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Hip-Hop Artist Qwestion?! Releases New Hit Single “Like OJ”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Ultra talented hip-hop artist Qwestion?! is here to deliver
the answer through his creative lyrics and songs. Growing up in Chicago, the
artist encountered some tough times throughout his younger years, and looked to
music as an outlet. After discovering the amount of comfort he received from hip-
hop music, Qwestion?! knew his pursuit of a musical career was only destiny.

What started out as the artist recording bars on his phone later blossomed into
something much more substantial and serious. As an adolescent, Qwestion?!
learned how to play a variety of instruments, such as the bass guitar, violin and
saxophone, which he now incorporates into his musical production. This wide
variety of sound and fusion is on definitely display in his latest single “Like OJ”.
The artist is excited to share his newest work with the world, as he delivers a
message through his captivating lyrics.

The single has an uplifting tone behind it fused with a grimy flair, as Qwestion?!
puts his own signature spin on it. “There’s a lot of people who don’t want to see
me win,” said the artist. “I’m out here telling them that I’m going to win regardless.

Nothing can stop me at this point. So, that’s kind of where I’m coming from in the
approach I took with ‘Like OJ’.” It’s safe to say that this rings true, as the artist
has no plans to stop the music any time soon. In fact, he’s been steadily gearing
up to drop his new mixtape, “The Falling Up Theory”. Fans can expect a release
in the coming months.

Qwestion?! is truly a one of a kind artist, and puts a great deal of emphasis on
what he is currently vibing with in his life. He is inspired and influenced by hip-
hop’s golden age, in which he showcases within his current, new-age musical
aesthetic. “There’s definitely multiple aspects to my music when it comes to style.
I think my favorite aspect is how I groove with the beat. Flow is very important,”
said Qwestion?!. At this rate, it won’t come by surprise if the artist is nominated
for a Grammy one day.

“Like OJ” is available on all digital platforms, so make sure to give it a listen and
watch the visual below: