TwoRStarr: Rising Hip-Hop Phenom Drops Explosive Summer Anthem “WTM (Where The Money)”

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Heating Up the Summer Scene

As the summer hits its peak, a new anthem emerges from the vibrant and competitive world of hip-hop. TwoRStarr, the dynamic artist hailing from Philly’s south side, has just dropped her latest single, “WTM (Where The Money),” and it’s set to ignite dance floors and playlists across the nation. With this infectious track, TwoRStarr is poised to take her place as the next big female hip-hop star.

Bold and Unapologetic

“WTM” is a powerful declaration of financial independence and self-confidence. The track’s hypnotic chorus—“Where the money, Where the money, Laugh to the bank but ain’t shhh funny”—is both a mantra and a rallying cry for those who hustle relentlessly. TwoRStarr’s voice commands attention, ensuring that her message resonates long after the song ends.

Lyrics That Resonate

TwoRStarr’s lyrics in “WTM” speak directly to the aspirations and realities of her audience. With lines like “Big bank in my Louie, He love me like Lucy, Know he wanna squeeze my juicy,” she blends humor and luxury, showcasing her ability to weave relatable narratives with high-end flair. It’s this combination of authenticity and aspiration that makes her music so compelling.

An Anthem for the Ambitious

In “WTM,” TwoRStarr encapsulates the essence of the modern hustler. “Keep running, Run up the bag I’m bougie, I don’t like hearing excuses, All my racks look bluey” isn’t just a line—it’s a lifestyle. Her lyrics are anthems for those who strive for more, offering a blend of motivation and validation for anyone on their grind.

Fashion and Flare

TwoRStarr’s style is as bold as her lyrics. “Chanel on my feet and my waist, My face card never decline, I rock Gucci when I walk in the bank” paints a picture of a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Her fashion sense is an extension of her artistic persona, adding another layer to her multi-faceted appeal.

A Voice for the Determined

“Commas, they keep coming in period, I don’t wanna hear none bout being broke, that interrupt my spirit” captures the essence of TwoRStarr’s no-excuses attitude. She’s not just rapping about money—she’s rapping about a mindset, one that refuses to accept anything less than success. Her music is a guide for those who share her relentless drive.

Rapid Ascent

“WTM” is quickly gaining traction, marking TwoRStarr as a formidable force in the hip-hop industry. As the single spreads across airwaves and streaming platforms, it’s clear that she’s not just making music—she’s making an impact. Her rise is a testament to her talent, determination, and the undeniable appeal of her sound.

Embracing the Journey

TwoRStarr is not just an artist; she’s a phenomenon in the making. “WTM” is a taste of what she has to offer, and it’s a taste that’s leaving fans hungry for more. With her unique blend of lyrical prowess, undeniable charisma, and an unyielding work ethic, TwoRStarr is set to redefine the landscape of hip-hop.

The Soundtrack of the Season

As we dive deeper into summer, TwoRStarr’s “WTM” is the perfect soundtrack for sunny days and vibrant nights. Her music invites everyone to join her journey, celebrating the hustle, the grind, and the sweet taste of success. Keep your ears tuned and your speakers ready—TwoRStarr is here, and she’s here to stay.

Where’s the money? With TwoRStarr, it’s right in the music. Don’t miss out on the rise of a star who is destined to shine brighter with every beat.

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Georgia Rising Star Clay James Becomes Brand Ambassador For Lyons Wine Founded By Chris Lyons

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Clay James has been making a name for himself in the underground music scenes of Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia for quite some time. Clay is most known for his strong southern accent, witty wordplay, and dapper fashion sense. Since Clay was in college he’s been able to leverage his popularity to help build a number of brands in Atlanta. While attending Georgia State University he was a brand ambassador for Bliss Skate Company, Bomade Vodka, and Nanotech Cell Phone Watches. All of which became very popular brands on the college scene during Clay’s stent at their companies. It was in college where Chris Lyons and Clay James would meet and become friends. Both men are members of the Kappa Theta Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and they both started careers in the music industry while at Georgia State University. Chris Lyons was a talented producer and sound engineer who would eventually get a job at So So Def Studios working directly under legendary super producer Jermaine Dupri. Clay James’ buzz grew substantially, he caught the eye of hip hop legend Snoop Dogg, and received his first record deal with Doggystyle Records. Lyons was one of the first engineers to work with Clay and really believe in him as a artist. Nowadays Chris Lyons is still around the music industry but in a different way. He is a managing partner at Andreesen Horowitz and oversees their Cultural Leadership Fund. The Cultural Leadership Fund is Silicon Valley’s first venture capital fund consisting exclusively of Black cultural leaders and organizations committed to Black wealth generation. Not only is Lyons working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, tech, and sports with the CLF; he’s also developed his own wine “LYONS”. Lyons produces high quality wine made in Italy for a new generation of wine enthusiasts. All products are made in Emilia-Romagna, and sourced within northern Italy extending through the Apennine Mountains. Lyons is an Italian red sparkling wine with hints of intense dry cherry, and refreshing floral notes accompanied with fresh wild velvet and blackberry. Today, Chris Lyons has named Clay James Brand Ambassador at Lyons Wine. You can only expect big things with these two joining forces. If you want to get your hands on some Lyons Wine click on the website link below and use Clay’s coupon code: CLAYVIP for a 25% discount. Follow @Lyons.Wine @ChrisLyons and @WhoIsClayJames on all social media.

Big Boosie Da Beat Bully Is Making An Impact on Hip-Hop Culture “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.”

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Explore the fascinating journey of Bryan Austin, aka Big Boosie Da Beat Bully, as he navigates the heart of Pelion, SC, rising from humble beginnings to become a notable figure in the music realm.

Dive deep into the multifaceted journey of Bryan Austin, uncovering the layers of his resilience and the mastery embedded within his musical creations. From the roots of Pelion to the zenith of the music industry, explore the symphony that is Big Boosie Da Beat Bully’s life.

Go beyond the beats and delve into the impactful message embedded in Big Boosie’s latest single, “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.,” shaping a new narrative in Hip-Hop culture.



Highly anticipated film ‘Superish’ is now available

Industry Spotlight

Superish”, the highly anticipated film from @calliopevar has been released . Directed and produced by New Orleans superstar Var, the film features a star-studded cast including @aceb47 @Lucky_Johnson, JAYARSON, and @Rob_Kazi. @2kthomas_ Var’s character as he navigates dangerous streets and dirty cops in an effort to avenge his friend’s murder and bring peace to New Orleans. With its talented cast and thrilling plot, “Superish” is sure to be a hit and is just the first of many projects from Var’s Hoodstar_films . The film is now available for rent and purchase on Amazon Video, and fans can follow @superish_themovie on Instagram

Get to know music artist Zairrion

Industry Spotlight

Zairrion If home is where the heart is, then Inglewood is home for up and coming superstar, Zairrion. He has committed himself, for over a decade, to breaking through contemporary boundaries and surpassing the limits of creating genre-specific music, while maintaining a healthy connection with his listeners and remaining flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing musical trends. Inspired by legendary artists and entrepreneurs such as Jay Z, Nas, J Cole, 2Pac, Zairrion is rapidly crafting a lane for himself and his sound, which has earned him amazing opportunities to share stages with some of todays icons, like Chris Brown and Rick Ross. Listeners should prepare for consistent music releases, new visual content, and even some behind the scenes footage of his process and lifestyle. It’s clear that if anyone will be able to stand the test of time and continue to create memorable and relatable pieces of music, Zairrion will be one not to miss!

Get to know Chicago artist, Dee Washington

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Let’s meet Dee Washington, a budding new star from Chicago Illinois! Music has always been his life, and from a very young age, Dee began to study and emulate some of the greatest legends to ever grace a studio or a stage, such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, just to name a few. His drive and intentionality has afforded him some great opportunities, even landing him a much-desired Lollapalooza slot. His music is the sum total of his experiences and influences, without the limitations of a specific genre. Dee Washington prides himself on creating musical experiences that are marinated in versatility, spontaneity and spirituality, allowing the music itself to almost become its own entity. When asked to describe his music he replied, ” I feel that every song that I’ve written and every sound I have used, was already created in Heaven, and God blessed me with them. It’s my duty to showcase the gift.” Listeners should be on the lookout for single releases, live performances and eventually a full album entitled “Golden” from Dee in 2023, as he continues to make timeless music for the masses

Check out Dee’s work

Get to know Miami-based rapper HawkieBaby

Industry Spotlight

Eddie Mills, A.K.A. HawkieBaby: Miami’s Hip-Hop Savior Miami, Florida is a city known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and a legendary music scene. Amidst the bustling music industry, one name stands out – Eddie Mills, better known as HawkieBaby. This Miami-based rapper is on a mission to save hip-hop, and he’s doing it in style. Eddie Mills, A.K.A. HawkieBaby: Eddie Mills, born and raised in Miami, has set himself apart with his unique blend of talent, determination, and a touch of Miami’s tropical vibe.

HawkieBaby’s journey from a local artist to a rising star is nothing short of inspiring. “I’m HawkieBaby by the way” – The Hit Song: One of HawkieBaby’s standout tracks is “I’m HawkieBaby by the way.” This catchy anthem is not just a song; it’s a mantra for self-confidence and individuality. It encapsulates the essence of Miami’s culture and blends it with HawkieBaby’s deep passion for authentic hip-hop. Bringing Back Authentic Hip-Hop: HawkieBaby is more than a rapper; he’s a hip-hop savior. In an era filled with auto-tuned melodies and mumbled lyrics, he revives the art of storytelling. He addresses real issues and shares his personal experiences growing up in Miami, making his music resonate not only with locals but also with hip-hop fans around the world. Community and Giving Back:

What sets HawkieBaby apart is his strong connection with the Miami community. He’s not just an artist; he’s an advocate for positive change. Through events and community initiatives, he gives back, ensuring that his music serves a greater purpose – uplifting the community that nurtured his talent. The Promising Future of HawkieBaby: Eddie Mills, A.K.A. HawkieBaby, is just getting started, but he’s already making waves in the hip-hop industry. His unique fusion of Miami’s culture with the timeless essence of hip-hop sets him on the path to becoming a defining figure in the genre. Keep an eye on him, as he continues to evolve his sound and message. Conclusion: In the heart of Miami’s vibrant music scene, Eddie Mills, A.K.A. HawkieBaby, emerges as a hip-hop savior. His authentic storytelling, commitment to his community, and the hit song “I’m HawkieBaby by the way” have propelled him to the forefront of Miami’s music renaissance. With his fresh approach, Eddie Mills is set to ensure that hip-hop’s legacy thrives in the heart of the city.

Trio AKA PROFIT Drops Explosive Music Video for Latest Single

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Prepare to dive headfirst into the electrifying world of Trio aka PROFIT as he unveils his latest masterpiece, “Gunz & Butta.” This track is a pulsating surge of raw energy, delivering a gripping narrative that explores ambition, determination, and the unwavering pursuit of success. Get ready for a musical journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

A Musical Narrative of Hustle and Ambition

“Gunz & Butta” isn’t just another track; it’s a lyrical and sonic adventure. Trio AKA PROFIT takes listeners on a journey through the gritty streets of ambition, where dreams are pursued relentlessly, and success is the ultimate prize. The track’s pulsating beats and powerful lyrics serve as a testament to the artist’s dedication to his craft.

Watch the Visual Experience

Be sure to watch the captivating video for “Gunz & Butta” performed by #GladiatorMuzik artist Trio AKA PROFIT on YouTube. Get ready to witness the fusion of music and storytelling like never before.

Connect with Trio AKA PROFIT

To stay updated with Trio AKA PROFIT and his musical endeavors, make sure to follow him on social media:

Lonny Cash is a Bilingual Lyrical Powerhouse Who Spits Fire

Industry Spotlight

Lonny Cash the bilingual lyrical story weaver originally hails from San Jose, Costa Rica when he came to the US in 1999, he did not know English. Lonny at the age of 9 allowed the power of music to be his teacher he would listen to artist such as Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and would soon master the English Language. Not only would he learn the language he would dive into the culture and create a music lane for himself. Lonny moved to Atlanta and while he eventually made music with artists and producers such as Angie Stone, Benzino, Rockstar Squat and Babyface Ray he would start his move off living in his Mercedes trying to make sense of everything he was going through.

In 2016 Lonny released “Foreign Policy” the EP featured 6 songs that took him to another level and created an awareness for his talent in the industry. The EP was written by Lonny and featured various producers on the project. After the project he started to release various singles including the radio hit “Adios”. Lonny has also been featured in a movie entitled “Always Consequences” featured on Tubi.

Lonny’s new single will be released on September 27, 2023 entitled “Deep Throat” executive producer Jerome “Romeo “Leaks and written by Lonny Cash for the upcoming new EP “Lady’s Love Cash” . The bilingual artist will also release various songs to his YouTube channel that will pay homage to his native land and feature some amazing national and international artist. The new single will be available on all streaming platforms and currently available for pre save on Spotify. Follow Lonny Cash on IG @IamlonnyCash and YouTube Channel Lonny Cash.

Wisconsin’s Rising Star T The Pharaoh Takes Inspiration from The Weeknd and Juice WRLD on ‘Cyber Chase’

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Born in Cameroon, Wisconsin Hip-Hop/Rap/RnB artist T The Pharaoh brings his inspiration of The Weeknd, Juice WRLD, an Calboy to his melodic vibes on his new single “Cyber Chase”.

It begins with hard knocking 808’s that would make any car ride feel like an earthquake. Once you hear him you can hear the artistry in his voice. His melodic and very fine-tuned vocals resemble Chicago rapper Calboy mixed with RnB vibes to bring the whole track together. The auto tune is just perfect and not too much. The song is about getting what you want, chasing money, and the entire thrill of the journey. The hook is catchy and is something you could ride around in any season with the windows up or down. Probably a perfect song if you are working out, or on the way to work and trying to get some inspiration to go.

The song has definite radio worthy sound and overall the track gives an exciting start to seeing what T the Pharaoh has up next for him.