King Guru Introduces KG Magazine – Available Now



By Wilberto Belardo

It ceases to amaze me when I see individuals overcome overwhelming obstacles. Over the last several years, while the rest of the country had their attention taken by the craziness of our times one inmate serving a life sentence on the West Coast has been on a serious grind.

King Guru, author of the best-selling urban series DEVILS AND DEMONS has surprised us again with his ‘against all odds ingenuity.’ Not only has he managed to produce his own podcast called DA TRUTH (available on Spotify), but now he’s come out with a nonnude exotic model magazine.

The Cell Block author saw a hole created by the passing of DJ KAY SLAY publisher and owner of STRAIGHT STUNTIN MAGAZINE and slithered through it while no one was looking. With the advantage of MAGCLOUD an on-demand magazine publishing company and a black market cell phone, King Guru created KG MAGAZINE.

As far as product content, it’s amazing! Put KG MAGAZINE next to its competitors; VIRAL MAGAZINE, PHAT PUFFS, BOTTLES AND MODELZ, and you can see for yourself that he’s putting them to shame! All from inside a level four prison cell in the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION.

Check ‘im out. KG MAGAZINE Volumes 1 through 4 are available now on King Guru’s Instagram @stuntin_resurrected. His podcast is called Da Truth and it’s available on Spotify. His website and blog are on

I’m telling you, The Cell Block author is silently carving out a corner for himself in the hip-hop industry. Don’t sleep on him!