Sinario – Third Person | @Litsensation

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Vague origins of new artist Sinario add to mystique and
lend credence to new single

SAN DIEGO, CA – Ask Sinario where he’s from and he’ll be quick to answer that he’s from the
planet Mercury. As he watches you scratch your head and try to make sense of this, he’ll then
share some of his music with you and show you just how out-of- this world his sound and style
is. It’s a sound and style that’s turning heads all along the West Coast and which he hopes to
ride to global fame in the coming months and years and he expands his music career.

He had a modest success a few years back as a YouTuber. And to this day he has people
recognize him from that YouTube channel. At the time he was playing videos games and sharing
those games online, but he eventually closed the channel and turned his attention to music.
Since that time he’s been perfecting a unique sound and style that he knows will grab the
attention of a wide range of fans.

“My voice and flow has different things than what people are doing out there,” he said. “It’s a
mixture of both hip-hop and R&B. I wasn’t very stable when I was young, so I kept moving in
and out of different states. I experienced a lot of things before I got where I am today, and my
music reflects a lot of that.”

Sinario said he first fell in love with hip-hop at age 15 when he began listening to Travis Scott,
Migos, Young Thug and Future, among others. There are hints of those artists’ sound in his own
music. As a teenager, he began learning multiple instruments. It was about that time that Drake
became popular, and his success inspired Sinario to venture out in similar ways.

“I thought to myself, ‘I can do that. I can do the same thing. I can be like him,’” Sinario said.
“Now, when people say my name, I hope they remember some specific details about me. I
hope they think about my vibey kind of songs and my unique flow and that I’m always trying to
influence people and motivate people. I like motivating people. Self-doubt is something I go
through every day, but I know that if I stay consistent then I can accomplish anything and that’s
something I want to share with others.”

His new song, “Third Person,” is a song that serves as a perfect example of that common theme
through his music. The single was released Feb. 3 and can be found on all digital distribution
sites. It’s one of six songs that he’s made over the past year.

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Kiya Hotpeppa – Shoes On The Chevy ft B. Unique | @hotpeppa205

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Kiyahotpeppa aims to put Alabama on the map with new hip-hop
single ‘Shoes on the Chevy’

BIRMINGHAM, AL – There are stars and celebrities from nearly every state and major city in the
U.S. Very few of them have come from Birmingham, Alabama. In fact, the number of musicians
to have come out of the city can be counted on one hand – and none of them are known for
their hip-hop roots.

Kiyahotpeppa is on a mission to become Birmingham’s first hip-hop star. His new single, “Shoes
on the Chevy,” is his first step down that road. Already the song is getting some radio play in
the South, and the summer vibe with good feelings is gaining more and more traction with fans
as the feel-good track of the year.

“It’s for playing at car shows and barbecues and stuff like that,” Kiyahotpeppa said. “That’s how
we do summers down south in Alabama. Everybody down here loves old cars, and putting
shoes on the Chevy is like putting rims on a car. I hope this is one of those songs that open the
door for the rest of the artists that are up-and- coming from around here. Where I’m from,
nobody is famous. We’re one of the last states to get someone famous. And I feel like if one
person can make it, then it’ll become like Hollywood because we’ll start drawing attention to all
of the talent here.”

Kiyahotpeppa hopes to be that one person who starts the ball of success rolling for his city. He’s
been in the music industry for more than 10 years, and the sound he has developed is definitely
unique. A blend of a thick southern drawl and witty wordplay combined with hard-hitting beats
makes him someone that sounds like no one else. Adding a new flavor to the hip-hop culture,
this gangster rapper serenades the audience with lyrics that are meaningful and relatable.

“It’s true that the world is in a dire need of inspiration,” he said. “This isn’t something you can
achieve by simply listening to galas of another utopian galaxy. I guarantee authenticity and
realism in my creative art. And you’ll hear my thoughts and feelings in ways that will connect
with thousands of listeners out there. I’ll show you how I’ve squeezed out lemonade from the
sour lemons that have been thrown at me.”

And Kiyahotpeppa has definitely had his share of challenges thrown his way. For instance, in
2000 he was at a gas station when a drive by shooting occurred. Stray bullets ended up hitting
him in the head. After that experience he started fully diving into music. And since then he’s
been steadily building up a fan-base that is hooked on his authentic and unique music. He’s
won numerous trophies for Best Song and Hottest Indie Artist of the Year, and he’s
collaborated with well-known artists such as Scarface, Shawty Lo, Pator Troy, Bun B, Young
Scooter, Dirty Boyz, Eightball and MJ, and many others.

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Cruz Rock – Ready For Your Love ft Nadia | @Cruzrockiyatola

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International Recording Artist Cruz Rock is a Rising Star
with his Fusion of Caribbean, Hip Hop and Latin Music

LOS ANGELES, CA – The U.S. Virgin Islands have brought forth a pivotal artist in the
industry, and that is Cruz Rock. The youngest of three children, Cruz grew up fully
immersed in the world of music. He looked to his father for inspiration initially, who was a
pianist in a Latin Band. Continuing to develop his interest over time, Cruz went on to
college, where he would perform at local shows in Ohio. It wasn’t before long that the
artist developed a loyal following, which seemed to have vigorously sparked overnight.

As he continued to meet fellow artists and producers, he soon connected with other
industry professionals from Jamaica and Puerto Rico. What stands out about Cruz is
how he refuses to psyche himself out when it comes to making necessary moves in
furthering his career. “I started to expand, and my music began to move more
internationally. I did a lot of performances in Florida, and then moved to New York to
work with MTV’s Tempo TV. It went from me being a visual artist to doing so much more,
eventually creating a memorable brand that appealed to so many people,” said the artist.
Not only was Cruz moving around the country so quickly, his music began to do the
same. Everything Cruz Rock related caught on like rapid wildfire, and he captured the
attention of so many fans far and wide.

Cruz Rock has accomplished so many amazing successes in such a short span of time.
From being named the number one Break Out Artist by L3 Magazine to top charting in
major countries such as Canada and Italy. Through winning the Best Reggae album in
the Indie Music Awards for 2016-2017, Cruz has spread his musical influence anywhere
that people can listen. As of most recent, he has discovered the next biggest artist from
the Virgin Islands: Nadia. Together, the singers crafted Cruz’s latest island-vibe infused
single, “Ready for your Love”, from his upcoming album. The artist describes the song
best from his perspective. “‘Ready for your Love’ was inspired when I heard Drake’s
‘One Dance’. I started to hear the wave of dancehall and reggae coming back and being
mainstream. All of these artists started following suit with this. It inspired me to come out
and do something with hip-hop, which is what I did in the beginning of my career,” said
Cruz Rock. The single showcases Cruz’s impressive abilities to fuse different genres
together so effortlessly, which is genius. This makes his music so appealing to the
masses- it’s no surprise fans want to instantly get on their feet and move to the rhythm.

Cruz Rock is gearing up for the upcoming release of his third full album. Due out later
this year, the album will bring forth an overall dance feel. “It’s definitely going to be a
memorable album with a lot of dance material. A lot of my other albums have more
Reggae, but this one is more mainstream. It’s definitely going to make you move, and
give you an upbeat kind of feeling,” said the artist. Cruz has successfully honed in on his
signature sound after years of experience and hard work. The fans continue to listen,
and we have a feeling his new album will be a true testament to this.

Make sure to follow Cruz Rock on his social media sites below, and stay tuned for the
release of his album!

Cruz Rock – Ready For Your Love ft Nadia (The Official Video)

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Chant26 – Members Only (Prod by Lou Beats) | @dotherightting_

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Chantz uses life tragedies to point people toward
hope through his music

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – Though music has always been a mainstay for Chantz Cooper, it wasn’t
until tragedy struck a year ago that he turned to music as a viable career.

In fact, it wasn’t just one tragedy, but a series of tragedies that all ran together, one after the other. It started when he lost his job – something completely unexpected and untimely because he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby. But shortly after that, the couple lost the baby to a miscarriage. And as if those two things alone weren’t bad enough, Chantz was hit by a car a few weeks later – breaking his back and causing him to be bed-ridden for months.

It was during those months laid up and in pain that he contemplated his life and the moments
that had gotten him to that point in his life. He was faced with the most important decision of
his life: continue with life as usual, or make a drastic change that could be the thing that would save his life.

“There were countless dark days way before that, but this was the breaking point,” Chantz
recalls. “I suffer from depression and I’ve never been an outspoken person, and for the longest
time I left so many things bottled up inside. While I was lying up in bed, back hurting, I thought, ‘Why not write those things down? Why not become a voice for others?’ I decided I wanted my life to be about making people feel good. If my music can make you feel good when you were feeling bad, that’s good!If it also makes you feel my pain while realizing that there’s hope through it all, then I’ve done my job over the top.”

Chantz’s new album “Paid the Cost” is the penultimate project to summarize his life’s journey
and the road he’s traveled over the past year to get to this point. It’s an album that uses his
own personal tragedies to help other people understand that there are always hardships
behind anyone’s success.

“I’ve been through a lot and I really want to tell my story,” he said. “I’ve lived in basements and attics. I was raised by a single mother. And I’ve paid the cost to be successful. I went through that to lead up to where I’m at right now and where I’m headed in the future. My goal is to be a big influence with people – to inspire them to be something. Don’t always go after what someone else thinks is right for you. Follow what you think is right. If you do that, you’ll make it far, no matter what you want to do in life. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t even try.”

The album will feature 10 songs, including the lead-off single “Members Only.” Chantz said the
inspiration for the song came from all the haters in his life. “Everyone had an opinion and I
wanted to show people that they don’t matter,” he said. “Everyone said I won’t be anything. So
I’m gonna show them wrong.”

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Amira – Mathematics | @AmirasMuzic

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Hot new artist Amira brings sound, style reminiscent of the late Aaliyah

BALTIMORE, MD – All of her life, Amira has looked up to some of music’s most noteworthy
divas. To this day, she’s quick to point to artists such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Monica,
as well as some rising divas such as Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly. In fact, it’s those fast-rising
female artists that she hopes to join one day as one of the world’s premier female musicians. As
an up-and- coming independent artist in search of her first big deal, she is well on her way.

Her most recent single, “Mathematics,” is the next step on her way to achieving that dream.
The pop-infused, mid-tempo song features lyrics that deal with a relationship breakup. It
follows Amira on a journey that starts with wanting her lover to understand how much she
loves him, to saying that it isn’t for her, to eventually backing out of the relationship.

“The music video follows the story from the song,” she said. “I start off venting to a friend
because I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I’m hurt and I don’t know what to do about it.
As the video progresses, you see me kind of begging him to see me and that I want to be there
for him. I’m genuine in my feelings, but as the video progresses I can see that this is a
relationship that is not for me. At the end I walk away from camera with my hands in the air
because I’m done.”

Fans who watch the video will immediately be struck by the similarity Amira shares with the
late Aaliyah. Her sound and style are also reminiscent of the late pop icon, with a young, sweet
and innocent look that combines with powerhouse vocals and a supreme confidence that
makes it nearly impossible not to pay attention to what she has to say.

“I just want to be somebody who is relatable,” she said. “A lot of celebrities are well known, but
not relatable. Most everyday girls can’t relate to the lifestyle they’re going through. I want to
change that, if I can. I want to be the artist that some girl in high school could hear and
immediately get what I’m saying. I’m not just somebody on TV – I’m more than that. Even the
celebrities or singers that I look up to, I can’t say that I relate to what they’re doing or what
they’re going through. Their lives seem so different from mine. I want to be more relatable and
fill that space.”

“Mathematics” is the first single off an EP that Amira said she hopes to drop later this year. In
the meantime, fans can check out her music or follow her on social media by visiting:
SnapChat: @AlwayzAmira

P. Nickz releases his debut album “Money Changes Things” | @P.Nickz

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Emerging Artist P. Nickz Releases Anticipated Album Money Changes Things

Independent Detroit hip-hop artist P. Nickz drops his highly anticipated album Money Changes Things as his insouciant, yet cultivating body of art, following up from his three top leading singles of 2017. Money Changes Things instantly puts you in a space to create a positive atmosphere with his back to back banger’s.

P. Nickz doesn’t surprise his fans with automatic head nods, to a considerable load of great lyrics and majestic beats, but may take new listeners by storm. Producers Ric and Thaddeus, Cash Jordan and BNJMN makes a feature, for fan favorites like Way Before, Came Thru and The Spiggidy. P. Nickz connects with his audience in a way that allows them to hear his point of view. “When you first get the album, I much rather you listen to the songs in order,” said P. Nickz. “The track list tells a story of how I got to the point of my life today.” P. Nickz and his features, creates the essence that allows you to experience the lyrics in your head and understand their point of view.

Money Changes Things is available on all digital platforms, stream below on Spotify.

2018 is already moving in the right direction with the release of Money Changes Things. Before the album dropped, P. Nickz was able to capture a great audience with his lead singles Way Before, Black Billionaires and The Spiggidy, after being featured on countless of popular blogs. He has moved quickly with creating his own platform, with his own record label Mansa Empire Entertainment. “It’s all about M.E.E.,” says P. Nickz.

Money Changes Things is available on all digital platforms for purchase and download. For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview with P. Nickz, please contact him by email at [email protected].

Keep up with P. Nickz on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @p.nickz.

P. Nickz got his name from the first initial in his government name combined with “nickel bags”, from being the youngest dope dealer around. He gained his popularity with song Two Cent in May 2015. P. Nickz has recently worked with Detroit artists Dre Butterz, Biance B.A.D.D., and Ltl Trey for hit singles Rich N*gga Avenue, Vegas Nights and Positive Vibes. With over 10,000 views, collectively, both on YouTube and SoundCloud, P. Nickz continues to drop bangers that gives automatic good vibes.

Buck City releases “Chasing Money” video | @DjSmokemixtapes

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Watch: Buck City releases new video “Chasing Money” on YouTube
Iowa native Buck City came thru with a new visual for “Chasing Money” shot by The Video Plug. “Chasing Money” is the first single from Buck City’s upcoming mixtape “The Hate Never Paid You” Hosted by Dj Smoke. Make sure to check out “The Hate Never Paid You” mixtape when it drops on Livemixtapes, MyMixtapez! Buck City – The Hate Never Paid You Hosted by Dj Smoke Drops 1-22-2018!
Notable Lyrics: “I dont play bout my $$$, an I dont play bout my fam, you can’t finesse none of us cuz we not goin for them scams, in traffic wit shooters they so thirsty to blam don’t make the wrong move an put yourself in a jam “

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[Video] Kelz Kelz – Bleezy | @Kelzo520

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Kelz’s personal life transformation shared through her music is inspiring millions nationwide

CLEVELAND, OH – No matter how many people say you can’t do something… do what you can
to be comfortable with yourself.

That’s the life motto of new Cleveland, Ohio artist Kelz. And it’s the theme behind her new
single “Bleezy,” which dropped on Dec. 11 on all digital distribution sites. It’s a song that she
said takes a close look into her personal life and opens up about her transition from a “really
girly girl” to being a “big tomboy.”

“The song and video stars with me looking very feminine in the beginning,” Kelz said. “But then
I go into the bathroom and dress as a tomboy. Both in the video and in the song I do it to be
comfortable in my own skin. And that’s what I want to represent with my music to other
people. Be yourself no matter what. Do what feels good to you. Since I’ve started making that
kind of music and releasing it, I’ve been surprised by the amount of people who have hit me up saying I inspire them. That’s crazy to me, but it’s a good feeling. The idea of being myself
making others want to be themselves is crazy.”

Though Kelz is enjoying some strong success now – including recently signing with
WattsyMusicEnt for representation – her journey hasn’t always been this enjoyable. Kelz comes
from a rough background on the streets of Cleveland. It’s a rough background that eventually
landed her in prison for three years. But once she got out she pursued a path that would turn
her dark past into a bright future. She said she picked up music as a hobby after discovering
early on in life that she had a knack for poetry and wordplay. When she got out of prison, she
needed something positive to focus on in order to stay out of trouble. Her hobby with music
soon became her passion, and ever since then she’s been slowly building a fanbase of others
who also love her music and her perspective.

In just two years of making music, she has already gained the attention of millions of listeners.
Her single “Bodak Yellow Remix” went viral with 2 million views on Facebook in 2017. With zero
family support, she managed to take over the entire Ohio Valley in the matter of a year –
winning a total of four OVHH Awards, including: Artist of the Year, Video of the Year, Best
EP/Album and Best Duo. She has also had the opportunity to open up for Corey Gunz, DJ Unk,
Waka Flaka, Montana Of 300, Lil Reese and at the Yemipalooza Music Festival. And on top of all
that, she has also modeled for independent clothing companies such as Killigraphy and

“People really love her and gravitate toward her because they can really relate,” said Slick
Watts, former Underground Music Award Winner. “Her fans are die-hard fans and we plan to
take it to the next level in 2018 and she’s about to take it to the next level. She has a strong
following, and now it’s about getting her as much exposure as possible. Once the masses get a
chance to hear Kelz and see the work that she puts in, the sky will be the limit.”

To listen to Kelz’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit:

Snapchat – kelzo520
Kelz Kelz – Bleezy –
Kelz Kelz – Bodak Yellow –
Kelz Kelz – Dear Darla (Radio hit) –

[New Music] Sicnarf – Pushaman (Prod. By Lil Rich) | @sicnarf_soul

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New East Coast artist Sicnarf molds sounds of Cameroon and stories of redemption into debut album, “SAVIOR”

BOSTON, MA – There is no sugar coating when it comes to Sicnarf’s music. A self-proclaimed
“beacon of truth,” this hip-hop artist from Boston, Massachusetts is one of the best new
storytellers of the genre and is taking the East Coast by storm with new music.

His debut album is “SAVIOR,” a 14-track project that explores the contradictions of life – from
politics to religion to culture and even individual personality traits. The album is slated to drop
on all digital distribution sites on Christmas Day, 2017. That date was chosen intentionally, and
he hopes the irony won’t be lost on anyone that he’s releasing an album called “SAVIOR” on
Christmas Day.

“Most of the album is one running theme,” he said. “It’s thoughts about my relationships with
religion and an allusion to everyone’s idea of a savior. It’s about believing in yourself as your
own savior, which is contradictory to how we think about the role of God. And it’s also about
the tension between good and bad. In hip-hop right now there’s a lot of push for negative
content. I’m trying to move away from that, but still represent reality and stay true to myself.

I’m not at all perfect. In this album I talk about all the detrimental things I did in my past, but
also talk about positive aspects of life and love.”

Sicnarf said the overall tone of the album is melancholy with an undertone of hope. Some songs
are positive and mellow, while others are grungy and tough. Some songs explore humanity’s
ongoing search for an outside force to act as a savior in their lives, while others are about self-
realization and finding strength within.

“A lot of my songs are very political and talk about all the stuff going on right now in today’s
society,” he said. “With this album, that’s the message I’m trying to get out there. Whether it’s
music or drawing or painting, we all have different facets of ourselves that make us great and
give us the capability to be our own saviors. This album is kind of representing that.”

Originally from Cameroon, Sicnarf moved to the U.S. in his teens. He didn’t start exploring rap
and spoken word until his early 20s. It began as an outlet for his thoughts and emotions.
Eventually in college he formed a spoken word organization and slowly transitioned into music
after graduation. Some friends who were also interested in music came together with him to
form a studio. Although it’s been a few years since he and his friends have worked together on
music, he has used that time to find his unique voice and niche within the industry. This debut
album is his attempt to define himself as an artist not only to the people who have been
following him for the long-term, but also to a wider audience.

His roots and upbringing are reflected in his music. His drum and bass-heavy sound selection
pairs perfectly with a an approach that is best described as “lyrical,” with a cadence that
sporadically ebbs and flows from melancholic inflection to agile. He’s already been hailed as
one of the best storytellers in his city, and is notorious for his freestyle, recorded content and
visual art.

“The way he plays a lot with inflection in his voice ties in really well with the way he’s able to
tell a story,” said Feven Abadi, Sicnarf’s manager. “That also adds to the theatrics of his cadence
when he raps. It’s really very unique.”

Though Sicnarf has been releasing elements of “SAVIOR” via social media in the month leading
up to Christmas, the full album will deliver the full creative brilliance. He’ll follow this with a
music video of his first single, “Bonafide,” on Jan. 5.

To listen to Sicnarf’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

[New Music] Kabir – Reptile | @RealLiLsasuke

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New artist Kabir sends shock waves through industry with heavy new sound 

QUEENS, NY – For most of his youth, Brian Kabir was a street baller in New York City. He loved
basketball, and would play for 12 hours a day – sometimes in the snow during harsh winters –
just for the fun of it. It was his dream to play professionally, and he worked hard to perfect his
craft. Not only was it a fun outlet, but it was also an escape from harsh realities.
But when Kabir was rejected from the St. John’s University team, he found himself having to do
some major soul searching. He came to the realization that he wanted to channel the passion
he once had for basketball into a developing music career.

“It really came from just looking for new ways to express myself,” he said. “When I started
rapping in 2014, I was looking to create songs that sounded like Future. But that wasn’t the real
me, and more than anything I wanted to show who I was. So I stopped trying to make club
songs and went more for what I wanted. I didn’t write anything, I just had the producer put on
a dark beat and went for that lane and that nature.”

Today, Kabir is one of the hottest new artists out of the Northeast, fusing sounds of Atlanta trap
with emo rock and even Japanese anime influences. The hard edge combines with a witty
lyricism and in-your- face delivery that is making him into a one-of- a-kind artist. His new EP,
“Please Don’t Slit Your Wrist,” is music that is hard-core and counter culture, utilizing
controversial storytelling with introspective lyrics that are definitely edgy and have a dark
theme. The first single off the project, for instance – an up-tempo song called “Reptile” – will
definitely give listeners a gut-punch of energy.

“When you hear the song you’re going to be like, ‘This kid is crazy in the head,’” Kabir said. “It’s
a similar topic to the ‘Reptile’ song from Trent Reznor. It’s a relationship kind of song that is
super dark. There’s a little bit of a story, but it’s mostly me talking about cheating. What comes
out organically is shocking. That’s ultimately what I’m going for with my music. There are fewer
artists in this niche genre, and within that genre I don’t sound like anybody else. I have my own
branch. That’s something I would consider to be my trademark.”

Kabir said he hopes his music will connect with people who feel pain and can use his records to
get through their issues. He knows that music has helped him to salvage his emotions and find
expressions for his pain, and many times it was music that shocked him out of negative
thinking. His goal is to create music that does the same thing for others.

“I’m a shock-value driven, counter-culture artist,” he said. “I’m the guy who’s going to take
things too far sometimes with my content. People will realize that my music is heavy with its
topics. But they’ll stick in your head with good sound.”

To listen to Kabir’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit: dont-slit- ur-wrist- ep-real/s- brVIo

Kabir’s music can also be found on most digital distribution sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Tidal,
Pandora and more.