[Single] Shyan Selah – Mama Told Me One Day


Shyan Selah is a Kentucky-born, Seattle-raised Creative Artist and Entrepreneur with over 20 years in the Entertainment industry.

“He’s the New Age artist, he’s a trendsetter, he’s a HOT ARTIST. He’s everything you love about music, and nothing you’ve ever seen before.” – Kevin Black – President of U CAN FLY, formerly Head of Urban Music at Warner Bros. and Sr. VP at Interscope

As the founder and CEO of Brave New World, Shyan has built a boutique entertainment firm combining a record label, music and film production, marketing, and management divisions. All the while he’s maintained a unique niche in progressive outreach for youth with his non- profit organization, The Shyan Selah Foundation. The combination of his Artistic skills, Business savvy, and dynamic Community Outreach endeavors have become his trademark which has served as a catalyst in the development of a formidable business culture. Based in the Seattle market, Shyan has led his company in the development of relationships with some of Seattle’s biggest institutions such as Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, and others are all a part of a new culture and network.

Most recently Shyan has joined forces with Washington State to launch three programs for his hometown community: Connect to Nature – an environmental awareness program for middle school students; The Artist Workshop – a monthly workshop series about various roles and careers in the entertainment industry for high school and college students; and The Black Eco Chamber, a small black business incubator. Shyan is also working on a variety of TV, Film, and Multi-media projects including the second season of his podcast, LIFE featuring exclusive interviews with guests from Shyan’s personal and professional experiences ranging from leaders in the entertainment, sports, education, political and business sectors. As of 2023 he’s been named one of Forbes Books newest authors with a book project to be released by year’s end.

As an International creative artist this Singer-Songwriter and Multi-Genre Music Artist has spent his career producing, recording and performing Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, Soul, Blues, R&B, and Jazz music. Shyan’s early childhood was influenced by his Gospel singing mother, a Record collecting father and his older brother, Marcus, who introduced him to Hip Hop. His childhood exposed him to a wide variety of legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Prince, Sting, LL Cool J, and James Brown; and as such, Shyan’s music style reflects the essence of these legends but authentically stands on its own.

“I think Shyan is an incredible artist. He reminds me of Nas meets Lenny Kravitz meets D’Angelo. He’s a fusion of so many styles.” – Jon Stockton – former VP of A&R – Bad Boy Entertainment, Def Jam West Coast Division, and Sony.

Shyan has shared the stage and worked with many world famous talents from all genres of music such as Robin Thicke, KRS One, Pink Floyd, Seal, and Ludacris to name a few. Shyan remains creatively active in the entertainment industry with ventures in television, film, fashion and music. His song “Sweet Little Lies” was recently featured as the theme music for the new Omar Gooding film “A Familiar Lie.” Shyan’s vibes are also being experienced as the theme music for famed fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger’s new series, New Legacy Challenge. Currently, Shyan is in the studio he’s putting the finishing touches on the Cafe Noir LP, part of the Cafe Noir Project which for was featured as a special live performance experience in select Starbucks stores throughout the country.

“Shyan Selah’s music and message is good for the Starbucks brand.” – Paula Boggs – former Sr. Vice President & Lead Counsel for Starbucks Coffee


Shyan Selah’s social media links are as follows:

IG: instagram.com/shyanselah

FB: facebook.com/shyanselahmusic

Twitter: @theshyanselah

Youtube: @ShyanSelahMusic

[Video] Hersh Jefe – Swing on Me | @HershJefe


Hersh Jefe is coming fast and there’s no signs of slowing down, with his new visuals for his single ‘ Swing On Me ‘ out on all platforms!

Swing On Me is track one of eight off his recent project ‘ From The Land 2 ‘. The video has a cool orange color scheme and fire lyrics to match. His music has a sensational south florida vibe to it, probably being that he is from Broward County Florida. Expecting great things from the legendary libra Hersh Jefe !

Twitter: @HershJefe
Instagram: @HershJefe
Swing On Me Video: https://youtu.be/oS3NOVzHZS0

[Single] Kaa$h Ki – Bouta Bag


After a 2-year hiatus, Independent Rapper, Singer & Songwriter, “Kaa$h Ki” returns with a melodic and sumptuous dive into RnB inspired Hip Hop titled “Bouta Bag”. Being a strong independent Musician, the song is about earning the cash, focusing on her own dream & not being distracted by other people who are not chasing the money bag.

The luxurious and sublime beat create a many textured experience supported by a lyrical flow that transports listeners to a different place and time. Her words tell an unwavering story that clearly demonstrates an artist cutting her own intoxicating groove in an industry that is in desperate need of artists willing to test the musical boundaries.

Keep an eye out for this talented artist, as she will surely be making her own mark in the music world in the years to come.

Music Links: https://linktr.ee/kaash_ki

Instagram: @Kaash_Ki

[Video] Bianca Clarke ‘Sit In My Room’


Bianca Clarke is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper, born in Mobile, Alabama. Bianca always knew music was her calling, at a very young age she started honing her skills by singing in her local church’s choir. As a result of her love for all things music, she naturally started writing poems and her own songs. Throughout her youth, Bianca continued to listen to great artists such as Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, Trina, Lil Wayne, and Future, which helped her to further understand the makings of a hit record. After graduating high school, Bianca decided she wanted to round out her musical skills by merging her natural talent with a formal education in the art of music. Bianca starting attending the Art Institute of Atlanta, where she studied music production and sound engineering. Quickly making a name for herself around the campus. By the end of her first year Bianca decided it was time to pursue music full time. Bianca began to invade the open mic circuit of Alabama performing at every showcase, industry function and local venue with an audience. Bianca’s relentless approach garnered even more exposure, as she was labeled the “Rising Queen of Mobile” by the Alabama Press Register. Bianca Clarke’s buzz continues to grow at a rapid pace, with numerous electric performances under her belt, a few tour placements, three well-received musical projects, and being the recipient of a total of 20 awards, given to her at five separate Gulf Coast Music Award shows, Bianca has collabed with artists like Trina, Yung Bleu, Rylo Rodriguez, Honey Komb Brazy to name a few! Bianca also just founded her own record label “QBGANG The Label” Bianca is ready to take her career to the next level! Check out her latest album “Pretty Thug” out now on all platforms! Bianca also just released a visual to her captivating single “Sit In My Room”, video out now on Youtube!

Follow her on social media,
Twitter: QB_Bianca
Instagram: QB_Bianca
Facebook: Bianca Clarke

[Video] Champagne P “Together” ft. Gramz


Massillon, Ohio native Champagne P is back with the visual for his new single “Together” featuring Gramz.

Produced by Miles J “Together” is that type of track about the best of friends. Those who are more like brothers. A single for true partners in crime!!

Visuals are directed by Showyourbizness; so you definitely can’t go wrong when you click play and watch the visuals for Champagne P’s single “Together” today.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/champagnep330

Instagram: @champagnep330

Twitter: @champagnep330

Music Link: https://youtu.be/U5JJDM2LHeQ

[EP] J. Nicole “Peace Of Mind”


My goal is to better my writing and performance to express the emotions in my music. I feel like my style is just me, I talk about things that are relatable and I speak on many parts of who I am.

I’ve only been making music for almost a year, it was just something I enjoyed. I never actually ever considered going to record the songs I wrote. They were just meant for me really. But then others started to hear them and like them so I just started recording them. I’m 21, and from Cincinnati. I feel like I am still figuring out my style, but I make music to amuse myself. Other people liking my music is just an added on bonus. If someone else can relate to my song and enjoy it, that’s a dope feeling and I’m thankful and appreciate all the support.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jayla_stricklen?t=X3pGuWP-yz_QtSqXya0FLw&s=01

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yeahthatsjayla?utm_medium=copy_link

[Single] Dynomite2Live ‘Break it Up’

As a recording artist he goes by Dynomite. Based out in Miami, FL and being pursuing music for quite some time, some of his music aspirations are The Game, 50 cent Nas and Tupac.

[Video Premiere] Josh Alias ‘TI-84’

Josh Alias is an artist hailing from Queens, NY.  Also, the co-founder and member of the NY Rap Collective, @URBVN ARCHITECTS NYC.  Josh brings you his newest visual from his Debut Album labeled “Growing Pains,” released earlier this year under the UANYC collective.  The whole project has a nostalgic yet modern NY lyrical style with a conscious and relatable approach.  Stream the full project here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0aAiNOjTiuRcg4uz0WIH95
Follow URBVN ARCHITECTS IG Here: https://www.instagram.com/urbvnarchitectsnyc/

[Video] Snoop “A Demon Low Beat”


Snoop has always lived life as an ‘X-Factor’. Hailing from Port Richmond territory of Staten Island, the borough’s crime capital, Snoop was only an adolescent when he discovered the underlying motif which would come to define his life and his music; a refusal to die.

Snoop quickly realized that the chaos which had come to define his external reality, gang-affiliated since the age of 7, a criminal record before a high school diploma, as a one-way street towards obscurity.

Naturally adept at communicating his story through rumbling drums couples with hyper aggressive, quick-fire rhymes, Snoop is frenetic, charged, and uncompromising. The Demon Low front man is also a start reflection of New York City’s rising underground streets music scene, while carrying the kinds of quirks that have come to define Southern trap rappers.

Having gained major traction in his hometown in less than a year into his career, Snoop has received co-signs from DJs at Hot 97, New York City’s premier urban radio station, while simultaneously amassing a combined 100,000 plays on his 2018 release “Geeked Up” (feat $quidnice). Snoop’s rapid-fire ascension speaks directly toward his charm: it’s not flashy; it’s abrasive. It’s not gloomy; it’s grim. This balancing act of neighboring but still distant ideologies is what shines through in every aspect of his personality, life, and music, serving as the foundation of his “Demon Low” persona and brand.

Download/Stream: https://album.link/i/1487650803

Connect w/ Snoop:
Instagram @snoopnotnice

[Video] AJ Supa Fly – Wake Up

Stand Down Management’s young rapper AJ Supa Fly drops his new music video for “Wake Up”. AJ Supa Fly raps about his new love and the way he perceives her beauty and her position in his life. He states “ Shawty why you look so good you make me want a gun around”.  Stand Down Management’s young rapper AJ Supa Fly drops his new music video for “Wake Up”. AJ Supa Fly states “ Shawty why you look so good you make me want a gun around”. Sometimes a natural vibe and a good time are all we need. After waking up to your significant other what do you see?
Connect w/ AJ Supa Fly: