Zero Kares – It Is What It Is

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Zero Kares leads listeners on journey of self-discovery with emotional new single ‘DNA’ 

IRVINE, CA – Zero Kares is an artist simply trying to find true love. But forces – some under his control and some not – will not allow him to reach it easily. Every song he creates and every word he utters is another footstep on his journey to fulfill that dream. And his latest single, “DNA,” is yet another chapter on that quest. 

Born from disappointing relationships of the past, “DNA” explores the ways in which negativity can be contagious and how often we take on the characteristics of our significant others, even when we should not. 

“Some of my partners in the past have had very toxic DNA, and in a lot of ways it rubbed off on me,” Zero Kares said. “When both DNAs are toxic, there’s no way a relationship can go how it should. Your DNA is toxic, and now mine is toxic, and now we either have to deal with that toxicity or over time we’ll become poisoned. This song is very raw and emotional – not in an angry way, just edgy in its emotionality. It is what it is, and we need to acknowledge it and work through it or we’ll never grow and take that next step in the journey.” 

A lot of Zero Kares’ music is raw. He likes to play with big sounds and use those vibes as conduits for his emotions – bringing listeners along with him on the journey of self-discovery as he overcomes his own limitations and defeats the forces working against him. His style is very melodic, but it also bangs really hard. Some have described it as a mixture of The Weeknd and XXX Tentacion. And against that backdrop he shares messages and experiences of things he goes through in life.  

“I’m creating music that helps people ride that emotional roller coaster people go through,” he said. “I’m trying to enhance their life experiences. If you’re going through a situation in your life and one of my songs clicks with you, then maybe that helps you understand how someone else might feel. Or maybe it will get you hyped to go through whatever you’re going through. Or maybe it will just help you know that it’s all gonna be OK.” 

That kind of attitude permeates the music that Zero Kares creates, and serves as the defining mantra of his persona. It’s less a name that encourages people not to care about anything in life, and more a name that inspires people to live a carefree lifestyle. Bang to his music and you’ll get through whatever life throws at you. “Just live your best life and enjoy whatever you want to do,” he said.  

“DNA” is currently available across all streaming platforms and is the first from a new EP that will be a mix between EDM, Emo-Punk, and R&B. He said that project should come out later this year, and will serve as a showcase of his diversity – incorporating sounds from influences all over the world.  

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Toni Castro – It Is What It Is

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Toni Castro overcomes near-death car crash, uses disability to inspire others through music 

BILOXI, MS – If there’s one thing you need to know about artist Toni Castro, it’s that he’s the kind of supremely talented rapper who can freestyle on any fire beat that appeals to his ear. He goes where it flows, and most people who hear it love the vibe he’s bringing.  

That mastery of metaphors is put on full display with his latest single “Is What It Is,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. With some upbeat energy and a motivational message, the fresh new single is not only a blast to listen to but offers insight and inspiration to a world that needs a bit of a pick-me-up after a string of difficult situations. 

“We deal with a lot of BS in this world, but you can’t focus on that,” he said. “Just live your life and don’t worry about all that. I go serious with my music after I became disabled from a car accident. My back went out and I wasn’t able to work as a laborer anymore, and instead of giving up on things I decided to press this music for a time. You can’t just give up on life because of what you were dealt. I feel like with this opportunity and my talent it’s time to go 100 percent in and inspire the world if I can.” 

Castro said one of the biggest boosts of confidence he’s received in his young career came after his very first show at Club Envy in Gulfport. As the opening act for notorious rapper Young Dolph, Toni Castro rocked the venue so profoundly that the manager found him after and told him it was one of the most professional performances he’d ever seen. The adrenaline rush he got and the accolades he received pushed him to continue to make music, and he hasn’t looked back since.  

“I want my music to be known for inspiring people,” he said. “I talk about a lot of life situations and how to go about different situations and still make wise decisions. Too many people go about things the wrong way, and their lives become negative. I’m more positive. No matter what you go through, you’ve got to remain positive.” 

Castro said he’ll continue that motivational message with another single called “The Transition (Exotic Shit),” set to release on July 4 because “like fireworks, I just think it has a lot of good sounds that are gonna pop.” He also said he’s got more music in development that he’ll likely release later this year. 

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“It Is What It Is” – 

IG – Ce4oakaToniCastro 

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Freaky17 – SLAYED Featuring Markuz

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Freaky17, former member of the JDBoyz, is now his own solo empire. The Florida native grew up in Atlanta on the east side Zone 6. A graduate of Redan High School, where he was voted most popular and eligible bachelor.

Now Freaky17 is an astounding entrepreneur along with his brother TP operating a successful luxury car lot,Top Notch Luxury Motors, in Decatur, GA. Freaky17 is also the CEO of his own label along with partner Ceo-Loki of Top Notch Music Group. Freaky17 is managed by business partner SuggaENT. 

He is no stranger to the industry and has been mastering his craft for several years creating many great hits such as “Fox5”, “Expensive Taste”, “Allotta” & “ApeShit” which had over 20K views on mymixtapez!

Freaky17 talents are unparalleled in the industry as he is a phenomenal creator of all his music. Stay tuned for more but for now check out his latest releases “Slayed”, “Racks On The Floor”, & “We The Wave”.

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Instagram @freaky1seven

Twitter @freaky1seven

James Baley – Banishment

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“James Baley delivers a message universal enough for the church, the club, or the vogue ballroom.” – The New Yorker

Today Juno Award-winning musician and multi-disciplinary artist James Baley  releases the new single “Banishment” from his forthcoming album A Story available on September 24th, 2021. This single marks the re-emergence of James Baley into the spotlight after being recognized for supporting, writing and recording with a diverse range of celebrated Canadian-based artists including July Talk (Baley is credited as a co-writer/co-producer on their recent Juno-winning, Pray For It), Zaki Ibrahim, U.S. Girls, Badge Epoque Ensemble, and Azari, with whom he collaborated on “Gotasoul” garnering them a Juno Award nomination for Dance Recording of the Year in 2019.

Baley’s new single “Banishment” is an urgent, hard hitting track that fuses gospel vocals with house and ballroom sensibilities, and acts as a call to celebration of freedom for Black queer community members, and the need to break away. Banishment is also Baley’s first solo house/ballroom track and features guest Twysted Miyake-Mugler the celebrated Vogue performer and co-founder of the Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance. “[Banishment] is about being banished from the (religious) communities that raised you and moving through the mix of feelings that come with grief,” explains Baley. “In the context of this song, Banishment is not a punishment, but rather an opportunity to explore and move closer to one’s truth and destiny. Inspired by my queer experience, Banishment speaks to my journey and the consequences that come with choosing authenticity…it will get you up and leave you wanting more.” Despite the pandemic-fuelled challenges of 2020, Baley was still fortunate enough to be featured on one long-listed (Badge Époque Ensemble) and one short-listed (U.S. Girls) 2020 Polaris Music Prize album. During the spring of 2021 Baley stayed busy having released two singles (“Saviour”, “On My Mind”) from his forthcoming album A Story, and performed at Pride Toronto’s 40th anniversary closing ceremony. By sharing compelling stories through his vulnerable lyrics, Baley combines his R&B, gospel, and electronic music influences to create soulful and reflective dance tracks for the church, club and vogue ballroom.

J.Trice – BANGN

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 J Trice offers inside look at a girl’s POV of the streets with string of raw new singles 

BUFFALO, NY – Jessica “J Trice” Swain is a woman who won’t give up. With her back against the wall after her grandmother died, this young woman from Buffalo, New York has been through more difficult situations than most people could ever imagine. But she’s pushed through those hardships and uses those experiences as the foundation for her unique style of music – something that’s one part Fantasia and one part Michel’le and all parts her own signature style.  

That style is put on full display with her latest string of singles, starting with the hit R&B track “Extendo Shutdown.” Written about an ex-lover, the song is a vocal showcase of her natural talents as a singer, but also a great demonstration of her ability to weave witty lyrics as a songwriter. It’s almost like her mouth is a weapon and the words are her ammunition as she shoots bullets of aggressive vitriol toward a selfish and unsupportive ex-boyfriend. 

“He’s selfish and stuck in his ways and he wants her to watch him shine and her to be nothing,” J Trice said of the single. “But she’s shutting him down. A lot of people tell me that my voice stands out right away as soon as they hear it, but they also tell me I talk about experiences that other people can relate to. People say I’m open-minded. I speak up, and this song shows that. But life is short, and so many things have already happened in my life that I don’t want to be left dead in the ground with my talent left to waste. So I’m gonna say what I want and sing what I want and hopefully people will see that I’m a girl with confidence. You’ve got to be strong out here in this world, no matter what you go through. That’s what I want people to get from my music.” 

Two other singles from J Trice are currently available across all streaming platforms. The first is a song called “Yourz,” which is a more intimate love song in the R&B and Soul world that is inspired by the current man in her life. She said it’s a song many other people in relationships will be attracted to as it’s a song that says, “I’m in a relationship and I belong to him and you don’t need to worry about what we have together.” 

The other single is “BangN,” which J Trice said has more of an old-school vibe that was inspired by Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It On The Alcohol.” Of the three singles she has recently released, this one in particular is the most fun and upbeat, and she said she’s certain it will draw some attention to her during the summer months.  

J Trice said she has more than 100 singles already put together, many of which she plans to release over the next years. Eventually she wants to put out an album tentatively called “Precisely Ripe,” which will be a girl’s point of view of the streets.

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Ryan Mullane – Music Lives

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Debut artist PIVE is in search of immortality with new album I Will Forever Be 

SPOKANE, WA – Independent artist Ryan Mullane, better known as PIVE, is a musician who is starting his career in a big way. Having written music for much of his life, he is finally taking the plunge with the release of his first ever album. I Will Forever Be is a collection of tracks with a conscious Hip Hop sound and the goal of lasting through the generations. It is also a call to all kinds of people looking to follow their dreams, telling them that it is never too late.  

“I called the album I Will Forever Be essentially with the intention of telling people that I am forever going to be this artist and this person.” His style leans into the older and more culturally relevant styles of Hip Hop, mixing the modern with the memorable to create something truly unique. “I’m trying to bring back the kind of lyrics that hit the most. You don’t hear very many songs anymore that are timeless and actually hit hard.” He is doing an amazing job of achieving this goal with the emotion and lyricism that go into each track.  

Within the album there is an overlying theme of taking over. “Throughout the album, you’ll hear me refer to a circus. It is my way of saying that while it is cool that the genre has condensed into this singular sound, there is a new kind of uniqueness in the rap game now. It’s my circus and I’m taking over.” Mullane is truly taking the scene by storm with this album and the many amazing tracks that can be found on it.  

Mullane has been writing music since he was only 10 years old. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, his lyricism is truly a honed craft. Now that he has experienced life and found himself in a comfortable position, he decided it was time to finally put his hard work and writing to good use. The two singles that have already been released from the album “Music Lives” and “Girlfriends Dreams” have already received a great deal of attention and appreciation from those who have had the chance to hear them. The tracks showcase an advanced style of lyricism that is truly impressive. 

In all of his tracks, Mullane focuses on showing his audience that anything is possible. “For everyone that listens to my music, I say anyone can go after their dreams if they try hard enough. It’s going to be a bitch to get through it and there will be tons of ups and downs, but if you keep pushing and believing in yourself, you’ll make something happen.  

As a musician who is determined to make things happen, Mullane is already hard at work putting together Act II of the I Will Forever Be album. He is excited to release more new music and cannot wait to share his next project with the world.  

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Don Billion – THOTLANTA

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Don Billion is sharing his story through new single ‘THOTLANTA’ 

ATLANTA, GA – Don Billion is an up and coming artist with a story to tell. His life has been anything but easy, and after so many trials and hardships, he is finally releasing music that is true to who he is. “THOTLANTA” blends his unique style with the sounds that define the Atlanta scene. It is the perfect track to introduce this artist to the world.  

Originally getting into music after the death of his cousin, who was also focused on music, Billion has been working on improving his abilities and perfecting his lyricism ever since. It was not until his release from prison, however, that he really got serious about releasing his music and pursuing a career in the industry. “When I came home from prison, everything was a lot more precise. I met up with some pretty good guys while I was behind the walls and we created a master plan.” With the whole project ready to go, all Billion had to do was execute it when he got home.  

Despite “THOTLANTA” and the entire project surrounding it being completely planned out, it took Billion several attempts to record the perfect version. HIs dedication to the details in the song are easy to hear and truly make the track into what it is today. “I tried to record the song four different times, and it never turned out exactly how I wanted it to. Then one night I randomly decided to redo the entire thing and it came out perfectly for how I needed it to be for the Atlanta scene.” The song perfectly encapsulates both Billion’s unique sound and the overall vibe of Atlanta Hip Hop.  

This song focuses on Billion’s life and the way that he has built himself up from where he began, while also showcasing his own culture and lifestyle as a part of the Atlanta scene. “In a way, this record is my past life. It’s a fun way to talk about my old life, so I just decided to merge all of that into a record that is actually fun and easy to listen to. It’s really just my perspective of taking a situation and making it better.” This track truly gives you a deeper insight into Billion’s past and who he really is as an artist. It’s an awesome track to get to know him with.  

On top of being able to put together an amazing track, Billion is an entrepreneur. His skills both in and outside of the studio have really allowed him to reach his audience in a way that truly captures their attention. He not only releases tracks as energetic and amazing as “THOTLANTA”, Billion has also released a merch collection that is absolutely iconic. He is sure to continue to release exciting and fun tracks as well. There is no shortage of things to come from Don Billion. 

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Social Media:

Rock Star Gang – Bananas

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Eclectic group brings diverse culture to the Hip-hop game with first anthem ‘Bananas’ 

BAY AREA, CA – For the longest time RichardTheRockStar has had a vision to create a new era of Hip-Hop that represents a diverse culture influenced by the Bay Area sound from which the genre first arose. Though it’s been a long and winding road, the multi-media artist has finally captured his vision in the form of the Rockstar Gang. 

Currently made up of artists Jshxtta, Baked Beka, and Mr. Cooper, the quartet works together to create an eclectic mixture of sounds against the backdrop of Hip-hop for something truly organic and unique. They’ve completed 11 tracks that they’ll be releasing over the course of the year, starting with their first hit “Bananas,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. The song highlights the positive rebelliousness of the group as they pave a path to something different in an industry that often stifles creativity in favor of a tried-and-true cookie cutter model that is proven to bring in the money. 

“Rockstar Gang has been an underground thing I’ve done with my Hip-hop career for 10 years,” Richard said. “We don’t f*ck around with any of the fake people in the industry. Too many people try to take advantage of you anymore, and I’ve seen some crazy shit over the years. We’re not anti-major-label, but the deals we have with each other are not about taking cuts from each other or double-dealing or anything like that. We come from a real rebellious place against the standard industry norm, and we want to bring a cultured, diverse hip-hop group to the table that represents something different and fresh. This is our first anthem.” 

Richard said the song came together much like the group did – slowly and organically. Richard himself has been an artist operating out of the Bay Area for the better part of a decade. He’s become well known in that part of the country, and has networked with a lot of movers and shakers in entertainment. Along the way he met Beka, who is a social media influencer from the Bay Area who has been a model but also is a survivor of the streets and brings an edge to the gang. The two became friends and for seven years Richard tried to encourage her to jump on a song with him.  

Similarly, Richard ran into Jshxtta while working in the studio one day with well-known producer Mr. Cooper – who is a friend of Tas Prestige, owner of Temple Studios where the group recorded the album. The young Jshxtta had been experimenting with music and trying to decide if a recording career was something he wanted to pursue full-time. When he and Richard met, their shared passion for originality and eclectic energy was immediately apparent, and they haven’t looked back since.  

“From the first time I met him I recognized him as the kind of guy who comes to the studio to just sit there and learn,” Richard said of Jxhxtta. “He’ll just be there because he wants it. I’ve been like that. I love his style he brings from The Bay. With Cooper, he brings that boom-bap that has a good energy. He’s like a hype man, too. He’s fun to be around. And then Beka is someone I’ve been friends with a long time. I’ve always been a fan of her as an influencer and a model – she’s really branded herself as an icon for where we’re from – and I believe in her art and her talent. Ultimately we just want to be known as a group that brings their individual energy and vibe to the table to create something special. It’s not cookie-cutter, it’s unique. It’s like The New Revolution or Snap from the 90s, or The Roots or Black Eyed Peas of today – those groups you see that you want to see more of every person and you love the way they interact together. We bring culture and love and a clear message that we’ll treat you well and make sure you feel valued. You don’t have to do anything opposite of what you want to do in your life.” 

Richard said each of the artists also have individual projects they’re working on that should release later this year. Collectively they’ll be shooting more videos for the singles they want to release throughout the year, starting with the next single “We Getting It,” which is currently available on all streaming platforms, as well. 

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Willy Mateo – Alt. Facts

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Willy Matéo encourages others to embrace their individuality with new EP ‘Denim’ 

PITTSBURGH, PA – Like many artists around the world, Willy Matéo turns to music as an outlet for all the things he can’t communicate in his normal, everyday life. His latest EP “Denim” is a perfect example of how this Pop and R&B artist uses music to pour out raw emotion in ways that are intriguing and connecting with fans all over the world. His songs are youthful with a grown and sexy tone, and his natural vibrato will give you chills. It’s impossible not to catch a vibe to his melodic rhythm and ballads, and “Denim” perfectly showcases a variety of flavors that fit many different vibes. 

“Ultimately it’s a project that lets me get out all the things I couldn’t before,” Matéo said. “I’m usually the bigger person in situations and so I normally don’t say how I feel. This EP gives me closure on what happened with relationships in the past – on things I did wrong and others did wrong. And it’s a way to explore how I can make my next relationship better.” 

Across five tracks, Matéo brings a mixture of R&B and Pop alongside a deep, rich voice that pairs perfectly with his witty wordplay. Sometimes he introduces an affected rasp into his music for a more gravelly edge, while other times he lifts his vocals into a higher range for a falcetto feel.  

The stand-out single from the project is a song called “Alt. Facts.” It’s a song about calling someone out on their lies. Matéo said it has a cool and laid-back vibe that feels like it was pulled from the upbeat jazzy atmosphere of the 1960s. But the lyrics on the song are aggressive, and the way he sings is aggressive. He’s letting people know what he thinks and how he feels.  

Ultimately Matéo said he wants to connect with anyone who feels like they’re different or “weird.” His music and art is meant to inspire others and help them embrace their individuality. With a voice and sound that’s unique in and of itself, his music is definitely the kind that connects with people who consider themselves to be on the fringes of society. 

“The message I want to put out there for all is that it’s OK to be different and weird,” he said. “It’s OK to be the person that nobody understands. You’re different for a reason. Just because you think and are different doesn’t make you any less of a person. I’ve had life experiences where I’ve always been the outcast and the loner, and with my music I want to inspire people to dare to be different.” 

Matéo’s music is currently available across all streaming platforms.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Marquel – People Who Need People

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Marquel is fearless with debut release Love, Rage & Enlightenment  

WASHINGTON D.C. – A young artist who is learning how to love himself, Marquel is as fearless as they come. This musician is telling his own stories and sharing all of his pain and emotions with the world in a gorgeously authentic light. His debut album Love, Rage & Enlightenment is his own journey into finding who he is, and it is simply amazing.  

Marquel’s journey through finding himself as a musician has been one many many trials. After dropping out of college for the chance to work with a big-name producer, he was hit with a stroke of bad luck rolled over, straight into the COVID-19 pandemic. “I had left school in Philly to move out to LA, but after getting there, he stopped responding to my messages as much, got busy with his own life. When the pandemic hit, my job with the radio station, 96.3 FM, fell apart and things really just weren’t looking good.” It was after really being able to look into himself and understand how he felt that Marquel was able to begin making the music that has since become Love, Rage & Enlightenment.  

“I took the time over the pandemic, and I just really learned about who I was and what I wanted my message to be. A lot of people felt alone, and I realized that I did too. I felt that I needed to prove something to myself, and I realized that what I needed to do was recognize who I was and love myself.” Once Marquel was able to find himself through this, things seemed to just start falling into place. He began connecting with people across the world to put together different parts of the album and truly seemed to find his place in the music industry. “I really started tapping into that community and things just started falling into place.” 

Being able to put the album together in about a month’s time, Marquel was excited to actually get his message out to the people who wanted to hear what he had to say. “When I started Love, Rage & Enlightenment, I thought it was going to be my journey of love and hate, and how I overcame all that but what I found throughout the whole process was that this album was about loving myself and loving the people who are around me, and taking care of us, and the rage was about me being angry with myself for doubting myself for so long, and for needing other people’s validation for so long, and the enlightenment was recognizing that all I needed were the gifts that God had already given me. All I needed to focus on was giving.” The album is truly an honest representation of Marquel’s journey and the emotions he went through while creating the project. 

Love, Rage & Enlightenment is the kind of album that flows together. Built to be the kind of album that allows you to put your headphones in and really focus on the tracks, everything flows together. The themes fit into each other, and everything seems to make sense when you’re listening to this album.  

While this project helped Marquel to find himself, he hopes that his music will help others as well. Much of his goal is to ensure people know that no matter what is going on, they are not alone. “If you feel alone and that you don’t fit into the world, know that there are so many people who are different and within them, we’re not alone. I want people to feel okay with feeling different.” 

Be sure to check out the album and keep an eye out for the series of music videos and D.C./Philly performances that are soon to follow. Marquel is sure to also be releasing several more exciting tracks and projects as he moves forward in his career, so don’t forget to keep up with him as well. 

Check out Marquel’s music and social media via the links listed below.  


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