Layla Telle – All I Want Is You, PT. 2

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Layla Telle showcases beautiful vocals on hot new single ‘All I Want Is you, PT 2’ 

EASTON, MD – A hot new single from East Coast artist Layla Telle is creating quite a buzz. “All I Want Is You, PT 2” is a pure R&B hit with minor hints of hip-hop swag thanks to the feature of S. Romio. But more than anything the song is a showcase of Layla Telle’s amazing vocals. With a catchy hook and lyrics that are immediately relatable, this song is destined to become one of the most talked-about tracks of the year. 

“The video is about being a clingy girlfriend and wanting your man’s attention,” Layla said. “You’re not getting it, though, because the guy is focusing on other stuff. When I made the song I was talking to a guy and we had been together for a minute but he was more about himself. He would go out and do stuff without telling me anything. He’d go to a party and I’d be at home and call him and be like, ‘Where you at?’ He didn’t communicate with me very well, and there were a lot of little things that he would do that would cause arguments. This song came out of those moments as I was learning about him and trying to decide what I could live with and what I couldn’t.” 

Layla said she first started singing when she was 4 years old and hasn’t ever looked back. Born Kapree Batson, it was at age 4 that she had a very vivid dream where she was a successful global star who went by the name Layla Telle. The dream left such an imprint on her mind that even as she grew older and wiser, she never forgot that name or the hopes of one day making it big as an international superstar. So when she finally started to pursue a professional recording career, it only made sense to take on Layla Telle as her stage name.  

It was after college that she got her first big break. After recording her first single “Queen,” she started dating a guy who was a group called Uneek Ones. One of the guys in that group was a professional engineer, and he encouraged her to continue making music. Together they went into the studio and he helped develop her sound into something truly special. The song they created together was called “I Feel Loved,” and the response from audiences online was favorable and led to her making more music. 

“I have a unique voice,” she said. “There’s not really anyone you can compare me to because my style is so diverse. And at the end of the day I hope people recognize me for being passionate about my music and being a music hustler. I hope they see that I’m chill and I sing with feeling. You can feel my words when I sing.” 

Layla isn’t stopping with music, either. She’s also set to join the cast of the new movie “Platinum Live TV The Movie 2,” for which her single will also serve as one of the main songs on the soundtrack. She’s also working on an EP called “No More Setbacks,” which she said should release in the next few months. 

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Bsenjo – Risen Lord

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Besenjo and Harlem Gospel Choir offer blessing to the world with new single ‘Risen Lord’ 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Anybody who listens to the music of East Coast R&B artist Bsenjo should be blessed. With an otherworldly vocal ability and uplifting lyrics, this young artist on the rise is showcasing an impressive talent that has led to multiple collaborations with big names in the industry. And she’s set to expand that notoriety to the global stage with her latest hit single “Risen Lord,” slated for release across all streaming platforms on Sept. 19. 

Born Belinda Senjo in the northwest region of Cameroon, this contemporary Gospel artist and songwriter eventually moved to the U.S. in her teenage years to pursue music. Prior to moving to the States, however, she started making a name for herself as a young woman with an impressive vocal range and the ability to emote with others through song. In 2010, while still living in Cameroon, she released her first album “Stand On Your Faith.” And though the reception from that project was limited to her region, it was enough to spur her on to continue pursuing a dream as a global recording artist. 

In 2013 she won the American DV Lottery and was able to move to the U.S. Soon after arriving she began to do covers of artists who inspired her – including Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Tasha Cobbs and CeCe Winans. She would post the covers to her various social media platforms and began gaining an ever-increasing group of fans. In 2014 she decided to showcase her talent to the rest of the world by auditioning for America’s Got Talent, and then again in 2016. The experience took her career to the next level.  

She hasn’t looked back since, and in the ensuing years she has dropped hit single after hit single. The latest is “Risen Lord,” and it’s the perfect song to showcase her evolution as an artist. Featuring the esteemed Harlem Gospel Choir, the song serves as an acknowledgement of everything God has done in her life and give Him all the glory for the success she’s seen to date as a recording artist. 

“Through all the storms in my life and the dark times, he has always been there to light my path and get my way around it and through it all,” Bsenjo said. “More than anything I want my music to be known for its authenticity and for helping people to know the fear of God. Everybody listening to my song should end up being blessed. I want to give people Jesus, not goosebumps. I want them to learn about and appreciate the love of God – and reflect on how good God has been to us. Every single moment of our lives is because of His mercy and grace. He will always be there during our dark times and our happy times. So more than anything I want my music to inspire people to trust God.” 

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Aaron Beri – Run Away

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International model Aaron Beri displays rich musicality with new single ‘Run Away’ 

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A lot of people around the world would likely recognize Aaron Beri, though they might not know how. The Australian native has been a professional model since the age of 16, with features in magazines and advertisements across multiple media outlets. But what most people probably don’t realize is that he’s also a passionate musician with a body of work that is equal parts inspiring and evocative.  

Pairing a classic R&B sound with modern-day influences, Beri brings a unique sound and style to the table. His latest single, “Run Away,” is a perfect example of that unique originality. The smooth R&B groove incorporates pop vocals to create an entrancing slow jam with passion. Born from his experiences of navigating the music industry and the hard lessons he’s learned along the way, the song explores the fierce independence that comes from being burned and deciding to take one’s destiny into their own hands. 

“I had some experiences where labels wanted me to sign a deal for basically nothing,” Beri said. “So I run away and play a different game. That idea translates to different situations in life. Do whatever you put your mind to and don’t let anyone else dictate how you’ll achieve success.” 

Beri said 2020 and the pandemic that caused so many to be quarantined presented a unique opportunity for him to spend a lot of time honing in on his unique sound and style. He said he was able to really fine-tune that contemporary R&B sound in ways that no one else in the industry is attempting today, and as such he’s hopeful to carve out a niche within the crowded marketplace and run with it.  

“We take a lot of inspiration from 80s music and the early 90s,” Beri said. “From R&B singers like Brian McKnight or Baby Face or Toni Braxton, or even musicians like Kenny G. I’ve worked hard to find that pocket to put the sound into. Ultimately I want a longevity with my music. I want to create music that 20 years from now people can put on and it still feels fresh. There’s so much disposable music out there today – a song can be released and just a couple of months later sound so dated. I don’t want to add to that noise. I want to hone in on my brand and find that pocket and generate timelessness.” 

Beri said he’ll continue to offer that high-caliber music with an album called “Paris to Vegas” before the end of the year. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Harris – Bad Dreams

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Nostalgia meets modern melted music on new album from West Coast artist Harris 

PORTLAND, OR – Blend together some R&B with an Alternative twist, some Indie inspired Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop and Reggae, and mix in some Dance/EDM vibes, and you’ve got all the ingredients that make up the stunning music from West Coast artist Harris. But before it gets showcased to the masses, his music needs to be melted.  

That’s the vibe music lovers will get from his new album “Land of the Weird,” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. It’s a project that expertly blends multiple genres and sounds in a way that can only be described as “melted” together. From love songs like “Bad Dreams” to socially conscious tracks like the title track “Land of the Weird” to Afro-beat dance jams like “Runaway Slave,” Harris displays an adept ability to weave together so many different sounds and styles for something that is truly original and intriguing.  

“My music has that throwback, nostalgic-type vibe that morphs nicely into now,” Harris said. “I have listened to many different types of music over the years – so many singers and songwriters and so many different rock, blues and funk bands – I’m inspired by it all. I love electronic music, as well, and quirky sounds. So, I blend all those things together and melt it into the essence of my songcraft.  You put all those things together and melt it down and that’s Harris.” 

Operating since 2010, Harris creates music under his SkyHouse Music label, through which he has collaborated with a diverse group of singers, songwriters, rappers, musicians, lyricists and recording engineers. He said being a freelancer has been a wild ride, as every project has its memorable moments.  

It was Harris’ mother who got him hooked on music at a young age. Her talent as a lyricist came to her easily in the form of poetry and rhyming affirmations, which she would leave for he and his brother to find around their home. Education was also a vital part of Harris’ development as an artist. When he wasn’t shooting a basketball or running with a football, Harris was at the local library visiting the many worlds available to him right at his fingertips. This led to writing poetry about the different worlds, which led to writing lyrics and creating his own worlds and stories for people to enjoy.  

His new album, “Land of the Weird,” reflects much of those early years as a child. He said the overall vibe of the project is genre-busting.  

“It sounds exactly like how I grew up,” he said. “It has some hip-hop and R&B and rock and ballads … and it all fits together rather seamlessly like the singer/songwriter albums I grew up listening to, but with some electronic textures running through it. It’s a project that will resonate with a lot of people right now because it was born out of all the stuff that’s been going on in the past couple of years – social unrest and the pandemic and politics and so many different things that we’re living with now, and the feelings that a lot of people are dealing with through all of that.” 

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Charm – Love Only

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Singer/Songwriter CHARM explores many facets of love on fun and funky new single ‘Love Only’ 

CHARLOTTE, NC – Over a span of 15 years and 14 commercial songs, CHARM has graced stages of more than 20,000 people, and her reach is only increasing by the day.

Not limited to just singing, CHARM is a songwriter, arranger and producer who values timeless music. Influenced by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, CHARM believes music is transformational and engages her audience with moving and powerful vocals.

The latest release by CHARM, “Love Only,” reintroduces the artist to the world after six years of retreat due to a genetic condition. Taking no prisoners, CHARM has returned more resilient and magnetic, and is committed to sharing the message of love with the world. 

“So often in today’s world that message of love gets lost,” CHARM said. “One of the things that I really value in my personal experience – from childhood to now as an adult – is understanding of the many facets of love. Love comes in so many forms from the people you surround yourself with – family, co-workers, friends. This song basically is saying, “If you want to rock with me, it’s gonna be love. The fluff, the negativity, the criticism – all of that stuff isn’t love. And if you’re gonna rock with me it’s gotta be love. It’s not about the rings or the bling, it’s about love. When you go to the hospital and get sick, those rings and bling won’t be there to take care of you and make sure you’re ok. The people who love you will be there. If I had to choose between riches and love, I’d choose love. And I think the message of love is brought in a fun and funky way with this single.” 

CHARM believes that when most people hear the word “love” they think of the lovey-dovey feelings and emotions, but CHARM reiterates that there are many types of relationships through which love can be expressed.  

For this single, CHARM explores eros love, and describes it as “a pop song that you’re gonna rock to.” It’s fun and funky and reflects what many on the dating scene are inherently seeking: love.  

The single is the first off an EP called “The Love Project,” which should release later this year. 

All of the songs explore love or connect to love in one way or another. That includes all kinds of love, CHARM highlights, not just the “eros” passionate type of love that comes with a romantic relationship. Across seven songs CHARM said she’ll explore every facet of love there is through every type of relationship one might think about. 

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“Love Only” 


Claudia Lopez – Thinkinn

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Claudia Lopez releases gorgeous debut album as a reflection of grief 

MIAMI, FL – Claudia Lopez is a Cuban-American artist who has been in love with music since day one. With a soulful sound that draws from a variety of artistic influences, she is able to truly create magic. Her most recent release is her debut album created to tell the loved one she’s lost all about the time they have spent apart. This album digs deep into the mind and heart of its creator to show something that is simply untouchable. “Running Out of Time” is truly a gorgeous album with an amazing story and message.  

After the passing of her cousin Jennifer Cordero, who she often refers to as her sister, she suddenly became a pillar for her family, having to pick up the pieces of a heartbroken family. This never gave her the chance to grieve the loss of someone so close to her, it was not until the forced pause that COVID-19 brought on did she really have the chance to sit down and explore her emotions, which were later turned into songs and finally a full album. “I found myself in the midst of a global pandemic, just wishing that I could fill her in on this crazy life right now. Then it clicked for me. This is how I was going to tell her what was going on, and include how much I needed her and what a hole I had, because she was gone.” This was truly a beautiful and inspiring way for Lopez to share not only her story but her love for someone so important to her. 

“Running Out of Time” is truly an album to show the importance of time and using it to your every advantage. “Right after she passed, the very first song that I wrote was “Next Life,” because I just feel like we didn’t have that conversation. We never thought that we needed to have that conversation where I was like, ‘If there is an afterlife, I need you to choose me again, as your sister.  I need us to be us again’. We never had that talk because we were so young, but, I suddenly felt like we didn’t make this clear, and if I had just one more day with her, I would have told her ‘Please choose me in your next life, because I’m going to choose you’. Not only does the album discuss the importance of using your time well, it shares the growth that Lopez has seen in the four years since losing her loved one.  

It is truly obvious that Lopez’s entire heart went into creating this album. From the writing to the performance and production, she has put her love and care into creating every bit of this album, and you can hear it in every track. This album is something that you experience your own grief through, no matter what that may be. It is simply an amazing project.  

Leading up to the release of the album, Lopez plans to drop a few singles to help get people excited about the hard work and dedication that she has put into this project. Be sure to keep an eye out for these releases and be ready for the release of “Running Out of Time” in August 2021. 


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JHN.K – Legends Never Fall

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JHN.K inspires others to never quit with epic new track ‘Legends Never Fall’ 

ELIZABETH, NJ – JHN.K is an artist from New Jersey who’s music is an illustration of his past, present and future. His vision is displayed vividly through his top-tier lyrical prowess and versatile songwriting. Every song he creates is a release of intense emotion focused on captivating the listener. His latest single, “Legends Never Fall,” is no exception. 

Created with the intention of feeling like you’re pushing for so long for something and then finally gain that success, “Legends Never Fall” is the kind of inspirational track that audiences all over the world will be using to motivate themselves for years to come. Inspired by the legendary DMX – one of JHN.K’s favorite artists – the song uses some dark undertones as a foundation as he brings an aggressive flow that showcases his ability to sing and rap. Overall the vibe of the song feels epic – with ethereal synths in the background that make it feel big and cinematic. 

“It’s a song about admitting to myself that I’ll never allow myself to quit,” JHN.K said. “I won’t ever stop. I’m acknowledging that the gifts I have put me in a certain place, and now I’m trying to prove myself to the world. It has an upbeat tone but there are definitely some darker undertones to it, and that’s because of the inspiration of DMX – who passed a few months after we did the record. A few of the lines in there are quotes from his second album. Overall the song has an inspirational message behind it.” 

JHN.K is an artist who has been developed his signature sound since he was a kid. He started writing poetry when he was about 11 years old, and the first artist who ever caught his attention was Mos Def. His knowledge of hip-hop grew as he studied other legends from the early 2000s, and one day he started putting his poems to beats. He said many people who listen to his music today can recognize the inspirations he’s used over the years to develop his craft, but ultimately his sound is like nothing else that has ever come before. The combination of vibes that he brings through his music makes him stand out – from his voice to his writing to his high-quality production. 

For “Legends Never Fall” JHN.K said he worked with IdiomSounds as the main producer, while his long-time co-producer LES also helped on the track. He’s worked with them on other projects in the past and said they bring another level of quality to the table that music lovers will definitely appreciate. He’s also working on more music with them, and has a bunch of singles ready to drop later this year as things progress. His high-quality videos also showcase an amazing talent and take his brand to a whole other level. 

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Social Media: 




Fokie Dope – Money, Women, and B.I.

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Melodic, hypnotic track showcases Fokie Dope’s signature Boom Trap style 

CHARLOTTE, NC – The King of Boom Trap has made yet another major splash on the entertainment industry with his latest hit single “Money, Women, and B.I.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, this single is a hybrid of a few styles, but with Fokie Dope’s signature sound that combines good flow with impressive lyricism and a bouncy, lively sound that’s sure to get people moving.  

“My music is a hybrid between boom-bap and trap music, with jazz overtones,” Fokie Dope said. “A lot of my music sounds jazzy and synth-heavy, and some of it has R&B elements in it with different kinds of instrumentation. But it always has an energy to it, and this song is no exception. It’s easy on the ears and easily accessible to a large audience. The core of the song is about residual trauma from growing up in bad places and the damage that does to your psyche. But it’s also about how anyone might have to hustle their way out of bad situations, no matter where they are in life. It’s melodic and hypnotic and anyone who listens to it will get entranced in the lyrics and pick up on the message I’m trying to send.” 

Fokie Dope is an American rapper, songwriter, musician, record producer and entrepreneur who originally hails from Detroit, Michigan. Bred on the streets and brought up in the rugged neighborhoods of that violent city, Fokie Dope developed the hustle mentality and relentless grit that places his abilities and talent at the forefront of everything he crates. Combining syncing elements of sounds for more than 15 years, Fokie Dope has created a distinctive bassline he’s named Boom Trap.  

That signature sound accompanies a signature style that is hard to ignore. Even in the midst of a crowded entertainment industry, Fokie Dope stands out. With such a love for fashion, Fokie Dope’s style is what he jokingly considers “good to be a big dude, love for wrestling, rolled blunts, beautiful women in underwear, and philanthropic efforts.” 

“I want my music and my persona to be motivational,” he said. “I want my music to be a hustler’s soundtrack – not just illegal hustlers, but anyone who’s trying to find their way out through shit. I want to inspire them to use what they’ve learned along the way to be creative. And I want to speak for those who don’t have a voice. I know I can use what I have learned to influence other people.” 


To listen to Fokie Dope’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

“Money, Women, and B.I.” 
Instagram: @fokiedope 
Twitter: @cmfokie 

Randy Hannah ­- Hands of Time

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Professional balladeer Randy explores lost love with acoustic piano ballad ‘Hands of Time’ 

ROCHESTER, NY – Music has a power to bring people together – whether for the first time, or through reuniting people who have been apart. This is especially true of love songs, and for New York based balladeer Randy, his love ballad “Hands of Time” – set to be released across all streaming platforms this June – is the kind of song that can lead to healing for a lot of people around the world.  

The acoustic piano ballad from this seasoned songwriter and professional musician is told from the point of view of a man who is trying to save his relationship with the woman that he loves. After a bad breakup, she’s left him and he is distraught. He cries himself to sleep because he’s so sorrowful, and he goes into a dream that Randy describes as an almost Wizard of Oz type environment. In this dream the man asks the hands of time to rewind and take him back to a place when the woman was his and things were good between them.  

“He believes he can get to the hands of time and convince them to rewind on his behalf,” Randy said. “It’s a forbidden type of thing, almost – but he’s desperate. I’m a balladeer, and this definitely falls into that category. That’s my thing. I don’t believe love or romance is dead. What you have in today’s market is a lot of sex – too many artists tend to get right down to the sex, and the era I came from the romance came before the sex. You wanted to woo a woman into the bed. That’s the gist of my approach musically. I don’t believe chivalry is dead.” 

Randy has always been that kind of a songwriter and performer. As a child growing up in the 1980s, he studied a lot of the R&B legends of the day – from Baby Face to Michael Jackson to the Isley Brothers and especially Marvin Gaye. He dug deep into the music, and it wasn’t long before he started writing poems to match the songs he was playing on the piano. And along the way he found a purpose and a motivation to the music he was creating. 

“I want to be known for bringing people back together,” he said. “Music is a way to open the door. It’s something that people can use to rekindle their love, or find love for the first time if they’re looking for it.” 

Randy said “Hands of time” is part of a bigger album that he plans to release later this year. Before that, however, he’s planning to release another single called “Do All Lives Matter” sometime in mid-June.  

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Josiah Gray – Need To Know

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Masterful Production and Eclectic Genres Shine on Josiah Grey’s Debut LP (Miami) 

On his debut album, A Blessing Money Can’t Buy, Josiah Grey celebrates his struggles and how he overcame them to truly value life as a blessing money can’t buy. Grey, a native Ecuadorian, may only be 20 years old, but he’s already come up through the ranks as a DJ, producer, and artist.  

I did a lot of DJ’ing. My stepbrother used to produce so I would watch him and he taught me. I would DJ at house parties. He did bigger venues. He took a different route and did Hispanic music. I decided what I wanted to do and taught myself everything else after that,” says Grey. By middle school, he had a recording set up in his room. Later, he spent all his time after school at “YouTube University,” soaking up everything he could about production and sampling. A search for the right studio led him to House of Dreams, where he’s been perfecting the album for the past two years.  

While Grey mainly focuses on rap, his album nods toward R&B and rock music, also featuring lines delivered in Spanish. The songs on this project are just a glimpse at the other music he’s waiting to release, which reveals his greater breadth of influences. He’s an eclectic listener, citing J. Cole and Nas as rap influences on his rap and classic rock artists like Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and The Doors on his production, alongside The Alchemist, 9th Wonder, and Kanye West. 

“Need to Know” showcases Grey’s R&B skills. “It was about a crush I had on this girl. We had a thing and it inspired me. I talk about other situations, but mainly that one. It’s a love song but it has another meaning to it. If you listen to it, it’s about how not to get too obsessed–but just a little bit,” he says. The song’s slow groove and clear vocals highlight its introspective nature.  

Grey says, “The point-of-view of the album is me coming out as an artist. I talk about me and the album is about my struggles coming up.” “Josiah’s Journal” makes those struggles visceral. Built on a delicate guitar sample from Pink Floyd’s “Hey You,” the song quickly takes on an aggressive beat and confrontational flow. 

The album ends, appropriately, with “Odyssey’s End.” “It’s the end of a journey, wrapping up the end of everything I’ve gone through. It’s about overcoming things and finding resolution. The vibe is about overcoming. Everybody says it’s like a song they’d hear at the end of the movie when the closing credits roll,” the artist says. This track is a rock song with a rap bridge, then becomes a hybrid, all with the help of Truee K. The lyrics celebrates the self-care and self-improvement that have guided Grey, and they’re also a prayer for safe passage forward.  

A Blessing Money Can’t Buy is available on all streaming platforms.  

Album on YouTube:

Other streaming links:

Social media: