Matt Thompson – Accelerate

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Matt Thompson offers upbeat anthem with new single ‘Accelerate’ 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – If there’s one thing Matt Thompson absolutely loves, it’s a good anthemic song. His latest single “Accelerate” which is now out now on all streaming platformsdefinitely fits the bill. With a sweeping energy that pairs catchy melody with witty wordplay, “Accelerate” is the absolute definition of an anthem.  

“It’s a song about being impulsive and impatient with relationships,” Thompson said. “I’m the kind of person who wants things to go from zero to ten very quickly with relationships, even though I know good things take time to develop. I want it to happen now, but when I do it that way, it tends to blow up in my face. You know you should take things slowly but you can’t help yourself. The tone and vibe is windy and a bit stormy – the producer put a wind element to it that you can hear in the intro – but there’s also some Rock and Electronic elements to it that fuse with the anthemic Pop.” 

Thompson said that it’s his tone as a singer that really sets him apart from anyone else in the game today, as well as the point of view he brings to the stories that he shares in his songs. He said his goal is always to write about his truth and to tell stories that connect with other people. That, at its core, is what a good song does, he said.  

“I never want to sing a song that I can’t relate to,” he said. “I don’t want to write a song with words that don’t really mean anything. It has to have truth to it. It has to have a story. That’s how people connect to it. I want my mark to be someone who just writes really good music that hits people and connects to people and tells stories that feel like their story.” 

Thompson said he grew up loving music while living in the D.C. area. He wrote his first song at age 11 and started writing for others at age 23. In 2019, he released his debut single, and his debut album “No Shame” quickly followed in February 2020. “Accelerate” is the follow-up to that album and precludes a couple of singles that he has lined up for the next six months. He also plans to release his second album before the year is over.  

With “Accelerate,” Thompson worked with renowned Toronto-based producer Ryan Binhammer and producer/engineer Jake Vicious. The other singles that are slated to follow this year are also produced by Binhammer and Vicious 


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Synbby – Comin In

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Young artist Synbby announces herself to the world in a major way with debut project ‘Year One’ 

MIAMI, FL – When Syntel Speights turned 17, she made a major life-changing decision to move from her hometown of New Jersey to Miami, Florida to pursue music as a career full-time. Her first year there wasn’t always butterflies and roses but as she looks back at her experiences, she knows that she learned a lot and has become a better musician and overall artist along the way. She chronicles those experiences with her signature sound and style on a new EP called “Year One,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms under her stage name Synbby 

Calling it her first “serious project,” “Year One” is her introduction to the music industry and to a global audience. Not only does it describe the various experiences she encountered in her first year in Miami, but they also showcase her catchy vocals and natural talent as a rapper. However, more than anything, it’s an EP that tells fans and supporters all over the world that she’s here and she’s ready. 

“I know how to hone-in on modern day sounds without overdoing the modern day trends,” Synbby said. “I want to make a positive impact with my music. I don’t curse much and try not to promote sex no matter how many people tried to push on me. And I have a wide range of versatility. I have singing songs and rap songs and conscious songs and party songs and mellow songs and songs just to vibe to. I have the ability to get the attention and satisfy many niches. I’m not stuck in one particular lane, and I believe the message I have behind my craft sets me apart.” 

There are six songs on “Year One” plus a bonus track. Appropriately, the project opens with a single called “Recap” which does just what the title promises as it looks back at the various experiences of her life over the past year. With an R&B vibe set against mainstream melodies, the song is subtle but impactful. Synbby said that “when you hear the song you’re vibing to it, and then the more you listen to it you realize I’m really saying something.” 

That’s followed by “Somebody” which is an R&B love song. Synbby said she wanted to make something to encourage people during these dark times, and this song emphasizes how important it is to have that special someone in life.  

Next comes “Higher” which not only has a higher energy to it but also emphasizes the new levels of maturity Synbby discovered as the year went along. That then makes way for “Price of Fame” which Synbby said is perhaps the most mainstream-sounding song on the album. It has a Trap vibe, and fans can get a taste of her talented Rap skills as she talks about what it takes to be successful in today’s industry. It’s a high-energy club song that Synbby said is sure to make waves all over the world. 

“Right Time” comes next on the album and is kind of the linchpin of the entire project as it serves as Synbby’s testament to this being the perfect timing for her to release a project of this caliber. It’s an inspirational track that is sure to stand as an anthem for other people in the world who are working hard to achieve their dreams.  

The project ends with ‘On Top of the World” which feels almost like a perfect progression from the previous two songs. It’s about how Synbby is putting in the effort and embracing the right energy to perfect her craft and then reap the benefits of her labor. She also recently opened her own recording studio called Montana Records, based in Hollywood, Florida. At only 19 years old, she knows she’s passing milestone after milestone as a professional artist, and that success makes her feel on top of the world. 

“I feel untouchable right now,” she said. “I’m doing shit I dreamed of as a child. I will have a positive impact on the world with my music. I will leave the generations to believe in themselves, to build wealth, and to do what it takes to take care of your mental and physical health. I will promote the importance of that and make sure people see me for me and that it’s more than just about making money – it’s about creating good music that inspires other people.” 

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Year One 

Redlite – Reddy or Not

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New York entertainer Redlite offers introspect reflection on the previous year with fifth album in ‘2020 Vision’ installment 

WHITE PLAINS, NY – Everyone has a gift. When you find that gift, you either use it or you don’t. Joe Young has a gift of music and at age 37, he’s finally found a way to use it to entertain the world as the artist known as Redlite. Over the course of 2020, he released five albums called “2020 Vision,” the most recent of which was dropped on Christmas day. It’s a project that he calls the culmination of a lot of hard work over the past three years since he chose to pursue music as a full-time career. It’s also a project that reflects on one of the hardest years in recent memory, with stories and introspective looks at some of the situations Americans found themselves in at various times during the year.  

“My music is very diverse,” Redlite said. “I have such a variety of songs that make me a unique artist. I have street songs with street bars. I have relationships songs. I have breakup songs. I have venting-about-my-life songs. I have sex songs. I have tough songs and softer songs for the ladies. Every album I do is just a bag of mixed nuts because I don’t ever want to be so repetitive that every song starts to feel the same. That’s a little boring. This album is no different – it’s a variety of different things that I think will keep people interested.” 

Redlite said he’s become known over the past three years as an artist who is all about lyrics and punchlines. Growing up with 90s Hip Hop and R&B, as well as the “New York hard lyricism,” Redlite said he quickly learned how to fuse different genres. He might take a bedroom song and turn it into a Rap or a hardcore street vibe and give it an R&B edge. He’s also an imposing physical feature – 6-feet-4-inches tall and heavily muscled (he used to be a bouncer). Taking all those things combined, it’s apparent that he has a unique look and a unique sound.  

That signature sound is put on full display with the debut single from his most recent album, “Reddy or Not” It’s a song that features female vocalist Tyka who brings a vibe that’s reminiscent of Lauryn Hill and The FugeesRedlite calls the song a “little more hood – almost like drive-by music.” 

“It’s pretty catchy,” he said. “People listen to it and say it’s pretty good. It’s definitely a little more gangster, but ultimately it’s about bringing my whole light to life. I’ve been wasting my talent for so many years and hadn’t been in the studio for a long time. Now is my time. I’m ready. And I think I’ve had more and more growth as time has gone on. This is what I feel like I’m born to do. With this diverse music I put out, if something connects more with people then I’ll make more of that. I want to give the listeners what they want to hear.” 

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BFunkN – King James

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Funk master BFunkN drops upbeat anthem with new single ‘King James’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Like everyone else around the world facing the hardships of 2020, the National Basketball Association limped its way toward a championship. Its star player, LeBron James, also limped his way to a national championship – literally. In fact, at one point in the year when he got hurt, many critics of the game started counting him out. He already bore a label as a player who crumbled under the high pressure of the NBA finals. And now with an injury, it seemed inevitable that his team, the LA Lakers, would struggle and fall. But Lebron shut the mouths of those critics and led his team to victory. It was an impressive performance from one of the best players of all time, and that energy is something that people all over the world are wanting to tap into. 

West Coast artist BFunkN has captured a little bit of that energy with his latest single “King James (No Shame in My Game).” Inspired by LeBron’s season last year, the song talks about how he heard everything everyone was saying about him and used it as fuel for his drive to win. The song has major swag and an upbeat energy that serves perfectly as an anthem for anyone else in the world who has a goal in mind and needs a little motivational push to get going. It’s also a song laced with Funk – something BFunkN has become known for over the course of his career.  

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio – raised in the Walnut Hills neighborhood that is known for its Funk music – BFunkN started his own band at a young age. They had the opportunity to work with Joe Tex for a while before moving out to California and expanding on their success. In the years since, BFunkN has dropped singles and worked both as an actor and producer on Hollywood films, and has developed a reputation as someone who can drop some serious Bass on a track at the drop of a hat. 

“I bring that Ohio Funk that mixes with Hip Hop and R&B,” he said. “Not too many people out there today can pull that off. You can hear the Funk, but you can also hear the Hip Hop flavor. But more than anything, I’m known for my Funky Bass. That goes way back to when I first started getting serious with music and I played the Bass for people and they told me I’d be funking with the Bass. That’s how I got my name, and it stuck after I started doing a lot of underground Hip Hop stuff. I became known as the guy who could drop straight beats with a hard bassline, and I’ve just reinforced that over time.” 

Today, BFunkN is known as a 3D artist who uses all three dimensions of Hip Hop, R&B and Funk equally well. It shows on “King James” and it will continue to shine on his follow-up single “Say It Loud,” a remix of the popular James Brown song that is slated to drop in February as a tribute to Black History Month. 

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“King James (No Shame in My Game)” 

BlameKlaus – Pain

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Prodigy BlameKlaus launches onto international stage with new Alt-R&B single ‘Pain’ 

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – R&B has a new international flavor thanks to the new music coming out of South Africa from 15-year-old artist Klaus Stechmann. Operating under the stage name BlameKlaus, this young up-and-comer has a sound that evokes thoughts of Drake or Usher, but with a worldlier vibe that lives in the realm of Electronic Synth Pop fused with old-school R&B. His sound is a refreshing take on the R&B genre, and his new single “Pain” is a great introduction of that sound to an international audience. 

Opening with some haunting synths, the ethereal vibe of the song lays a foundation for the heavy bass and driving 808s that offer fans the most epic of slow jams. When Klaus’ vocals come in, they’re like a mysterious haze hovering over the swaggy waters of the creative ocean of sound he’s developed. His lyrics explore depths of relationship that no 15-year-old should have to experience and which will connect with audiences of all ages that have been in up-and-down relationships. 

“It’s about a past relationship and all the flaws that came up over and over again,” BlameKlaus said. “I talk about how I feel about it and how my experience is probably like a lot of other people’s experiences. It’s slightly alternative R&B but with more deep-and-dark tones.” 

BlameKlaus said his sound is tailored to his natural gifts and abilities as an artist – something he’s been developing since he was a young child. Of late, he’s been working with producer Asta Yurei to develop a sound and style that is uniquely his own – a sound that will be showcased to his rapidly growing international audience with even more singles to be released in the coming months. He said he recorded quite a bit of music in 2020 and has a plan to strategically release that music to the world this year.  

“I want my music to be enjoyed by anyone,” he said. “I really want people to listen to my story and be able to say that it’s an experience and a half that maybe they can relate to. Or maybe they just like the sound of the song. My main goal is to get people to deeply listen to my music. I’d love for them to study it – not just listen to it once and breeze past it. I want them to understand and talk about and dissect it so that it will correlate with their lives.” 

“Pain” is currently available across all streaming platforms. BlameKlaus said he’s working on a video for the song that he’d like to release in the next couple of months.  

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Nialand – WASTQT

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Nialand gives us the ultimate pandemic playlist with new audiovisual EP, “Words and Sounds To Quarantine To”

CHICAGO, IL -Nialand is a singer-songwriter, and international recording artist with a collection of experiences and a true talent for lyricism and music. Her latest project, an audiovisual EP entitled, “Words and Sounds To Quarantine To”, is an emotional and relatable project that showcases her own experience both personally and as a musician maintaining sanity in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The deeply soulful and smooth hip hop sounds, wrapped in vulnerable lyrics are only enhanced by the visual experience displayed through a short-film like music video which Nialand directed and starred in herself. This visual component gives life to the lyrics and resonates with viewers and listeners from all backgrounds in a very unique and refreshing way.

Nialand has been making music for much of her life. “I have been in the music business for about 16 years now. I’ve been fully independent the entire time but I’ve been able to do a lot of things in the industry. When I first started in the music business, I was doing features and collaborations with lots of artists.” Throughout the years, she has been able to work with a collection of big name artists including MC Lyte, Chico DeBarge, Roy Ayers, Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye West and more. She has also performed both nationally and internationally at venues such as the House of Blues, Gibson Amphitheater, Fox Theater, and several music venues and events in Europe as a featured artist on the “Moments for Love UK Soul Tour 2016”

The experiences that Nialand has had over the course of her career has allowed her to embrace her own style and freely express her music with unique distinction. Her music is a blend of Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz with a specific focus on her lyrical delivery. “I’m a very lyrical person. I love to write and songwriting is my first love. I choose to write my experiences and share them. I’ve found that me being open and honest about the things that I have seen and experienced, allows my music to connect to so many other people’s stories.” Her lyricism creates a relatable feel within her music that is hard to replicate.

“Words and Sounds to Quarantine To” is a perfect example of the connection that Nialand’s music offers to listeners. The EP focuses on the adjustments that she had to make in her life and her career as a musician during such unprecedented times. “I couldn’t really see what was next and I didn’t know what was happening. I had a lot of emotions and feelings and thoughts that I believe that we all have had at some point during this time. Having to deal with those things personally led me to writing my feelings out in song. There wasn’t anywhere that I could go, there was nothing that I could do except be present with my feelings, so I would just sit and write.” Once I embraced those feelings, the words and songs flowed out in only a few days, and from there, I created and shot the visuals to go with it. The visuals that go along with this EP were all directed by Nialand. They give a powerful visual interpretation to the words and feelings expressed in the music. “It’s something you have to experience. It shows me being in this space of quarantine and what I did in this place of isolation. You see me on lockdown, (as we all are), in my own space just having to sit and just be. You will see me express different moments of frustration, boredom, and contemplation about everything that’s happening and having to process those thoughts and come to a resolve.” Nialand had to endure the challenge of shooting this visual in the midst of a pandemic, but by throwing herself into her creativity, she was able to find a way to strategically and intentionally build a quarantine set out of a small, empty art gallery which resulted in a stunning visual presentation.

Through this audiovisual EP, Nialand hopes to normalize the process of feeling, especially as we experience such a strange and uncomfortable time. “If nothing else, the year 2020 has taught us that there are some things that are just completely out of our control and full of uncertainty. You have to allow yourself to be aware of what you’re feeling and how you’re processing those feelings and not just jump to try to solve things because, in reality, there are some things you won’t be able to solve, and that’s ok. You just have to endure and have the right perspective”

At the end of 2020, Nialand released a single and part one of the full visual. “WASTQT”, the title track of the EP (abbreviated), is an emotional and honest song with a chill, soulful/hip hop groove. Nialand gets extremely vulnerable on camera with this visual and leaves you fully anticipating what will happen next. It is easy to vibe to and is a great example of her beautiful sound and strong lyricism.

Be sure to check out the single and visual for “WASTQT” and look for Nialand on social media. Keep an eye out for the full release of “Words and Sounds To Quarantine To” which is dropping in late Spring 2021.

“WASTQT” by Nialand:
Watch The Visual:

Nostalgia – January Jewel

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Global music scene gets fresh blast of sound from Melbourne native Nostalgia

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – It’s been a while since the music industry has heard a truly original sound. But in 2021 that trend will change thanks to a new vibe coming out of Melbourne. With a fusion of synth Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B and Indie Folk, this new sound that has yet to be named is both intriguing and captivating. It’s a sound that perfectly captures the vibe of the city from which it has been born, and it’s a sound that is starting to put some of Australia’s young artists on the map. 

Tarun Zachariah – AKA Nostalgia – is one of those fast-rising young artists who bring this new sound to the world. With a plan to release a new single every month of this year, Nostalgia is poised to become one of the world’s new artists that demands attention. And he’s kicking the year off with his debut single, “January Jewel,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

The song begins with ethereal synth keys that offer an airy kind of opening that leads perfectly into Nostalgia’s falsetto vocals set against a Pop beat. It feels a bit like Maggie Rogers meets The Weeknd, with some electronic elements thrown in for good measure. The overall vibe is chill and laid back with a groove that makes the listener want to sway to the music.  

“It’s for that summertime chill vibe because it’s summer over here but I still wanted people to be able to enjoy it wherever they were in the world, even in the snow,” Nostalgia said. “I was inspired by the song ‘Woman in Love’ by Barbara Streisand, a song about a woman under the unforgiving spell of love which is forcing her to succumb to it. Love is beyond her control and she’s getting lost in it. I sampled it at the early stages of this song and I wrote this chorus to it about what love can end up costing you. Often you hear people talk about love in terms of it being a great part of life, but I took a different perspective of love being so overbearing that it becomes detrimental to you and at times you wonder if it’s even a good thing. It might seem magical at times and something for which you’d fully give yourself and sacrifice for, but at the end of the day, what if it isn’t worth that? If you sacrifice so much that it ends in pain or heartbreak, it makes you question if love was meant for everyone.” 

Nostalgia burst onto the Melbourne music scene with darkness and seduction a couple of years ago. Drawing from a wide range of influences, he is able to sustain a traditional element that’s laced with hints of EDM and ambience. His somber vocals pair perfectly with his self-produced tracks in a way that makes this Melbourne crooner a voice that delves into unknown territory. He showcases versatility and innovation, and the world is starting to pay attention.  

“When you say you’re feeling nostalgic, it’s a hard word to describe because you’re just longing for a feeling you once had,” he said. “That’s what I want my music to evoke – that reminiscing of what life was like in the moment you first heard my song, or the 20th time, or the hundredth time, or whatever. The times I feel most nostalgic is when I’m listening to music because it’s so good at embedding itself as part of your memory. I hope my music gives others that same feeling – that bookmark in their life.” 

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“January Jewel”

DeeZire – Tell Me

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R&B Duo DeeZire brings back classic 90s sound with new single ‘Tell Me’ 

ATLANTA, GA – While there are many artists emerging from the booming Atlanta music industry, few of them possess the unique talent and style that DeeZire exhibits. This up-and-coming R&B and Hip Hop duo comprised of members cousins Swade and X’Clusiv offer a truly special blend of sound, style and influence to the world. They have everything it takes to become the next big name in music.  

Their recent single, “Tell Me,” is a great example of the kind of groundbreaking sound they’re bringing to the international market. A true love song that’s indicative of the late 1990s and early 2000s R&B sound, “Tell Me” is all about putting that loved one on a pedestal.  

“It’s speaking to your significant other and wanting them to tell you what they want from you,” Swade X ’Clusiv said. “It’s about supplying your significant other their needs. The 90s sound of this song is a lot like all of our music, which plays a big influence in how we write and sing. It’s a totally different sound than what’s on the radio today with R&B and Pop. We do a lot of harmonies and a lot of arrangements with live instruments across all our tracks.” 

DeeZire formed in 2013 when Swade and X’Clusiv came together in Atlanta. They both had a mutual love for music, and the more time they spent around each other, the more they realized they shared the same inspirations – from Michael Jackson and Prince to New Edition and Usher, among others. They soon realized that if they worked together, their shared passion to use music and share their artistic voice with the rest of the world could lead to something truly original.  

“We’re bringing that classic sound of R&B back,” X’clusiv Swade said. “Everybody has been saying it’s dead, but we don’t feel that way. We feel that R&B isn’t being marketed the way Pop and hip Hop is right now, and we want to bring that back to the table. We want to show that there are still people out there doing quality R&B music that you can vibe and rock to. We want to put that sound back on the map.” 

With a follow up to their debut EP, “Love Therapy,” The duo hopes to do just that with the release of their second debut EP, “Love ZoneTherapy,” which is slated to drop in the next couple of months. One Two more singles, “Raindrops” and “Love Zone” is are slated to release before the full EP, however.  

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“Tell Me” 

Higher Purpose Music Group – Get Ready

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Higher Purpose music group blends Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop with Gospel on debut self-titled album 

CLEVELAND, OH – Higher Purpose is a four-member group composed of family and friends whose new self-titled album is bringing the Gospel in a unique style. By blending elements of praise with Hip Hop, R&B and Pop, “Higher Purpose” is a modern day take on timeless Gospel music with songs that are guaranteed to bless and uplift your spirits.  

Made up of rapper Malorie-Charee and singers Cheritta, Kasey and Monte, Higher Purpose Music is a group that came together one year ago with the intention of serving God by inspiring the world through uplifting messages. They went to work immediately, co-writing songs and coming together every Friday in the recording studio to put together the 17 songs that make up their debut album. This urban inspirational group has created something that has more of a Hip Hop and Pop feel to it than what most would associate with traditional Gospel. By seamlessly intertwining Malorie’s raps with the harmonies of the other members of the group, the sound becomes something equal parts intriguing and groundbreaking.  

“The album is about a person’s journey through life and meeting faith, and how God guides that individual through that process,” Malorie said. “There are many things that happen in life that take us down the wrong path, and this album is about how we often look back when we’re on the other side of those things and realize that we’ve come out better people, walking out and feeling more blessed.” 

The debut single from the album is “Get Ready.” A music video for the song was released in September and has already garnered tens of thousands of views on the group’s YouTube channel. The group calls it a fun and happy song about how the Lord will send his blessings, even in the midst of a storm.  

“It’s a motivational song about anticipating the good that’s going to come your way,” Malorie said. “It’s a great song to show what we’re trying to bring to the world with our music. The message of our music speaks to the personal walk with God. Our music encourages people to look within and reflect on their relationship with God and the struggles that come with wanting to be Christ-like but still being wretched and overcoming thru faith. I hope people are uplifted when they hear it and that it inspires them. We want people to know that God is real and He loves them no matter what. It doesn’t matter how messy or clean your life is, God loves you. Period. That’s the overarching message behind everything we do: You were created by God and He loves you and no one or anything is more powerful than that.” 

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“Get Ready”

Hosford – PPTP

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East Coast artist Hosford takes music career 
to the next level with new single ‘PPTP’ 

CAPE MAY COUNTY, NJ – An inspiration for a hit song may sometimes come from the most unusual places That’s the case for the new track from East Coast artist HosfordWhile working out with his stepfather one day, he was hit with a flash of insight. The two were drinking protein shakes. His stepfather was a tattoo and piercing artist. The idea for the hook to a song about Protein, Piercings, Tattoos and Pussy came to him, and almost immediately was accompanied by a beat in his head. He contacted his friend and fellow musician Shirea and the two put together “PPTP” in next to no time. 

Today, that single is making the rounds along the East Coast and has primed this veteran musician for bigger things in front of a global audience. Having performed live thousands of times all up and down the East Coast for the better part of the past decade, Hosford has finally decided to record some of the originals he’s written along the way. “PPTP” is just one of many that he’s hoping to share with the world in the coming months, each of which will feature his unique sound and style. 

“It’s hard to tie my sound to any one genre,” Hosford said. “I’m inspired by all the greats in Hip Hop like Wiz Kahlifa or Tupac or Big L or Eminem or Jay-Z. But I also love artists like Ed Sheeran or Rock bands like Creed. I’ve been working with guitarist, Shane Prusinski, on some of my songs, and he’s really into Punk Rock and Heavy Metal. So my sound really has a mixture of genres on the instrumental, and it’s just something different.” 

Hosford said he was first introduced to music as a child when he watched his father as a drummer for many years. When he was 16, his mother purchased him some recording equipment, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s developed his sound into something more mature and high quality along the way, and today, his goal is to leave records that are timeless and last forever.  

“I want to leave behind a legacy that people will remember,” he said. “I want to come in and inspire people. I want to help them to have persistence and never give up. That’s my attitude as an artist – I never give up. I want to leave behind records that move people and help people and make them feel good when they listen to them – whether it’s a party track or emotional or about a family or even a sad track. We’re human beings. We’re emotional. And I want to make music that caters to that.” 



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“PPTP Featuring Shirea