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In the wake of everything going on, Music Artist have to keep working in the music business. This holds true for Chicago’s rising talent, CGE(Chase Guap Everyday), a rap duo making their way into the music industry. A melodic mix of unique cadence and word play, with catchy hooks that stick with listeners. The group prides themselves in their relentless work ethic and endless grind. This can be seen in their latest release(s), two singles with videos in back-to-back weeks titled, “3 Commas” & “Bad” Click the links to check out more. Be sure to follow CGE on all social media platforms


Who Is CGE? ( @CGE312)


With the rap game being dominated primarily by solo artists, we could very well be looking at the games next big group, Meet CGE, a rap duo based about 25 miles outside of Chicago.

JustTheOtherDay(Robert Smith Jr) & Dolo Blues(Markee Prude-Williams, ages 21 and 19 (CGE)

Think two man group, like  Rae Sremmurd, with the room presence of the Migos, but much more melodic like PNB Rock and A Boogie.  Imagine catchy, with dope cadences and flow like Roddy Rich, mixed with a passion for fashion like ASAP Rocky and slick thotiana girl talk like Blueface, yet still managing to stay in their own pocket. This would be a respectable way to describe CGE.

“CGE” stands for “Chase Guap Everyday”  which they describe as “more than a name”, it’s a way of life.   “We left school and cut off a lot of people to follow our dream” spoke Dolo Blues. “Man we putting everything we got into this’, he continued. We betting on ourselves. Just tired of struggling and want to make a way, and why not with music”.

The group takes pride in their work ethic and “no days off” approach.

JTOD says; “Everyday we putting in crazy work. We are very competitive and we try to out-work everybody.  When they partying , we working. We always working to get better and grow our brand”.

Although both artists were raised in a suburb just outside of Chicago,  circumstances growing up was anything but “suburban”.  Coming from low income, blue collar working families, the two found themselves turning to sports and music as a temporary escape.

The two actually met in 2011 playing youth football and have been friends since, even before the music.  The music became serious in 2017 and they’ve been on a mission since then.

After experiencing some local success and building a small fan base, the group began to brand themselves to broaden the awareness.

People are starting to hear about this dope new group from the Windy City.  The sound, swag and word-of-mouth is drawing in new fans on a daily basis.

To find out more about CGE and what they have going on, you can start by following them on all social media platforms and checking out their music and videos




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