StonaaWulf – Andale

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Texas artist creates new genre called Spirit Chill with new single ‘Andale’ 

DALLAS, TX – An upcoming artist from Dallas, Texas has just dropped a mellow groove that perfectly melds R&B and Hip Hop. StonaaWulf’s new single “Andale” offers a mellow vibe set against a unique rapid-fire flow that showcases the artist’s deep voice. It’s the perfect slow jam and it’s sure to melt the hearts of women all over the world.  

Produced by Q Sheets, “Andale” is told from the point of view of a man urging his woman to hurry up and get with his vibe and flow. It’s a Rap song but StonaaWulf is also harmonizing throughout, especially on the chorus. More than anything, it’s a smooth song and a bit of an ethereal vibe, and it’s the perfect introduction to this new artist.  

“I like to think of my music as a new genre called Spirit Chill,” StonaaWulf said. “Most of my songs don’t start with any kind of specific meaning, I just go with the beat. If it’s a smooth beat, I’ll make a smooth song. If it’s a crank beat or something to get hype to, I’ll make it a hype song. When I first got started, I was only rapping, but now I’ve developed a sound where I’m harmonizing more. I make wavy, chill music – it’s spiritual and chill at the same time. I just want to make music and have a message that people can relate to.” 

StonaaWulf is not the average artist making average music and talking about average topics. He’s been listening to and studying music his entire life. His father first introduced him to Gangsta Rap, but it wasn’t long before he was exploring a wide variety of other genres – from R&B to Pop and even some classical music. He made his first song in high school with one of his best friends, and when the response from his classmates was so good, he continued to write even more songs. After graduating high school, he and a friend continued to write music, and now at age 26, he’s put together a collection of singles that he’s ready to share with the world. The next single he plans to drop is called “Nope” and is due to go wide across all streaming platforms in March. 

“It also has a smooth, melodic sound,” StonaaWulf said. “The beat is a West Coast classic type of old school beat, but when I’m rapping I’m just going with the flow. I speak real in my music. That’s what this song is about. And at the end of the day, I hope people listen to my stuff and recognize that I brought something different to the table. I have a good message. I have something real to give to the universe.” 

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The Stewarts – His Door Is Open

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Gospel Pop song from timeless greats holds spot in Top 20 for 12 weeks 

CINCINNATI, OH – The hit Gospel track from brothers, Del and Garry K Stewart continues to resonate with people all over the world, and has held a spot in the Top 20 of the Top 300 Emerging Song Charts for more than 12 weeks. “His Door Is Open” reached as high as No. 5 on the chart, and it has also made its way onto some prominent playlists on Spotify, including: Mixed Up Mondays, Throwback Tuesdays, Game Day, and Fresh Off The Press playlists. The brothers have also been listed on Spotify as one of the hottest unsigned recording artists of 2020.  

That’s quite a year for two brothers who have been in the industry for nearly five decades. They started their career in 1975 by releasing their first single, “How Far Can Our Love Go,” which led to a chance meeting with Motown songwriter and producer Hal Davis. They auditioned for him at the Downtown Cincinnati Playboy Club, and other opportunities soon followed. By 1981, they were working with Midwest producer and owner of CounterPart Records, Shad O’Shay, who helped create their first hit record, “Get Down, Get Down.” That success continued over the years with other regional hits and singles that found their way to audiences all over the world. And along the way, these two brothers have never lost sight of who it is that makes all of this possible. 

“We are very, very thankful and grateful, and we know that God is blessing us,” Del said. “We give all praise to God. And we just pray that God will lead us to the right people so that our music can make an impact.” 

One part R&B and one part Gospel, “His Door is Open” is like Motown-meets-modern-day-Soul, with some Pop vibes thrown in for good measure. It’s the perfect song to continue the legacy of these two brothers and the uplifting messages they’ve been passing along through music for the past 45 years.  

“We feel our sound is Christian Pop,” Garry K said. “We’re incorporating old school with new school. That comes with a softer sound that’s bringing positive lyrics. A lot of songs out there right now are more profanity-driven and don’t have any type of a strong message. The message we’re trying to convey is a strong message about Christ our hope and not giving up on your dreams. We’ve been around since 1975, and that should attest to other people that whatever dreams you have are never over until God says they’re over. If you decide to quit, then you’re giving up on your dreams and sometimes you gotta fight for your dreams.” 

The brothers plan to ride the wave of success from their latest single by releasing more hits in 2021. For starters, they’re going to re-release their song “Faith” which originally dropped about five years ago. According to Garry K, it’s a song that is right on point for things that people are dealing with around the world right now. 

“We believe people should hear this one,” he said. “It’s a good next step from ‘His Door is Open.’” 

The Stewarts are also working on a new original called “Stand,” which should be ready for release by this summer.  

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“His Door Is Open”

Marvin – Bovaird Dr

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‘Beware of Dog’ kicks off the year for young Canadian artist Marvin 

TORONTO, CANADA – 2021 is destined to be the year of Marvin.  

This new artist from Toronto, Canada is entering into the music industry with a splash that already has insiders turning their heads. That’s because of his latest EP, “Beware of Dog,” which is the kind of attention-grabbing, genre-bending sound that only comes around once in a generation. Marvin’s mix of Trap and Soul melodies showcases an audio versatility and a penchant for writing relevant lyrics. His style is unique and fresh and is already gathering an unprecedented following to him.  

“Beware of a Dog” is officially set to drop on Feb. 25. The project explores and outlines the toxic side of relationships. Across four songs, Marvin discusses a tale of bad choices leading to pain and suffering, which ultimately puts him on a road of self-realization and personal growth 

“It’s a story that entails the role of a ‘dog’ in the modern dating scene and the detrimental impact it plays in romantic relationships,” Marvin said. “It’s a project that says beware of individuals who champion this role of the ‘dog’ because toxicity in these relationships are inevitable. Relationships come and go, and the ones you cherish are the ones you need to keep forever. So stop your bad habits and progress as a human to reach that point of self-actualization.” 

This journey starts with the single “I Hate Your Friends / Caught Cheating.” It serves as the wake-up moment to the toxic relationship described on the EP, when the friends of Marvin’s girlfriend throw him under the bus and reveal that he’s been cheating. He still tries to save the relationship by trying to cast her friends in a negative light, however his attempt at manipulation failsThis leads to the second track on the project, “Say Goodbye,” where Marvin is forced to say goodbye to the girl and acknowledge both his and her relationship flaws. With the third track on the project “Like Me,” Marvin begins to lament what he has lost while realizing the role he played in the midst of thtoxicity.  

“It’s me realizing I’m nothing but trouble and I brought a lot of misfortune and pain to someone I should have done the opposite for,” he said. “It’s probably better for her to move on. And then with the last track, ‘Bovaird Drive,’ I’m driving throughout the city reflecting on the bad habits that affect my life and the negative decisions that have gotten me to where I am while reminiscing on the good times we’ve had, which ultimately leads to self-realization.” 

Marvin said he worked closely with producer Eden with whom he has previous works with, to craft something that captures a lot of Trap elements but blends them with a more soulful, R&B vibe. Ultimately, it’s a project that is very honest, transparent, and revealing— elements that Marvin has consistently brought to the table.  

“What I really want my music to do is what other artists have done for me – to be relatable,” he said. “I’m going to write about relevant topics – relationships or moments in life – because it relates to things we all go through, you’ll want to listen to it more and more. 

Marvin said he has a lot more content on the way and plans to release many songs and a potential project throughout the year.  

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Highmann – Hard Time

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Highmann brings energy and fun with new album ‘Hard Time’ 

CHICAGO, IL – From the south side of Chicago, born in the Robert Taylor Projects, comes a rapper who is all about the good times. His name is Jesse Webbs but he operates under the stage name Highmann – a nod to getting high a lot both in his life and in his music. It’s also a light-hearted and playful moniker that is the perfect introduction to his fun wordplay and upbeat sound, which is put on full display with his new EP “Hard Time.” 

Set to release across all streaming platforms on Feb. 26, “Hard Time” has seven songs that offer a diverse mixture of rhythms and grooves that will get people bopping their heads and put a smile on their feet. It’s a project that features a lot of heavy beats against lyrics that explore everything from being in a strip club, to having a bad trip, to going out with a lady and even a fun song that’s all about him being a rapper.  

“I like to really concentrate on a nice beat with a melody and then do breakdowns and stuff,” Highmann said. “I have a lot of different sounds. I use a lot of bass drums and 808s and 606s. I try to incorporate horns whenever I can, or any instrument I can get the sound good that I can rap to. I do a lot of fast rapping, and I’m always mixing it up.” 

That signature style is perhaps best displayed on the title track from the EP, “Hard Time.” Highmann plays with the words as he talks about how he navigates through hard times. While most of the other songs on the project are upbeat, this one is laid back and mellow, emphasizing his diversity as an artist. “Creepin” on the other hand, is an energetic and fast song that tells three stories of how he’s creepin – on an enemy, with a woman, and just generally sneaking around in the world.  

“I wanted to put out a project that shows people that I make music that not only sounds good but is interesting,” he said. “I’m not saying a bunch of words that rhyme. I tell a good story. I’m entertaining and funny. And I just make good-sounding music.” 

Highmann said he has always wanted to do music and credits artists such as Abla Homes, Henry Horner and Stateway Gardens for helping him to develop his style of hardcore mixed with party music. On this particular project, he worked with producer Beat by Jae to develop the diverse production and various Rap styles. And at the end of the day, he said he knows he made a collection of music that he would like to hear. 

“I think I made some good songs,” he said. “We’ll see what other people think. It has always been a dream. And now that I have the ability to do everything myself, I’ve decided to go for it. This time right now is the time.” 

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KCAM – Machine Queen

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Chef by day, musician by night: East Coast artist KCAM shows mastery of creative technique with new single ‘Machine Queen’ 

RICHMOND, VA – A hot new single from East Coast artist KCAM is the ultimate vibe track. “Machine Queen” is the kind of spacey, ethereal Hip Hop groove that has you simultaneously bopping your head while leaning back and just relaxing. From the very first bars, this young artist from Richmond, Virginia invites you into a zone that immediately puts you into a chill mood and makes way for his tantric flow. His voice is almost hypnotic as it rolls across the beat. It is, in a word: chill. 

“It’s definitely melodic,” said KCAM (pronounced Cam). “I like a lot of 70s and 80s vocal tones, and I try to match that as much as I can with today’s R&B. I’m also a big Pop culture movie guy – especially the 80s to early 2000s – which is why I’m talking about Marty McFly (a character from the 80s film “Back to the Future) and using that as a metaphor for how this girl is treating me. She’s my machine queen.” 

Operating out of the south side of Richmond, KCAM is a chef by day and a musician by night. He’s a naturally talented artist who found his creative outlet through food. He graduated from culinary arts school and has been working as a chef for the past few years. Along the way, he realized that the same kind of chaos that takes place in the kitchen can take place in the recording studio, and his approach to making music began to mimic his approach to making beautiful and tasty food. It wasn’t long before the licks he was creating in the studio were just as succulent as the treats he would put on people’s plates … and the rest is history. 

“Making food is very similar to making music to me,” he said. “That’s what got me fully immersed in music. I do private dinners and catering and stuff like that, and when I considered doing music as well, it was like I finally stopped living in a box.” 

One of the things that makes KCAM stand out from others in the industry is the way he layers different sounds into each song. He said his approach is to go into the studio with a lot of different concepts and then try to layer how he’s feeling with the words he’s writing with the sounds he’s creating – all the while envisioning what it will feel like when he performs it in front of a crowd. After developing and laying down the direction of the song, I send it off to my engineer, Holdingold to polish the vision. 

“Sonically, it’s just different,” he said of his sound. “Most people think you’re either one way or another in the industry today, but I can balance both sides by staying true to myself. I’m delivering passionate music. I’m always in the mindset that the more I listen to my own music, the better it can be. And I hope my music will help others open themselves to new things.” 

KCAM said he has another single called “Leave The Floor” slated to drop on Feb. 8, and that more music will be coming throughout the year.  

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Machine Queen 

Boorook – Freedom to the People

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International artist Boorook connects cultures with new album ‘Positive Change’ 

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA – In the region of southwest Victoria, Australia, Aboriginal families like the Kirrae Whurrung keep traditional culture strong through song, their ancient crafts and song healing methods are as strong today and truly connect in the challenges we all face in a more hectic world. 

Brett Clarke is a descendent of and brings song ‘in his soul’ from Kirrae Whurrung Tradition  He opens a door for the listener to enjoy and share how they want. This is an infusion and style of international music – a sound that takes center stage on his new album “Positive Change,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Local community calls out to Boorook “Deadly Vibes Brother!” 

With an ethereal vibe that mixes Hip Hop beats and Classic Rock licks, “Positive Change” showcases Clarke’s vocals over a kind of World Music sound that offers a different approach with a fusion of multiple genres. Boorook – a traditional name derived from the land in which his people live, his ‘Mother’ Country, brings this international feel good vibe. His words come straight from the heart, and generally come from an angle of forward thinking positive change, which, of course, is where the name of the album gets its inspiration. 

“In these strange days we’re living in, ‘Positive Change” is the type of album that can give people hope and send them some healing through music,” Boorook said. “Music is the universal language that brings people together. The overall tone is light and joyful. There are some earth world songs, some with Classic Rock vibes, soulfully blended to heal and connect us all back to Country”. 

The opening track from the album is a perfect example of the kind of connecting out to World Music Boorook is going for. “Mother Earth” smoothly pairs a mid-tempo Hip Hop beat with well crafted electric guitar riffs for a bouncy feel that’s a good foil for Boorook’s ethereal vocals. This sets the tone for the rest of the album, which explores more of those sounds and delivers a truly feel good vibe. Along the way, Boorook aims to educate listeners about his heritage, integrating some language from his tribe into many of the songs. 

“Dreaming” is a single that’s upbeat and has a chorus that uses words from that culture. It’s a song about walking and talking with respect – something that he said people should appreciate more. 

“Coming from one of the oldest song nations in the world, it’s important to continue our dreaming stories and our culture,” he said. “Music is a good vehicle and tool to educate people on indigenous topics and issues. Ultimately, I want my music to be known for sharing a good message of hope. I want it to be something that gives a good message while sharing that cultural knowledge and encouraging people to care for country and for the land and for other people.” 

Following the release of the album, Boorook said he has some exciting projects and collaborations soon to be announced. 

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Josh Royal – Certified Loverboy

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Fast-rising young artist fuses sounds while spreading love on new single 

LOUIS, MO – At only the age of 20, Josh Royal is setting the music industry on fire. This incredibly talented entertainer from the Midwest has been honing his craft over the last few years as he studies music engineering at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Along the way, he’s put together a handful of singles that he’s sharing with the world, starting with hislatesthit “Certified Loverboy.” 

Royal said the song is one that perfectly captures his essence as an artist, with a strong R&B base fused with other genres that he loves.  

“I’m very diverse,” he said. “I’m not just an R&B artist though it is my favorite genre. But I’m real and pure and I create timeless music. It doesn’t matter how many times you listen to it, it doesn’t get old and you appreciate it more and more over time. With this new single, it’s basically me not being afraid to let everybody know I’m a loverboy. I feel like in today’s world everybody is kind of looking at love in a negative way. People just don’t want to do it because of how society shows love. If you listen to a lot of Rap music today and how they talk about women, it’s savage. I want to show a positive side of love and a softer side to it.” 

Though Royal is just now bursting onto the global scene, he’s been doing music for 10 years. He was discovered by a producer doing a project for Atlantic Records at age 11 when a YouTube video of him singing “Happy Birthday” to his baby cousin went viral. That led to opportunities to write and record with other artists specifically producing a demo for a group called Mindless Behavior. He began to learn how to produce music and further developed his entertainment style by performing multiple live shows. He was a finalist in the Fox Teen Talent Competition, made it far through the audition process with NBC’s The Voice, and has opened for artists such as Chante Moore, Ray Goodman, Jacquees, Sammie, and more.  

Today, he has a vault of unreleased music that he’s planning on dropping steadily throughout 2021. He’s also working on more music videos with a cinematic style inspired by his all-time favorite artist, Michael Jackson. The first of those videos will be for a single from his hit album “Need Your Attention,” which is already available on streaming platforms. 

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