Sloane Angell – Halston Takes A Trip

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Internationally known DJ launches recording career with hot debut single ‘Halston Takes a Trip’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Old-school Disco meets modern-era House music on the debut hit single from DJ-turned-recording-artist Sloane Angell. “Halston Takes a Trip” is a long, psyche-ish groove with hypnotic synth stabs and punchy drums that invite the listener to the dance floor and keep them there. It’s a fun track ready made for hanging out on the beach or enjoying a night out at the club. Roughly inspired by the Halston documentary on Netflix, the song is Angell’s attempt to make a desert rave song, albeit born from his love of the unique sounds and styles of the 70s. 

“I love bringing a lot of really older sounds to the table,” Angell said. “I love Disco and the resurgence of Disco in House music. I’m trying to bring in samples and unique sounds from the 70s and some of that original Disco. That’s definitely true of this track. Ultimately I’d like to reference certain samples and sounds from different eras and incorporate them in all my songs. Mostly I’m interested in curating environments and moods. That’s what I’ve always sought after as a DJ. I have an eye for setting really specific energies in rooms or environments. Before, I used other people’s work to set those tones, but in the future I’d like to use more and more of my music to fine-tune even more moods I’m trying to create.” 

After nearly a decade of serving as one of the go-to DJs of Los Angeles, Angell said he’s excited to be able to write and produce his own music. It’s an endeavor that he said allows him to have an even more tailored touch on the music that’s played in the environments he’s creating. But music isn’t the only artistic endeavor that he pursues on a daily basis. 

Spending most of his days as a ceramicist – either making shapes on the pottery wheel, or loading a kiln, heated to a temperature that could ‘evaporate a body’ – he also dabbles in fashion, with his clothing line Mercer Market selling at cool boutiques across the USA. In the summertime he jets off to Montauk and holds down a summer residency at the Surf Lodge, in Los Angeles. He can often be found playing many a party, whether it be at Malibu Soho House or fancy houses in the hills. He’s been sought-after and coveted for the best parties in LA since he first landed on the West Coast from his native New York. He is essentially the go-to DJ for every SOHO house location every weekend, and through that experience he has developed a keen taste for ambient celebratory atmospheric tracks.  

He is a man of many talents, and now that he’s writing and producing his own music he has become a man of many more.

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Thief & The Knight – Cool Kid

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Texas Duo Thief & The Knight works with O-Town producers on upbeat new single ‘Cool Kid’ 

ODESSA, TX – Growing up, best friends Byant and Joe made for an interesting pair. Byant was the ornery one who often got into trouble, and Joe was the straight-as-an-arrow kid who served as his friend’s better conscience. Byant was the devil on Joe’s shoulder. Joe was the angel on Byant’s shoulder. And the thing that bonded them the most growing up was their mutual love of music. Over the years, they started creating new music together and today, they operate under the name Thief & The Knight.  

Their latest single “Cool Kid” is the perfect testament to their journey and the high caliber music they’re creating today. Co-produced by Mark Suhonen and Jacob Underwood of the notorious boy band O-Town along with Sean Dalke from the band Half Hearted, the track is the first off an upcoming EP that is sure to put these young artists on the map. “Cool Kid” has a distinct EDM vibe reminiscent of bands like Muse and Mutemath. It features great vocals that reverberate over the top of a bouncy bass track that’s a perfect fit for the clubs. With a mixture of Rock and House music, this nostalgic take on the growing pains of childhood is guaranteed to be in heavy rotation in clubs all over the world in the coming months.  

“The cool thing about this track is that the music is fun and jumpy,” Joe said. “At the same time, the lyrical content is nostalgic. It’s ultimately a song about coming from childhood to adulthood. It’s a flashback on our lives, but we feel like anyone can relate to it.” 

The two friends first met in fifth grade and immediately connected over 80s hair bands, Rock and Roll and Alt-Rock Ballads. They loved Styx and Metallica, among others, and by sixth grade were recruiting other friends for their first band. Over the years, they’ve developed a process that brings the best of each of their natural gifts to the table. It’s a true collaboration between lyric writing, instrumentals and production.  

“We love ballads and epic songs – those songs that give you the goose bumps,” Joe said. “That’s what we’ve always connected to and led to our best writing. All of our music will have a super catchy hook with a great ballad sound, and we try to incorporate a lot of old school sound and mix that with new school.” 

“It’s all about the good songwriting,” Bryant said. “It’s music that speaks to you in different times. Sometimes that’s on a fun level, and “Cool Kid” is like that to me. We grew up on Metal and Rock, but our sound has developed over the years. We want to keep that live, raw element with a Pop feel. And one thing we tend to do on all our songs is to touch on different situations and moods.” 

Having signed to Pacific Records in 2020, Thief & The Knight said they’ve been working hard to develop a string of singles that they’ll release over the course of this year. “Cool Kid” is just the first of those offerings.  



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5D Crew – Camila

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 5D Crew aims to usher in great awakening with new album ‘Story of Souls’

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – From an inspirational thought of music healing transformation, 5D Crew was created. This music project for the great awakening has taken off like a rocket of creative juices forming a large collection of songs.  

“Story of Souls,” released under their group name 5D Crew and released through their own indie label, Studio 11 Entertainment, the album delivers healing dance floor vibes alongside their New Age Pop-Hop music. It’s a melting pot of musical tones and flavors that should satisfy anyone’s musical sweet tooth and leave a lingering brain-invading hook. 

Gordon said. “There’s a great awakening that’s been happening and we’ve been moving into a 5D reality.   

The two came from different music journeys. Gordon has spent time building a Juno Award winning studio in Winnipeg that Kanye West visited back in 2007.  Starr has been a leading worldwide spiritual healer and a master of raising consciousness through a process he calls Shadowwork. Together, they’ve developed a fusion of different sounds, from Latin to Pop to Rock to EDM and everything in between. 

“That’s what makes the project interesting,” Starr said. “Jason is channeling the music and lyrics while I’m channeling the healing energy to put into the songs. But at the end of the day, we’re making music for the great awakening and helping people shift into that 5D reality. 

Three singles from the projects have been gaining a lot of traction from fans. The first is a Latin Pop song called “Camila” that was inspired by their mutual admiration for Latin Pop artist Camila Cabello.  The second is “Future of Love,” a futuristic vibe that explores what might happen if everyone had their own sex robot.  The third is perhaps the most timely and introspective. “My Number One” was written just as the world was going into a lockdown.  Starr said “There was a lot of negativity going on and we wanted to write a tribute to our daughters we are so grateful for.  

Gordon and Starr have an undeniable connection when it comes to crafting songs together.  They look forward to sharing more music with their fans in the coming years ahead. 

The album is currently available across all streaming platforms.  

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Story of Souls:


Nostalgia – January Jewel

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Global music scene gets fresh blast of sound from Melbourne native Nostalgia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – It’s been a while since the music industry has heard a truly original sound. But in 2021 that trend will change thanks to a new vibe coming out of Melbourne. With a fusion of synth Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Indie Folk, this new sound that has yet to be named is both intriguing and captivating. It’s a sound that perfectly captures the vibe of the city from which it has been born, and it’s a sound that is starting to put some of Australia’s young artists on the map. 

Tarun Zachariah – AKA Nostalgia – is one of those fast-rising young artists who bring this new sound to the world. With a plan to release a new single every month of this year, Nostalgia is poised to become one of the world’s new artists that demands attention. And he’s kicking the year off with his debut single, “January Jewel,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

The song begins with ethereal synth keys that offer an airy kind of opening that leads perfectly into Nostalgia’s falsetto vocals set against a Pop beat. It feels a bit like Maggie Rogers meets The Weeknd, with some electronic elements thrown in for good measure. The overall vibe is chill and laid back with a groove that makes the listener want to sway to the music.  

“It’s for that summertime chill vibe because it’s summer over here but I still wanted people to be able to enjoy it wherever they were in the world, even in the snow,” Nostalgia said. “I was inspired by the song ‘Woman in Love’ by Barbara Streisand, a song about a woman under the unforgiving spell of love which is forcing her to succumb to it. Love is beyond her control and she’s getting lost in it. I sampled it at the early stages of this song and I wrote this chorus to it about what love can end up costing you. Often you hear people talk about love in terms of it being a great part of life, but I took a different perspective of love being so overbearing that it becomes detrimental to you and at times you wonder if it’s even a good thing. It might seem magical at times and something for which you’d fully give yourself and sacrifice for, but at the end of the day, what if it isn’t worth that? If you sacrifice so much that it ends in pain or heartbreak, it makes you question if love was meant for everyone.” 

Nostalgia burst onto the Melbourne music scene with darkness and seduction a couple of years ago. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he is able to sustain a traditional element that’s laced with hints of EDM and ambience. His somber vocals pair perfectly with his self-produced tracks in a way that makes this Melbourne crooner a voice that delves into unknown territory. He showcases versatility and innovation, and the world is starting to pay attention.  

“When you say you’re feeling nostalgic, it’s a hard word to describe because you’re just longing for a feeling you once had,” he said. “That’s what I want my music to evoke – that reminiscing of what life was like in the moment you first heard my song, or the 20th time, or the hundredth time, or whatever. The times I feel most nostalgic is when I’m listening to music because it’s so good at embedding itself as part of your memory. I hope my music gives others that same feeling – that bookmark in their life.” 

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“January Jewel”

Complexion Of Sound – Lose Control

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Best artists in New York come together to redefine EDM and House music on new project ‘Complexion of Sound’ 

NEW YORK, NY – A new sound that is redefining the genres of EDM and House music is about to be unleashed on the world through a new project called “Complexion of Sound.” Featuring a collaboration of some of the East Coast’s best artists and producers, this string of singles – set to begin with “Lose Control” on Jan. 8 – is a high-class-meets-underground fusion of gritty EDM and splashy House music. Executively produced by businessman Bryan Glass, “Complexion of Sound” is a vision that will enlighten listeners all over the world.  

“I’m a huge fan of electronic music and I wanted to make a splash in the House and EDM world,” Glass said. “I always thought I could do it just as good, or better, with the right people. So I built a studio and hired a bunch of really talented producers, writers, vocalists and music engineers from New York, and they’ve been in the studio every day this year cranking out music. We have a whole lineup ready to roll out this year, and I really think they’re going to make a big splash.” 

Glass said the first track, “Lose Control,” is the first original that the collective XIMONE who also wrote some of the lyrics. According to Alpha Moses, it’s a perfect song to kick off “Complexion of Sound” because it shows off the versatility of the group with its mix of Pop, Electronic and House vibes. 

“The entire project will be showing off that versatility, and this song is going to kick off 2021 with this new vision,” he said. “We’re trying to break through the House and Electronic sound into the Pop radio sound. It’s a similar vibe to DJ Snake or Diplo – kind of crossing boundaries and melding two different worlds.” 

Alpha Moses said “Lose Control” is a song about longing for love. It explores a forbidden relationship between a guy and a girl who are with other people but long to be with each other.  

“Even though they have a connection and tension between them, they know they can’t be together,” he said. “She’s pleading with him to leave the person he’s with so he can be by her side. It has a Dua Lipa cute-pop-strong-woman kind of feel to it. It’s almost Calvin Harris-esque, with that pop lyrical kind of cute vocals with dancy upbeat music under it. It’s a good time, and I think people will enjoy hearing it when they’re out having a good time.” 

Alpha Moses said the song first started when he and PHNTM Live were in the studio running through Calvin Harris tracks trying to recreate that feel with a new-school sound. They started with a demo and after he started writing some lyrics, he got in touch with XIMONE to help elevate the song. In his words, she “leveled it up,” and QR’N helped give it that extra push at the end to make it as high-quality and professional as possible.” 

“It really was a collaborative effort,” PHNTM Live said. “At the end of the day, we want our music to be known for good energy and open-mindedness. We want our music to be a good time. Even when we might be talking about something darker or sadder, we still want the energy to be uplifting. We want the people who listen to our music to have a positive mindset, but keep on dancing.” 

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