” 

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“January Jewel”  


Q the Music – Lust & Pain

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Q the Music sets the tone for 2021 with new single ‘Lust & Pain (L&P) 

A mix of Trap, Soul and Rock take center stage with the latest single from Hip Hop artist Q the Music. “Lust &Pain” is a track created by this Navy engineer currently stationed in Guam. He’s been a writer and producer for other artists for many years and over the past couple of years has taken the time to create his own music, which he is just now ready to share with the world. “Lust & Pain” is the first of those offerings. The aggressive, gravely vocal is set against heavy 808s with a distorted synth keyboard melody in the background that takes listeners on a journey. The bouncy beat drives people to bop their heads while the deep lyrics make people want to hear more of Q’s story. 

“It’s basically a re-enactment of a time when I was in LA,” Q said. “It was one of those crazy nights when you go out and party and you’re with a toxic individual that you don’t realize how bad they are until later. My music is an emotional ride and I really want people to vibe with it. You can put on all of my tracks throughout the day and get a bunch of different vibes, with lyrics that make you think and intrigue you to make you want to listen to it more.” 

Q said he first got into music when he was younger. He started off as a dancer, and many of his first jobs as a dancer were enough to keep him off the streets in Michigan where he grew up. He knew he had a gift for entertaining, but never tried writing songs of his own until he got older. He recalls listening to Otis Redding, Frankie Lymon, The Temptations, and especially Prince when he was younger – all of whom influenced his sound and style over the years. Around age 14, he started dabbling with writing and then during his teenage years, he began working on several movie sets as an actor and production assistant. But all along the way, music has been the main thing that has stayed true for him. 

“I write my music based on my light and dark experiences of growing up and from traveling around the world with the U.S. Navy,” he said. “I consider my form of music to be genre-blending, using old and new forms of sound – from Rock & Roll to Hip Hop. When I’m not writing music, I’m creating concept EP and album covers. Music is the greatest stress reliever, especially when I’m out at sea for months and I don’t see land. I’m an engineer so I’m always looking at lights and hearing the engine non-stop, and I would write lyrics at night to get through those things. Music has always been the thing that has gotten me through hard stuff.” 

Q said “Lust & Pain” is just the first of many songs yet to come. He’s working on an EP called “Prisoner” which should drop in March, with even more music slated for later in the year. 

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JFK – Sonic Hedgehog

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 Chicago rapper JFK shares artistic gift with the world through new mixtape 

CHICAGO, IL – If there’s one thing Jonathan Kelly has known for most of his life, it’s that he has a gift of music that he was meant to share with the world. It’s a gift that he’s honed and developed over the years. Today, he offers that gift to the world as the hottest new Chicago-based artist operating under the stage name JFK.  

His latest mixtape, “A Gift from Me to You,” is the exact kind of music that he knows he was destined to share with others around the globe. The mixtape is his version of bringing bars back to the industry with real songs that will touch the soul, and with vibes that will take true Hip Hop fans back to the days when “music was real music,” he said. 

“It’s an emotional roller coaster ride of songs that are gonna make you feel every word,” JFK said. “Every lyric in each song is my gift to the world. The thing that sets me apart is my wordplay. Every song is crafted. You’re going to see the talent behind every song. Nothing is rushed. It all comes from the heart. And there’s music for every genre of Hip Hop – it’s not all gang banging, drill stuff. It’s family music and emotional music and stuff from my everyday life.” 

The first of the 10 songs on the album is “Sonic Hedgehog” which JFK said he chose as a debut because of how hot it is. The club banger features motivational lyrics that inspire others to take care of business and make fast moves so as to stay on top of the game. The up-tempo party song is the perfect song to introduce a new wave of fans to JFK’s music, and he said he’s anxious for it to begin making its way across the country. 

Another single from the project that is making waves is “One and the Same.” Inspired by the social unrest that came to a head in 2020, the song is JFK’s way of encouraging others to try harder when it comes to mending racial lines and working together to overcome the social injustices of the world. 

When you walk around in Chicago, it’s so segregated,” he said. “White people won’t talk to you because you’re black, and this song is basically saying that I’m not different than you and you’re not different than me. We could be best friends, but you won’t even speak to me. It’s a song about how people could have so much in common, but fear is letting one walk away from a person. You could lose a soul mate just because you’re afraid to say ‘Hi.’”  

Following “A Gift from Me to You,” JFK said he’ll drop the album “Dinosaur and the Marvel” by March.  

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Paint By Numbers – Control

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Acclaimed artist and producer Rob Romano brings futuristic flavor with new project ‘Paint By Numbers’

LOS ANGELES, CA – A unique cross-pollinated blend of cinematic, emotional and energetic sounds with a futuristic flavor takes center stage on a new project from LA producer Rob Romano. “Paint By Numbers” is an American music project created by Romano, who has been a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer for many years, working with some of the industry’s big names. His new project is a multi-layered exploration of many genres, from Indie Electronic to Modern Rock to Pop and all of the sub-genres that flow between those worlds. Sometimes Synth Pop, sometimes EDM, and sometimes Indie with hints of Modern Rock, the singles within the project explore sounds that are equal parts familiar and progressive.  

The first single from the project, “Control,” is a perfect example of the new sound Romano is trying to capture. Set for global distribution across all streaming platforms on Jan. 8, the single showcases Romano’s adept ability to blend sounds into something that’s truly original. The song kicks off with mellow electric guitars, almost like the opening theme music to a hit show or movie. A cool EDM beat comes in for a mellow groove that has listeners swaying before they know it, laying the perfect foundation for the ethereal Pop vocals that Romano brings to the table. The chill vibe makes way for Synth Pop melodies that intermix with Indie guitar riffs that make it impossible for listeners not to move to the groove. It’s the perfect mid-tempo Dancehall jam that makes you want to press up close to that special someone, move and sway to the music.  

“It has a chill futuristic flavor,” Romano said. “It should capture a feeling of something in the not-so-distant future. The lyrics use a lot of metaphors but in the end, it’s about rechanneling any bad feelings that happen and turning that dark energy into something positive and using it to your advantage. It has a very positive message that resonates perfectly with the current situation everybody is enduring. No matter how much life punches you in the face, control it in your mind and have a positive outlook.” 

Though Romano has worked with many other artists in the past, this project is 100 percent him – from instrumentation to singing to production and everything in between. Born and raised in Italy, this veteran of the music industry moved to the U.S. about nine years ago to take his career to the next level, and he’s been developing his sound ever since. For many years now, he’s been trying to fuse different elements of different genres, some are not necessarily mainstream, in an effort to develop a new language of sound and make them more accessible to a larger audience.  

“I’m trying to make something that’s not mainstream into something that is mainstream,” he said. “I started with Post Rock, which is still underground, and I tried fusing that into new electronic elements – the Deep House kind of movements which I’m currently very fond of, So I’m taking something that’s electronic and making it into something that’s not, and I’m doing that with zero auto-tune so that it feels really organic. I love the idea of taking something that’s not typically organic and turning it into something that is. My goal is to create something as fresh as possible, using the elements that are already available.” 

The next single from his project should release by March or April, Romano said. 

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Carl Wockner – Fools Gold

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Independent underdog Carl Wockner translates live acoustic looping into professionally recorded singles 

NASHVILLE, TN – Carl Wockner is what some people in the industry would call an independent underdog. This live acoustic looping artist from Australia is a seasoned veteran who has played thousands of live shows around the world over the course of his career. He’s developed a great career out of those live performances – blending his own unique sound and style into his original music that’s become beloved by a global audience. But like many other artists who faced difficult circumstances in 2020 due to the global pandemic and lockdown, Wockner was forced to sideline his live performing for a time. But in true underdog fashion, he shifted gears and started putting pen to paper, creating a slew of singles that he’s recorded and has been releasing to the masses over the past few months.  

His most recent single is a song called “Fool’s Gold.” Showcasing the acoustic R&B sound he’s become known for, the song explores the deeper side of relationships and the true commitment that comes once you get past the surface things. It will be the sixth single that he’s released over the past six months and will be available across all streaming platforms at the beginning of 2021. Of the singles he’s released this year, he said “Fool’s Gold” will show fans a different side of his personality while also highlighting his signature sound. 

“I’m an acoustic looping artist, so I’m of course influenced by acoustics singers and songwriters who have good lyrics,” Wockner said. “I like to blend those styles with R&B beats. Usually, acoustic guitar isn’t anywhere in R&B songs – they usually feature a lot of keys. But I like to add that Acoustic sound to something with a cool beat, and I love R&B tunes and Pop music. When you blend that with the singer/songwriter vibe, I believe there’s a lot of room to incorporate all the things I love.” 

Wockner started as a full-time musician when he was a teenager growing up in Australia. He toured a lot of the world playing shows and making a name for himself. In 2015, he moved to Nashville to take his music career to the next level and has been releasing recorded singles in the years since. But 2020 has given him a unique opportunity to translate his live performances to original recordings in new and exciting ways.  

“A lot of my earlier recordings are band-related,” he said. “Not that I’m taking the elements of the acoustic looping – which is what I already do live – and translate that into a recorded sound. I want those elements to shine through and show people that it can be done. I want my music to reflect me more as a personality, as an independent artist or an underdog artist. My music should speak for itself. There shouldn’t be a boundary to music based on a textbook. On top of that, I want people to take messages from my songs and the lyrical content I create, while also creating music that can stand alone without the lyrics.” 

Wockner said he’ll continue dropping singles every month, alternating between an original and a cover from month to month. 

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“Fool’s Gold” 





Jason Kraack – Turn Around

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Veteran performer Jason Kraack set to drop timely album Turn Around’ in December 

GREENSBORO, NC – Sometimes the greatest art comes from times of great adversity. For Jason Kraack, 2020 has been one of the most adverse times of his life. Like many others who faced a job loss, Kraack wasnt sure what to do with the uncertainty he was facing earlier in the year. Having taught music to college students for many years and performed in professional theater for more than 15 years, one of the things hed always wanted to do was create an album of his own. So while 2020 was filled with anxiety, it also presented him with an opportunity to chase his dream. The end result is the 10-song album Turn Around. 

With a sound that could be described as experimental in some ways, Turn Around” features a unique blend of progressive sounds and classic styles that also take a cue from some of Kraacks biggest influences from Billy Joel to Thom Yorke from Radiohead. All of the songs on the album were written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by him, and feature a bevy of instruments all played by him – including piano, guitar, bass, drums, sequencing and more.  

Its kind of like a journey through the last year that we all shared,” Kraack said of the album. It starts out with a little bit of self-reflection and then goes down a rabbit hole of sadness and longing born from the fear of losing people you love and this kind of new reality in which we live. It can be pretty terrifying, scary and unsettling, and this album explores what were all dealing with and the fact that its necessary. We have to analyze ourselves during this time and get better in the process. The last track on the album is also called Turn Around,’ and ita story about a time that all the sadness and frustration were feeling can just disappear if we change our point of view. It is meant to help people realize this.” 

Kraack said the idea for the album is something thats been rattling around in his brain for many years, but the true inspiration came organically while spending a month-and-a-half in Florida writing and recording.  

I had this mojo going before I left for Florida, but when I got there, it just fell flat,” he said. couldnt get anything going and it was gray and shitty down there that day. I decided to go for a drive and eventually when I stopped and got out of my car, I turned around and saw something totally different. The sky was beautiful and I heard the song in my head in a flash. I hurried back to the studio and laid it down in an instant. It was like no other experience Ive ever had, and the rest of the album flowed from that session.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called Turn/Burn It Down” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Its the third track on the album and features a funky groove with a catchy hook. Kraack said the lyrics are topical to whats going on today and encourages people to take a step back from all the animosity. 

If we dont turn down the heat thats happening, were going to burn down this really fantastic, beautiful thing that we have,” he said. We cant continue to talk at each other. We have to talk to each other. I want to be able to make music thats accessible to people in their individual lives, and at the end of the day, I hope I can be considered as an honest songwriter. I want people to listen to this album and hear stories that they can latch on and relate to. 

The second release, the second track from the album, is titled I’ll Pay and is about the frustration that can be felt before admitting fault. “No one wants it to be their own fault when things aren’t working out,” said Kraack, “but sometimes it is.” The song is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

The third single release from the album and the title track, Turn Around is now available on streaming platforms. 

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Zanu – Heathens

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Texas-based artist Zanu starts journey toward becoming greatest showman with new album ‘MackingAintDead 

HOUSTON, TX – You can get a lot more out of what you want in life if you know how to mack. That’s the sentiment behind the new album “MackingAintDead” from Texas-based artist Zanu. The Hip Hop project with heavy influences of R&B and Afrobeats is the culmination of two years’ worth of work from this up-and-coming young artist. At only age 22 he’s starting to garner attention throughout the South, and with this new album, is primed to leave his mark on the national stage. 

“I want to be more than just an artist and entertainer,” he said. “I want to be the greatest showman there is. I want to redefine what an emcee is in modern day Hip Hop. I want to put on the greatest show the world has ever seen. I came from a lineage that knew nothing but excellence. My granddad came from the villages of Ghana and became a diplomat. My mom is a doctor and my pop is a businessman. My older sister is out here making moves with her life, just like me. I’ve trained in music for more than 10 years and I believe I got what it takes to be the best – to be one of those larger-than-life-artists. This is an album from a winner’s perspective. It’s an album about being the best in the room – the king. You want to learn how to win? Listen to the man born winning. Listen to the man born macking. Because Mackingaintdead man. My music comes from the perspective of unapologetic royalty, excellence, and bravado. I’m changing the world and I’ll look good as hell while doing it.” 

Zanu said he started his journey as a musician when at the age of 7 he began learning how to play the piano. At age 8, he started dancing and by age 11, he was rapping and writing his own music. He grew up listening to Hip Hop and R&B, as well as Afrobeats – all of which find their way into his music in one way or another. This is especially true of his albums debut single, “Heathens,” which already has more than 15,000 streams since its release less than two months ago. 

“It’s a fun vibe that my producer friend helped out with by adding some bells and high hats,” Zanu said. “We made it three years ago and I sat on it because I didn’t have the right lyrics for it. Then I was chilling one day and having fun and just started rapping. I was calling my friends heathens because we’re out here trying to get shit done and looking good doing it. We were always getting paid because we’re always on top of our shit. Girls want to be with a boss – with a heathen. You can be a boss without trying to be the hardest in the room. I don’t want to be the token black guy in the crowd. I’m running just as good as anyone else, or even better. All of that came together on this song.” 

Zanu said he’s excited for new fans to get a taste of his music and ultimately, he has aspirations of creating music that will be known throughout the world. He wants to bring a new vision of Hip Hop that people have never heard before – something that breathes new life into an already lively genre.  

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Montana Staxxx – Freedom

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Montana Staxxx inspires others to break free of the mundane with new single ‘Freedom’ 

DENVER, CO – Lemonte Hall – AKA Montana Staxxx – is a veteran of the music industry whose penchant for telling it like it is has challenged listeners all over the world for many years. His style of music is soulful yet aggressive, with lyrics to his songs tackling some of the tougher issues of the world. That substantive music takes center stage with his latest single, “Freedom. 

Bouncing off a get-up-and-move kind of vibe, this soulful single features horns and other instruments to serve as a background for lyrics that challenge people to consider the things they value most in life. Montana said he wants the song to inspire people to let go of the more material things in life and instead turn to the long-lasting truly joyful moments and experiences that lead to a fulfilling life. 

“It’s about telling people not to allow things like money and religion to track or hold you down,” Montana said. “That’s what those things do in the big scheme of things, but it’s not how you’re gonna get freedom. The only thing that can set you free is the truth, whatever that is for each person. Don’t allow these things to be stumbling blocks in your life to achieve real freedom. Don’t take things for granted. So many things in our world are conveniences that we take for granted – like being able to go to McDonalds whenever we want, or looking up whatever we want on Google on a smart phone that we carry around. But that’s not freedom, especially if we come to over-rely on those things.” 

The single not only challenges people with a deeper meaning, but also showcases Montana’s one-of-a-kind voice. It’s the kind of voice that is immediately recognizable when people hear it, and it’s something that has set him apart in a crowded industry for many years.  

Montana first started his journey into music as a child when his mother was a singer and recording artist. Most of his youth was spent either with his mom in the recording studio, or back stage at many of her touring shows. His grandmother also played the piano at church, and he grew up singing in the church choir and learning how to play the piano from her.  Montana was born in El Paso ,Texas and raised in both Texas and California. As a teenager, Montana learned how to produce music and studied some of the best rappers of history. He began to develop his own unique sound and style, and in 2008, he started doing shows professionally and recording his music.  

“What has set me apart more than anything over the years is the topics I talk about,” he said. “I tackle things that a lot of people don’t really discuss because it might be a little touchy for them. But I believe the topics that are hard for people to discuss are the very things that are important for us to talk about. That’s why I always try to have substance in my music, if I can. I hope my music is known for me giving the best effort I can and for always trying to be honest when I could.” 

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