[Single] @StoopTheRapper ‘Paradise’ ft. L Terrel


You might say Stoop fell into music by accident. After providing vocals for some features in college, the artist quickly discovered his unique niche in the industry. He boasts a varied and versatile musical catalogue, with a specialty in his first love, Hip Hop, but also Pop, R&B and other genres.

It’s been an unquestionably action-packed career so far for Stoop with songs like his ‘All I Do Is Win’ Remix and ‘Tom Brady (Check His PSI)’ garnering over a million views on YouTube, performing highly on digital streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and being featured on Barstool Sports, NFL Network, and more.

Stoop is also no stranger to obstacles and challenges, and many have been put in front of the artist during his career. Still, he always finds a way to overcome and strive forward, he is a credit to his unmatchable grit, resilience and determination.

Keeping busy, Stoop is also in the midst of producing his own show about his life, ‘Stoop’, that will feature some old fan favorite tracks as well as a multitude of new features. One song the artist looks to specifically showcase is entitled ‘Paradise’, which just dropped on all platforms July 23rd.

Things show no signs of slowing down for the artist, as this year is set to be yet another cornerstone of highlights in his musical career. He can be found on all social media platforms @StoopTheRapper and his albums and singles can be found under Stoop wherever you get your music. If you visit StoopTheRapper.com, you’ll even find exclusive freestyles, remixes and covers you can’t get anywhere else.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2kj44PZo4oPBQUeS9btQkT?si=iXHhJQPnQl6ox8GS8Pk_qw&dl_branch=1

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/paradise-feat-l-terrel/1575075493?i=1575075494

Tidal: https://tidal.com/track/189865939

YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q-Y0tMydJw&feature=share

[Video] The Real Simba ‘Bounce’


Aiming high with every bit of energy and infectious sound design as any of the big hip hop anthems from the past 24 months, The Real Simba rides the wave with confidence and style.

Bounce offers precisely the rhythm and simple optimism its title implies, proving an easy go to for volume and carefree high energy.

Pouring through with a uniquely recognizable leading riff, a little nineties-esque in its character and simplicity, Bounce goes on to utilise vocal rhythm and personality, multiple layers of voice, to make up the bulk of this concise two-minute outburst.

The whole thing hits with impact and a decidedly professional finish, which allows those high volumes to really bring through the style and energy in an immersive way.

For the contemporary hip hop fan, The Real Simba ticks a lot of boxes. The clarity of his vocal sound is also pretty refreshing right about now. A worthy contender for 2020’s growing playlist.

Bounce available on Digital Platforms

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