Unveiling the Grit and Glory of Midwest Music: Windy 2 Day Indy is On The Grynd Live


Welcome to the heartland of the Midwest, where the beat resonates with the stories of ambition, originality, and raw talent. It’s time to tune in to the electrifying On The Grynd Live podcast, where we delve deep into the world of Windy 2 Da Indy artist Peru Brigante and Dezel, the dynamic duo representing the vibrant music scene of the midwest.

In this exclusive interview, Windy 2Da Indy invite us into their world, offering an unfiltered glimpse into their journey. They unravel the very fabric of their music, emphasizing their commitment to authenticity and the pride they take in penning their own lyrical masterpieces. What’s more intriguing is their evolution, transitioning from using industry beats to crafting original compositions, each resonating with a sound that’s uniquely their own.

As the conversation unfolds, the duo gives credit to their producer, Roy, for weaving beats that serve as the backbone of their sonic identity. They passionately discuss their influences, weaving a rich tapestry of sounds that have shaped their artistry. But their story doesn’t stop there. Windy 2 Da Indy are on a relentless pursuit of creative expansion, delving into clothing, production, and even storytelling through a captivating documentary.

The significance of performance, the thrill of releasing music, and the euphoria of hearing their track “Bang” pulsate through the airwaves are moments etched in their journey. It’s a testament to their commitment to their craft, the unyielding belief in their art, and the infectious energy they bring to the stage.

But what truly sets this duo apart is their unshakable belief in the concept of “grinding.” Their unwavering work ethic, their burning passion, and their refusal to settle for anything less than excellence are the cornerstones of their philosophy. Windy 2Da Indy’s vision extends beyond their own artistry, with plans to collaborate and uplift fellow artists, fostering a community built on mutual support and collective success.





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