[Album] Yayo Ali ‘Son of a OG 2’


My Rap name Yayo Ali (Antonio Brinson) 24yr Old Rapper From Zone 3 Atlanta Jonesboro North public housing Apartment. Who Inspired me to Rap Is Rapper Lil Wayne. I Named The Tape Son Of A OG 2 Because My Pops Is A Real OG From Atlanta And I’m Trying To Carry On The Legacy. The first time I drop son of og, I drop it on my mixtape. But We felt like nobody really heard me so We make sure We put it on all platforms. My brother (Mario) is also my manager who has his own management company name “Benton’s Management”

Download/Stream: https://unitedmasters.com/m/son-of-a-og-2

Social media: @1yayoali @bentonsmanagement
Booking info [email protected]