Reigng – French (feat. Ashley Pater)

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 South Florida producer creates trippy, lo-fi, airy take on hip-hop with new single ‘French’ 

MIAMI, FL – A chill track paired with hard-hitting 808s comes together for a unique new take on the R&B/hip-hop fusion with the new single “French” from Miami-based artist Reigng. This modern-day love song has a definitive hip-hop feel, thanks to the beats produced by Reigng, but its chill, laid-back vibe is distinctly R&B and perfectly suits the one-of-a-kind vocals of UK artist Shango SK. The two linked up through a mutual friend in the music industry, and collaborated with a third artist named Ashley Pater from Canada to create this soon-to-be-hit that’s slated to drop across all streaming platforms on June 4.  

For years, Reigng has been producing beats that have been embraced by other artists. His style is one that focuses on getting a clean sound and he never sticks to any one genre. Instead, he lets the music speak to him, and his organic process can flow through anything from R&B to lo-fi to hip-hop and even rock or country, at times.  

“My grandmother used to call me a jack of all trades because I would never stick to any one thing – I was always doing something different,” Reigng said. “I’ve tried to incorporate that into my music style, as well. Someone who reigns is like a ruler or a leader or the alpha, and me putting an extra g on the end of the name is like saying that I’m the leader of all different genres. But at the end of the day I hope my music is unpredictable. No one should ever really know what it is I’m releasing. The main thing I’d like to focus on is bringing a kind of trippy, lo-fi, airy take on hip-hop and R&B. And I’d really like to get to be known for this kind of soundscape sound, which people will hear with this new single ‘French.’” 

Reigng said he first got into music when he was a child. His father played saxophone and was a DJ around town, and Reigng said he recalls many mornings during his childhood when his father would wake up the family by playing the sax. He experimented with music on his own throughout his teenage years, and then five years ago he and a cousin were messing around with beats and when he played one of his productions for his cousin, the response was far more exciting than he’d ever imagined. The encouragement he received made him want to dive even more deeply into music, and he hasn’t looked back since.  

“Since then I’ve been working on releasing some instrumentals – synth-wave beats that are very lo-fi,” he said. “In 2021, I want to jump right back into hip-hop, and I already have sessions set up with local artists in Miami. A lot of artists will reach out to me via Instagram or email for collaborations, which is great because I really love to work with other artists. I’m definitely looking for a more international sound and alliances.” 

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Falme D – Mission

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Falmé D wields witty words as a weapon with new EP ‘MottoMan 

LOS ANGELES, CA – You’ve heard the saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” but for West Coast artist Falmé D, his pen is his sword. And he wields that weapon with expert precision on his new EP “MottoMan,” which is currently available across all digital platforms. The project features three standout singles that explore some of the experiences of his past and how those moments helped from him into the man he is today. They also serve as inspirational messages to the masses to help people embrace their natural gifts, talents and abilities to accomplish the dreams they want to chase in their lives. 

The EP starts with “Sensei,” a bold song that gives fans a lot of quotable lyrics filled with real talk. Take the hook, for instance, which says, Falmé D the king … never mind, call me young sensei.” It’s a catchy hook that speaks on his goals and his past and the things he’s been through, and uses that as a spur to be a better man in the future.  

The second track is “Fly,” which is more of an up-tempo groove that talks about wanting to take off and fly and be in the sky and have no worries or doubts in life. This leads into the final track, “Mission,” which is also the inspiration for the EP’s cover art, which was drawn by Falmé D’s good friend Levi 

“It’s a song about how far we’ve come and how I always say I’m on a mission,” he said. “That’s what I’m all about. I’m faith-forward and on a mission. This song captures that and wraps up everything I’ve been saying for the past four or five years and shows that what I said I was going to do, I actually accomplished.” 

Falmé D has been making music since his early teenage years. His mother was a singer who loved the Oldies, and his father was into hip-hop, which led to a diverse and eclectic range of musical interests for Falmé D. As such, his palette is a little different than one might expect from a hip-hop artist today. His voice and his flows aren’t like anyone else in the business. The beats he chooses and uses aren’t like anyone else. He prides himself on that, and has worked hard over the years to hone his craft and create something that is truly original.  

“I hope my music is known for being unique and standing the test of time,” he said. “I go back and listen to the music I’ve dropped over the years, and a lot of it I know will stand the test of time. People are still listening to music I dropped three or four years ago, which makes me feel good. Even with sounds changing so much, my sound is still mine and will always be that way. I’m creating and standing strong among all the other music of the world. And people who need it will get it when they need it. That’s the mission.” 

Falmé D said he has more music and videos coming in the next few months. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 




Lux Fire Bud – Swimmingly

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Spokesperson for Lux Fire Bud marijuana drops inspiring EP

PORTLAND, OR – Lux Fire Bud is the name of a very high quality of marijuana. It’s also the stage name for Ray J “Flourish,” whose EP project “Lux Fire Bud” is currently available across all streaming platforms. With hit singles like “Swimmingly” and “Medibles,” the project is one that is already making waves across the U.S. and is poised to become one of the hottest records internationally in coming months.

With a sound that blends elements of Latin Freestyle music with motion picture soundbites, late 80s hip-hop themes and killer 808 drums, LFB offers a versatile and diversified rhyme and flow. His recordings are a tasteful combination of hard kick drumbeats laced with hypnotic melodies and clever lyrics that are devoid of any profanity. His work promotes the consumption of Lux Fire Bud marijuana and its associated product lines, but it also serves as a platform for his original ideas and creative expression.

“I’m all about diversification,” LFB said. “My earliest influences from as early as maybe 8 years old was gangsta rap – like hard-core rap from the West Coast. But I also had aunts and uncles who liked 80s Pop music. My development as an artist is really just a conglomerate of different things that entertained me as a child, all packaged in a modern sound. I’m taking those sounds and remixing them and rehashing them and re-serving them to the public.”

“Swimmingly” is the debut single from the project. With heavy bass and traditional 808s, LFB hops on the beat with a definitive throwback swag. The groove takes listeners on a journey with a nice bounce. The lyrics are playful and reminiscent of how a lot of his influences rapped back in the day. While listening to this song fans will recognize hints of some of his biggest inspirations – artists such as D.O.C., Dana Dane, Special Ed, Ice T, and Noel. And like those legends, LFB has a unique ability to paint pictures with words. He demonstrates a real evolution and elevation in hip-hop music quality, vividly transporting listeners to places where marijuana enthusiasts and hip-hop heads intersect.

“I like to smile and make people feel good,” he said. “All I want to do is write rhymes and spit on the microphone. And along the way I’m inspiring people.”

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Shaloc – Gritty City

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Shaloc Renaissance brings rebirth of true artistry with anthemic new single ‘Gritty City’ 

CHARLOTTE, NC – Reviving the arts. That’s what East Coast music artist Shaloc Renaissance is doing with his music. He’s reviving the whole vibe of the arts and music scene. He’s serving as an inspiration to authenticity. He’s motivating multiple generations to embrace their unique individuality and express themselves in whatever way feels genuine and true. His latest single, “Gritty City,” continues that mission as a song of awareness. It’s a song that challenges conventional thinking about the proverbial “street life,” and encourages young people in particular to avoid the aspects of that lifestyle that are often glamorized despite the risks and violence often associated with those activities. 

“It’s a song that explains a lot of scenarios and situations coming up in a gritty city,” Shaloc said. “It’s born from my experience in Pittsburgh growing up and the different situations I lived through. I work with a lot of youth, and I see many of the things that impact them as they’re growing up. One of the kids I work with was murdered recently in the streets because of the crazy stuff that goes on there. So this is a song that lets people know that if you’re trying to get into that street life, this is not the way to go. And if you’re in it already, it’s a choice to remain in it or not.” 

Produced by long-time collaborating partner B.Rob, the single is just another of a string of successful hits from Shaloc. He’s an artist who has created music for more than 20 years. He got started as a teenager growing up in the golden era of Hip-Hop, and being introduced to Bob Marley’s music and Reggae culture. Seeing the things happening around him in the neighborhood and leaning on the lessons from Bob Marley, Shaloc began to write his own lyrics and chronicle his life experiences. His words began to resonate with an ever-widening fanbase, and eventually he became a name known internationally. He went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he gained experience with recording equipment, digital synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and live instruments. But at age 19 Shaloc lost his brother to gang violence, and he turned deeply to music as a form of therapy. Because of the positivity and creativity that came from exploring his music so deeply, Shaloc honed his craft into something that was truly a signature style. Eventually he created his own label, Renaissance Authentic Music (R.A.M.). In recent years he has re-invented himself and is continuing to show the world what it looks like to be a successful artist who evolves with the times.

“I am the embodiment of reviving the art, rebirth and renewal,” he said. “I create anthem music that people can feel, embrace, get inspired by and motivate themselves. My music is all about inspiration in any kind of way for you to express yourself and be authentic with yourself. At the end of the day that’s what I want my music to be known for: inspiring and motivating others.” 

Following “Gritty City,” Shaloc said he’s continuing to develop a full album called “The Dawning,” which he hopes to release sometime in August.  

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Instagram: @shaloc_renaissance

Baba T – Blue Cheese

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Australian sensation Baba T sends a Hip Hop wave of new sounds across the ocean to U.S. market 

SYNDEY, AUSTRALIA – Baba T is a hot new Australian hip-hop artist whose latest music is helping him break into the U.S. market and to gather a truly international audience. With a style that sits somewhere between Juice Wrld and A$AP Rocky, with. A little bit of New York Drill thrown in, this young new artist is carving out a niche with sounds and a signature style that are undeniable. His latest EP “Know Me” is gaining such momentum that it already has thousands of streams across multiple digital platforms, and it’s primed to become a platinum sensation as it continues to go viral. 

The breakout single “Blue Cheese” is the perfect introduction to this young artist and his latest EP. With a very catchy hook and a radio-ready sound, this song about love and money and what it takes to hold down a relationship in the middle of a thriving music career is so upbeat and contagious that fans throughout Australia have already been putting it on repeat time and time again. Now, as it makes its way to the U.S., clubs and parties all across the country are set to be bouncing to the vibe throughout the summer.  

“Like a lot of the songs on the EP, it shows off a modern day kind of Trap rap with some melodies thrown in,” Baba T said. “The whole project is kind of a heartbreak EP with a story that goes from start to finish across all five songs. ‘Tell Me’ is the first song and it kicks off the idea of how a relationship just fell. As the songs progress the story talks about different things in the relationship happening and it eventually falling. The last song is ‘Too Late,’ and it’s about looking back and seeing that now that you’re doing well in life it’s too late to go back and fix anything. And the whole thing is told in a kind of modern-day hip-hop scope with a sound a lot like Juice Wrld or Lil Baby.” 

Baba T said his style is a far cry from the musical styles coming out of Sydney, and as such it’s causing quite a buzz all up-and-down the Australian East Coast. It’s a sound his city has rarely seen, and it’s a sound that will equally be enticing to American fans. He has a unique outlook on the world and creates vibes that transcend into different genres. And at the end of the day he makes music that connects with people and inspires them through life. 

“I feel like my music will be able to help people get through things,” he said. “That’s what other people’s music has done for me. Coming from Australia I’ve always been told I couldn’t make it in music. But I believe deeply that you should do what you want to do. Chase your dreams. That’s what I want my legacy as a musician to be – inspiring people to chase their dreams. I want to help generations build a mindset that anything you want to do is possible. That’s the underlying theme through anything and everything that I’m making.” 

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Keyz Emmanuel – Lo Ballo

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Italian vogue dancer DoIores Ninja partners with Nigerian music artist Keyz Emmanuel for upbeat dance track ‘Io BalIo 

LOS ANGELES, CA – For as Iong as she can remember, DoIores Ninja has been saying the phrase “Io BalIo.” Pronounced “ee-o ba-lo” … the catchy phrase means “I Dance” in Italian. If something challenging comes into her life … “Io BalIo.” If she just wants to let Ioose for a night and have fun … “Io BalIo.” It’s a phrase that has deep meaning for this dancer from Italy, and it’s soon to be a phrase on the lips of music Iovers worldwide.  

Fittingly, “Io BalIo” is the name of the newest single from international artist Keyz Emmanuel and DoIores Ninja. True to its name, it’s an upbeat dance track that’s perfect for the clubs and necessary for a world weary of hardships and pain. Written as a way to inspire others to get up and move, the single is the natural next step for an artist who has become known for her dancing among the uppermost echeIon of artists in the world. Featured on the hit HBO show “Legendary,” which highlights the dance phenomenon racing around the world known as Voguing, DoIores has Iong been an artist who pushes boundaries. As a vogue dancer, she embraces movement and incorporates progressive high fashion into an expression that’s like Madonna meets the modeling runway. And that’s the vibe she brings to the table with this latest single.  

“I try to keep my artistry complete with my dance and use music as an escape for people,” DoIores said. “I want people to feel good when they hear my song. I want to make them travel with their imaginations and to be able to dance and share their emotions. When you hear this record, you can see something and dream about whomever you want and go wherever you want. The visual side of the art is what I really Iove.”  

DoIores and Keyz first started down this collaborative path when their producer, Phoenix Red, brought them together. Having produced the track that he thought would be perfect for the two artists, Phoenix contacted Keyz and told him his vision for the record. Eventually the three of them came together for a recording session in Las Vegas that all of them say was “Magical” in how effortless and creative it was.  

Keyz is a Nigerian-born music artist who plays the piano and a variety of percussive instruments. Currently based out of Ohio, this young artist brings a different vibe – a fresh kind of vibe – to the music world. The juxtaposition of Nigerian Afrobeat influences and Italian high art influences make for a truly original sound and style on “Io BalIo.”  

“I believe in the quality of the vibe we’ve created,” Keyz said. “You can feel it. We came in with great energy and it’s just different. Ultimately, I believe that it’s about breaking barriers and building bridges that help people from different places around the world to connect and have  

fun. We can still connect in the midst of all this chaos. So, let’s get back to a time when everyone can have fun.”  

With the music video slated for premier the same day, “Io BalIo” was released on all major streaming platforms March 26th.  

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Sarafino – I’m From

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Sarafino Exerts Power over Potential on Latest Album Departure 

Sarafino doesn’t just follow his dreams. He stalks them. He tracks them through the perilous wilderness of personal tragedy. He hunts their trails and pursues them with vengeance. For those whose “I can’t” mantra holds them in place, Sarafino offers guidance. “There’s probably someone that thought the same thing before they came up with a great invention or a great thing,” said Sarafino. “I would tell them that there are a lot of people that said they can’t. That’s just what you’re thinking in the moment. You might fail. But you’re going to learn from that failure. The people that achieve success have failed the most times.”  

Already an adept lyricist, Sarafino views his latest album Departure as a major transition in his career. “I’m always telling a story. I’m keeping it genuine. People see the way that I live. I’m going away from what I used to be.” Departure represents Sarafino leaving behind old, outdated patterns and habits. “It’s a symbolic departure,” Sarafino explained. “When you go to an airport, departure is taking off. I feel like I’m taking off. Not just in life but in music too.”  

Sarafino’s narratives on Departure draw from authentic loss and grief. “Stay True” finds him eulogizing friends and family members lost to addiction. “I’ve had a lot of people in my life struggle with addictions to alcohol,” Sarafino remembered.  “All types of drugs. That’s the environment that I grew up in. That’s all I saw around me. For the longest time, I thought things like that were ok. As I grew and matured, I learned otherwise.” An active duty soldier in the US Army, Sarafino also commemorated friends and fellow soldiers who died by suicide. “My best friend from when I first came to the States committed suicide,” he said. “My college teammate committed suicide. The military has people so trapped; it’s hard for people to search for help.” 

Refusing to let tragedy deter him from victory, Sarafino runs GoDreamchase. In addition to nutritional supplements, the organization also provides life coaching. But that’s not all. “I have an ultimate vision for GoDreamchase being the ultimate corporation,” Sarafino said. “I do a lot of personal training. We have supplements. We’ll launch an apparel line soon. Going down the line, I plan on purchasing a facility.”  

Sarafino’s GoDreamchase features 3 core elements: mind, body, and spirit. “A lot of people try to chase success and happiness,” said Sarafino. “Those are things that won’t be obtained. If you chase a million dollars and you get it, there’s still more money to earn.” Happiness, Sarafino believed, comes when people find meaning and purpose in what they do.  “Happiness is a byproduct,” he went on. “For you to be happy, you have to be aligned in the aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Happiness is an emotion. It has to be content in that moment, but it’s not guaranteed in the next moment.”  

Stream Sarafino’s music, find out more about GoDreamchase, and follow his social media channels at the links below.  


Snapchat: @gsarafino

A.C. – The Journey

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Hip Hop purist and emcee A.C. Thompson drops inspirational debut single ‘My Journey’ 

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Diquon “A.C.” Thompson Sr. is a new-school artist with an old-school soul. His stage name “A.C.” (Artistic Creation) is the perfect description of the kind of original sound and style he brings to the table. On top of that, he writes lyrics that relate to the people. He knows what people have gone through and he uses his past experiences to inspire others to overcome any trial or tribulation that might come their way.  

“You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem,” A.C. said. “I already made my choice, and I’m sharing what I had to do to get to where I’m at and what’s my goal next with my debut single, ‘My Journey.’ It’s the story of the beginning, middle and present of my life, and I think people will be able to relate to me through the whole song. I’m from Maryland and my whole life so far has been drugs and the struggle of getting out. I moved to Florida for a new life and because I needed to get my kids out of that. We’re here to start fresh and new, and this music is going to set us on a new path.” 

As far as debut singles go, A.C.’s offering to the world is head-and-shoulders above amateur. When listeners get a taste of “The Journey,” they’ll immediately feel like it’s a song made by a seasoned professional. But that should come as no surprise from an artist whose family hung with Rap stars back in the day such as Jay Z  and who’s like family member Emory JonesHe’s seen first-hand what it takes to make high-quality music that caters to the masses, and he’s putting those lessons to work on this new single. That’s why it’s sure to be a hit. 

“Music has a way of touching people, and Jay-Z’s and Big L’s music touched me,” A.C. said. “It’s amazing how he put rhythm and rhyme together to keep people focused. That’s what I want to do. I want to start touching people and help people with their stories. I think that happens through music. And when it comes to sharing my story through music, I do that through an old soul sound. I’m more of a pure Hip Hop, old-school emcee kind of artist. I like to think I’m revolutionary. I’m a problem solver for people. I rap about every problem that I had so hopefully, somebody else who has that same problem and doesn’t know the solution can learn from what I do. I’m a knowledgeable rapper and I’m inspirational. When you hear my music, you know you’re gonna learn something and you’re gonna have fun.’ 

Following his debut with “My Journey,” A.C. plans to drop another single this summer called “Mind Over Maniac.” He’s also hard at work building his new label, Dream of This Entertainment, which he said will eventually begin signing new artists. A video for “My Journey” is also scheduled to drop in late April or early May. 

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Daz Payne – Rich Boy Trap

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Daz Payne blends underground rap vibes with R&B approach on upbeat new hit ‘Rich Boy Trap’ 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Daz Payne is a veteran artist who is introducing a new spin of sound and style that music lovers around the world have been familiar with for years. His mix of Trap, traditional rap and a more underground hip-hop vibe contrasts in intriguing ways against a smooth R&B approach, and the end result is a truly original take on music. If you’re a fan of artists such as The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, or Anderson Paak, you’ll love what Daz Payne is bringing to the table.  

His latest single “Rich Boy Trap” is a perfect example of this signature style. Described as a vibe that feels a bit like the popular Netflix series “Black Mirror” mentality, the song explores what it takes to stay centered when there are a lot of distractions going on in life.  

“It’s a response to my life now,” Payne said. “I have a new daughter who is 11 months old and doesn’t always sleep through the night. I wrote this song late at night when I was frustrated and had sleep deprivation. I channeled that energy into this song. It’s pretty upbeat with a good dance tempo, and the lyrics blend pretty well. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to go to the club and just put your head in a drink and have some fun.” 

The title of the song comes from an idea that Payne has been exploring for the past couple of years. Compared to where he used to be in his life, he’s now doing well financially with a strong family life and stability. He’s an artist who has transitioned out of the streets and now has a more legitimate situation. He’s making money as an entrepreneur which is where the Rich Boy name comes in. But with more money comes more problems … it’s a trap, so to speak. The name of the song, therefore, serves as a warning to himself and others not to let ego run away out of control. 

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Payne initially set his sights on playing in the NFL. He played cornerback for Army at West Point until a devastating knee injury and the sudden death of his father saw him transfer to the University of Houston and ultimately ended his football career. The experience unlocked his new life mission: to become the world’s biggest superstar.  

“I always felt I had a special talent for making music,” he said. “God gave me a gift that I wasn’t using at all. My father’s passing was like a wake-up call. I couldn’t waste another moment.” 

To listen to Daz Payne’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:  

“Rich Boy Trap” Official Music Video