Cristal Carrington – Running Out Of Time

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Hit-maker Cristal Carrington rides wave of success
with string of Pop single releases in 2020

BALTIMORE, MD – When you look at Cristal Carrington’s body of work, there’s one thing that’s strikingly clear: she makes hits!

As a singer/songwriter in the Pop and Techno realm, Carrington fell in love with EDM and its fusion of R&B, Rap, Rock & Roll, and Nu-Disco. She’s been surrounded by groundbreaking music for the better part of the past decade and always wanted to mesh different genres into intriguing new grooves. In 2020, she’s further explored that progressive style with a handful of singles that range from the dance-inspired track “Dance with You” to the inspiring and thought-provoking tune “Running Out of Time.”

Inspired by the anxiety-inducing experiences of 2020, “Running Out of Time” is a Pop track with an upbeat vibe that’s juxtaposed against lyrics that are at times melancholy and introspective.

“It’s about the anxiety that comes from the stuff we’re going through right now with the pandemic,” Carrington said. “Everything is in disarray. People are feeling stressed out and frustrated. And at the end of the day, we need to unify and come together. So this is a song that’s pleading for better days.”

If nothing else, “Running Out of Time” is a single that will show the world that Carrington is the next big thing. She’s about to blow up and she’s ready to take it to another level. Her music is so diverse that it’s impossible to put her in a box. She can spit bars, she can create EDM jams, she can bring a soulful style, and she can, of course, create music that is both relatable and commercially viable.

Carrington began her entertainment career as an intern for Universal Records, doing promotions for artists such as Lil Wayne, Maino, Chamillionaire, David Banner, and Remy Ma. Soon, her love of music landed her an intern producer spot for the popular radio station WPGC 95.5 FM in the Washington, D.C. market. As her career developed and she began to create her own music, she was highlighted in some major magazines such as Medium, Vents Magazine and Hollywood Digest. She soon became known as a highly talented artist who was bringing a new voice to Pop music by creating songs to please audiences of all ages.

“I make hits,” she said. “Every song I make has to be structured to be a hit. It has to be something made ready for the radio. I’ve got a growing audience right now and I want to keep that momentum going and reach for higher levels.”

Some other Pop songs that Carrington has created this year and which are currently streaming across all digital platforms include: “I Believe In Your Love,” “Another Way of Life,” “Player” and “See You Dance.”

To listen to Cristal Carrington’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit:

TikTok @CristalCarringtonMusic

Mr. Buddy – Fonqwitus

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Mr. Buddy perfectly captures essence of Funk with latest single ‘Fonqwitus 

JACKSONVILLE, FL – In a world full of 808s and Trap beats, Mr. Buddy is bringing a different kind of swing. His music is something that can’t be labeled because it’s new age, but at the same time his funkalicious swag has a familiar flavor that is reminiscent of some of the greats like Heavy D or George Clinton. 

That funky swag is showcased on his latest single “Fonqwitus” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The song opens with a throwback kind of sound that soon introduces a funky beat that’s so catchy it practically oozes with joy. It’s impossible to listen to this song and not bounce and bop to the groove that Mr. Buddy creates. True to his name, this comedian-turned-musician puts a smile on the faces of anyone who listens to his latest track. 

“I wanted to make a song that was big enough and good enough to get people to get up and dance and party and have a good time, especially with what we’re going through with the Corona Virus,” Mr. Buddy said. “It’s a song that allows you to have your own personal party at home. It’s not the cliché rapping-about-guns-or-girls-or-money kind of song. It’s just simply about having a good time. I wanted to make music that children who grew up like me could listen to with their parents. There’s no curse words or sexual innuendos, just good clean fun music that allows everyone to have a good time.” 

Fonqwitus” is the perfect song to showcase the unique sound and style from this fast-rising artist from the south. Though it’s the first single he’s ever released publicly, it’s not the first music he’s created in his life. In fact, he’s always had a musical background dating back to his time in elementary school. The second oldest of five children, Mr. Buddy is part of a music-loving family. His father, who plays bass guitar, introduced him to music, while his mother sings and plays the flute. As he grew older, he began to learn as many different instruments as he could – from piano and drums to trumpet and more.  

“My background is in Jazz, but my sound has an influence of the 70s, 80s and 90s and includes Funk, Disco, Big Band, Hip Hop, Classic, Alternative Rock, Neo-Soul, and even Country,” he said. “I love the thick chords and phat basslines that come with Funk music. The funkier the better. With an upbringing in the church and with giants like Will Smith as an example, I pride myself in creating fun, clean music that all people can enjoy.” 

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Kayla Clark – My World Of Loneliness

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Teenage singer/songwriter Kayla Clark offers introspective look at solitude with new single ‘My World of Loneliness’ 

PHOENIX, AZ – Kayla Clark is a fresh Indie singer/songwriter who seamlessly blurs the lines between most contemporary Pop sub-genres through her storytelling and remarkably catchy tracks. The Phoenix-based singer has recently released a new single called “My World of Loneliness” – a timely song that is already connecting with fans all over the world.  

“Everyone at some point feels lonely, especially right now as we’re all having to be away from everyone,” Clark said. “I’m taking from the feelings of different experiences of loneliness and putting that all into one song. I usually put a lot of thought into my lyrics, and this one really stood out to me of all the other songs I’ve written. It also features a lot of piano which I think fits the tone of the song very well.” 

Clark’s sound holds the unique characteristic of being as minimally edited as possible. She prefers her music to feel raw and unplugged, avoiding over production in favor of the more organic vibes that come from a truly free-spirited process. But that process also includes a dedication to making something as high quality as possible, which means she has dedicated a lot of time to writing and rewriting. Ultimately, to match her sound, Clark prefers to play listening rooms and more intimate venues, allowing her to connect with the audience on a more vulnerable and real level. But with 2020 forcing most artists to stay home and avoid the crowds that come from live performances, Clark has instead focused on her songwriting. As a result, she’s recorded a large collection of songs that perfectly narrate her life as a young woman and musical artist – all of which she plans to release over the course of the next coming months on her new EP, “My World of Loneliness,” set to drop in January. 

Prior to the new EP, however, Clark said she plans to release another single called “Silhouette of Me” on Dec. 15. Taking a cue from “My World of Loneliness,” this new single will explore that moment late at night when it feels like all the rest of the world is asleep. 

“It’s late and all the lights are going off in the city and you feel like you’re the only one awake,” Clark said of the song. “The only thing to keep you company in that moment is your shadow. It’s a song that features more of me on guitar, but at the end, it’s all about the lyrics. I just want people to hear my songs and be able to connect with them and have their own interpretation of the lyrics and apply it to their own lives. I think music is something that can bring us all together through different emotions and experiences of life, which is why I spend the most time on the lyrics. I’d rather write a song that actually means something than create a catchy tune. I will always want to connect in deeper ways.” 

Kayla Clark’s music is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

To listen to her music or to follow her on social media, please visit: 

“My World of Loneliness”

TopWAV – Black and Litty

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TopWAV challenges conventional thinking with aggressively entertaining album ‘Big Wavy Protest’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Soundscapes of Soul and Gospel come head-to-head with classic 808s and bouncy beats on the new album “Big Wavy Protest” from Atlanta-based artist TopWAV. It’s a project that brings energy and edge in its blend of different sounds and styles that not only showcase his raw talent but also challenge listeners to consider a new perspective on the state of affairs in the world today. 

“On the cover of the album you’ll see a hand with a glove on it, with the words ‘We need to build our own’ written on the side,” TopWAV said. “That’s something that’s extremely important to me because I’m very pro industry. I believe industrialization is kind of our way forward to build a strong economic block. In the age we’re in now, we’re in a Malcolm X kind of time period, but not in an aggressive sense. More of a nationalism sense This album is to encourage people to be independent and do more for ourselves economically. It’s my own form of protest that basically says in today’s atmosphere and political climate, when all has been said and done, we need to build our own.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “Black and Litty. TopWAV said it’s a song that explores what it takes to be a standout individual – to have something that he calls a “rare essence.”  

“It’s about that expression of a rare essence,” he said. “Take Angela Davis, for instance. A lot of people think that her afro was a wig, but it’s not. It’s really her hair. In the past, people made us feel bad about our hair or our skin, and we were encouraged to seek more European standards of beauty. So this song connects back to being our own and being ourselves and having that self-esteem that leads to a rare essence that stands on its own.” 

TopWAV continues this exploration of rare qualities with another single, “Black Whitehouse” albeit from a more economic standpoint. Like most of the songs on the album, it showcases a blend of sounds that pull from his background in West Africa and Nigeria. Though inspired by his protest against the government, the sounds he brings to the table with this album also stand out from others within the industry. He blends Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Trap, and Soul with Afro beats for a truly original sound and style.  

“My music should be known for independence and uniqueness,” he said. “I want people to have for themselves. We’re all interconnected and can’t neglect that, but that sense of freedom is a personal responsibility. To be able to do what you want to do and take gains or losses and keep playing the game, that’s what my music is about. I’m speaking mostly to people who are in oppressed conditions. That’s not the way we’re created to be and I want my music to be about breaking free from that. But I also believe in the principle of having balance and I know that music is supposed to be inspiring and not just a conduit for strong conscious thought. If it doesn’t flow or it doesn’t fit, we’re not going with it. It has to be the right cadence and flow and rhythm. I believe this project captures that essence.” 

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Thomas Bernard – You

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Soulful vocalist and singer/songwriter set to dropped emotional Pop Ballad ‘You’  

ST. LOUIS, MO – Thomas Bernard is a young singer/songwriter from St. Louis whose new single “You” is set to make him break out big waysin the music industry. Driven by strong piano chords that serve as the perfect platform for Bernard’s soaring and heartfelt vocals, “You” is a Pop ballad that’s reminiscent of some of the greatest names in music today.Listeners of the song will immediately feel the emotion in his voice as he sings. And it’s that emotion that makes it a song that’s immediately accessible for a wide audience.  

“I wrote it about the relationship I’m currently in,” Bernard said. “There was a time when my girlfriend felt like I didn’t consider her to be 100 percent the one for me. But I wanted to let her know that she was the only one in my eyes.” 

Bernard said fans who listen to his music will certainly feel the influences of Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, and The Weeknd. That said, he has his own unique sound and style that is definitely carving out a niche within the crowded music marketplace. His voice is tailormade for radio – to the point that he was a contestant on both American Idol and The Voice. He brings a little bit of an R&B soulful vibe to his music, and the lyrics he creates are genuine and filled with emotion. 

“I try to make them as real and relatable as possible,” he said. “I just want to create music that people can feel rather than just hear. I feel like today’s generation is leaning toward music that just has a good beat in the back, but not everyone is really saying much with their lyrics. Only a select few artists today put out good stories, and that’s what I want to do. I want people to listen to my music and relate to it and really feel it rather than just listening to something that sounds nice in the moment.” 

Bernard first came on the music scene at age 15 when he started going to his local recording studio in downtown St. Louis and creating new tracks. He spent many years honing his craft and writing songs that he knew would one day connect with people. Along the way, he has posted videos of himself singing on multiple social media platforms, building a strong fanbase that continues to grow every day.  

“You” is dropped across all streaming platforms. Bernard said he has two more singles set to release in the coming months. 

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Twitter: @thomasbernard__ 

TikTok: @thomas_bernard111

Shalisa – It’s Too Late

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Shalisa celebrates ‘Five Decades’ of music with beautiful new album 

ORLANDO, FL – Shalisa James has been a professional vocalist, pianist and music director for more than 30 years. And as she approaches her 50th birthday, she’s preparing to launch an album that not only celebrates a life of music but which also shows other female artists that it’s never too late to live out their dreams. 

After singing on five albums with her group Toxic Audio over the years, as well as singing on other artists’ albums and tackling thousands of studio projects, Shalisa decided she wanted her own album to celebrate turning 50. “Five Decades” is a 14-track project that showcases a variety of sounds and styles perfectly suited to display Shalisa’s beautiful vocals.  

“I wanted to share that even at this age, I’m in the best voice of my life,” Shalisa said. “I chose music from all five decades of my life for mostly covers but with a twist. Another interesting thing about this album is that it was a pandemic project, providing income and collaborative opportunities for more than 20 musicians during the lockdown months of April through July. We worked totally remotely with many band members for tracks, never even meeting in person.” 

Shalisa is no stranger to the recording process and entertainment industry. Her company, Entertainment Central, has produced music acts and shows at major attractions worldwide. She’s worked with Universal Studios and Warner Brothers to create the Frog Choir Show for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She collaborated with the Tonight Show team and Universal to create the show for the Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon attraction. And her video for the song she wrote with her husband, “Couldn’t Get a Sitter,” has seen more than a million views on its way to winning a Telly Award for Best Comedic Music Video. She’s also done work on Broadway with her lead vocal on the Broadway Concert version of “Hair” being nominated for a Grammy Award with her group Toxic Audio. Shalisa has also been named Female Vocalist of the Year in 2005, 2006 and 2007 by the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America. Her voice has been heard on more than 1,000 radio jingles across the U.S. 

Now with her new album, Shalisa is ready to show the world a new twist on the music her fans have come to know and love from her for the past 50 years. A lot of the songs on the album have layered vocals because she loves harmonies, and many of the covers will feel familiar to listeners while also presenting a unique vibe that’s more modern. The last track on the album features all members of her family – her husband sings, her son plays guitar and beat-boxes, as well as plays guitar. Her younger son – who is a screenwriter and singer – contributes to the song. And her daughter – who at 26 is studying to become a doctor and fronts a Rock band at her med school – also added some vocals to the song. 

With tracks that explore love and meaningful relationships in all its forms, Shalisa said “Five Decades” is a fun album for music lovers of all ages and demographics. But more than anything, she hopes the album will inspire other women out there to continue pursuing their dreams no matter what the challenges. 

“I hear a lot of women talking about how they were so much better when they were younger and that they’re losing their range or their chops or they don’t have stamina,” Shalisa said. “That’s a narrative that women have heard a lot and buy into. I wanted to let people know and show them proof that you can still sing as well as you’ve ever sung in your life when you’re hitting 50. At this age, we’re getting better and better and working at our craft. My life experience comes through in the music, which adds layers that I wouldn’t have been able to bring at age 20. So I hope this album inspires others to see that they can be at their best if they stick with it and don’t buy into a negative narrative. The world likes to tell people they’re not as good as they were, and I, with this album, I wanted to say, ‘No! I’m actually singing better than I’ve ever sung.’” 

To listen to Shalisa’s music or to follow her on social media, please visit: 

“Five Decades”

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