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Former federal fugitive uses lessons from life on the run to
inspire others through music

NEWARK, NJ – After years behind the camera, shooting music videos for other artists, Salahadin
“Salat” Williams is stepping in front of the camera to show the world that he, too, has the skills
as a hip-hop artist.

Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, Salat is a man who has seen his fair share of violence and
struggle. Though life has been rough, he’s managed to stay clear of legal trouble for the most
part, though there have been some close shaves. In fact, for the past five years he’s been
dodging federal marshals and a warrant for his arrest from something he claims he didn’t do.
And in 2017, he defied the odds of becoming a statistic within the judicial system by beating the
federal case that had chased him for years. That experience and the lessons he learned from it
fuel the lyrics behind his music – lyrics that help him inspire other people dealing with difficult
situations through singles like his new song, “Win Instead.”

“I was on the run for the past five years and in the midst of that I had to sit down and figure out
what I was going to do,” he said. “I couldn’t travel anywhere because I couldn’t afford to get
pulled over because the Marshals were coming for me. My cousin was doing music, so I decided
to get a camera and shoot some videos for him. Soon I was shooting other peoples’ videos and
learning the business. The more I worked with artists, the more I realized I have some good
stories to share. So when my name was cleared last year, I found a good writer and told him my
stories about life, then found some beats and a good producer and created this project.”
“Win Instead” dropped on Jan. 9 and is what Salat describes as a motivational single that serves
as an anthem to empower anybody dealing with adversity. He said it’s a song for people who
are feeling down or feel like there’s no hope – people who are insecure about themselves or
their situations and need something to inspire them.

The music video for the single follows the true story of Ausar Walcott – an NFL prospect who
was signed by the Cleveland Browns on a multi-million- dollar contract and then immediately
cut four days later after being charged with attempted murder after a bar fight.

“He was signed on a Friday and cut on a Tuesday,” Salat said. “I’m using this video to let people
look at his story. It’s a real story. He was locked up but he posted bail and he was fighting the
case on the street. When he got out, he started playing in the arena league, the NFL D-League,
and now he’s close to getting a second chance to play in the NFL. Everybody counted him out,
but he was proven innocent at the end of the day and he never game up. His story shows that
through whatever goes on, you can ‘Win Instead.’”

“Win Instead” is available on YouTube, Vimeo and Vevo.

To listen to Salat’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: instead

Kev The Pope – Get Ready | @Kevthepope

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One-on-one mentorship from legend Sean Price helps launch career of
new hip-hop artist Kev the Pope


BROOKLYN, NY – It’s not often that an aspiring musician gets to have an unofficial
apprenticeship with a legitimate star, but that’s exactly what happened for Kev the Pope.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kev lived in the same building as legendary hip-hop
emcee Sean Price. As a young boy, Kev was heavily influenced by a musical family. His older
brother and sister were into hip-hop, and his father was into reggae. As he grew up, he began
experimenting with a combination of those two genres, while also dropping in sounds from pop
and R&B. By age 12, Kev shot a video in front of his building. His dad told him to play some of
his music for Sean Price. He did so and every day since then, he kept hanging out with him.

“I knew he was living in the building, but at the time I didn’t really know who he was,” Kev
recalls. “I wasn’t too in tune with his music, but I would play basketball with him from time to
time and I started to check out his music. I decided to rap for him one day, and he loved it. He
gave me my name on the spot – Kev the Pope – and from that day forward we used to chill
every day. As I got older he would introduce me to a lot of people in the industry and he really
blessed me with some keys and some knowledge of the game.”

Today, Kev is using that knowledge to create a successful career for himself. His sound and style
are unique, and his lyrics are beginning to serve as anthems for many people around the
country who come from the struggle and who face adversity. He writes songs about true stories
and things that have happened in his own life or the lives of those around him. And his songs
are diverse, with sounds and themes that will relate to many people of many demographics.

“I really think I can reach a lot of people because my music is about the struggle, but it’s also
about motivation,” Kev said. “It’s not just for one group. It’s not just one sound I have. It’s
versatile with a lot of different flows and sounds and concepts. With me it’s not just about
catchy hooks, it’s about being lyrical and having a message and content that’s marketable and
timeless. My music is in tune with what’s going on in the world today, but it also gives you that
90s feel that invites you to sit back and listen to a whole album without skipping anything. I feel
like that’s what my music is – the kind of music that two generations from now you’ll still be
listening to.”

Kev’s most recent release is a single called “Get Ready.” It’s a smooth song that he said gives
listeners the vibe of wanting to take their girl or wife out for a nice night out. The music video
for the single features a girl getting ready to go out on the town – putting on makeup, trying on
different outfits and jewelry, fixing her hair and doing all the things that a woman does before
going out.

“It’s very catchy and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the song already,” Kev said. “I’ve
put out a lot of singles over the past two years that have been doing pretty well, and I’m
excited for this new one. A lot of people are relating to it.”

Kev said he also has two shows coming up at the end of January – the first on Jan. 21 at The
Barbary in Philadelphia, and the second on Jan. 27 at Lovecraft in New York City.

To find out more about upcoming performances or new music releases, or to listen to Kev’s
music, please visit: pope/1045739349